Passions Update Monday 9/6/04

Passions Update Monday 9/6/04

By Shirley
Pictures by Juanita

On the Crane Mansion patio, Gwen drags Rebecca behind her, complaining about the heat. She wonders why Gwen invited all the “low-lifes” for a swim and warns her about what will happen if they mess up the chlorine levels in the pool, and then makes a lewd remark about the pool boy. Gwen shushes her and tells her about Theresa having two babies with two different fathers. Rebecca is sickened by the thought that her grandbaby is “riding around inside Theresa with a stranger, some hitchhiker.” Gwen complains that Theresa put her child at risk because of her animal lust, and while Rebecca doesn’t see anything wrong with animal lust, she agrees it’s wrong for Theresa to have done that and wonders who she slept with.

Ethan is still confronting Theresa about the night of the Harmony Ball and whether she had disguised herself and made love to him, creating the second baby. She tells him he’s crazy, but he again remembers it happening and asks if he is the father of the other baby, too.

Chad is tells Eve he’s glad she finally realized he’s a good guy, and that he’s going to be good for Whitney. Eve says she hopes so, since Whitney is going through so much pain now. He swears he will be good to her and do whatever it takes to make her happy. Julian mentions that he hopes they will wait to marry, but Chad tells him about his good news and that with the money he’s getting with his new contract with the record company they can be married right away. Julian remembers talking to Fox about how hurt Whitney will be once she finds out Chad is her brother, and then he tells Chad he can’t marry her so soon. Meanwhile, Whitney asks Fox what he’s talking about, saying Chad is her brother. He tells her it’s true, Chad is Eve and Julian’s son, and if she marries him it will be incest.

In the jungle shack, Nick is trying to have his way with Paloma, but she is screaming and fighting him. He tells her she’s his reward for killing Luis, Martin, Katherine, and Sheridan. He says she can’t stop him, so she should just lie back and enjoy it. In the pit, Sheridan and Katherine are trying to avoid the snakes when Martin gets back with the vine to pull them out with. He asks how Katherine got in the pit, and she tells him she had to help and protect Sheridan. She tells the younger woman to get behind her and doesn’t see the snake coming toward her. It strikes and bites her leg. (commercial)

Gwen tells Rebecca that Fox swears he’s not the father, and wonders who it could be. Rebecca remarks that Theresa has jumped every Crane man she could get to, only missing out on Alistair. She then says he has better taste in women, looking smug. She turns and sees Ethan talking to Theresa and tells Gwen he’s the father. Ethan is still trying to get Theresa to admit she seduced him while disguised as Gwen, and she keeps denying it. He asks if she just wanted to get pregnant with his baby, and she remembers the night she “lost” the implant, and the conversation she had with Whitney about whether she could sleep with Ethan one time and get pregnant and the possibilities of the babies’ parentage. She finally asks Ethan if he really wants to know what happened the night of the Ball.

Chad asks Julian why he doesn’t want him to marry Whitney, and Julian tells him he should just slow down so they won’t regret not having the kind of wedding they want later. Chad says that’s the same thing Fox told him. Eve says it’s just like a man to think all they need is the ring and the church, and Julian thinks to himself that Chad can’t marry Whitney . He knows that once he and Fox have the chance to tell Eve and Whitney the truth, everyone will understand why they can’t marry. Meanwhile, Whitney is becoming hysterical, almost. She tells Fox he’s lying because he wants her for himself. He explains all the things he had said to her and Chad, like not sleeping together until the wedding. He tells her that it would be a tragedy if he didn’t tell her the truth and then she married her own brother and got pregnant. Whitney is stunned, remembering that the pregnancy test she took was positive. She can’t believe it’s true.

As Nick is forcing Paloma to give in to his advances, she cries for help. He tells her to shut up again. She gets an idea and tells him to stop so they can talk. She tells him it’s her first time, but she knows what she wants, and it doesn’t have to be a fight. She tells him she’s attracted to him, but he realizes she’s playing him and attacks her again. In the pit, Sheridan shoos the snakes away as Katherine says the snake bit her leg. Martin ties off the vine and lowers himself into the pit. He and Sheridan move her to the side and lay her down. Sheridan doesn’t know what to do, but Martin says they have to cut open her leg and suck he venom out. When Sheridan tells him she doesn’t know how, he tells her he will do it but she needs to keep the snakes away. She agrees, then notices Katherine having seizures and yells that she’s dying. (commercial)

Martin tries to suck the venom out of Katherine’s leg as Sheridan tries to keep the snakes away. He has to use a sharp stick to open the wound, and the pain causes her to pass out. Sheridan goes over to comfort her and notices scars by her hairline. She mentions them, asking if she had been in an accident. Martin remembers when the two of them went to a plastic surgeon friend of Katherine’s to change the way they look. He makes sure they have to leave and that they are both ready to do so. He agrees to do the surgery. He tells them that when he is done, no one will recognize them. Back in the shack, Nick ties Palomas hands together again, then pushes her down and starts his attack again. She sees a rock above her head and struggles to get it. When she does, she hits Nick in the head with it, knocking him unconscious. (commercial)

Paloma gets Nick off her and gets up. Then she stands over him calling him names and telling him he can’t touch her, she’s a Lopez-Fitzgerald and no one can mess with them. She remembers Luis and the temple falling on him and decides to go see if he is still alive.

Gwen tells Rebecca Ethan wouldn’t sleep with Theresa. Rebecca tells her to wake up, because he still has feelings for her. She reminds Gwen of how hard he worked for Theresa against them for Little Ethan’s custody, and suggests they might have had a late night meeting and one thing led to another. She says she knows he’s not a Crane any longer, but he has a fabulous body that any woman would want. Gwen says there’s no way he would do that, but Rebecca tells her that any man will respond if a woman throws herself at him. “Once their little friend wakes up, their brain shuts off and before you know it, they’re having a hootenanny in the haystack.”

Theresa says that what happened after the Ball was nothing. She swears she wasn’t there, but he says she needs to tell him the truth, she was there. She again says it never happened, but he tells her he remembers her face, and knows she was there. Theresa tells him he might be remembering a fantasy he had about her while he was in bed with Gwen. “I mean, come on. Me in blond hair? Not in my lifetime. Maybe you can’t let go of me.”

Eve tells Chad that Whitney had been planning her wedding since she was a little girl, when she and Theresa had Wedding Books that they put pictures of wedding things in. She says she and TC never got to read the whole paper because it always had holes in it where they cut out some picture of something they wanted for their wedding, and Theresa even picked all the snapdragons out of the yard to make flower arrangements, then got the other kids to play parts in their pretend wedding. Julian remembers that Theresa still had hers after she had grown up and it had caused havoc when Ethan was marrying Gwen. Chad tells them he hopes his wedding with Whitney has everything she’s always wanted in it. Julian tells him the key to a good wedding is taking lots of time. He says they are young, and should have a really long engagement. Chad reminds him that he and Ivy and Sam and Grace had married at their age, but Julian said since neither of those marriages ended well, it should be an example to not jump too fast. He tells the young man to wait for a while before getting married, and then thinks to himself that Chad can’t marry Whitney at all.

Whitney is still thinking about what Fox just told her, and remembers making love with Chad. She asks how Fox knows who Chad is, and he tells her Alistair told Julian and he overheard. She wonders about the fact that the three of them talked about Chad and reasons that Julian wants her mother and Fox wants her, so they made it up. She slaps Fox across the face, telling him he’s lying, Chad isn’t her brother. (commercial)

Rebecca is still telling Gwen that Ethan is the father of Theresa’s other baby. Gwen still doesn’t want to believe her, but she explains that if there was one baby, now two, and if Fox denies he’s the father of the second baby, then you have to stop and ask yourself who she would most want to be the father of her child. Gwen begins to believe she’s right. Rebecca tells her to go find out what’s going on, while she herself has something to take care of. Ethan tells Theresa he’s not pining after her, he’s happily married. “So you say”, she tells him, then says he is the one trying to say she went over there disguised as Gwen and seduced him and that’s one for Dr. Freud and Dr. Ruth. She tells him he fantasizes about sleeping with her while in his head he has her dressed as his wife, and that means either he has a guilty conscience or he wants to have his cake and eat it too. He scoffs at that, but she says again she didn’t sleep with him so there has to be some other reason he wants to believe she did. He tells her not to try to turn it around, that they both know it’s true, and she did sleep with him. Gwen walks up and asks what they are whispering about. Ethan looks at her sheepishly.

Chad thanks Julian for his advice, but he assures him that he and Whitney aren’t rushing into anything. They have been wanting to marry for a long time and they aren’t making a mistake. Rebecca walks up, bumping Eve away from Julian’s side, and starts talking about being Julian’s wife, and finally tells Eve that she will always be his wife.

Whitney asks Fox when he is going to realize he will never have her. She tells him his lies won’t change anything. He tells her that neither he nor his father want her and her mother to be hurt, but they have to tell them the truth. Whitney doesn’t believe him and figures it is a Crane plot to get Julian and Fox the women they want. He tells her they don’t need to plot, since Eve’s marriage is over. He then says that he loves her so much it hurts and it kills him to see her hurt, but that Chad is their half brother and that’s the truth.

Sheridan is trying to keep the snakes away as Martin finishes getting the poison out of her leg. Sheridan again notices the scars, and Martin remember what they went through during plastic surgery, what they had done, and how it turned out. He remembers the doctor telling them that their own kids won’t recognize them. He comes back to the future and tells himself that Luis and Sheridan hadn’t recognized him, that Luis is dead and will never know who he is, but he’s going to make sure Katherine is around to tell Sheridan her true identity. Sheridan tells him she doesn’t feel a pulse on Katherine, and he starts CPR after telling Sheridan to get another snake away. (commercial)

Gwen asks what they were talking about and whether Theresa had told him who the father is. Rebecca tells Julian to throw Eve, “this gold-digging little whore back on the street she came from”, and that he should give her some drugs before she goes. She then tells Eve that she will never be a Crane, and she will always be the lady of the manor. “I wouldn’t dream of playing the gold-digging whore while you’re around, Rebecca. You’re the world champion.” Rebecca tells her to not get sassy with her, and that she’s welcome to his heart, but Rebecca will always have his best part – his wallet, while patting him on the rear pocket to emphasize the point, then walks away. Chad asks what’s up with her, and Julian tells him that she is a walking example of what can happen when a man marries unwisely. Eve tells him it’s her fault he married Rebecca since he had to in order to keep her from telling Eve’s secrets. He tells her to stop blaming herself, he takes full blame for what his own actions. He then tells Chad to let Rebecca be a lesson to him to wait. Chad thanks him but says he and Whitney bear no resemblance to him and Rebecca and don’t need to wait because they love each other. Julian tells him again that he feels the couple should wait, and Chad asks why, if he knows something Chad doesn’t.

Whitney is still denying Chad is her brother, then remembers the DNA test Eve had done when Chad first came to town and that it hadn’t matched anyone there. Fox tells her Alistair had the results changed. She asks him how, and he says the same way he does everything; with money. He then tells her that Chad was born the same month and year as Eve’s child, he had a clipping from the Harmony newspaper when he at his first foster home. She begins to think he’s right, and he has her look at Julian and Chad, asking her if she sees the resemblance. She apparently does, as she starts repeating “Oh, my God” over and over.

Paloma arrives at the blown-up temple, and remembers how Luis had tried to reach out to her by telling her how much the family loves her, but that she wouldn’t listen. She says if she hadn’t believed the lies Nick had told her, they would all be safe in Harmony right now, and she tells him she’s sorry. She begins to cry, then sees the tennis shoe in the rocks. She thinks maybe he’s close to the entrance and starts calling to him. In the pit, Martin is still trying to get Katherine to breathe as Sheridan sits beside him hoping he will succeed and a snake crawls over Katherine’s leg unseen. (commercial)

Gwen asks again what Ethan and Theresa had been talking about. She calls Theresa a little slut and asks if she had told him who her bastard’s father is. Ethan tells her that’s not necessary, and she tells him he’s a bad liar and he’s guilty as sin, since adultery is still a sin. She asks him if he wants to tell her who the father is and he remembers the night of the Harmony Ball and being with Theresa.

Eve says Chad is right, Julian does seem awfully anxious for the two young people not to marry, and asks if he knows some reason why they shouldn’t get married. He says yes, there’s an enormous reason why they shouldn’t get married. Whitney has finally figured out it’s true, that Chad is her brother. Fox says Alistair has no reason to lie and all the evidence point to the fact Chad’s their brother and that’s why she can’t marry him.

In the jungle, Paloma is lamenting the fact that another brother has died before she had the chance to get to know him. She pounds on the pile of rocks covering the entrance to the temple, and a bunch of them fall down, leaving an opening. She is trying to figure out if she can get in when Nick grabs her from behind. Sheridan is elated when she feels a pulse in Katherine’s arm, but then it’s gone again, and Martin tells her she can’t die. A snake crawls toward them as Sheridan tells Martin she is dead. He says she can’t be dead, not without him, it can’t end like this. He then sees a snake behind Sheridan, ready to strike, and warns her not to move.


Previews: Nick to Paloma: “I’m gonna have you right here and now and then I’m gonna

kill you.” Paloma screams “NO!”

Theresa to Gwen and Ethan: “The father of this other baby inside me is


Sheridan screams “Oh God!” as she is climbing up the vine to get out of

the pit and finds a snake on it blocking her way.

Julian to Eve: “I’ve found our son.”


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