Passions Update Wednesday 9/29/04

Passions Update Wednesday 9/29/04

By Suzanne
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Luis surprises Sheridan by taking her to a hotel room with a view of the ocean. Candles are everywhere; it is very romantic. She is very overwhelmed by his surprised, not knowing how he could arrange it in such a short time. He won't give up his secrets, he teases. They tell each other "I love you" and other sweet things, and kiss a lot. They toast each other with champagne and talk about how their dreams have come true. They have a great dinner and then Luis tells her that the next activity will make her happy. They head toward the bed and he gives her a massage, which she loves. Then they kiss and make love.

Pilar, who can't focus as she comes out of her faint, thinks she is seeing Martin. Paloma wonders why Pilar thinks that Mr. Wheeler is her husband. Martin has a flashback to talking with Katherine about how their plastic surgery will keep Pilar and the others from guessing their real identities. Pilar speaks Spanish; there is some confusion among the three. Pilar says she always knew he would come back to her. Martin tells Paloma that Pilar is hallucinating. Paloma sobs and talks to her mom, scared for her. She says that the other things seem so unimportant. Martin wonders what she means by that, but she won't say. Pilar sees him for real and then freaks out, getting up. She faints again in his arms. He can't find her pulse, so he phones Julian to ask Eve to come over.

Julian and Eve talk about what's going on with Alistair and who those people on the plane are that he was talking about. The Wheelers are mentioned and Julian says that he feels like he's known Mrs. Wheeler all of his life. They get the phone call from Martin and rush over. Meanwhile, Paloma gets suddenly suspicious. She wonders how Martin got Julian's private phone number. He tells her that there's a directory on the table with all of the numbers of places on the grounds. She feels foolish and apologizes. She tells him she's just worried about her mother. He understands. Paloma says that she can't die now. Eve and Julian arrive. Eve examines Pilar and looks grim, so Paloma moans that her mother is dead. Eve tells her that she's just fainted. She says it's best if Pilar rests. Paloma holds Pilar's hand as she rests. Pilar awakens and calls for Martin. Eve explains to "Mr. Wheeler" about Martin leaving his family and how Pilar always lit a candle for him in the window, and she did the same thing when Antonio was gone. Paloma wonders quietly why Pilar didn't light a candle for her return. Martin remarks to Eve and Julian that he thought he'd lost her, so Julian wonders why he would say that about someone he just met. Julian asks if they have a history. Martin covers quickly by saying that he feels as if he's known Pilar for a long time because of Paloma and her aunt. Martin suddenly realizes Katherine is not there and asks Julian and Eve where she went. They tell him that she disappeared, so Martin panics and runs out, saying he has to find her.

Chad is still upset and Theresa is consoling him. He is upset about finding out that Whitney is his sister. He rages that it's not fair. He is particularly worried about Whitney being with another guy. He says he'd kill him. Theresa tries to talk him down. Chad wonders how you make yourself stop loving someone. Theresa is the last person to know that one. She suggests that he try new things, like the new cafe in town. He agrees to go. She tells him that it will get easier in time. They go to the cafe. Chad is still upset and Theresa wonders if having caffeine was a good idea. He says that his and Whitney's breakup was not a normal one because they still feel the same way about each other. He tells Theresa they had their whole lives planned out. He keeps fretting about Whitney and Theresa keeps comforting him. He says that if he ever saw Whitney with another man, that man would be his enemy.

Fox and Whitney kiss. He is wondering why she is now so nice to him. She says she wants to move on with her life. They kiss again. She keeps apologizing for how she treated him before when she found out he was in love with her. She also apologizes for the kiss getting out of hand. He understands that she needs a close friend to help and support her. He gets another work phone call. Whitney asks God to forgive her for using Fox. She is glad he wants to be friends again. He says he never stopped caring about her. She talks about the future, so Fox asks if there is an hope of a future with the two of them. She says needs time to consider the future. He says he's not pressuring her. He asks her to dinner, and she agrees. He makes reservations at the Seascape. She talks to herself some more while he makes the call. Fox gets his favorite table. Whitney plots to act like Theresa tonight. She is going to make love to Fox so that everyone will think this baby is his, not Chad's.

The scenes with Alistair and Katherine are very sadistic and disturbing. He keeps insulting her, calling her names, and grabbing her, treating her roughly. He says he knew that she would come crawling back. They argue and she reminds him of their agreement. He keeps gloating as he gets a drink. He says the real reason she came back is because she regretted leaving him. He tells her to admit that she loves him and missed him. He puts his hands on her neck and almost chokes her as he tells her to admit all these things, that he is better lover, etc. than Martin. She asks what difference it makes and pleads with him to let her go. He yells at her that he wanted them all dead when she left. They argue some more and he says she will now do what he wants. He starts to bluster that he is Alistair Crane, so no one tells him what to do. It sounds like he's trying to change his mind, so she starts to get the gun out again. He throws more insults her way and says he wants to know she's back for the right reasons or their deal is off. She cries and he starts choking her again, trying to force her to admit all those things are true. He forces her to say it and says that she's his now. He kisses her. He says she will do everything that he wants. He grabs her hair when she mentions Martin. He wants her to change her face back to the way it was before, and he says if the plastic surgeon won't do it, he will do it himself, without anesthesia. As he says this, he grabs a letter opener and holds it against her face. He then says he knows an expert surgeon who owes him a favor. He kisses her again, then turns around and grabs her breasts, saying at least she didn't change these. She tells herself that she has to do this. Alistair clears off the desk and they get on the desk with him on top.


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