Passions Update Tuesday 9/21/04

Passions Update Tuesday 9/21/04

By Boo
Pictures by Juanita

Ethan and Gwenís bedroom:

Gwen enters the bedroom and wants to know what is going on. She tells Theresa and Ethan that she can feel the tension between them. Ethan tells her that Theresa has done something that she isnít going to like. Theresa quickly jumps in and confesses that she was in the bedroom and when Ethan came in and saw what she was doing jumped all over her. She goes on to tell Gwen that she was trying out some of Gwenís perfume because she thinks that Gwen always smells so good. But then Ethan explained to her that Gwen has this perfume made especially for her. It is Gwenís own individual scent so that no other woman ever smells like her. She explains to Gwen that when she heard that, she got flustered and when she went to put the perfume back on the dresser and dropped the bottle. Theresa knows that the perfume is expensive, and the bottle was a heirloom. She profusely apologizes to Gwen. Gwen is upset, but she quickly assures Theresa not to worry about it. Theresa tells Gwen that she is just curious, since Gwen has this perfume made just for her, if another woman put the perfume on, would it be possible for a man to mistake the other woman for Gwen? Gwen laughs a little and tells Theresa that she thinks that is funny because her friends tried that on Ethan when they were all in college. She tells how they blindfolded Ethan and put her perfume on and tested Ethan to see if he knew it was her. Theresa listens very carefully and slowly gets the whole story out of Gwen. Gwen tells her that Ethan knew instantly that none of her friends was her just by touching their hands, but he also knew when it was her. Theresa gets Gwen to admit that she would never believe that Ethan thought any other woman was Gwen if he were to cheat on her. Theresa is very pleased to hear all of this. Ethan in not so happy about it.

Chadís office:

Fox continues to drive home the idea that Chad should not accept the offer from Julian. He thinks that Chad should steer clear of all the Cranes. Chad thinks he could help Whitneyís career better if he did accept it. Fox points out how much Whitney hates Julian and how she blames him for everything. He tells Chad that if he does accept the position with Julianís company, Whitney will hate him as much as she does Julian. Chad thanks Fox for being honest with him and tells him that now he will take Foxís advice and stay away from Julian and the business. A reporter rushes in and asks Chad for a statement about finding out he is Whitneyís half brother. Chad and Fox try to push the guy out of the office when he throws two other tabloid papers at Chad. Both have Whitney and Chadís faces plastered all over them. Headlines say something about keeping all the love in the family. Chad and Fox both get angry and throw the man out. Chad canít believe all this is happening and worries about what it will do to Whitney when she sees it. He calls Crane industries and talks to the P.R. department. He demands that they get these stories stopped and have all the tabloids that ran the stories pulled off the shelves. He knows that Alistair pays these people to keep the Crane name Ďoutí of the papers. He is livid when they tell him that they were told to release the stories. He demands to know who gave the order. When he is told who gave the order, he slams the phone down, grabs a bat and rushes out of the office with Fox in close pursuit.

Julianís house:

Julian arrives home and stops outside to hope that Fox is able to get through to Chad and convince him to come to work at Crane Industries. He receives a call on his cell phone asking if he has seen Dr. Russell. When he is told that she didnít show up at the hospital, he asks them to clear her schedule for the day and thanks them for calling him. He thinks of all that Eve has gone through this year and worriedly rushes into the house to find Eve. He thinks the worst has happened when he sees Eve lying on the bed with an empty bottle of pills lying on the floor beside the bed. He rushes to her and tries to wake her up. She wakes easily and tells him that she just fell asleep. She admits that she was going to take some pills to help her sleep, but the bottle was empty. She must have knocked it off the table in her sleep. Julian is so relieved to here this. Eve thinks that she might as well be dead though. She tells him what a horrible wife and mother she is. She has ruined everyoneís lives that she loves. Everyone blames her for all that has gone wrong in their lives. Julian reminds her that he is still there. She is thankful for that, but she still lays back down and curls up on the bed saying that she wishes she could just die. Julian doesnít want her talking like that at all. She tells him that she canít go to work, she canít even go outside because she is so ashamed of all the lies she has told. There is a knock on the door and Julian yells at them to go away. It is Julianís assistant from the office, Madeline. Julian knows she wouldnít come to his home unless it was important, so he goes to the hallway to see what is wrong. She shows him the tabloid papers, she knew he would want to see them. Julian is shocked to see them. When Madeline leaves, he goes back into the bedroom and reluctantly shows Eve the papers. She is understandably very upset and wonders how the tabloids got ahold of the story. Julian swears that he will find out who leaked the story, and when he does, he will kill him. He also calls the P.R. department and pretty much has the same conversation that Chad did. He is told who gave the order to release the stories and is very angry.

Wallace residence:

Beth calls her mother into the front room to look at something. Something terrible has happened she tells her mother. Beth shows Mrs. Wallace an email postcard she received from Luis and Sheridan. It is scenes from the dedication ceremony. The video tells them that they are on their way back to Harmony and will make the marriage legal when they arrive. Mrs. Wallace is thrilled that the two of them are back together. She rubs it in Bethís face that Sheridan and Luis are back together like they should be. Mrs. Wallace just worries how Precious will take the news that Luis chose a human female to be with instead of her. Beth says the human will be her instead of Sheridan. Beth still thinks that she and Luis will end up together though. Mrs. Wallace canít believe what she is hearing and reminds Beth of all the horrible things she has done to Sheridan. Even when Ethan thought Sheridan was dead, Luis didnít turn to Beth. He would rather be alone than to be with a loonybird like Beth. Beth tells her mother that she is forgetting one very important thing. Mrs. Wallace corrects her and tells her that she is wearing her diaper. Beth tells her that isnít it, she is forgetting that Alistair doesnít want Luis and Sheridan together, and Alistair always gets what he wants. She is confident that Luis will be hers in the end. Luis calls to check up on little Martin and to make sure Beth got his and Sheridanís postcard. She tells them that she did and congratulates them. Luis tells her to give little Martin a hug and kiss for him and that he will come and see Martin when he gets back in town. After the call, Beth is even more sure that she will end up with Luis. She tells Mrs. Wallace that she has the baby. Mrs. Wallace walks over to the cuckoo clock and sets it off. Beth explains that is something that Sheridan and Luis donít have. Mrs. Wallace reminds her that the baby is really Sheridan and Luisí and that Beth and Alistair kidnapped the baby. Beth tells her that Alistair, herself, Mrs. Wallace and Precious are the only ones that know that. If they want to see one more case of gin, they will keep their mouths shut. Mrs. Wallace agrees to keep quiet for the gin.

Alistairís office:

Chad and Fox burst into Alistairís office, Chad still welding the bat. Alistair has been expecting a visit from Chad. Chad demands to know why he did all of this. He realizes now that Alistair knew all along that Whitney was his sister, and he set the whole thing up. Alistair admits that is true. Society now accepts a black child in a white family, but they still donít accept incest. Chad calls him a sick monster, to which Alistair laughs and says he is not the sick one. He isnít the one that has been playing push, push with his sweet little sister. Chad starts breaking things with the bat, trying to get his frustrations out.

A plane to Harmony:

Paloma sits alone listening to music and reading in the middle row, Sheridan and Luis together in the left hand row, and Martin and Katherine together in the right hand row.
Luis tells Sheridan that he feels like she is already his wife. They talk about how beautiful the ceremony in Mexico was and how they canít wait to make it legal once they are back in Harmony. Luis reminds her that they have to take care of Ďbusinessí first. Sheridan doesnít understand why her father hates her so much, he has tried to kill her so many times she has lost count. Luis tells her that Alistair is just plain evil, that is the only reason. Sheridan gets a blanket and cuddles down for a nap. She remembers breaking the wedding glass, and gets upset again. Luis again assures her that it was just a silly superstition. Nothing will keep them apart now. Sheridan worries about how many times her father has tried to keep them apart. Luis tells her that is his proof, Alistair has never succeeded. They are meant to be together. After Luisí call to Beth, he tells Sheridan that he wants to stop and see little Martin first thing when they get back to Harmony. Sheridan admits that she felt a little envious when he was talking to Beth because he shares a special bond with Beth because of little Martin. A bond that he doesnít share with her because their son died.

Martin stops to check on Paloma before going to his own seat with Katherine. Paloma tells him she is a little anxious to see the family that she has been away from for so long. When Martin joins Katherine, he tells her of Palomaís feelings. Katherine shares the feelings of anxiety. They talk about what a monster Alistair is and worry about what he has in store for them. Martin knows that getting rid of Alistair is the very first priority, and hopes when all that is over their families will understand and forgive them both. He still wishes that Katherine had stayed in Mexico and waited till it was safe. She tells him that they left Harmony together because of Alistair, and it is only fitting that they return together to face him. She worries that he was already a monster all those years ago, and now he has had all this time to let that hatred build. Katherine lays her head on Martinís shoulder and takes a nap. She dreams that she is in the Crane mansion and Alistairís henchmen have Martin at gunpoint. Alistair tells them that he isnít killing them right away, he will make them both suffer as much as possible first. He then has Sheridan, Luis and Paloma brought in. He tells them who Martin and Katherine really are, and that they chose to run away and be lovers, abandoning their families. Luis, Sheridan and Paloma all tell their parents that they hate them. Alistair then announces that Martin and Katherine must watch their loved ones die. As Alistair gives the order to shoot Sheridan, Katherine is startled awake. Martin assures her that it was a bad dream and he wonít let Alistair hurt her anymore. Katherine tells him that she doesnít think that he will hurt her physically anymore. She thinks he will make her suffer by hurting the ones she loves. She was really counting on Martin and Luis stopping Alistair, but now she has serious doubts that anyone will ever be able to stop Alistair Crane.

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