Passions Update Friday 9/24/04

Passions Update Friday 9/24/04

By Suzanne
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Fox visits Theresa, who is resting in her bed. They mostly talk about Whitney and her problems with learning Chad is her brother. Fox shows Theresa the tabloid and worries that Whitney will find out before he can warn her. They talk about how evil Alistair is. Theresa can tell that Fox still loves Whitney. He admits he does. He describes how he feels about her and finishes with saying that no woman has ever made him feel like Whitney made him feel. She teases him, reminding him that they were together, and he quickly apologizes, but Theresa understand because it is the same for her with Ethan. Fox sits on the bed next to Theresa. They says it feels like it must be a sick joke that Chad is her brother, but they know that DNA tests were run. Fox says he was even prepared to give her up to Chad, which Theresa finds hard to believe. She points out that Whitney is free now and encourages him to go after her. He admits he has thought about that, but they both know Whitney needs more time.

Chad comforts Whitney at the church. She pulls away from him, saying he can't touch her any more. She tells him that their relationship was disgusting, revolting, and horrible, and to just stop. He says he can't just turn off the feelings he has for her. She says it's a sin, but he reminds her that they didn't know, so it was no sin. He says he wants to help her and somehow they have to move on from this. She has a flashback to her confession. He says the worst behind them, but she says it's not. He doesn't know what she's talking about. He thinks maybe she has seen the tabloids, but she didn't know about them. He has to show her the paper then, and she is shocked that now everyone will know. She tries to tell Chad about being pregnant, but she just can't get the words out. Finally, she says that nothing is wrong and that she just needs space.

Sheridan, Luis and Pilar wonder where Paloma went to. Luis goes to look for her and the Wheelers. He returns, not finding them. He is clearly worried. Pilar becomes alarmed at his attitude. Luis leaves again, telling Sheridan to lock the door. Pilar demands to know what happened to them in Mexico and why they are worried. Sheridan sits her down and reluctantly tells her what happened in Mexico. They both wonder why Alistair would go after them all. They are very worried and Pilar gets more and more upset.

Alistair continues to fill Paloma's head full of lies and prey on her insecurities about her family not wanting her. He says they used her and tricked her and that the Wheelers also lied to her and will abandon her. Julian and Eve discuss Chad, mostly. He wishes that Fox had been able to get Chad to accept him. He tells her about the record label that he tried to give to Chad. She thinks that was very generous. They hope that in time Chad and Whitney will forgive them and be able to move on with their lives, even though time did not help them forget their own relationship, even though they married other people and had families. They wonder again about Alistair's comments about the plane coming to Harmony and note his fear of the people on it. They worry that Alistair might have more trouble planned for Chad and Whitney; they plan to stop it. Eve is disgusted by the lengths that Alistair will go to, to hurt people. She wonders why he takes such pleasure in other people's pain. Julian doesn't know, either. He talks about his mother and how kind she was, and that Alistair treated her like a possession. He says his parents were always yelling at each other. He flashes back to when he was a boy, reading "Charlotte's Web" to Sheridan in her bed. Katherine comes in and says he can read a little more and then it is time for the lights to be out. Alistair comes in and yells at Katherine for leaving their room. She protests that she only wanted to say goodnight to her children, but he doesn't care. He grabs her and pulls her into the other room for her "wifely duties". She claims she isn't feeling good. There is more yelling as Julian covers Sheridan's ears. She cries that she wants her mommy. In the present, Julian realizes that he blocked out those scenes of how unhappy his mother was. He says he tried to make Sheridan feel loved and wanted after their mother died, but Alistair had her shipped off to boarding school. Eve sympathizes. Julian says he will never forgive himself for being just as lousy of a father as Alistair was. Eve says that Alistair must have been a poor role model, but Julian won't use that excuse. He had hoped to make up for how he treated Ethan and Fox by being a good father to Chad. Julian wants to find out what Alistair is up to, so he and Eve leave to find him. Alistair comes out and laughs about Julian wanting to find out anything about his plans.

Martin shows Katherine that he has a gun. He says he had hidden it in the cottage in case of future emergencies. He tells her to go so that he can face Alistair alone. They find Paloma in the Crane mansion and wonder who she was talking to. She turns to see that Alistair has vanished. They catch up on what has happened. Paloma lies that the door was open so she just wandered in. Katherine is upset about being back there and remarks to Martin how the place still feels ice-cold. Luis comes in, upset that Paloma has been missing. He steers her back to the cottage. Katherine goes with him at Martin's urging. She kisses Martin and they hug. He takes out his gun after they leave. Katherine tells Luis that she forgot her scarf, so she goes back. Martin is inside still with a tape recorder. He is recording a message for his family, in case he is killed after he shoots Alistair. She hears him talk about his family and to her at length. He turns it off and leaves the room, looking for Alistair. She follows, wanting to help him. Just then, Julian and Eve come in. Julian asks who she is and if he can help her. She doesn't turn around, but he says, "Mother? Mother!"

Luis brings Paloma back to the cottage. Pilar is there and hugs her, crying. She welcomes her, still upset from what Sheridan said.


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