Passions Update Wednesday 9/22/04

Passions Update Wednesday 9/22/04

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Theresa learns from Gwen that Ethan would definitely know who he was sleeping with, even if they were disguised as Gwen, because she tested that out with her sorority sisters. Ethan looks very nervous during the conversation. Theresa flashes back to sleeping with Ethan and to him saying he wants to tell Gwen about it. Gwen wants to know what Ethan was upset about when she walked in the room. He doesn't answer, so she wants to know what Theresa has done now. Ethan replies that there is nothing else that upset him. Theresa thanks Gwen for being so understanding about the perfume bottle. Little Ethan runs in and brings flowers for his mommy, Gwen. Theresa watches them in pain. He sees her and takes some of the flowers over to her, saying they are for her, "Mommy II". She gives him a hug and thanks him. Gwen thanks him, too. Gwen and Ethan tell him to go get ready for his swimming lessons. He hugs them all and then leaves. Theresa says she wants to have a talk with little Ethan since he is calling Gwen mommy. Gwen says she doesn't think they will say anything just yet. Theresa reminds them of the agreement. Gwen wants to believe her, but she doubts whether Theresa will live up to her word and whether she's being honest about both babies being hers and Ethan's. Theresa protests, but Gwen tells her that she is going to hold on to Ethan, who is legally hers, until after the babies are born and given to her. Theresa nods in agreement. Gwen says she's going to put the flowers in water and asks Theresa if there's anything she'd like while she's downstairs. Theresa asks for some herbal tea. After Gwen leaves, Theresa says that she can't believe Ethan calls her evil and asks if he heard Gwen just now. Ethan says Gwen couldn't hold a candle to Theresa. He is livid at the stunt Theresa just pulled. Theresa says that what Gwen said (about her sorority sisters) proves that he knew he was making love to her and not Gwen. Ethan says she used him, and in fact says she raped him. He figures she must have drugged him or something. She denies it and says she doesn't believe what he's saying. She thinks that he knew it was her and enjoyed it. Ethan tells her that she's wrong; he feels no attraction for her and he's in love with his wife. She points out that he only married Gwen because she was pregnant, and now she, Theresa, is pregnant with his children. Ethan says he hates this; Theresa has put him in a terrible position. Gwen comes back in, bringing in the tea.

On the airplane, Paloma looks at a picture of Pilar as she flies back to Harmony. She talks to Pilar, saying she has been looking forward to seeing her, but she worries that Pilar will not like her or will want to send her away again. Paloma has a dream about seeing Pilar again. Pilar cries and hugs her, welcoming her home joyously. Theresa is also there and does the same. They show her pictures in a photo album of the family growing up together. They share warm family memories, which makes Paloma upset. Paloma cries and yells at Pilar, saying she should be in those pictures. She says that Pilar sent her away because she didn't want her, so now she doesn't want her. Pilar tries to make things right. Paloma asks if Pilar loved her less than the others. They all say this isn't true and that Pilar thought she would have a better life in Mexico. Paloma says Tia Maria and the Wheelers were great to her, but they weren't her family. Paloma tells them off and leaves. Then she awakens with a start. Martin comes over and asks her why she's crying. Paloma tries to hide it, but Martin knows better. The hit man is sitting next to Paloma; he hides the pictures of the family that he has in his lap. Paloma tells Martin that she wants to go home--back to Mexico.

Nearby, Sheridan is upset because listening to Luis talk to Beth on the phone about baby Martin made her miss her lost baby. He sympathizes. She is jealous of the bond that Luis and Beth share. He assures her that he has only bonded with her. Sheridan says urgently that they should have a baby of their own right away. Luis agrees that is a good idea. Sheridan worries that there might be a problem, but he says there is no reason to think they can't have kids. He hopes to practice a lot. They laugh and kiss.

In another row, Martin and Katherine anticipate their return to Harmony with dread. Katherine is especially nervous and suggests they go back to Mexico. Martin reminds her that Alistair knows about their hiding place now so it isn't safe. He is glad they've had these years of happiness together, no matter what happens. They worry more about what their children will think when they find out the truth. They notice Paloma smiling and wonder what she's thinking about. They know she is pretty happy to be going home. Katherine says she is lucky to have her papa to look over her. He worries that Paloma will hate him the way Luis does. They rehash what they have done and how it has affected their family.

Katherine visits Sheridan in her seat and asks if she can help her out because she looks sad. Sheridan doesn't want to burden her, but Katherine offers her ear. They tell each other how great one another is. Sheridan tells Katherine that she is thinking about the baby she lost. Sheridan shares that the baby was kidnapped and how the kidnapper "died". Sheridan talks about how strong the bond is with her lost baby. Katherine says it's a powerful bond. Sheridan says she had that bond with her own mother. She says that she knows her own mother would have never left her because she wouldn't do that to a child (she knows that now that she has had a child).

Martin and Katherine buckle themselves into their seats, preparing to land. They worry about what will happen, again. She never thought she'd see Harmony again. He says he thought someday he might. He reminds her that they are all in great danger and that he is going to have a fight to the death with Alistair. He vows that Alistair will never hurt his family again. She doesn't like the idea of killing and asks if it's the only way. He thinks it is. She worries that they've lost their children.

Paloma and Sheridan also worry. Luis assures Sheridan that she will not lose him and that they will have a happy life. He plans to get married right away, and she hopes that does happen.

Whitney goes to confession; Father Lonigan is the one she speaks with. She tells him that there are a lot of sins to confess, but the one she most wants to confess is the one she is about to commit: abortion. Father Lonigan tries to talk her out of it. She says she doesn't have a choice, even though she knows it's a mortal sin. When he asks her why, she blurts out that she's pregnant with her own brother's baby. She holds her mouth as if she is going to vomit, then she rushes out of the confessional. Father Lonigan follows her out and says he wants to help her with her problem. Whitney tells him that it's her, Whitney, but he already knows. They sit down and he asks her how this came to be. She tells him that it was all Eve's fault and explains what happened, briefly. Father Lonigan asks some questions, including whether Chad knows she's pregnant. She says no and says that no one else can know about this because it's too horrible. He understands. She tells him she has no choice, and he tells her that she is still murdering her child and condemning herself to hell. She tells him that she can't let her child suffer the shame, nor the possible birth defects. He says that he feels her pain, but he can't absolve her of this sin. He suggests giving the baby up for adoption, but she says she wouldn't be able to do that, especially if it is deformed or has brain damage. Father Lonigan says that God takes care of all of his children. Whitney asks why God didn't take of her, but he can't answer that one. He tells her again that he can't absolve her of the sin. She is disappointed, saying she was hoping for a miracle. She tells him that God turned his back on her, so now she will have to turn her back on Him. He says that God doesn't always act in ways we think he should; we just have to have faith. She says she knows what she has to do and asks the priest to pray for her as she walks out.

Julian yells at someone at the newspaper tabloid "News Weekly" for printing the story about Whitney and Chad dating. He is told who is responsible for the story going forth; he tells Eve that she is not going to believe this. He tells Eve that it was Alistair. They can't figure out why he did it, since he usually hates any bad publicity for the family. Julian figures he did it just out of pure evil. Eve can't believe he did it to his own grandson.

Chad breaks up Alistair's office with a baseball bat. Fox is also in the room as Chad yells at Alistair for leaking the news to the tabloids. Alistair says it's all true. Chad argues with him. As Alistair laughs, Chad goes after him with the bat, but Fox stops him. Alistair pulls out a gun and tells Chad to drop the bat. Fox tries to get them to put down their weapons, but they won't. Chad says he has nothing left to live for, anyway, and lists all of his problems and disappointments. He tells Alistair to prepare to die. Fox grabs Chad and blocks him. Outside, Eve and Julian hear a gun go off inside. They walk in and find Fox lying on the floor. Alistair points at Chad and says he killed his grandson. Julian goes over to Fox (why not Eve, the doctor??). Alistair claims that Fox was trying to defend him. Chad says that's not true. Eve says that Fox doesn't appear to be shot. Julian notices the bullet lodged in the desk. They help Fox up; he comes around and says that he probably tripped on the bat and hit his head. Julian asks Chad if he's okay. Chad shows him the paper and says of course he's not all right. He says Alistair fed this garbage to the tabloids. He tries to go after Alistair again, but Julian holds him back this time, saying it's not worth it to go to jail. Chad thinks it is worth it. Julian seems to get through to him, so he stops. Eve goes up to Alistair and blasts him for hurting Whitney. She slaps him in the face. Julian holds Eve back from damaging Alistair further. Eve tells Alistair that she has nothing left to lose because he has destroyed her family and her life. They argue. Chad tries to go after Alistair again but Julian warns him back again. Chad gets angry when Julian calls him "son". He says his life was destroyed when he found his parents. Fox asks Eve if she knows whether Whitney has seen the tabloids. She doesn't know because they're not speaking. Fox goes to warn Whitney. Eve continues to rail against Alistair. Julian asks Alistair to think about what this news will do to Crane Industries. Alistair says he has his reasons. Julian says this is the worst thing to happen to the Cranes. Alistair corrects him, saying that the worst thing to happen to them all is on a plane, headed to Harmony; he says they will all go down in flames. Eve, Julian, and Chad don't know what to make of this statement.

Fox goes to the church, looking for Whitney, but he finds Father Lonigan instead. The priest does not let on that she was there, at first. Fox tells him about Chad being her brother, and the priest says he knows and does then admit that Whitney was there. Fox asks him where Whitney went, but Father Lonigan says he can't betray her confidence. Fox is worried, and so is the priest.


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