Passions Update Friday 10/1/04

Passions Update Friday 10/1/04

By Suzanne
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Pilar hears the voices of Alistair, Martin and Katherine as she awakens in her room at the mansion. Martin, outside the Crane mansion, rants and raves about Katherine staying with Alistair.

Sheridan and Luis are also at the mansion. She is sorry that their romantic night was ruined by seeing the piece of wreckage from the Crane jet. She is upset about it and laments that their getting together only happened because Antonio died. Luis protests that this is not true, but she ignores him. She says that if they get married, they are doomed. Pilar comes in and tells them that she thought she heard Martin and Katherine's voices, but she knows it couldn't be. She assumes she was dreaming. Martin listens to them from outside on the patio. Sheridan tells Pilar that she dreams about her mother all of the time. Pilar talks about Sheridan's mom and how terrible it was in the house after she died. She notes that Alistair would barely talk to anyone and that he seemed angry at Katherine for dying, rather than sad. Sheridan says she's been thinking about her mom a lot lately, too. She notes that it started when she met Mrs. Wheeler in Mexico. Martin knocks on the door, so Luis lets him in. Pilar stares at him until Sheridan points out to her that she's staring. Pilar apologizes but says that he looks so familiar. She realizes that he reminds her of Martin. He laughs and says that he has one of those faces. She says it's not just his face, but his voice and other things. She says that she can sense Martin's presence.

Alistair is on the phone to his doctor. He tells Katherine that tomorrow morning she will have plastic surgery to look like she used to. She doesn't know what difference it makes. He yanks her up roughly to her feet and tells her that she will look the way he wants her to. He says she's his now. He kisses her and gropes her head as if to figure out what she will look like. She acts very docile. She asks how he is going to explain to their children that she is back. He says that no one will ever see her. She is shocked. He explains that she will be living at the hunting lodge for the rest of her life. He only wants her in his bed and at his table. She can't believe it. He goes over to her and caresses her head, then grabs her hair and pulls her head down roughly so that he can kiss her. She moans that she waited so long to be with her children and grandchildren. He doesn't care what she wanted and says that he can't have the world knowing that she ran off with someone low-class like a Crane employee. She starts to say that Martin has more class in his little finger than Alistair does in his whole body, but he cuts her off and warns her not to say it. She refuses to go along with this idea and tells him that he makes her sick. He yells at her and threatens her. Finally, she agrees to go along with it. She looks at a picture of Sheridan and says that at least she will be happy with Luis. Alistair says that he is going to have Luis killed. They argue and she tells him that the deal is off. He laughs at her and says she will give in as she always does. She starts to leave, but he stops her. She takes the gun out of her pocket and points it at him, warning him not to come closer. He puts his hand out and tells her to give it to him. He tells her to calm down. First he taunts her and says that she doesn't have it in her to take a human life. She says that's funny because he's not human; he's a cold-blooded monster. She stands up to him and says she will be the one to get rid of him. He insults her some more. Then he goes toward her and tries to get the gun. They struggle and the gun goes off.

Sam and Ivy go to the Seascape for dinner. They reminisce about when they were teenagers and talk about how happy they are now. They kiss and hug as they are waiting for their table. Eve and Julian are also there; she is nervous about being out in public so soon. The two women meet up in the bathroom. They exchange insults and then Ivy says they need to talk. She tells Eve that she is sorry about what happened with Chad and Whitney. Throughout the scene, Eve is very cold to Ivy. Eve knows that Ivy is just buttering her up so she won't expose her secret. She points out that Ivy is probably scared, and Ivy admits it. Ivy begs her not to tell Sam because she loves him so much. Eve says maybe she will tell him, or maybe she won't. She chews Ivy out for what she did. She will never forgive her for using her against Grace and Sam. Ivy says that everyone is happy so she asks Eve not to spoil it. She tells Eve again how much she loves Sam. Eve is not taken in by what Ivy says because she knows what she did. Eve decides that she will indeed tell Sam. Ivy reminds Eve that if she tells what Ivy did, she will have to admit her own part in it and she might lose her medical license. Eve says she doesn't care; it will be worth it. Ivy cries that she can't lose Sam and begs some more. They argue and Ivy reminds her that Sam is her first love, just like Julian is Eve's first love. Eve warns her not to compare them. Eve says that she can't imagine what it would be like to be Ivy and ruin people's lives.

Chad goes over to Fox, who is kissing Whitney, and starts calling him names. Then he grabs him and they get into a fist fight (mostly, Chad is doing all the fighting). Sam and Julian met up in the bar; Julian was in a glum mood. They hear the fighting and go rushing in. Sam and Julian break up the fight. Chad keeps yelling at Fox and says all the Cranes are the same. He argues with Fox. Fox protests that he wasn't just using Whitney, he really loves her and has for a long time. This doesn't make Chad any happier. Whitney stands there but doesn't say anything. She is too upset, so she runs off. Chad yells at Julian some more and then leaves. Sam follows him. Julian chews Fox out and tells him to stay away from Whitney. They argue. Fox really gets on his case for choosing Chad over him. Julian tells him not to be competitive, but Fox says it's not just that. He knows that Julian is only being so nice to Chad because of his own guilt. He compares Julian to Alistair, saying that Alistair kept Julian away from the woman he loved, and now Julian is trying to do the same thing with him. Unlike Julian, Fox says that he won't take it and that nothing will keep him away from Whitney.

Chad vents about his problems to Sam at the bar. He can't believe what Fox has done.

In the ladies' room, Whitney rushes in and Eve wonders what she's upset about. She asks if it's about Chad, but Whitney says that is only half of it. She has a flashback to telling the priest about her being pregnant. Eve wonders what she means. Whitney says it's too late for Eve to be her mother now. Eve begs her to lean on her. Whitney says she hates Eve and always will, then she rushes out. Ivy points out to Eve that if she tells her secret, her daughter will never forgive her for her part in it.

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