Passions Update Monday 9/13/04

Passions Update Monday 9/13/04

By Boo
Pictures by Juanita


In the park, Eve sees Whitney holding her stomach and rushes to see if she is sick. Whitney yells at her mother that she is the one making her sick and runs off. Eve starts to go after her but Julian stops her and tells her to give Whitney some time. Eve tells him that finding her son was supposed to be a happy occasion, but it has turned out to be the worst. Julian understands and tries to comfort her with a hug. Eve then approaches Chad and tells him how sorry she is for all of this. Chad doesnít want to talk to her right now. He tells her of his life long dream of the day he would find his parents. It was supposed to be a wonderful day for him. He has now lost the woman that he loves and every chance at happiness that he ever had. He tells her that he would give anything if anyone else in the world was his mother. Anyone but her. Fox and Julian also discuss how this has affected everyone involved. Fox admits that at first he was happy to hear that Chad was Whitneyís brother because he would then have a chance to be with Whitney. Now that he has seen how much this hurts her, he doesnít feel the same way. Fox just wants Whitney to be happy, even if that means spending her life with Chad. Julian then tries to approach Chad to comfort him, but Chad has the same words for Julian as he had for Eve. He tells Julian to just back off. Fox tries to comfort Eve also. Eve just wishes she could turn back time so that Whitney would have never met Chad. Fox reminds her that Simone also had a crush on Chad. Maybe the two of them were just drawn to Chad because he was familiar to them. Eve canít believe what she has done. She again approaches Chad and tries to talk to him. Chad just repeats what an awful day it is for him. Julian joins them and suggests that it is possible that Alistair lied about the DNA tests. After a bit of discussion, they all decide that Alistair is capable of doing that, and agree to go the hospital and take another round of test for themselves to make sure. Eve tells Chad that nothing would make her happier than if Chad and Whitney could be married.

In the hospital room Theresa swears that Gwen will never get her hand on either of her babies. She will break Gwenís heart just like Gwen and Ethan broke her heart when they took little Ethan from her. She isnít sure how she will do it, but she swears that she will. Meanwhile, outside the room Ethan figures out that Theresa drugged him and tricked him into sleeping with her. He is sure that Theresaís second baby is a result of that night. He knows this will kill Gwen if she finds out.

Whitney comes to see Theresa at the hospital. As soon as she walks in the room, Theresa can tell that something is wrong. Whitney first wants to know why Theresa is back in the hospital. Theresa tells her that it is nothing, Gwen just is too nervous about the baby and wants her hooked up to a monitor every time she hiccups. She finally gets Whitney to tell her why she is so upset. Whitney tells her about finding out that Chad is Eve and Julianís long lost son. She has been sleeping with her brother. Theresa doesnít see how that is possible. Eve took DNA tests and couldnít match it up. Whitney explains that Alistair was behind all of it. Stealing the baby, then switching the DNA. He has known all along that Chad was Eve and Julianís baby. Theresa just canít believe anyone would be that cruel. She hugs Whitney and tries to comfort her. Whitney just canít believe all this has happened. Theresa doesnít want her to blame herself. Whitney knows this is her mothers fault, not hers. She just canít believe out of all the men in the world that she could have fallen in love with, she had to fall in love with her brother. She tells Theresa that she just wants to die now. Theresa grabs her and hugs her again. She tells Whitney never to wish for death, that it may come true. Whitney knows, she just wishes that she could go to sleep and wake up and find that this whole thing has been a horrible nightmare. She realizes that isnít the way it is though. More comforting hugs from Theresa.

Ethan goes into the chapel at the hospital and prays that God will let both of the babies be his and Gwenís. Not to let one of them be his and Theresaís. Ivy walks in behind him and asks him what he is talking about. Ethan sits down with his mother and explains all that he suspects about the second baby being his and Theresaís. He tells her all about how he thinks it is possible that Theresa drugged him and fooled him into thinking she was Gwen. Ivy comments what a tramp Theresa is and advises him not to tell Gwen about this. Ethan feels like he is lying to Gwen. Ivy tells him not to worry about it right now. They will wait till after the babies are born, and she will take care of everything, including Theresa.

Tabitha joins Kay and Simone in her front room and wonders what they are whispering about. After Kay assures Simone that Tabitha is cool, they both explain their whole plan to make it look like Chad is Eve and Julianís son just long enough for Whitney to move on. Then they will change the records back so that Simone will end up with Chad, and get revenge on her sister at the same time. Tabitha congratulates them on such a good plan. They explain that they arenít sure the plan worked because while they were in the middle of changing the records at the hospital, a nurse came in and they had to leave quickly. Tabitha insists that they go back to the hospital and finish the job. Kay objects, but Tabitha and Simone push her to do it. Tabitha rushes the girls out to the car to wait for her while she calls her Ďbabysitterí. Once the girls are outside, Tabitha conjures up Mother Goose to baby-sit for Endora and Maria. She introduces the children to Mother Goose and tells her to help herself to the peas porridge in the kitchen before rushing out the door. Leaving a bewildered Mother Goose behind to ponder if she wants cold or hot peas porridge. Mother Goose sits down to tell the children a few stories after getting a bowl of porridge. As she is telling them about old Mother Hubbard, Fluffy comes in and growls at her. She punishes Fluffy by hitting her with a zap from her wand that sends Fluffy tumbling across the room. When Fluffy returns, Mother Goose tells her to be polite. When Fluffy politely meows, Mother Goose again puts her wand to use to zap up a bag of Purina Cat Chow and a bowl. Then again uses the wand to pick the bag up in mid air and pour a bowl of food for Fluffy. Mother Goose then continues to talk to the children.

Tabitha and the girls arrive at the hospital. Kay and Simone still bicker back and forth about whoís idea all of this was. Tabitha reminds them that they need to go do what they came to do and get out of there before anyone sees them. Eve, Julian, and Chad see them in the hall and Eve calls out to them. After a bit of conversation between Eve, Julian and Chad, Eve tells Simone that Chad is hers and Julianís son. The girls are shocked, not knowing if they succeeded in changing the records before or not. Julian tells them that they only have his fatherís word as proof. Chad explains that is why they are there, to check his medical records for themselves. When Chad, Julian and Eve head off to do that, Simone lays into Kay. What if Chad really is her brother, and whatever they did in the file makes it look like he isnít. Simone and Tabitha both agree that would be a disaster. Simone tells Kay that if that is what happened, she will kill Kay.


In Mexico Sheridan and Luis watch, as Paloma calls Pilar back in Harmony and tells her that she is coming to see her. Pilar is very happy to hear this. She looks forward to having her family around her again. Sheridan and Luis talk about how close Alistair came to killing all of them. Luis tells her that Pilar doesnít know that, and doesnít need to know. Especially after losing Antonio. Sheridan tells him that no matter what happens, she wants them to face the future together. Luis holds her and promises that is the way it will be. They express their love for each other, and talk about all that they have been through in past lives and this life. Sheridan surprises Luis with a proposal of marriage. She wants to spend the rest of her life with him. She tries to convince him that they could get married here before they leave. Luis tells her that they canít do that. Sheridan knows that he wants his mother there for the ceremony, but they could have a second ceremony when they get back to Harmony. She just wants to hurry up and get married before her father had another chance to come between them. Luis promises that Alistair wonít come between them again, but explains that they canít get married until they get a death certificate for Antonio, and they wait a decent period of time for mourning. Sheridan isnít so sure that Alistair wonít come between them again. Suddenly, Luis announces that he needs to talk to the Wheelers and joins them on the patio. Sheridan prays to her mother to keep her and Luis safe. She canít stand to lose him again.

Katherine and Martin watch all of this from the patio. They are happy that their children are safe now. Katherine dreams of being reunited with her children, but thinks Alistair will never allow that. Martin tells her that Alistair has no say in the matter any more. Alistair declared all out war on all of them. Martin tells Katherine that he had no choice now. He has to kill Alistair. Katherine objects because it is too dangerous. Martin is determined to kill Alistair though. For their own safety, and the safety of their children.

After Luis talks to the Wheelers, he enters the room again with Martin and Katherine following him. He announces that he is going to get their plane tickets. Sheridan wants to go with him, but he tells her to wait there with the Wheelers. Katherine tells Sheridan that she has something she really wants to show her. Luis kisses Sheridan goodbye and takes off. Katherine grabs Sheridan by the hand and leads her up the stairs telling Paloma to come with them. Martin watches the girls go up the stairs and says to himself that Sheridan has a hell of a surprise coming. Katherine leads the girls to the bedroom upstairs and take a beautiful white gown out of the closet telling Sheridan that she always thought it would make a beautiful wedding gown. Sheridan and Paloma both agree that it is a beautiful gown. Katherine asks Sheridan to try it on. At first she is reluctant afraid that she might destroy it. With a little prodding from both Katherine and Paloma, she finally agrees to try the dress on. Once Sheridan has the dress on, with Katherine and Paloma all dressed up, they come downstairs to find Martin all dressed up too. He tells them it is time to go, and that they have a surprise waiting for Sheridan. He tells Sheridan that she is about to go on the ride of a lifetime. He leads them all outside where a beautiful flower filled horse drawn buggy arrives and Martin talks Sheridan into taking a ride around town. He loads them all up in the buggy and they take off. During the ride, they go past a flower stand and Martin asks the driver to stop so that he can buy some flowers. He hands the women all bunches of flowers, Sheridanís looking like a bouquet. They finally arrive at a church and Martin announces that they have reached their destination. Sheridan wants to know what is going on. Martin tells her that she will see when she goes in. Paloma promises her that it will be good, and they all enter the chapel. Once inside, we see Luis standing at the head of the chapel with his back to the door. Sheridan thinks that it is Palomaís priest. All smile at her and walk her down the isle. When they get to the end of the walkway, Sheridan is surprised to see Luis when he turns around. She asks him how he got there before them, she thought he was going for the plane tickets. She also asks why he is dressed the way he is. Luis tells her to let him ask the questions. The question is, will she marry him.

At the snake pit, Alistair is disappointed that his plan didnít work. He still swears to kill them all. He angrily kicks dirt back into the pit. He then tries to call Nick on the cell phone and gets angry when Nick doesnít answer. As he is cursing and saying that Nick better not let Paloma get away too, and that Luis better still be buried under all that rubble, we see a huge snake crawling around his feet. He takes his pistol out and shoots the snake, saying that no one or nothing will get the best of him. He then walks around the shore a little bit and finds Nickís cell phone. He realizes that is why Nick wasnít answering his phone, and figures that Luis must have escaped too. He takes his pistol out again and swears to kill them all.

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