Passions Update Thursday 9/30/04

Passions Update Thursday 9/30/04

By Suzanne
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In the new cafe, Jessica sells Mark cosmetics to a woman (a really lame, pointless scene).

Theresa continues to talk to Chad about how he should move on, and Whitney will, too. She suggests that maybe Whitney will even move on with someone he knows, but he doesn't think that will happen because Fox is the only friend of his not taken and he wouldn't do that.

Fox and Whitney have dinner at Seascape. They rehash again about how she was angry at him when he revealed that he loved her. He explains that he wasn't try to mess with her head or anything; she is too decent for that. She confides that she was never really mad at him. She admits she has feelings for him and was just in denial, like he said. He is really shocked by the news. She also confesses that she just set up her engagement with Chad quickly because she couldn't face her feelings, and that she loved both of them. He asks if she's sure, because he doesn't want to take advantage of her. She says she's fine. He offers again to take it slow, but she says she's ready to have a relationship with him. He is blown away. She notices Chad at the bar and worries how he will act. She and Chad exchange looks. Fox goes over to talk to Chad. She talks to herself again about what she is doing (using Fox so no one knows she is pregnant with Chad's baby). Chad thanks Fox for keeping an eye on Whitney for him. Fox is relieved that Chad is not mad. Chad says he's about to leave. Fox tells Whitney that he feels bad for Chad trusting him when they are on a date. He wishes he could have been honest with him. Whitney says that sometimes total honesty isn't all that it's cracked up to be, so he wonders if she's been spending time with Theresa again. He doesn't think Whitney could be that dishonest. The waiter comes up and asks them if they would like something to drink. Fox says Whitney will have her usual Cosmo, but she asks for mineral water instead. He orders a beer. She compliments her and they dance. Later, they are outside on the terrace. He worries about going too fast with her, but she assures him that it's okay. He says that this is like a dream for him and he's afraid he'll wake up. She kisses him. Meanwhile, the restaurant manager stops Chad and asks him if he'll look at the sound system because it's been acting up. Chad fixes it and the guy thanks him. Chad goes by the window and sees Fox and Whitney kissing.

Paloma watches over Pilar, who is in her bed at the Crane mansion. Paloma keeps wondering why her mother didn't want her. Ethan and Gwen stop in to say hi and meet Paloma. Gwen marvels that Paloma looks so much like Theresa. They have heard all about her from Theresa; Paloma is clearly disappointed that it wasn't Pilar talking about her instead. They talk about how Theresa is carrying their babies. They go out into the hallway so they won't disturb Pilar. Paloma asks about her family struggling, but Gwen assures her that they've been living in there in the lap of luxury. Throughout this scene, Paloma keeps feeling like she is getting slapped in the face. They ask if she's met Little Ethan yet, and she replies that she hasn't. Theresa comes up and is surprised but pleased to see her sister. They hug and Theresa tells her she is so pretty. Paloma tells Theresa that she is beautiful. Theresa laughs that it's because of being pregnant. They explain to Paloma about the surrogate arrangement. It confuses her a bit because she doesn't know how Theresa can carry a baby for all that time and then just give it up. Theresa takes Paloma in to see Little Ethan. He speaks to Paloma in Spanish, showing what Theresa has taught him. He shows her his laptop, too. Theresa mentions that he's Gwen's son, too, which further confuses Paloma. Paloma has never seen such a nice computer before, and when Theresa asks if she has one at home in Mexico, Paloma confesses that it is a used one that is always breaking down. Theresa goes to order them food while Paloma looks at Little Ethan's computer with him. When Theresa returns, Little Ethan shows that he's learned some more Spanish from Paloma. Theresa tells him that it's time for his bath. She jokes that he has his own personal slave there. He hugs Paloma, which tells Theresa that he really likes her. Theresa tells Paloma that she has some clothes that no longer fit her and she would like to give them to Paloma. Paloma is a bit insulted; Theresa explains that they are so expensive so she hates to see them go to waste. Paloma recognizes them as designer originals, which surprises Theresa. Paloma is offended that Theresa would think she wouldn't know about such things from magazines. Theresa apologizes but it is very awkward between them. Theresa tells her that she was also so envious of Paloma growing up in Mexico because they had to struggle so much and their mom was always working so hard. Paloma looks at the clothes and says to herself sarcastically that clearly they struggled a lot.

Luis and Sheridan are on the beach. She tells him to take off all of his clothes so they can go skinny-dipping. In the water, they race. They laugh and talk about the future. She thinks for a moment about her lost baby and gets sad, but he talks to her about how they will make a lot more babies, so it cheers her up. He wants a baby girl first, like her. She wants to be like her mom, kind and gentle. She hopes her mom is watching over them and taking care of her baby. Luis agrees that is happening. Sheridan confides that she wishes for a miracle, that her mom could still be alive. Luis says that's like his dad, and she doesn't really want that. Sheridan agrees that it would be bad because then her mom would have abandoned her and put her own needs first, so she says she is better off dead. Later, they are sitting on the beach in front of a fire, wrapped in towels. She whispers to him that she wants to start a family now and begs him to make love to her under the stars. They kiss and then make love. Afterwards, they hope they made a baby. They are startled when they see a door floating in the water and recognize it as part of the Crane jet that went down. He mourns his lost brother and she is upset about how she treated Antonio. They curse Alistair and Luis talks about how he has to kill Alistair to avenge his brother. The mood is spoiled now so she wants to go home.

In the mansion, Martin looks for Katherine. There is more of the sadistic scenes with Alistair and Katherine. He constantly bullies her, threatens her, and gropes her roughly, and she whimpers and begs a lot. Alistair is on top of Katherine on his desk. He is kissing her but also he has his hands on her throat and threatens her, yelling at her to say that she wants him. She has a flashback to when he proposed that she come back to him, in order to save her family and Martin's. He tells her that if she runs away again, he will kill her. She feels for the gun in her pocket again. They get up and he holds her out and looks her over like a piece of meat. He is glad that she didn't change her body or get fat. She wants to go to the cottage to get her things, but he won't let her. He orders her to take off her clothes so he can look at her, but she refuses. He reminds her that she has to do what he tells her. He rips her blouse open. Martin runs in just then and yells at Alistair, thinking he is trying to rape Katherine. Martin tells Katherine they have to leave. Alistair tells Martin that she is his wife again and that Martin interrupted their reunion. He opens Katherine's blouse and makes lewd comments. Martin accuses him of trying to rape her, but Alistair laughs and says they were about to make love. He barks at Katherine to tell Martin all about it. There is some more arguing and then she finally tells him that she is staying with Alistair. Martin can't believe it. She tells him that she is staying with Alistair and he won't hurt Martin or either of their families. Martin knows that she is just trying to protect him, but he won't let her do it. He and Alistair get into a struggle. He has Alistair down on the desk, but the guards run in and grab Martin. They punch him. Katherine yells at Alistair that he'd better make them stop, or their deal is off. He tells them to back off, but they still hold on to Martin's arms. Martin begs her to come with him, but she tells that she's staying. She tells him off and says he has to accept it and leave. The guards show him out. She yells at Alistair that she hates him and loves Martin. He warns her not to say that again.

In Pilar's room, she can hear the arguing from the other room. She has a dream/flashback where she sees Katherine crying all those years ago. Martin comes in and she tells him that she's been crying again because of Alistair. Pilar wakes up after hearing Martin's voice.

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