Passions Update Wednesday 9/15/04

Passions Update Wednesday 9/15/04

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Everyone is at the Inn waiting on Luis and Sheridan to arrive. Paloma is running around with a camcorder. All cheer and throw flower petals when Luis and Sheridan enter. Lois stops in the middle of the room and declares his love for Sheridan. All clap and cheer more. Luis and Sheridan thank Martin and Katherine for being there to celebrate with them. They all have come to think of each other as family. Maria comes and drags the happy couple away to mingle with the crowd. Martin and Katherine talk of how proud they are of both of their children, and how happy they are for them. Katherine tells Martin that she saw the look on his face at the ceremony and knows that he was thinking of his wedding day to Pilar. As Luis calls for everyoneís attention to once again tell everyone in the room how much in love the two of them are, Martin admits to Katherine that he was thinking of his marriage to Pilar. They both talk about how they hated having to leave their families, but Alistair didnít give them any choice. They both had to leave for their own safety and the safety of their families. They are happy to see that Luis, Sheridan, and Paloma are happy now. Katherine hopes that Julian is happy too. Lots of dancing goes on at the celebration with Paloma running all over with the camcorder. Luis and Sheridan lead a conga line type of dance. Katherine and Martin continue to talk about his feelings for Pilar. Katherine understands that he still loves Pilar. Martin tells her that he feels almost as if he and Katherine are married now. They have spent so long together. Martin tells her that soon, Alistair will be out of the picture and then they will be free to tell everyone who they really are. Katherine wonders if maybe Pilar would get better faster if she knew he was alive. Martin thinks that is too risky. Paloma approaches them and asks them to let her film a message for Pilar and her sister Theresa. Katherine and Martin both tell her that they will get back to her before she takes the tape back to Harmony. They are both shocked when Paloma tells them that she is sending this message live over the internet. She tells them to prepare for their close up.


Still in the records room, Julian tries to explain to Chad that his father is very prejudice and couldnít handle having a black grandson. That is why he had Chad stolen when he was born. Chad thinks that maybe it is Julian who canít stand having a black son. After all, he allowed Alistair to break him and Eve up and to steel the baby away. Julian denies being a racist. Chad wonders why Crystal told him that his father was a racist before she died. Eve tries to explain that it is a fact of life that all people have prejudice. Maybe Crystal thought that because she thought Julian left her, or maybe she was prejudice against wealthy people. She tells him that things were different back when he was born. Even her aunt didnít like her being involved with a white man. She assures Chad that Julian isnít a racist, and goes on to tell him all that Alistair did to the two of them to keep them from finding him once they knew he was alive. Chad is surprised to hear that Julian took a bullet for him, but if all this is true, why did Alistair suddenly do a 180 now and tell them that he was their son. Julian says it was to get back at him for loving Eve, that it messed up Chad and Whitneyís lives is just a bonus to Alistair. At the mention of Whitneyís name, Chad decides that he really needs to talk to Whitney. Julian and Eve both try to talk him out of it, saying that Whitney needs some time to absorb all of this. Chad is determined though and takes of to find Whitney.

Theresa comes to visit Pilar in her hospital room. She tells Pilar of the conversation with Ivy. Pilar is not sympathetic with her daughter. She warns Theresa to stop all the lying and start being truthful. She tells her daughter that lying never does any good and can destroy so much. Whitney comes in and hears Pilarís advice. She agrees with Pilar, and tells her that her mothers lies have totally destroyed her life. Because of Eveís lies, she has been sleeping with her brother. Pilar is shocked to hear this as Whitney tells her the whole story. She tells them about finding Eve, Julian, and Chad in the records room and that Eve double checked the test results. There is no doubt, Chad is her brother. She just canít get passed the fact that she slept with her brother. She has no idea how to get over this. Chad walks in and tells her that they have to get over it together. Whitney doesnít even want to look at Chad. He tries to tell her that he feels the same way, she is his sister and his lover. Whitney just canít get over that they have committed incest. She is totally disgusted. Chad tries to tell her that they didnít know that they were brother and sister when they slept together. Whitney tells him that doesnít make it alright. Pilar tries to offer some comfort by telling Whitney that it could have been worse. They could have gotten married and started a family. At the mention of that, Whitney once again remembers taking the pregnancy test and bolts out of the room saying she canít talk about this anymore. Chad runs after her. Pilar prays for God to give them the strength to pull their lives back together. Theresa tells her mom that is a pretty tall order, even for God. Eve and Julian arrive looking for Whitney. Pilar tells them that Whitney and Chad just left. She also tells them that she is sorry that all of this is happening. When Julian thanks her for her thoughts, especially after the way he has treated her, Pilar says that loving Eve has made him a better man. Julian goes to get the car, he thinks he knows where Whitney might be. A nurse comes in to tell Pilar that she has a call from Mexico. Eve offers to let them take the call in her office for privacy. Theresa goes to Eveís office first to give Pilar a chance to talk to Eve alone for a few minutes. After Theresa leaves, Eve tells Pilar that all her hopes of putting her family back together are shattered now. She has ruined everyoneís lives. Pilar tells her that she canít blame herself, she didnít even know her son was alive till recently. Eve is worried that Whitney will never see things the way they really are. Pilar tells her that she is lucky to have Julian beside her. Eve tells Pilar how wonderful Julian has been. He has stood beside her and been her rock through all of this, all the while knowing that she wants her family and her husband back. Julian has walked in and heard the end of the conversation, but only tells her that the car is out front. When he tells Eve that he suspects that Whitney went to T.C.ís house, Eve is worried about what T.C. will do when he hears the news about Chad. After they rush off to go to T.C.ís, Pilar says a small prayer for them.

At T.C.ís house, he looks at a family picture in happier days and comments on how different things are now. He wonders how the wedding plans are coming along for Whitney and Chadís wedding. Liz suggests inviting them over for dinner, but T.C. thinks that would be cruel to Simone. Liz disappointedly agrees. T.C. just hopes that Whitney is getting some comfort from planning the wedding. T.C. decides to give Whitney a call on the phone just as she bursts into the house in hysterics. She tries to tell her worried father what has happened, but is crying so hard that all she can say is Chadís name. When Chad follows Whitney into the house, T.C. turns on him and demands to know what he did to Whitney.

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