Passions Update Monday 9/27/04

Passions Update Monday 9/27/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

(Short one today, sorry!)

Theresa and Fox discuss Chad and Whitney some more. She warns him to be careful with Whitney. He brings up her incident of pretending to be Gwen. They rehash some stuff that has happened.

Whitney tells Chad to keep away from her. He claims he was just kissing her on the head to comfort her, but she knows how they feel about each other. He leaves. She prays to the virgin mary statue. When she cries, it cries, too.

Alistair talks to Katherine's picture, revealing that he loved her sister Rachel, who died in a boating accident. He curses Katherine for surviving and for deceiving him into thinking they could be happy together, and then not being a proper wife. He puts his cigar out on the picture of Katherine. This is the first time that we hear the new Alistair's voice.

Martin walks around the house with his gun, looking for Alistair. He smells cigar smoke near the library. He goes in and sees a chair moving, but no one is there. He realizes that he just missed Alistair. He is upset when he finds the picture.

Julian thinks that Katherine is his mother, but as she turns around, not saying anything, he apologizes for being mistaken. He notes that she has his mother's eyes and that she carries herself the same way. Katherine tells him it's all right, and that shakes him further because it sounds like his mother. He introduces himself and Eve, and Katherine introduces herself as Mrs. Wheeler, Paloma's godmother; she says that Sheridan said it was okay to look around the house and grounds. Julian and Eve don't mind; they give her the guided tour of the house. Then, they sit and chat. We can tell that Julian is entranced, still noticing how much she is like his mother. They talk about their children and the whole mess with Chad and Whitney, and how they had lost Chad. Julian offers Katherine a drink. She says she will get it, but she heads to the other side of the room. He tells her that the bar is over on the other side, but it is curious because his mother used to keep the bar over there. Martin comes in, so Katherine introduces him, too. He says they should head back to Sheridan's cottage, but Katherine wants to stay and visit with Julian and Eve. Martin and Katherine kiss goodbye in the foyer. She steals his gun from his pocket as they kiss. She says to herself after he leaves that she will kill Alistair for him. She has a flashback to Martin worrying that he might die. To Julian and Eve, she excuses herself to the powder room.

Pilar is very happy to see Paloma. Paloma, overwhelmed with everything and flashing back to what Alistair told her, goes back to her bedroom, claiming she is tired. Pilar tells Sheridan and Luis how happy she is and how she plans to cook Paloma's favorite meal for her. Luis is unsure as to whether Pilar is strong enough for that, but she assures him she feels strong. Sheridan lets Pilar have her kitchen. Luis holds Sheridan on his lap on the couch and the two of them get romantic. Since Paloma is in their bedroom, they make plans to go stay at a hotel or somewhere for the night so they can have some privacy. Meanwhile, Paloma is upset that she has come to Harmony, believing the things that Alistair told her. Luis tells Paloma about his and Sheridan's plans, so she thinks it confirms what Alistair said (that Luis only brought her there to stay with his sick mother). Luis and Sheridan tell Pilar their plans, too, and she teases them about making sure to get rest as well. They leave her with Paloma. Paloma re-emerges, so Pilar tells her that she made her favorite dish. Paloma says she's not hungry. There is a knock on the door, so Pilar asks Paloma to answer it. Paloma thinks to herself that she is not only her nurse, but her maid, too. She opens it to "Mr. Wheeler". Pilar gets up, and we can tell that she immediately recognizes him. Instead of saying something about it, she briefly chats with him about how she saw him on the video of Luis and Sheridan's commitment ceremony. She seems to falter and then she faints; he catches her in his arms as Paloma screams.

Chad goes home and then talks to Whitney out loud, as if she were there. Fox comes in and they talk about how Chad's life is a mess. They talk about how Alistair has screwed things up, especially for Whitney. Fox wryly welcomes him to the family. He tells Chad to look on the bright side: at least Whitney is not pregnant. Chad asks Fox to keep an eye on Whitney for him, since she won't let him go near her. Fox tries to say that Whitney won't be too happy to see him, either, since he's a Crane. Chad presses the issue, so Fox agrees. Inside, he is happy to oblige.

Whitney goes to see Theresa and lament about her problems, especially the news about the tabloids. She wonders if she should join a convent or have plastic surgery. Theresa tells her to stop being such a drama queen. She tells Whitney to just be glad she's not pregnant. Whitney quickly changes the conversation. Theresa suggests that Whitney turn her attentions to other men, especially Fox. Theresa says that Fox would make a good husband, and a good father, too. Whitney agrees and thinks to herself that Fox would indeed make a good father.

Katherine finds Alistair; he greets her in his usual sarcastic manner. The camera pans up, so we see his face for the first time.

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