Passions Update Monday 10/4/04

Passions Update Monday 10/4/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

At the Seascape, Fox tells Julian he is being a hypocrite and acting just like Alistair to tell him to stay away from Whitney.  Eve and Julian chat about what's been going on with their children.

Also at the Seascape, Sam calls Ivy on the phone to let her know he'll be home soon.  He is surprised to see that Chad is still at the bar and advises him not to keep drinking.  Chad says he's too angry to be drunk.  He rants and raves about how Fox turned on him by going after his girl.  Sam sympathizes.  Whitney comes in and Chad goes over to her, but Sam warns him to back off of her, so he does.  Fox follows soon, after Sam leaves.  Chad and Fox get into another fight and Chad wipes the bar with him until Sam and Julian return to break it up.  Julian, with Eve, tries to offer Chad sympathy, but he tells them both to go to Hell.  He leaves, as do Fox and Whitney.  Eve goes to the ladies' room, which leaves Sam and Julian to chat about what's been going on.  Sam sympathizes more with Chad and thinks that, while Alistair is ultimately to blame, Julian and Eve are also to blame for keeping the truth away from everyone (especially his friend T.C.).  Julian blames Liz for the mess.

Paloma is on the docks, talking to herself about how pretty it is there.  She laments that her family might not really love her and wonders who to believe.  Her aunt Maria phones her from Mexico and they talk about it.  Maria maintains that her family didn't want to disrupt her life in Mexico, but Paloma doesn't think that is a good reason (and who can blame her?).  She and Chad literally run into each other.  She recognizes him from Theresa's pictures.  She knows all about his problems with Whitney being his sister.  They talk about how screwed up their families are.  He tries to tell her that the Lopez-Fitzgeralds are great, but she won't believe it.  When he mentions how Julian is trying to bribe him with the company, she suggests that he take the position.  She urges him to use the money and power to get back at Julian, Eve, and Fox.

Fox and Whitney are alone somewhere (outside the Seascape?).  They talk some about what has happened.  He rants and raves a bit about Julian giving Chad preferential treatment over him.  He tells Whitney about how Julian was being a hypocrite.  She has a flashback to talking about how she wants to make Fox the father of her baby.  She tells him that she is glad that he stood up to his father to be with her.  They kiss.  He stops and mentions his job, so she worries that he will lose his job if he gets involved with her.  He just tells her that he is worried that he might not have much time to spend with her because of his job.  She is sure they will find time.  They kiss again, very passionately.

Sheridan, Luis, Pilar and Martin are in one of the rooms in the Crane Mansion.  Pilar keeps saying that "Mr. Wheeler" reminds her so much of Martin.  Sheridan tells Pilar that she felt the same way about Mrs. Wheeler.  Martin thinks to himself that maybe it's time to tell them who he really is.  He prepares to tell them.  Then they hear a shot from the other room and rush out.

They find Katherine and Alistair lying on the floor and think they are both dead. Luis phones 911 as Martin cradles Katherine and Sheridan worries about Alistair.  Katherine awakens, so they realize that she is not hurt and that all the blood is from Alistair.

Sam gets a call at Seascape that there has been a shooting at the Crane mansion, so he tells Julian and Eve about it .  They all end up at the Crane estate, along with the EMT's.  Eve prepares to save Alistair's life.  Julian and Luis urge her to let him die, but she refuses because of her Hippocratic oath.  Sheridan doesn't want her father to die, either.  They all agree that he's a monster, but Sheridan wants to know what made him that way.  Pilar agrees to Luis that part of her hopes he dies, too.  Julian keeps trying to get Eve to let him die, but she won't.  She says she has to operate on him right there in order to stop the hemorrhaging, so she and the EMT's prepare to operate.  Martin helps Katherine steady herself in the other room.  Sheridan and Julian talk about Alistair and how Sheridan didn't get much love growing up.  Martin finds out from Katherine what happened.  Sam, Julian and Luis go into the other room  and wonder what happened between Mrs. Wheeler and Alistair.  Sam prepares to question her.  Eve suggests to Pilar and Sheridan that they leave the room as the operation begins.  Martin tells Katherine to tell the police that Alistair was about to rape her, so she shot him, and she agrees.  However, when Sam questions her, she tells him that she meant to kill Alistair and wished she had done it right.  They are all stunned and wonder how she could hate someone she just met.  Katherine tells Martin that it doesn't matter if she goes to jail or gets the death penalty (if Alistair dies) because she did it to save Luis and the rest of them.  Meanwhile, the EMT's cry that they are losing Alistair.  Eve tells him not to die.

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