Passions Update Tuesday 9/7/04

Passions Update Tuesday 9/7/04

By Shirley
Pictures by Juanita

Gwen is still trying to find out who the father of Theresa’s other baby is, and she thinks it’s Ethan. She demands to know who she was so hot for that she would endanger their child. Ethan tells her to calm down, they don’t know anything yet, and Theresa tells both of them not to talk about her as if she weren’t there. Gwen tells Theresa she wouldn’t believe anything she said if she had it tattooed in her forehead. She tells Ethan she saw them talking and believes the other woman told him who the father is. He remembers the talk they had earlier, and Gwen asks him again if he knows who the father is or not.

Chad asks Julian why he said the younger man can’t marry Whitney. Julian tells him there is a very good reason, and Chad wants to know what it is. Meanwhile, Whitney seems to believe Fox is telling the truth about Chad being her brother. She is devastated, and Fox apologizes for hurting her. He explains he was only trying to keep her from marrying her own brother, and she seems to realize he is telling the truth. He says that’s the reason he talked them into waiting to have sex again until after the wedding was to keep something really horrible from happening. Whitney looks toward Chad and puts her hands over her stomach. She remembers the pregnancy test again and says it’s too late, something horrible has already happened.

Paloma is still struggling with Nick as he tries to rape her. He says he’ll have his way with her and then he’ll kill her. He throws her on the ground and starts after her again.

Sheridan and Martin back away from the snakes and talk about how they can’t believe Katherine is dead. He remembers her talking about wanting to tell Sheridan she’s her mother but being afraid of what will happen if she does. He agrees, thinking about his own kids, and tells her they have to get ready. As he comes back to the present, a snake strikes at him. (commercial)

Gwen still thinks Ethan knows who slept with Theresa and wants him to tell her. He says he knows nothing so she turns to Theresa, saying if she can’t get it out of Ethan, maybe she’ll tell her. She makes a remark about how having sex with someone put Gwen’s baby at risk, but Theresa reminds her the doctor said both babies are fine. Gwen tells her she wants a second opinion on that. She asks again who the father is, since Fox already said it’s not him. Theresa says there’s no reason for her to tell Gwen anything since she won’t believe anything she says. Ethan suggests Gwen wait until they get another ultrasound, but she doesn’t want to wait, she wants to know who Theresa conceived the other baby with. She says that since it wasn’t Fox there was only one other man Theresa would want to have a baby with, but she knows that he wouldn’t have slept with her. Ethan looks guilty, causing Gwen to assume he had slept with Theresa. She wants him to tell her he isn’t the father, but he says nothing.

Chad tells Julian to say whatever it is he wants to say. He tells the younger man that there are many reasons; they are young, they don’t have much money saved up, they need to concentrate on their careers first. Chad reminds Julian that he never worried about their financial security before, and besides, he had just gotten a contract with a record company that will make him a lot of money. Julian says that’s good, but thinks it’s only temporary. Chad reminds him that he had told them there was some huge reason they shouldn’t marry and wants to know what it is. Eve says she’d like to know why he’s against the marriage, too. Julian then reminds her that she had told him of reservations she had about Chad’s stability, but Eve said while that may have been true in the past, she knows how much he loves her daughter now and thinks he’s just what she needs to help her get through all the problems that have come up for her lately, especially Eve and TC’s problems. She thinks Chad can give her the stability she needs, and Julian thinks to himself that Chad will only give Whitney a great deal of pain.

Fox asks Whitney what horrible thing had happened, then tells her she has to move on, forget about what happened with Chad. She keeps saying it’s not true, but Fox tells her it is and she needs to get over what’s happened with Chad and thank God she didn’t get pregnant before she found out. She says again that it can’t be true, Chad isn’t her brother. Fox tells her it is definitely true, and Alistair had no reason to lie. Whitney grabs on to the hope that he did lie and tells Chad that the old man doesn’t need a reason to lie, he just likes to hurt people and that’s all he’s doing now, Chad isn’t her brother.

Paloma is still trying to fight Nick off at the temple, but he just enjoys her feistiness, saying it makes it better for him. She spits in his face, and he shoves her to the ground, lying on top of her and telling her to calm down. She manages to scratch his face, and when he pulls away in pain, she gets up and runs back toward the temple. She looks like she’s trying to go in, and he rushes up to stop her, running into a big pile of rocks that then fall over and bury him as she ducks away.

Sheridan and Martin are trying to figure out how to get out of the pit. She wants to get out and go back to Luis, but Martin tells her they have to get out of the jungle and then they can go back and get Luis out. She asks how first Luis and then Katherine ended up dead and he yells that it’s Alistair’s fault, telling her all the things he did to their loved ones. He says they have to get out and then go find Paloma, save her from Alistair. He sends Sheridan up the vine, planning to carry Katherine out as he goes. Sheridan starts up the vine, then runs into a snake on it’s way down. She screams when she sees what she almost grabbed hold of. (commercial)

Gwen asks Ethan to tell her he didn’t get Theresa pregnant. Theresa speaks up and tells her the baby is Ethan’s. Across the Crane patio, Eve tells Julian that she knows Chad and Whitney love each other, she can see it in the look on their faces. It reminds her of the way TC used to look at her. Julian tells her not to blame herself for what happened to their marriage, that it was all his fault, but she tells him that’s not true, and she won’t allow him to take the blame for it again. Chad remarks on the way they look at each other and says that’s the way he always dreamed his parents would look at each other if he ever found them.

Whitney tells Fox his grandfather lied and he knows it, too. He tells her that if she had heard his grandfather and father she would know it was true. He tells her about Julian demanding to know who his son is, Alistair telling him to be careful what he asks for, and then finally giving him the name he sought, telling him that Chad is his and Eve’s son. Fox tells Whitney again that he’s sorry, but it is true.

Sheridan is hanging from the vine, screaming. Martin tells her to let go of the vine and go back down slowly, but she says she can’t move. She falls, screaming, with the snake around her shoulders, and as she falls, another snake falls onto Katherine, who is draped over Martin’s back. Sheridan keeps screaming, asking him to get the snake off her. (commercial)

Gwen and Ethan are stunned and Gwen asks if Ethan really is the father of the other baby. Theresa tells her it is true, and she just has to accept it.

Chad tells Eve and Julian that even though he didn’t find his parents when he came to Harmony, he still feels it was a good thing to do because he found the love of his life, and although he would still like to find his parents, now that he has her he’s content with life. Eve sees he really means that and tells him so. He says that when God closes a door, He opens a window. Julian thinks to himself that he isn’t going to like this window.

Fox tells Whitney that he wanted to tell her the truth so she could avoid something even worse happening if he hadn’t told her. He says Julian will tell Chad, and then they can all tell Chad, and then it will be over and they can all move on with their lives. She thinks to herself that it will never be over because she is going to have Chad’s baby, then holds her stomach again.

Paloma thanks the Virgin for stopping Nick, then says she has to get inside the temple to find Luis. As she’s trying to climb in the hole that opened, she hears groaning and thinks it’s Nick. She walks over and kicks him, yelling that she hopes it takes him years to die. As she becomes quiet, she hears the groaning again and realizes it’s Luis. She starts climbing up to the hole again, calling his name.

Sheridan is still dancing around screaming to get the snake off her as Martin removes the one from Katherine, then lays her down to go help Sheridan. As he turns to help her, she starts choking and he sees the snake has wrapped itself around her neck and is strangling her. (commercial)

Paloma makes her way into the crumbling temple, calling her brother’s name as she goes. She hears him moan again, and sees him lying on the floor under a rock. She runs and moves it off him, then prays that he doesn’t die. She talks to Luis, and he recognizes her. She calls for help, saying her brother needs help.

Sheridan is being choked by the snake, but Martin gets to her and pulls the snake off so she can breathe again. He sees that she was bitten and it is right on the artery in her throat. She has a seizure, then falls unconscious. As we watch, the camera pulls back and we see Alistair is sitting in a chair in the jungle being fanned by beautiful women, and watching what’s going on in the pit on a small TV. (Ok, that’s just too much!) He gloats that Katherine is dead and so is Sheridan, so now he only has to go kill Martin who is in the pit, cradling Sheridan in his arms.

Gwen is ranting at Ethan again, telling him she can’t believe he slept with Theresa again. He tries to tell her it’s not what she thinks, but she keeps ranting about him still being attracted to Theresa, etc. Theresa speaks up and tells her she’s wrong, as usual, and tells her to stop getting so hormonal. She tells Gwen that she is the one who’s pregnant and should be suffering from mood swings, not Gwen. The irate woman reminds her that Eve told them there had been only one egg implanted when she did the ultrasound, but Theresa swears she’s wrong and that she hadn’t slept with anyone after the implantation. Ethan again remembers the night of the Harmony Ball, and sees Theresa dressed as Gwen making love to him. Coming back to reality, he looks at Theresa suspiciously, as does Gwen.

Julian tells Chad he just doesn’t want to see the two young people to rush into anything. Chad says he appreciates that, but asks him to remember when he was young and in love with his true love. He asks if he would do anything to be able to marry her, and Julian agrees. Chad then reminds Julian of the chat they had at the studio when he told Chad about the woman he had loved so much. Julian remembers telling him that there are times when a man thinks he has no choice, but later learns he did have a choice but was too afraid to make it at the time. Chad said that must stink and Julian agreed. He then told the younger man not to let that happen to him, not to make any choices based on fear that he would later regret for the rest of his life. Chad agreed not to. Julian then says that although people tell you time heals all wounds, it’s not true, and that you never forget the love of your life, no matter what. Back in the present, Chad tells him he knows the woman he was talking about was Eve, and he won’t let anything like that happen to him and Whitney, he’s going to marry her as soon as possible. He then walks over to Eve as Julian says to himself “Oh, Chad, you’re going to have so many regrets.”

Fox tells Whitney he knows she’s blown away by the news, and she asks him to tell her it’s not true. He says that it will get easier and she needs to be thankful that it was stopped before she has too many consequences. She imagines giving birth to her baby, and as Eve is delivering it, she backs away saying it’s too horrible, she can’t touch it. Chad says he will help deliver it, which he does, and he’s thrilled, but when she sees it, she screams. (commercial)

Gwen asks how she’s to know Theresa isn’t lying again. Theresa tells her she’s not lying and she’s getting tired of always being accused of things she doesn’t do. She thought Gwen was her friend, offering to take care of her until the babies are born, but the first time something comes up she’s ready to jump all over her and call her a liar. Gwen says she has a right to turn on her after all she’s done, but Theresa tells her she should consider the fact that Eve could be mistaken, and Gwen says she would like to, but she doesn’t trust her. Theresa asks if she’d rather Theresa move out of the mansion and take care of herself while she’s carrying the babies. Ethan asks Gwen if she believes Theresa didn’t sleep with anyone after the implantation.

Julian tells Chad he didn’t think Chad would have the same problems Julian had, and he knows Whitney will always be in the younger man’s life, but he just thinks they shouldn’t rush into marriage because they are so young. Chad asks if Julian had known back then that Eve would still be in his life now that he would have postponed marrying her back then, or would he do everything he had to do to make their relationship permanent. Julian looks at Eve and thinks about that question.

Whitney is getting hysterical. Fox tries to calm her down, asking if she will be all right. She says she’ll never be all right because Chad is her brother, then walks quickly away with Fox following.

Paloma is sitting in the cave with Luis, trying to comfort him. She apologizes for not going to Harmony when he asked her to, he wouldn’t be hurt now. She tells him she was just mad, but she loves him and asks him not to die. She says he has to get better so he can go with her back to Harmony. He calls for Sheridan, and Paloma says she doesn’t know where she is. He tells her to tell Sheridan he loves her, and she promises to do that, then says she will get help. She starts yelling “Help” at the top of her lungs, then tells Luis not to die when he passes out.

Martin is holding Sheridan’s lifeless body in the pit, telling her he’s sorry he couldn’t protect her or her mother. He tells her that Katherine wanted desperately to tell her who she was. He says it’s all Alistair’s fault, then yells up to the ground above telling Alistair he knows he’s out there, that he will pay for killing his sons and daughter, his Katherine and her daughter. He lays Sheridan beside Katherine, whom he kisses goodbye, then swears he will make Alistair pay. He climbs out of the pit, and as he starts to get on his feet, Alistair says “You rang, Martin? Well, here I am.” (commercial)

Ethan asks Gwen how she thinks Theresa got pregnant with the other baby. She says Theresa must be right and Eve wrong, and if Theresa’s telling the truth, there were two eggs that implanted. Theresa says she is right. Gwen explains she just doesn’t trust her, and that the most important thing to her is to be able to have those babies. She is very touchy on the subject, and when she thought Theresa had put her baby in jeopardy she got angry. Theresa says she understands how difficult it must be for her, and they all agree there will be no more questions. Both the babies have to be theirs, and she says she feels they are. After Gwen walks away with Ethan, Theresa says she’s wrong, she will never have those babies because they are hers and she won’t give them up.

Chad asks Julian to tell him he wouldn’t do anything he had to not to give Eve up. Julian says he can’t say that because he would do whatever it took, but reminds Chad that he and Whitney are young and have so much time. Chad says he doesn’t want to waste any of his time without the woman he loves. He thanks Julian for his concern and Eve for her trust, then goes to find Whitney. Eve tells Julian she wants Whitney to have Chad for her anchor, especially now with all the problems in her life. Julian says he’s been trying to tell her something and he has to tell her now before this goes any further. She says “You found our son? No false alarms? Do you know his name?” Julian assures her he has found him and he knows his name.

Fox chases after Whitney, asking if she’s going to faint. She remembers her dream of seeing her baby and screaming, then says she’s going to be sick, falls to her knees and keeps saying “Oh, my God” over and over. Fox kneels with her and tries to comfort her as best he can.

Paloma is still sitting beside an unconscious Luis. She asks Luis to forgive her, says she has always loved him and is sorry she didn’t listen to him and go to Harmony when he wanted her to, and he’d be alive now if she had.

Alistair tells Martin the plastic surgery had changed him, but it couldn’t keep him from finding the two of them. Martin says he will pay for all he’s done, and the old man tells him to bring it on. Martin calls him the devil, saying there’s no other way he could be so cool in the face of all the evil he’s done. Alistair says that what Martin sees as evil is simply him protecting what’s his, getting rid of impediments. Martin tells him he’s insane, he murdered Katherine, Martins sons, and even his own daughter. He asks how many more impediments Alistair is going to get rid of, then lunges at him. Alistair pulls a gun from his pocket, aiming it at Martin, and says “Just one. You. That’s why I’m here, Martin, to kill you myself and have my revenge.”


Previews: Eve to Julian: “I don’t like this game you’re playing so you just tell me

our son’s name right now.”

Whitney to Chad: “Don’t listen to Fox.”

Fox to Chad: “I know who your parents are.”

Paloma to God: “Why did my brother have to die. If only he hadn’t

come to Mexico to see me.”

Alistair as he and Martin struggle over the gun: “Nobody wins in a war

against Alistair Crane!”


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