Passions Update Wednesday 9/8/04

Passions Update Wednesday 9/8/04

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Paloma is cradling Luis’ lifeless head in her lap, telling him it’s not fair for him to die and she should have listened when he asked her to go back to Harmony with them. She says that instead, she fought him out of foolish pride and now they’ve killed him. She looks upward and asks God to forgive her, then says it’s all her fault and that she did love him and loves all of them.

Alistair points the gun at Martin who tells the old man that it has always been his way. Anything that gets in his way is to be discarded, sold, or killed. Alistair praises his clever phrasing, saying it must be the Irish in him and promising to sing Danny Boy over his lifeless body once he kills him. Martin tells him not to bother, it’s taken him a long time to find him, so go ahead and get it over with. He straightens himself and stands up straight. Alistair tells him there’s no need to hurry; he’s waited a long time to take his vengeance on him for stealing his wife from him. Martin asks who he’s trying to fool since he himself drove her away with his abusive behavior toward her. Alistair tells him to shut up and agrees there is no need to wait. He says that Martin has already outlived two of his sons, his daughter will be dead soon enough, and Katherine and Sheridan are no great loss, and he’ll have lot’s of company where he’s going.

At the Crane mansion, Eve asks Julian to tell her the name of her son. He remembers the conversation with Fox when the two of them discussed how they would tell the women they love that Chad is Eve and Julian’s son. Eve goes on talking about how wonderful it is that she will finally know who her son is, but Julian tells her it’ not easy to tell her. She asks him not to keep her in suspense, tell her the name of her son. Fox is trying to comfort Whitney who is still on the ground after her collapse. He asks if she’s ok, and she tells him no as he helps her up. He says he’ll help her inside, but she doesn’t want to go since Chad is in there. Chad walks up, telling them that Theresa is inside with Gwen and Ethan, and then notices Whitney looks sick. He asks if it’s her stomach and she remembers Fox telling her that Chad is her brother and that they can’t get married because it would be incest, then she remembers finding out she’s pregnant by him. He asks again if she’s ok, and she says no, she isn’t. (commercial)

Chad asks what happened, and Fox says she’s feeling sick. He says he’ll go get Eve, but Whitney doesn’t want to see her. He wonders why and she says she’s feeling better. He tells her he’s worried because she’s been feeling queasy a lot lately, and then says he’ll go get something for her stomach and leans in to kiss her and she jerks away from him. He says she must be feeling bad if she won’t even let him kiss her.

Julian tells Eve to sit down, and although she says she doesn’t need to sit for good news, she allows him to guide her to a bench. She asks again who he is and tells Julian not to tease her. She says it’s a miracle he’s been found after all the time they’ve been separated and all the years of worrying about him. She then remembers when he was taken from the hospital after he was born and how she never saw him again. She asked how he managed to find out who he is. Julian tells her it isn’t without a cost, but she says it will be worth whatever Alistair asked to be able to know who there son is. She asks again for his name, but Julian thinks about how painful it will be for Eve to find out the son she has been searching for is in love with and planning to marry her daughter.

Martin tells Alistair to go ahead and shoot him, asking what he’s waiting for and telling him to show him the monster they both know he is. Alistair tells Martin he has no right to call him names after the way he ran away with his wife but Martin reminds him that he only helped her leave because of the danger the old man put her in. They hadn’t been romantically involved for many years after they left. He swears he was happy with Pilar and hated to leave her and the kids but realized it was the only way to save Katherine from Alistair’s evilness and avoid her sure death at Alistair’s hands. The old man says he doesn’t care when they became intimate, what he does care about is he took Katherine away from him and nobody gets away with making a fool out of a Crane. Martin sarcastically tells him that’ the way he is, protect his name but kill anyone he gets upset with, even his own wife and daughter. Alistair continues telling him he deserted his wife and kids and ran away with Alistair’s wife, living in sin with here all those years while Pilar was sleeping with half her marriage bed empty all those years, and he thinks she wouldn’t be any more understanding of Martin’s life since than Alistair is. After some more charges back and forth, Martin jumps at Alistair and grabs the hand holding the gun and they begin struggling for it.

Paloma tells Luis she can’t leave him in the temple, that she does love him and is sorry he never got to hear her say so. She then says she has to get his body out of there. She tries to lift him or pull him to get him out but sees she doesn’t have the strength. She tells him she will go out and block the entrance so nothing can get in there while she goes to find her Uncle and Aunt and Sheridan, and prays they’re still alive. She makes her way out over the pile of rocks, as we see Luis’ finger move and his eyes open. (commercial)

Chad asks Whitney why she jumped away from him, wondering if he did something wrong. She says no, and then begins to explain, but he says it’s ok; he doesn’t like being touched when he’s sick, either, and it just freaked him out a little. He wondered if she didn’t want to get married so soon or something, then notices the way she’s looking at him and asks if he has something stuck in his teeth or something. She giggles nervously and says no, then apologizes, saying she’s sick. He goes to get something for her to drink. After he’s gone, Fox apologizes again, saying he had to let her know Chad is her brother for her own good. She denies it again, saying he looks nothing like her or Simone or their mother, and not even Julian. Fox says that doesn’t matter, he’s still their son, but Whitney accuses him of making it up. Fox tells her he didn’t, that he’d do anything to make it not be true if he could, but it is. Eve is still asking what their son’s name is, and asks where he is. Julian answers that he’s in Harmony, making Eve wonder if they have ever passed him in town or talked to him. Julian says they both have, and she is thrilled, asking again for his name. She thinks once the girls meet their half brother they will forgive her and understand her past life. Julian warns her not to get her hopes up, and she agrees she might be getting ahead of herself, but at least the three of them might be good friends. He tells her it’s not that simple, but she insists it could be and wants him to make all her dreams come true by telling her the name of their son. Julian says that’s the problem, some of our best dreams turn into nightmares. She wonders how finding her son could be anything but wonderful.

Paloma tells Luis she’s sorry for leaving him, but she has to go find someone to move his body to someplace safe and then on to Harmony. She asks God why her brother has to die, and wishes he hadn’t come to Mexico to see her. Luis, coming to, says Sheridan’s name.

Alistair and Martin are still struggling, wrestling over the gun. Alistair says no one wins in a battle over a Crane, but Martin tells him his money won’t buy him victory this time. Alistair says people like the Cranes win because they are superior, while people like Martin are inferior, and that’s why they are in the bottom class. He says his people find and make fortunes, while Martin’s grow potatoes. Martin gives one last effort and wrests the gun from the old man’s hand. He then points the gun at him, asking about the weak and inferior. “Leave it to the world’s biggest coward to crawl away like the yellow-belly you are”, he says, and Alistair starts whining like a baby. “Please, please don’t kill me” he cries as he crawls on the ground. Martin asks why he should listen to him beg for mercy when he didn’t listen to Antonio, Luis, or Katherine when she begged him not to hurt her. He says there’s no way. (commercial)

Whitney asks Fox to tell her there is a chance, no matter how small, that he is wrong and Chad isn’t her brother. She wants him to say maybe he misunderstood what Alistair had said or maybe he really is lying because he doesn’t want her to marry Chad. He tells her he’d do anything to spare her pain, but he had to tell her the truth before she married her own brother. She is distraught, realizing he is being honest with her. Chad comes back at that moment and wonders what’s going on with them, why they are looking so serious. Whitney doesn’t want to tell him, but Fox says either she tells him or he will. Chad wonders what’s going on, but Whitney tells him not to pay any attention to Fox. Chad asks again, and Fox finally tells him that he knows who Chad’s parents are.

Eve asks Julian if their son is ill or in trouble with the law. She says if he is, it’s because he never had his parent’s love. Julian assures her he’s a fine young man, someone they can both be proud of. Eve is thrilled with that, saying Whitney and Simone will come around and be friends with their brother, and then remembers that Chad and their son are the same age, saying it would be wonderful if they became good friends. She suggests he might be able to come to Whitney and Chad’s wedding, but Julian tells her to stop. She wonders why he’s acting that way and tells him to stop playing games and tell her his name. He finally tells her his name is Chad, which she finds to be a strange coincidence, but he tells her it’s not coincidence, he is Chad Harris. Eve is stunned.

Paloma piles the last stone over the opening and starts to leave when she hears a voice as Luis calls Sheridan’s name. She calls out to see who’s there, and he hears her and calls her name. She realizes it’s Luis and he’s alive, then rushes back in to him. She thanks God her brother is still alive. He asks where Sheridan is, and she tells him she doesn’t know, but she is dead.

Martin is ready to kill Alistair, wishing he could have done it before he’d killed so many people. Alistair tells him to wait, then shows him the two vials of snakebite antidote he is carrying. He tells Martin they aren’t dead, just barely alive, and the antidote will save them. He tells Martin to give him the gun and he would give Martin the medicine. Martin tells him he’s holding all the cards and points the gun at him again. (commercial)

Luis says Sheridan can’t be dead, but Paloma tells him she came after him with the Wheelers and they all saw the explosion that they thought killed him. He asks about Paloma and she tells him about the man trying to rape her and that she hit him with a rock, and that other rocks fell on him and he won’t come to for a long time. He tells her she really is a Lopez-Fitzgerald. He asks what happened to Sheridan and the others, but all she can tell him is that someone on the phone wanted all of them dead. She apologized for not going home with him, saying if she had, they’d all be in Harmony now. He tells her it’s not her fault and explains that Alistair is the one who’s been trying to kill them for years.

Alistair tells Martin to give him the gun and he’ll get the medicine that will save the women. Martin tells him he can kill him and get the medicine too, and he’d rather see him dead. Alistair tosses the medicine in the air, telling Martin not to let them break. Martin jumps to catch them and Alistair runs away, saying “Ta ta, Martin. Better luck next time.” Martin catches the vials before they hit the ground. Alistair, taking a breather later, swears he will kill all three of them very soon anyway. Martin jumps into the pit and gives each of the women an injection of the medicine, hoping it will work. He thinks it was a fake, saying he’s lost them both when neither responds afterwards. (commercial)

Chad wants to know his parent’s names. He notices Whitney and Fox looking apprehensive and asks why, and why they won’t tell him the names. He asks how Fox found out, but when he tells Chad he heard his father and grandfather talking about it, he wonders why they would care. He asks again for the names, but Whitney tells Fox not to. Fox tells him that Eve and Julian found their son, too, and Chad wonders about the coincidence. He says if Fox won’t tell him his parent’s names, then at least tell him who Julian and Eve’s son is. Fox tells him it’s him.

Eve says Chad is a great guy and she’d always thought there was something about him that reminded her of Julian. She says she never really minded his relationship with Whitney, then realizes what she’s saying. “Oh, my God, Whitney and Chad!” she says, stunned.

Martin curses Alistair for lying to him, giving him a cure that isn’t real. He then hears Katherine moan and realizes she’s coming to just as he’s climbing out of the pit again. He runs to her and helps her get up. She wonders what happened, then remembered the snake biting her. He tells her he was afraid he had lost her, then she asks for Sheridan. He tells her the antidote didn’t work on her, but then they hear her moan, too. Now that they are both ok, the have to get out of the pit, away from the snakes, and he helps Katherine climb up the vine.

Paloma tells Luis he is very weak and needs to find medical help for him. He says they need to find Sheridan. She tells him to rest for a few minutes, but he says there is no time.

Martin carried Sheridan up the vine to the surface, then laid her down. He explains that he got the serum from Alistair who had been there to watch them all die. Katherine is just happy they are all ok. Sheridan finally comes to completely and asks what’s happened. Martin explains it to her, then she remembers having a horrible dream, that there was an explosion and Luis had died. She looks around and asks for Luis, then sees the looks on the two older people’s faces and asks them to tell her he’s not dead. Martin tells her it wasn’t a dream and Luis is dead. She tells him he shouldn’t have saved her, if he isn’t alive, she doesn’t want to be, either.

Luis and Paloma are on their way to find Sheridan. The girl tells him he’s too weak, they have to rest, but he says they have to keep going. He steps over a log, then falls and hits his head on a stone, knocking himself out again. (commercial)

Eve asks Julian to tell her Chad isn’t there biological son. Julian tells her he is, and she worries about the fact he and Whitney are brother and sister. Chad is figuring out what it means to be the son of Julian and Eve, remarking on the fact he and Fox are half-brothers and that’s why they felt so close. He then realizes he’s also Whitney’s brother, and says it can’t be true. He says he believes the part about Julian, but Eve can’t be is mother. He begs Fox to tell him it’s not true. He remembers kissing Whitney, then turns to her and says incredulously “You’re my – sister”.

Sheridan tells Martin he should have let her die, because without Luis she doesn’t want to live anymore. Katherine tells her she has her whole life ahead of her, but she says without Luis she has nothing to live for, she just can’t go on. “Yeah you can”, they here from behind them, and look to see Luis standing there. He tells her he’s not dead, and she jumps up and runs to him, hugging him as the others look on happily. He swears he's not ever leaving her again.


Previews: Chad: “Is it true? Are you my parents?”

Julian: “It’s true, Chad. You are our son.”

Paloma: “I was kidnapped and could have been killed. I need to know

what’s going on.”

Ethan to Theresa: “I need to know now, why’d you do it?”


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