Passions Update Thursday 9/23/04

Passions Update Thursday 9/23/04

By Suzanne
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Julian, Eve, Chad, and Fox wonder what Alistair meant by his cryptic comment that something or someone terrible was headed toward Harmony that would make them all go down in flames. Julian is skeptical. Alistair says there is an extremely dangerous group that won't rest until they destroy the whole Crane empire. Eve says someone should, but Alistair reminds him that Julian and Chad are Cranes. Chad swears he will never be a Crane. Julian keeps asking Alistair what he means. Alistair babbles on about how it will be a war, he will kill them before they kill him, and he will take no prisoners. He is interrupted by a phone call, telling him that the enemy has landed. Chad keeps trying to attack Alistair, but Julian keeps preventing him. Julian physically stops him and then tells him that it's not worth going to jail for. Chad doesn't care about himself, only Whitney. He says that his life is over anyway, so Eve tells him not to say that. Julian says that he thinks Alistair is finally going to get what's coming to him. He's never seen him as nervous as this, not even when Luis was going to expose all of his secrets. Julian thinks Alistair is scared. Chad hopes they make him pay, but he has to leave. He can't stay in the house. Eve grabs his arm to stop him, but he tells her to let go, calling her "Dr. Russell". She lets go and apologizes. She looks at him and says she can't believe she didn't see it all this time that he has so much of Julian in his face. She also notices some of her, and of her parents. He says that all he can see when he looks at them is Whitney, the woman he loves with every fiber of his being. Julian tells Chad not to blame Eve but to blame Alistair because he is the one who kidnapped him, made Eve believe he was dead, and kept his identity hidden from them. Chad blames the two of them for how he came into being, having unprotected sex, doing drugs and drinking, and Julian abandoning them. Julian says his father forced him and he didn't even know she was pregnant. Chad agrees that Alistair is a sick, twisted bastard who deserves to rot in hell, but the two of them were reckless, careless, and selfish. They tell Chad that they were young and aren't proud of how they acted. Chad only cares that they ruined his and Whitney's life. Julian hoped that in time Chad would forgive them, but Chad tells them he never will forgive or forget. They look at him in a hurt and sad way. Julian asks if there isn't anything he can say to make him understand how terrible they feel about what has happened. Chad knows they feel terrible and is glad. He hopes they feel excruciating pain for the rest of their lives because it will only be a fraction of what he and Whitney feel. Eve and Julian both look like someone kicked them in their stomachs. Eve speaks to Chad tenderly about how she feels, and how she felt back then when she thought he was dead. She says she prayed to God to let her find him. Chad wishes she hadn't. She tells him that no matter how he feels, she loves him, always has, and always will. She begs him to make peace with Julian and to tolerate her. She says she will help him and Whitney get through this, if they will let her. Chad is choked up but says he can't stay there. He has to go talk to Whitney. He leaves. Julian holds Eve's shoulders and gives her a peck on the cheek. They wonder if Chad will ever forgive them. Julian imagines if he found out Eve were his sister, it would destroy him. They hug in sympathy.

Luis, Sheridan, Paloma, Martin and Katherine prepare to get off their plane. Sheridan wonders why Alistair can't just leave them alone so she can just spend her life with Luis and make babies with him. They talk about their wedding plans and flash back to their fake wedding back in Mexico. Paloma is not anxious to leave the plane because she dreads what will happen. She stares at Luis when he tells her they have to get off the plane. She tells them that she's terrified. They understand and give her a pep talk. Paloma reluctantly gets up to go with them. Martin and Katherine also prepare to leave and to face Alistair. They also worry about their families' reaction. Martin talks again about how he has to kill Alistair. They arrive at Sheridan's cottage. Martin tells Paloma that she used to live there before she was sent to Mexico. She is surprised. Luis wonders how he knows, so Martin quickly covers by saying Tia Maria told him. Luis confirms that they all grew up there as kids. He says Sheridan has done a lot with it. Sheridan is modest about his compliments. Martin has a flashback to coming home there and seeing his children run to greet him. Pilar brings Paloma in and asks how work was. She also tells him that Paloma sat up today for the first time. He tells them all how proud he is of them all and that even rich Alistair couldn't be happier with his family than he is. Pilar says no woman could be more blessed than she is for being married to him. They kiss while the children act impatient. Back to reality, Luis notices that Martin is lost in his thoughts. Martin says he's fine, just distracted. Luis shows Paloma around. Katherine consoles Martin because she knows it's difficult for him to be there with his memories. Sheridan invites Paloma to stay there with her and Luis. Luis says Rebecca stole their family home, but he says they will get it back. Paloma agrees to stay. Martin says they have to get going and find a hotel room. Sheridan says that if her father is not back in town, it will be safe for them to stay there. She offers to call her brother. Katherine stutters that she won't stay in the Crane mansion. They all look at her, wondering about her weird reaction. Katherine thanks her and says she worries about what will happen if he returns while they're there. Katherine reminds them of how Alistair terrorized them in Mexico. Martin agrees. Sheridan and Luis don't blame them. Sheridan says she'll phone to see if the B&B has room. Pilar phones before Sheridan can call. Sheridan tells her that they just returned and asks Pilar if she is still in the hospital. Pilar says she's better and that Gwen and Ethan are letting her stay in the mansion while she recovers. Sheridan is happy to hear it, and they both say they can't wait to see each other. Pilar asks about Paloma. Luis gets the phone and talks to Pilar. He tells Pilar that they will be up to see her in a few minutes, but Paloma says she wants to unpack first. Luis tells her to wait on that, but she wants to freshen up and change into something. She runs off to do that as he calls after her. Luis tells Pilar that Paloma is as headstrong as all of the other Lopez-Fitzgerald women. Pilar can't wait, so she says she'll be right there. When Luis hangs up and turns around, Martin and Katherine have disappeared.

Pilar arrives and hugs Luis, then Sheridan. They talk about how beautiful Puerto Arena was and how everyone was so great. Pilar wants to see Paloma. Luis says Paloma is in there but a little nervous. He wants her to meet the Wheelers, too, but he's not sure where they went. They think it's odd. Pilar talks about how much she wants to see Paloma. Sheridan goes to get Paloma but finds she's gone out.

Martin and Katherine walk around outside in the garden. Martin says it was cowardly to sneak out, but he can't face Pilar yet. Katherine understands. They flash back to when they used to meet in the garden, when she was upset from Alistair. Katherine complains about Alistair's verbal and physical abuse. He suggests that she leave Alistair, but she doesn't want to leave her children. When Martin suggests she take them with her, she tells him that she knows Alistair would find her and bring her back, and have her arrested for kidnapping. She is despondent. In the present, Martin says he has to kill Alistair. She warns him to be so careful now that they are on Alistair's turf. The gardener comes up and asks if he can help them. Martin asks after Alistair. The man says he saw him go into the house a little while ago and offers to show them the way, but Martin says they know the way and thanks the man. Martin takes Katherine's hand and tells her, "The battle begins".

Paloma walks in the garden, too, and looks at the flowers. She tells herself that she is not ready yet to see her mother. She turns around and Alistair is there. He tells her good afternoon, and she wonders how he knows her name. He says that it's a small town and everyone has heard of Pilar's daughter's return. When she says that the house is magnificent, he suggests that she go inside. She asks if she should, so he replies that he doesn't see why not. He says that her mother and sister live there, as well as little Ethan. He tells her to come in and he'd be happy to show her around. She is unsure. He says he'd never hear the end of it if he didn't give her the cook's tour. She follows him inside. She can't believe her family lives there because she was told that her family lost their home, jobs, etc. and had fallen on hard times. He says that hard times is a relative term. He supposes some people might call that hard times, to have all those servants, but he'd be happy to suffer like that. She looks at him, astonished, feeling lied to and confused. She gets upset as she says that she was sent away as a baby because her mother was too poor to take care of all of them. Alistair says this doesn't look too poor to him. He also says it doesn't make sense that they would only send her away. He pours on the lies as she gets more upset. He says they never wanted her and didn't care for her. She remembers that a man she met in Mexico also said this to her. They discuss whether her family loves her; he keeps lying and she keeps getting more upset as she says her family loves her. He tells her that the only reason they brought her home was to cheer Pilar up after Antonio died and Miguel ran off. He says she is only a pawn in the Lopez-Fitzgeralds' game. He laughs at her as he asks how stupid she could be.

Whitney cries and says to herself, "What have I done?" as she holds her stomach. She sinks to the floor and dissolves into tears. Whitney visits Father Lonigan. He invites her to sit next to him. She is still crying. He hopes that she kept the baby, but he figures from her tears that he failed. She starts to speak, but he stops her and consoles her, hugging her and saying he will pray for her. Whitney says God must hate her. He tells her in quiet tones that God loves all of his children, even when we sin. He waits patiently for our return, the priest says. Whitney cries on his shoulder. Then she tells him that she didn't go through with the abortion. He wonders why she is still crying. She is just upset because she is still having her brother's baby. He says that since she and Chad didn't know that they were brother and sister, it can't be a sin. She talks about how she was in the abortion clinic, all set to go through with it, but she couldn't. He thinks it was God's doing. She tells him there is nothing to be happy about because her baby could have all sorts of genetic problems, or she might even miscarry. He tells her that she doesn't have to go through it alone because she has him, and other friends and family members. He tells her that Fox stopped by and was concerned about her. He confirms that he didn't tell Fox anything. He tells her to draw on her faith for strength. He hugs her as she cries more. Father Lonigan decides to leave Whitney alone with her thoughts. He blesses her and her baby before he leaves. Chad comes by, looking for her. Whitney is praying when he interrupts. He says he had to see her. She was praying to God for a sign of what to do, she says. He wonders what she was praying for. She says there's something she has to tell him. She cries as she tries to tell him, but she can't get it out. He sits down next to her and she hugs him as she cries on his shoulder.

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