Passions Update Tuesday 9/14/04

Passions Update Tuesday 9/14/04

By Boo
Pictures by Juanita


In the hallways of the hospital Gwen finds Ethan and tells him she has been looking all over for him. He tells her that he was in the Chapel. She would have went with him to say a little prayer for their babies if she had known. Ethan remembers the discussion with Ivy in the chapel while Gwen bubbles on about how happy she is that she will be able to present him with two babies as soon as Theresa gives birth. She though she would never have more children after they lost Sarah. She blissfully hugs Ethan while he looks worried.

In Theresaís room, she is still trying to console Whitney. She tells her that things will get better. Whitney is a little short with her and asks how things will get better for her? This isnít one of Theresaís little trivial romantic problems. Whitney is Ďin loveí with her half brother. Theresa tells her that she was just trying to make her feel better about things. Whitney tells her that this is her worst nightmare. A year ago, if someone would have asked her what the most unforgivable sin was, she would have said incest. Now look at her, she has been committing that crime. Theresa tries her best to console her friend. She tells her that she didnít know that Chad was her half brother, so she didnít do it intentionally. She tells Whitney that at least it is something she can fix now that she knows. She can put a stop to it now. It isnít like she got pregnant or something. Whitney remembers back to taking the pregnancy test and realizing that she is pregnant. She suddenly pulls away from Theresa and goes to the other side of the room. Theresa asks what she said now to upset her. Whitney just grabs her purse and runs out of the room. Theresa sighs and sits on the bed. She tells herself that it isnít as bad as Whitney thinks.

Outside Theresaís room, Ivy joins Gwen and Ethan and congratulates Gwen on the news of the twins. They joke that she will be a grandmother twice now. Ivy tells them they will have to think of another nic-name for her. She tells them that she is thirsty and asks them to go and get her a bottle of water. After they leave, she goes into Theresaís room to find sleeping on the bed. She roughly shakes her awake calling her a guttersnipe. Ivy tells her that she knows exactly what she is up to and that Ethan has told her everything that he suspects. Theresa again claims that she knows that both of these babies are Ethan and Gwenís. Ivy tells her that she will never even get to see these babies. Ivy will make sure that the babies are taken from her before she ever gets to see them. Of course this upsets Theresa and they carry on a pretty decent argument for a short time. Ivy finally states one last time that Theresa will never see the babies before leaving the room. Ivy tells herself that she just canít, no she Ďwonítí lose these babies.

Ivy sees that Ethan and Gwen are back with her water and overhears them discussing names for the baby. When they decide that the only thing they agree on right now is that the last name will be Winthrop, Gwen jokes that the babyís nic-name could be Win. Ivy thinks Win is the perfect name.

Chad stops Julian and Eve outside the records room and asks exactly what they are going to do. He doesnít understand why the computers didnít find a match the first time. Julian explains that Alistair told him that he altered the records. Eve explains that this time, she is going to personally run all the tests herself. When they enter the room, Eve comments that all the equipment is different than the last time she was there and sits down at the computer. She tells Chad that as much as she likes and respects him, she is hoping that Alistair was lying. Then she would have Chad as a son-in-law, she canít lose either way. Chad tells them that if it is true, he and Whitney have lost everything.

Outside the records room, Simone, Kay and Tabitha are following Eve, Julian and Chad. Simone stops Kay and tells her that she better not have messed up the records so badly that they canít find out the truth. Kay tells her to calm down, they donít even know if she was able to change anything. Simone doesnít understand how Alistair Crane could have come up with the same crazy lie that they came up with. She understands why her and Kay came up with it, but why would Mr. Crane want to lie about that. Kay doesnít know how people that rich think, maybe he overheard her and Simone plotting and just picked up on it. Simone worries that it is the truth. That would make Chad Whitneyís half brother, and her half brother. Tabitha weights in her thoughts with a simple Ďouchí. Whitney finds them all hanging out, and wonders what they are doing. Simone explains that Eve, Julian and Chad are in the records room and that they think that maybe Alistair lied about Chad being their brother. Whitney is very happy to hear that. She tells them that she would marry Chad tomorrow if they found out he isnít her brother. Simone doesnít look happy to hear that.

Whitney joins Eve, Julian and Chad in the records room just as Eve is finishing up on the computer. The D.N.A. results are printing out. All are anxious to hear the results. Whitney asks her mother to please tell her that Chad isnít her brother. Eve looks sadly at her daughter. Simone, Kay and Tabitha come into the room to hear the results also. Julian tries to tell them it is a private affair, but Simone says she has a right to know also. Chad approaches Whitney and the two exchange wishes that Alistair was lying. Simone looks at them disgustedly and thinks they are shameless. Eve finishes reading the print out and delivers the devastating news. Chad is really her and Julianís son. Whitney freaks out again and doesnít want to be around any of them. She runs out of the room saying that she just wants to die. Chad starts to go after her, but Kay stops him saying that Whitney needs some space. Simone snatches the test results up off the floor where Eve had crumpled and thrown them, before running out of the room also. Kay and Tabitha follow Simone. Chad doesnít understand how anyone could have done this. Julian tells his son that Alistair is a monster. Chad still doesnít understand why Alistair hated him so much to do this to him, he was just a baby. Eve tells Chad that Alistair hated him for the same reason he hated her. Because they are black. Julian tells Chad that Alistair is a bigot, but that is not the case with him. He will always love Chad as a son.

Outside the records room, Whitney wonders what she will do about her baby now. She is clearly devastated by the news. Off in the corner, Simone explains to Tabitha and Kay that she had to see these test results for herself. She is hoping that these results are because of what Kay did. When Kay sees the test results, she convinces Simone that there is no way that she could have done that. She doesnít even understand what she is looking at. Simone takes off in search of Whitney. Tabitha revels in feeling so much pain in one day. Kay is disgusted with her. Tabitha reminds her that she is a witch from the dark side. They both hear bells ringing. Kay wonders if it is wedding bells, Tabitha thinks maybe they are funeral bells.


Luis expresses his love to Sheridan in the Chapel with Martin, Katherine and Paloma looking on. He tells her that he has always loved her and wants to spend every day with her. Of course she says yes to his proposal and leaps into his arms. Martin, Katherine and Pilar jump in to offer their congratulations. They are all so happy for the happy couple. Maria chimes in to tell them that she has put together a wedding feast back at the inn, and she has invited a few family and friends to the wedding. Sheridan asks Luis about the death certificate for Antonio. Luis admits that they have a few legal things to go through before the wedding will be legal, but he couldnít wait to share his love of her with the world. Friends and family start to pile into the chapel. Maria greets one of the couples, Lola and Edgardo. Lola hasnít seen Pilarís boy since he was tiny. Edgardo starts to mention how much he looks like his father. Lola stops him and tells him that they should not mention Ďhisí name today. She remembers that Ďheí abandoned her childhood friend Pilar. Maria pleads with the couple not to argue today. It is meant to be a happy day. The couple agree. Maria then introduces them to Luis and Sheridan explaining that Lola is a childhood friend of Pilarís. Introductions and niceties all around. Martin announces that it is time to get the show on the road. Sheridan realizes that they donít have anyone to stand up for them. She asks Katherine and Paloma to stand up for her, and Luis asks Martin to stand up for him. They all agree and Martin leads the women to the back of the church. Everyone takes their seats and prepares for the ceremony. Martin whispers to Katherine that she should not cry or she will give herself away. He calls her the mother of the bride. Katherine says the same goes for him, father of the groom. Paloma walks down the aisle and takes her place with Katherine following. Martin delivers Sheridan to Luis and then takes his place next to Katherine. Luis announces to everyone that they donít have a priest so they will just have to wing it. He tells of his love for Sheridan and how he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He then recites the poem ĎLet me Count the Waysí by Elizabeth Browning. While Luis is reciting the poem, Martin remembers back to his wedding to Pilar. When Luis is done, Sheridan takes her turn by telling everyone that the two of them had a rocky start because they couldnít stand each other. (We are treated to flashbacks of Sheridan and Luis when they first met and some of the arguments they had, including Sheridan slapping Luis pretty hard.) After all words have been exchanged, Luis kisses his bride. Rose petals fall from the ceiling all around them as everyone stands and applauds. They all go outside to watch Sheridan and Luis climb back into the horse buggy and be driven off.

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