Passions Update Tuesday 9/28/04

Passions Update Tuesday 9/28/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Katherine confronts Alistair. He insults her, backing her up against his desk. Some of his security people come in, wondering if Alistair needs help. He tells them that he doesn't need any help from this weak woman. Meanwhile, Katherine gets her gun out of her pocket but hides it. He insults her some more, and they argue. She threatens him and he laughs, applauding her as he goes to his chair. There are more insults and arguing. He tells her that she is the evil one because she left her children. They talk about their children, with her defending them and him insulting them. He brags about who he is and how powerful he is, then he threatens her and the children some more. She pleads with him to leave the children alone, both hers and Martin's. She says he will do whatever he wants. He tells her to turn back time. She doesn't know what he means at first. He tells her that if she comes back to him and is his wife, he will leave them all alone. She has a flashback to her rejecting him in the bedroom, and him slapping her around. She tells him, horrified, that she can't come back because it would be a fate worse than death. He says that can be arranged for her and for all of them. They argue some more and finally she agrees to be his wife. He smiles.

Theresa and Whitney continue to talk about how Fox would make a great husband and father. Theresa encourages Whitney to move on, whomever it is with. She just wants her to be happy. They hug. A servant buzzes Theresa on the intercom, telling her that Little Ethan wants her to read him a story. Whitney says she has to get going anyway. After Theresa leaves, Whitney wonders if she could use Fox that way, lie to him about being her baby's father. She thinks about her options and says she has to do it for her baby.

Chad has just told Fox to look out for Whitney for him. He says he already trusted him before, but now that he's his half-brother, he has to. They shake hands. Fox says to himself that all is fair in love and war, so now that Chad can't be with Whitney, it's his turn. Chad is looking at the tabloids when Theresa visits. She was worried after receiving a phone call from him. They talk about Whitney and how she's handling all this. He beats himself up about it but really he blames his parents. Theresa is sympathetic. She gets alarmed, however, when he tells her that he told Fox to watch out for Whitney. He wonders about her reaction, so she covers quickly by saying that Whitney might resent him for having someone watch over her, since she's an adult. She urges him to move on, too, and says that Whitney will, too. Chad can't think about Whitney being with anyone else. He confides that it makes him sick to his stomach, and angry. She warns him that he should be prepared. He says it's too soon to think like that. Theresa tells him that she knows what it's like to lose someone you love. Chad gets more and more upset as she mentions the possibility of Whitney moving on with another guy. They both agree that it is a long way off. He doesn't know what he will do if that happens.

Martin lays Pilar out on the couch. He tells Paloma that her breathing is fine so he doesn't think she should go to the hospital. Paloma keeps fretting about her. Martin thinks it was just too much excitement for her to have Paloma return after she's been ill. He asks her to get a cold towel, so she leaves the room. Martin strokes Pilar's face. She has a flashback to dancing with him. Paloma returns and hears Pilar say "Martin". She figures she must be dreaming. Martin suggests they let her rest. There is another flashback to the two of them sitting on the couch together. Pilar thinks they should move to another town. She doesn't trust the Cranes and has a strong feeling that something horrible will happen to her family because of the Cranes. In the present, Martin says that Pilar has no fever and her pulse is steady. He asks Paloma to get some tea. Paloma flashes back to what Alistair said to her and wonders to herself if it is true. Martin apologizes to the unconscious Pilar, saying he should have listened to her back then. Back to the flashback, Pilar continues to worry about something terrible that will happen. She and Martin hug. Paloma worries to Martin about Pilar still being unconscious. He says that Pilar has always been a strong woman, so she wonders how he knows that. Martin says that Tia Maria always told him about Pilar. There is another flashback, to Pilar being pregnant. Martin comes home and they talk about what the child will look like. Then they kiss. Pilar awakens and looks at Martin; her vision is blurry. She says, "It is you". Paloma wonders what she means by that. Pilar says Martin's name and then hugs him, leaving him to look worried and Paloma wondering what is going on.

Whitney finds Fox wandering around on the Crane estate. He is surprised to see her looking for him because of how she treated him before. She apologizes for yelling at him. She wants to talk about the future. He is not sure what she means by that. She tells him that she doesn't blame him for what Julian did, so he's glad to hear it. They sit down. She wants to tell him things. She talks about him being in love with her, how she reacted, and what happened with Chad. They both apologize to each other, but she touches his hand. They are interrupted briefly by a phone call. She says to herself that she feels like a sleaze for using him, but she forces herself to do it for her baby. He returns and she says that she feels bad about how she treated him. She tells him that she wants to move on. He says she can count on him for any help she needs. He is impressed by her positive attitude. She tells him that she's seeing things a lot clearer now, then she kisses him.

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