Passions Update Thursday 9/9/04

Passions Update Thursday 9/9/04

By Shirley
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In the Crane mansion living room, Gwen talks to Theresa who is resting on the sofa, as Ethan looks on. She gives her a cold drink and apologizes to her for accusing her of having had sex after the implantation. She explains how tense she’s been and that when she thought Theresa had endangered the life of her baby, she got upset. She tells her how much the babies mean to her and how worried she is about something happening to them. Theresa says she understands, and Gwen then apologizes for accusing her of sleeping with Ethan. She turns to Ethan and apologizes to him, too, and he says he understands. Gwen says she wants to concentrate on the babies that will be there shortly and Ethan embraces her. He looks at Theresa and remembers the night he was drunk, seeing Theresa in a blond wig having sex with him. He then remembered the conversation he and Theresa had on the patio where he accused her of dressing like Gwen and seducing him just so she could have his baby. Gwen, moving out of his arms, tells Theresa that these babies mean everything in the world to her and she couldn’t stand it if anything happened and they didn’t get the babies.

Eve tells Julian that Chad can’t be their son. She is worried about the fact he and Whitney are lovers and siblings, and she doesn’t want to believe it. He tells her it is true, but she doesn’t want to believe it. At the other side of the patio, Chad asks Fox if he could be Whitney’s brother, and Fox says it’s true. Whitney, watching, remembers making love to him and being so happy. He says it can’t be true, wanting Fox to tell him it’s a joke, but Fox again says it’s true. Chad doesn’t want to believe it.

Sheridan doesn’t want to live if Luis is dead, and even though Katherine tells her she can go on, she will get through it, she says she can’t live without him. She hears Luis’ voice, realizes he’s still alive, and runs into his arms as Martin and Katherine thank God that he’s alive. He tells them he was saved by Paloma, and they ask if he’s seen her. Paloma walks out of the jungle then, and they are all overjoyed that she’s all right. Martin asks how she escaped but she says it’s a long story, and Katherine tells her it’s ok, as long as she’s all right. (commercial)

Katherine tells Luis that they saw him blown up in the explosion at the temple, and Paloma tells how she found him and thought he was dead, then realized he wasn’t. They ask how she escaped from the gunman and she tells them about hitting him with a rock and then being buried under a lot of rocks. Luis confirmed that saying he saw the guy under the rocks. Paloma wants to know why they man was after her, and the others tell her it is Alistair Crane who is behind it all, he wants them dead. She asks why, saying she almost died so she has a right to know. Luis and Sheridan say they aren’t sure why, as Martin and Katherine say nothing. They talk about what a horrible person Alistair is and that he is trying to kill his own daughter, which shocks the girl. She says they must know why he’s so full of hate, but they won’t tell her. She continues asking them what’s going on.

After Gwen left the room, Ethan told Theresa she lied. He believes one of the babies is his and Theresa’s.

Eve asks Julian how he’s so sure Alistair isn’t lying about Chad being their son. He tells her that the old man kept the secret so the family name wouldn’t be blackened, but now that Julian will have no part in running Crane Enterprises, it doesn’t matter so he told him the name of their child. He wasn’t lying because he no longer had a reason to do so. He assures Eve that Chad is their son. She gets upset at Alistair’s evilness because he could have told them the truth when the boy first came to town but he waited until after he and Whitney had become involved and then told them. It is causing so much pain for them all this way. She asks if Chad and Whitney know yet. Julian says he doesn’t know, but Fox was going to try to tell Whitney as gently as possible. They hear Chad yell, “No, this can’t be happening, Whitney can’t be my sister!” Chad asks Whitney if she believes it and she says she doesn’t know. He insists it can’t be true and asks Fox to tell him it’s a lie. Whitney says maybe Alistair is lying since he loves to cause pain. Chad asks about the DNA tests he had done that matched no one in the hospital records, and Fox tells him that Alistair said he’d had the records changed. Chad is Whitney’s brother. (commercial)

Rebecca comes home loaded with shopping bags. Gwen walks up and asks if she’s going on a trip. Rebecca says she’s preparing herself in case Julian wants a divorce. She shows Gwen a diamond bracelet and says she stocked up on a lot of that, just in case. Gwen laughs and says she didn’t get any of her mother’s genes, and while Rebecca agreed, she said that she would be there to do what Gwen is too nice to do, like take care of Theresa. She asks about the test results when Gwen tells her Theresa swore she hadn’t slept with anyone. Rebecca doesn’t believe anything that girl says and wants proof. Gwen tells her she believes Theresa. Rebecca certainly doesn’t. Meanwhile, Ethan is telling Theresa that he remembers she snuck in dressed like Gwen and seduced him, and even though Theresa swears it never happened, he keeps telling her it did. He asks why she did it and suggested it was because Gwen took her son. She tells him that she knows it was Rebecca that took Little Ethan, but he still believes she seduced him and keeps asking why.

Chad tells Fox and Whitney that all he ever wanted was to find his parents, but now that he has, he wishes he hadn’t. He’s in love with Whitney and she’s his own sister. Fox tries to calm him but nothing works. He says it isn’t supposed to happen that way. He talks about how he has loved her from the first moment he saw her, and she says she felt the same way. She wonders why she didn’t recognize he could be her brother, but he says there is no way she could. All they have ever felt for each other is love. They both keep saying it can’t be happening, and Chad says Whitney is the woman he’s going to marry. Julian and Eve walk up to them and he asks if it’s true. Julian says it is true, he is their son. (commercial)

Rebecca can’t believe Gwen is taking Theresa at her word. She says Theresa is always lying, so why would she believe her now? Gwen says she believes the babies are hers, and that they have to be. Rebecca asks why one couldn’t be hers and one Theresa’s? Gwen says Ethan wouldn’t do that to her, he’s committed to her and their marriage. Rebecca tells her that when their “little friends” wake up they stop thinking about anything else. Gwen insists she trusts Ethan, but Rebecca says Theresa has always had a way to get to Ethan. Gwen says not anymore, and she doesn’t believe every man cheats on his wife. She tells her straight out that the babies are hers.

Ethan wants Theresa to tell him what happened, but she continues to tell him he’s hallucinating. He insists she did seduce him and she says she didn’t. She reminds him of how important the babies are to Gwen and if he says anything to she will get upset with both of them again. She tells him Gwen would never believe that Theresa had dressed up, seduced him, then fooled him into making love to her. She tells him to lay off it, no one will believe it and it’s the wildest thing she ever heard of.

Chad says that all his life he dreamed of finding his parents, but it wasn’t supposed to be like this, and Eve agrees, saying it was supposed to joyful and wonderful, not like this. She apologizes to Whitney, telling her she would die if she thought it would lessen her pain any. Whitney wonders how things could be this way, then tells her mother that she couldn’t mess things up any worse than she already had. Chad talks about how he grew up wondering about his parents and how they could just give him away. He had fantasies about them being in jail or kidnapped, which would explain why they left him instead of just throwing him away. Julian says he would never have thrown him away, and Eve agrees, telling him that she loved him and had tried to find him for years. She says she dreamed about finding him.

Paloma still wants to know why she was kidnapped. Luis says that’s true, but he doesn’t know why. He says Alistair just hates the family. She asks why he hates them and why he went after the Wheelers, but no one can tell her. Martin then tells her that Alistair is the one who killed Antonio. Luis says he won’t allow Alistair to hurt her or anyone else again. Martin swears he will help him kill Alistair before he can kill any of them. (commercial)

Theresa tells Ethan it sounds crazy to say the things he’s saying about what he thinks happened. She says if he tells Gwen any of it, she will think he slept with her of his own free will. He says that’s not what happened, and she says she knows, nothing happened, but Gwen won’t believe that. She tries to make him believe he was so drunk he didn’t remember it was Gwen he was with. Gwen walks in and asks what’s going on. Both Theresa and Ethan tell her nothing is going on, Theresa is just stretching her legs. Gwen says she should stay on the sofa with her feet up and not get upset. Theresa says she’s fine, but Gwen insists she will take her to the hospital to be checked out. She wants to make sure the babies are fine. Theresa tells her it’s not necessary, but Gwen wants to take her anyway.

Eve tells Chad that she has longed for this day, to see him and hold him, tell him how she loves him. She reaches to hug him, but he pulls away, telling her that he had those thoughts, too, but not this way. He doesn’t want things this way; he doesn’t want parents if they are them. He wants Whitney to be his wife, and that’s all. Whitney looks on, crying and holding her stomach.

Sheridan thanks Paloma for saving Luis’ life, and she says she’s happy to have been able to. She tells him she thinks she likes having a big brother in her life. Luis tells her she’d better like it because she has one and he’s not going anywhere. He says the same to Sheridan; that he will never leave her for any reason, they will never be apart again. (commercial)

The nurse has finished checking Theresa and the babies and tells Gwen everything looks like it’s going very well but she wants to keep her there for a while just to make sure. She leaves, then Rebecca tells them all to go get a cup of coffee. Gwen says she would rather stay with Theresa, but she tells Gwen she’d rather rest up. As they are leaving, Pilar comes in. Rebecca makes her usual rude, racist comments, and Gwen tells her to stop, then asks Pilar how she is feeling. Pilar tells her she’s doing well, and Gwen talks about how much the babies mean to her. They start to leave and Pilar sits with Theresa.

Katherine and Sheridan are shaky, with Katherine needing support. Paloma asks what’s wrong and Martin tells them about the pit of snakes and that both of them got bit. After making sure both are doing ok, Sheridan talks about a dream she had of her mother. (commercial)

Gwen apologizes to Theresa for her mother, and she says she will ignore her. After they are all gone, Pilar asks what’s going on. Theresa tells her they were suspicious of the second baby, but she convinced them they are both Gwen’s. Pilar asks about Ethan and Theresa tells her that he thinks the second baby is his and hers, but that she had convince him he was just drunk and didn’t know what he was talking about. Pilar tells her every time she lies, she gets in more trouble. She points out to Theresa that Gwen is very anxious to have these babies and that she wants them very much. She will be deeply hurt if anything happens. She begs her daughter to tell her that she isn’t still planning to keep the babies herself. Theresa just looks at her.

Chad repeats that he doesn’t want Eve and Julian to be his parents, causing Eve to cry on Julian’s shoulder. Chad tries to talk to Whitney, tell her they will work it out, and tries to touch her, but she pulls away, yelling at him to not touch her. She says they have done the unspeakable, committed incest, and she doesn’t want him to touch her. Fox tries to calm her but she yells at him not to touch her, either.

Luis asks about Sheridan’s dream, and she says it felt like she was really there with her. Martin tries to blame it on the snake bite, but then she remembers that she heard Martin and Katherine talking about her mother. “Oh, my God, that wasn’t a dream. I heard you say that you were my mother. You said that you were my mother!”


Previews: Pilar to Theresa: “I had really thought all this madness was over, but now

I realize it’s only just begun.”

Rebecca to Gwen: “I am not convinced that this second baby is yours and


Whitney to Chad: “Don’t touch me! Don’t you understand, you’re my


Paloma to Luis: “I want to go home. Home to Harmony.”


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