Passions Update Monday 9/20/04

Passions Update Monday 9/20/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Fox talks to Chad, or rather a picture of Chad, Whitney, Theresa, and Fox. He says he always liked Chad, and that's why it's always been difficult to be around him when he was with Whitney. He says now they're not together because he's Fox and Whitney's half-brother. He vents to the picture about how Julian has given Chad the corner office that he has worked so hard for all of these years. He says Chad is now the "second coming". He warns Chad not to get used to the perks because he and little Ethan came late to the game. Fox says he's the Crane son who's paid his dues and is owed. Julian comes in then and reminds Fox that he said he would talk to Chad about forgiving him for not being there all those years. Fox agrees. Julian hopes Chad will come around and join the Cranes. He pats Fox on the shoulder and asks him to let him know, then he leaves. Fox can't believe how excited Julian is. Fox says to himself that he will talk to Chad, but Julian shouldn't expect him to tell him what he wants him to. He leaves the office angrily. Chad talks to Fox. He says it is weird how they used to call each other "Bro" and now it's true. Chad says he's not in a good mood; Fox says no one would blame him since he just found out his parents are Fox's father and Whitney's mother. Fox points out that, whether they did it intentionally or not, Eve and Julian made a shambles of Chad's life. Chad doesn't know what to think. Fox goes on to say that Julian was a lousy father to him, but at least he knew who he was. He says everything that Chad has known has been turned upside down by Julian. He does everything he can to cast doubt on Julian. Chad says he doesn't want to ever be in the same room with Julian ever again. Fox says he thinks that Julian just feels guilty and is trying to buy Chad's affections. He tells Chad that Julian sent him down there to win Chad over. He says Julian is too afraid to face him. Chad asks what Julian told him to say, so Fox lies that Julian offered him money and corporate perks to forgive him for the unforgivable. He claims he told Julian that was just another insult, but he wouldn't let up. Fox says that Chad has too much integrity to take part of the Crane Empire as a bribe. Chad stops him and says from what he can see, there are a lot of benefits to being a Crane. Fox is stunned at Chad's reaction. He looks worried. Fox wonders why someone with Chad's talent would want to have anything to do with Julian. Chad says that being a Crane would give him a chance to do some things he'd like to do, such as helping Whitney out, by helping her move on with her life. Despites Fox's comments, Chad says there is no way he is turning Julian down. Chad gets a special delivery package from Crane Industries. Chad looks over the folder that was in the package. It's the deed to the recording studios, which Julian is giving to Chad. He is also setting up a record label and naming Chad as the CEO. There's also a picture of the view from the corner office at Crane Industries. Chad can't believe it. Fox rages inside, saying this was all supposed to be his. Chad is blown away by Julian's gift. Chad is excited that now he can promote Whitney's CD and make her a star. Fox continues to make sarcastic comments and suggests to Chad that he have a lawyer look at the papers. He thinks that Julian probably put a loophole in there to trap Chad and keep him under his control. Chad doesn't care about that. Fox pretends like he supports Chad, saying he would take it, too. He just thought Chad had more of a backbone than he does. Chad starts to suspect Fox' motives. Fox doesn't answer Chad's questions right away. He makes Chad think he is reluctant to give him his opinion about Julian and what he should do. Fox says he doesn't think Whitney will ever take anything from a member of the Crane family. Chad thinks she's just upset still. Fox tells him that Whitney will hate Chad as much as the rest of the Cranes. Fox warns him to steer clear of Julian and turn him down, if he still wants to be part of Whitney's life.

Julian goes back to Fox's office and wonders what's taking so long with Chad. He gets the idea to phone Whitney to talk to him about Chad. He phones, but Liz answers. Julian is surprised to hear her and comments that it didn't take long for Liz to become mistress of the house. He tells her that he wants to speak with Whitney, but Liz says that she doesn't want to speak to him. They argue, trading insults. She hangs up, telling Julian to leave Whitney alone, or she'll tell T.C. that he's harassing her, and he will kill Julian. Julian wonders again what is keeping Fox. He hopes Chad becomes a member of his family. He hopes he can get a chance to be a real father to Chad.

Liz asks Whitney what could be worse than learning Chad is her half-brother. Whitney flashes back to taking the pregnancy test, which is positive. Whitney can't get the news out. Liz urges her to get it out so she'll feel better. Liz wants to help Whitney, but she says no one can help her. Liz asks if she's sick. Whitney still can't get the words out. She says finally that she's still upset about Chad being her brother. Liz thinks there is still something else. Whitney asks to be left alone, so Liz says she will. She offers her help if Whitney needs anything, then she leaves. Whitney moans, wondering what she is going to do. Whitney sits down and says she is going to try to be rational. She goes on the Internet to look for information. She learns that children born of incest are more likely to have diseases such as Tay-sachs, Sickle Cell Anemia, premature birth, low birth weight, heart problems, etc. Whitney gets more upset as she reads. She says to herself that she can't have this baby. Whitney cries and gets out the phone book. She looks for the clinic where she took Theresa one time for an abortion. The phones rings. She looks at one of the ads, for a Catholic Church. She quotes it: "life". Then she looks over at her statue of the virgin Mary. Harmony Family Planning Clinic answers. Whitney hesitates. The person on the phone asks if she can help her. Whitney says she has the wrong number and hangs up. She continues to argue with herself. The statue of the Madonna comes to life and talks to Whitney. She tells Whitney to calm down and not make any rash decisions. She points out that Whitney was raised in the church and knows that all life is precious. She says sternly that Whitney knows what to do. Whitney is shocked. She can't believe that the statue is talking to her. The statue says it just needed to get her attention. It morphs back into a statue. Whitney says she doesn't know what's real any more or what to do. The statue tells her that she thinks Whitney knows exactly what she must do. Whitney points out all of possible defects the baby could have. She shows the Madonna the website that shows a picture of a baby that almost died, that was the product of a brother and sister. The Madonna says that it sounds as if "He" wanted it to live. Whitney doesn't know what she means by "he" at first and then realizes she means God. Whitney doesn't know if she can be that strong or brave. The Madonna tells her that she'll never be alone. Whitney says she's sorry, but she just doesn't think she has the courage. Crying, she phones the family planning clinic again. Again, she hesitates. Liz brings her some tea; Whitney asks her to leave it outside. Liz wonders what is so wrong. Whitney talks to the statue again as it glows. She says no one understands. She turns the statue to the wall and goes back to the phone. She says she'd like to make an appointment.

Ethan demands that Theresa admit that she posed as Gwen to get him to sleep with her. He guesses all of her tricks. She doesn't admit anything. He wonders why she did it, since she was already pregnant from their surrogate's embryo. She tells him that he just knows that he should have been with her instead of Gwen. He wishes he knew why she had tricked him into sleeping with her. Theresa has a flashback to crying about losing her baby. She tells him to just let it go. He says that one of the babies inside of her is his, so he has to tell Gwen before she goes into labor. She says that he is crazy to think telling Gwen is a good idea. She comes up with a speech he can use to tell Gwen, including saying it was the best lovemaking he ever had. She tells him to make sure he says it just like that and doesn't leave anything out. He looks unsure. They keep arguing about that night. She accuses him of fantasizing about her being in his bed. She says he wants her now as much as he ever did. He looks rattled. She keeps putting pressure on him as he keeps trying to push her away. Finally, Theresa admits that she did sleep with him that night. She tells him it is his turn to be honest. She knows that he was more passionate with her than ever. She wants him to admit that he knew it was her and that she is the one he still wants.

Downstairs, Gwen wonders to Pilar what is keeping Theresa. Pilar says maybe she was tired and went back to bed. Gwen goes to check on her. Pilar hopes Ethan is not with Theresa. Ethan tells Theresa he still wants to tell Gwen what happened. Gwen comes in just then and asks what he has to tell her now.

Luis finds Sheridan, who seems to be dead, in the church, on some kind of platform. He tells her that she can't be dead, now that they are finally together. Paloma, Katherine, and Martin rush in to see if Luis found her. Katherine gasps in dismay. Alistair, watching them via camera, laughs. He says that he warned them. No one goes to war with Alistair and survives. Katherine is upset. Martin comforts her. Paloma can't believe what has happened because they were so happy a few hours ago. Martin vows to kill Alistair for what he's done. Luis is talking to Sheridan when she moans and comes around. He hugs her, glad she's not dead. Katherine thanks God. They are all happy that she's alive. (Apparently cop Luis doesn't know how to take a pulse! LOL!) Sheridan relates that she must have fallen asleep, although she can't remember being so tired or how she got up there. She says she went for a walk, to see the church one last time. She apologizes for scaring Luis, but he tells her it doesn't matter now. They kiss. "The Wheelers" all hug. Alistair's hit man talks to him on the phone, asking why he had him put Sheridan up there on the altar with all the candles, rather than just kill her. Alistair wanted to send a message to Martin and Sheridan not to go back to Harmony. Meanwhile, Paloma says now they can go to Harmony as they planned, and nothing bad will happen. They talk about how deeply Sheridan was sleeping and how she got up on the altar. Luis thinks she was drugged. He knows that Alistair was sending a warning. Martin and Katherine agree. Luis knows that Alistair must have learned that they plan to go back to Harmony. Paloma asks Martin why Sheridan's father wants to kill them all. Katherine hugs and reassures her. Luis says he's just after him and Sheridan. They are going to follow through with their plan. Martin says he's with them all the way. Luis doesn't think Martin should get involved. Martin says Alistair has hurt the people he cares about, so he wants to rid the world of him, too. Alistair continues to watch them on the TV, saying they will regret it. Sheridan takes Luis aside and suggests that maybe they shouldn't go back home. She says maybe they should just stay and make their lives there. Alistair thinks that's a good idea. Luis and Sheridan discuss it. Luis assures her that things will go fine and they will be safe and happy at home. They leave to catch their flight. Alistair angrily crashes his fist down on the desk.

Back at the inn, Paloma hugs her aunt goodbye. Paloma is glad to be going home and tells her aunt not to cry. She is glad the Wheelers are going with her, too. Paloma goes outside to wait. Maria (Paloma's aunt) hugs Martin and Katherine goodbye. Martin asks Katherine if she is ready. She's as ready as she'll ever be. Martin hopes that Paloma won't hate him when she finds out he's her real father. They discuss how they have to get rid of Alistair first. They take one last look around the place before they go outside. Sheridan and Luis say goodbye to Maria, too. She urges them to be careful. They hug goodbye. Luis tells Maria that no one is going to hurt his family again. Then he and Sheridan leave. Outside, Alistair's hit man asks him if he got all of that. Alistair is annoyed that Katherine is daring to show her face back in town. He says they're making the last mistake they'll ever make.

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