Passions Update Friday 9/3/04

Passions Update Friday 9/3/04

By Shirley
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TC and Liz walk from the Russell’s kitchen into the living room. TC sits on the sofa as Liz asks if she can get him something to drink, or do anything else for him. He tells her what he wants is to undo the last 24 hours. He says that’s how long it took for his whole life to collapse. He talks about all the things he’s lost and says he feels like a fool. Liz tells him none of it is his fault, that Eve lied to him over and over. He says he probably could have dealt with the drugs and all, but not with the fact she had Julian’s child and never told him. Then finding out that she was driving the car that ended his tennis career was just too much. He says he’s lost everything. Liz tells him he still has his kids and her, but TC crushes her when he says that everything dear to him has been taken away. She apologizes for bringing Aunt Irma, lying by telling him she didn’t know that Aunt Irma had all those secrets about Eve’s past. TC tells her it’s not her fault, that it’s all Eve’s.

Julian and Eve watch Whitney and Chad kissing and having fun beside the Crane pool. She says that they remind her of herself and TC when they were young. She realizes she will never have that again, but at least, she says, Whitney has Eve to stand beside her, especially once she tells her daughter that she was driving the car. Julian tries to talk her into waiting to give Whitney a chance to get over what she already learned, but Eve doesn’t think that’s a good idea, she should tell her now. Julian walks away and joins Fox. They talk about the fact he hasn’t told Whitney yet, and Fox tells his father that when he does tell her, it will destroy her life, especially since Chad’s love is what’s keeping her from completely falling apart after hearing about Eve’s past. Julian tells him that Eve still doesn’t know, either, and Fox says they have to tell them soon. He informs Julian that he managed to convince them to not sleep together until the wedding, but that will be soon, and they might change their minds. He says he knows they use protection, but asks what would happen if they forget or it fails and Whitney gets pregnant.

Whitney sits by Theresa and asks how she’s doing. Her friend says she’s fine, and Whitney tells her she can’t believe she’s having twins just as Eve walks up. The doctor is surprised at that news, telling her she can’t possibly be having twins, and Gwen overhears.

Martin, Katherine and Sheridan are trying to find their way out of the jungle. Katherine wonders how the guide could have left them there to die, and Martin says he was working for Alistair. Sheridan tells them she doesn’t care if she does die. She wants to be near Luis, but Katherine tells her not to give up hope, they will find a way out of the jungle. Martin determines which way is west by looking at the sun, and says that’s the way they need to go to get to Puerto Arena. Sheridan says she won’t go. Paloma is still tied up in the shed with the gunman, who reports to Alistair that the others are dead. He asks if he can have Paloma, and Alistair agrees, telling him not to mar her pretty face. The gunman says that’s fine, it’s not her face he’s interested in. (commercial)

Martin sits beside Sheridan, trying to talk her into going on. He says she needs to live to honor his memory. He tells her to focus on the good memories and not dwell on the bad because that’s how to keep him alive. She says he will always be alive in her heart, and Martin agrees. He tells her to go on with them, for Luis, and she tells him she doesn’t want to leave Luis there. Martin promises they will get him out but they need to get out of the jungle first to bring back men and tools to dig him out with. She agrees to that, saying she wants to take him back to Harmony to bury him among his family and friends.

Martin says they will do that just as long as she comes with them out of the jungle, and she agrees.

Julian tells Fox that if Chad and Whitney have a baby, it will destroy whatever’s left of he Russell family. He’s afraid neither TC nor Whitney will ever forgive Eve if that happens, but Fox reminds him that it doesn’t look like they will forgive her for the other things, either. Julian tells Fox about Eve being the driver of the car. The younger man is shocked, and Julian explains how it happened and that once she remembered she felt she had to tell TC the truth, and now she wants to tell Whitney before anyone else can. Fox wonders how much more that family can take. Julian says that all the rest will pale once they find out Whitney has been sleeping with her own brother.

Ethan asks Eve why it’s impossible for Theresa to be carrying twins. Eve explains that she only saw one implant when she did the sonogram. Gwen wonders if there’s something wrong with the baby, and Eve assures her if the doctor says they’re fine, they must be. Gwen is confused, as is everyone, and they ask Eve how there could be two babies when there was only one before. Eve tells them she has no idea.

Liz is massaging TC’s shoulders when she has an idea. She figures they should go on a picnic at the beach to lift his spirits. He says it sounds like fun, but he can’t do that. He’s married, and he can’t pretend he’s not. She tells him Eve has already made a mockery of their marriage, but he replies that he’s not going to lower himself to her level, and asks “What would Father Lonigan think?” Liz says the Father is a compassionate man who wouldn’t want to see him locked up in his house. He says he doesn’t want to go on a picnic today, tomorrow, or any other day. He then tells her he doesn’t want to continue their relationship as it is now. She reminds him his marriage is over and they are both consenting adults, but he says not in the eyes of the church, and tells her she needs to leave now. (commercial)

Liz asks TC how he can let Eve keep him from moving on with his life. He tells her Eve isn’t doing it, he is. She says it’s from a misguided sense of morality, but he says he just lost his family and he needs to deal with it. She tells him he doesn’t have to do it alone, but he disagrees, saying he’s not in any shape to move one before he deals with it. Jumping into another relationship isn’t going to help. Liz agrees to drop the relationship, but she’ll stay to help with the cooking, etc. He says that would be too confusing, and it’s best if she just packs her bags and goes.

Ethan asks for an explanation. Eve says the other doctor might have made a mistake, but Gwen tells her he saw two amniotic sac, two babies, and heard two heartbeats. Theresa agrees, but Eve says it’s not what she saw when she examined her. She is positive there is only one implant, she made no mistake and has never missed a multiple pregnancy. She says she specifically looks for multiples when she does implants. Ethan says there has to be an explanation, and Eve begins to say no, there is none, when she has a thought. She doesn’t finish it, dismissing it out of hand, but Gwen wants to know what she’s thought of. She asks if Theresa has been intimate with anyone since the implantation, and she remembers her night with Ethan. (commercial)

Theresa says it wouldn’t matter if she had sex since she was already pregnant. Eve says it could matter, if a woman ovulates more than one egg and has sex with more than one man within a short time of each other. It’s very rare, but it is documented, that one egg is fertilized by one man, the other by another. Theresa reminds her that she became pregnant by implantation, but Eve says if she had relations with anyone around the same time, she could have had her second egg fertilized by that person. Gwen is stunned. Eve tells them that could be the reason she missed the second baby, because it wasn’t there when she did the implant or because it was so new it didn’t show up. Gwen turns on Theresa accusing her of having sex with someone else and endangering the newly implanted embryo. Ethan tries to calm her, but she won’t calm down. She asks who it was, turns to Fox and asks if it was him. He denies it vehemently, and she turns to Theresa again asking if she just went and picked someone up off the street. She then lunged as her, grabbing her by the throat, choking and shaking her while asking “Who did you sleep with? Huh? Who knocked you up?”

The gunman tells Alistair that Paloma is the best payment he’s ever gotten, and Alistair assures him he deserves it. He reminds her to be careful with her face, since they might need her if the other three get out of the jungle alive. Nick tells him not to worry, they won’t get out after the arrangements he’s made. Alistair questions him about those arrangements, but Nick says he will tell him all about it once he knows it worked. He assures him he will like the “surprise”.

Sheridan starts talking nonsense, saying she wants to go back to Egypt to undo the curse they have on them. Martin decides she needs to rest. Katherine says she’s dehydrated, and he decides they should rest while he goes to look for the stream they passed earlier. Katherine tries to soothe Sheridan, and when the girl talks about past lives, she asks her to tell her about them. Sheridan tells her about being with Luis in Egypt, in early America with a pirate, and the Titanic, and how they had always been together in every life, but something always came up that interrupted their lives together. They had both thought this was the life when they would break the curse and have their happily ever after, but Alistair killed him. They discuss how evil Alistair is, and Sheridan gets upset, starts pacing and talking about killing her father, then walks into a booby trap – another pit! (commercial)

Katherine looks in the pit and calls to Sheridan, with no answer. She calls Martin, telling him to come back, and he does. He looks in the pit and calls her, but then he pulls out a little flashlight and looks down in the hole. They see her lying there, but she’s not moving. As Martin looks around the pit, he sees a huge bunch of snakes of all kinds are down in there with the unconscious woman. He shows them to Katherine, who screams with fear.

Gwen is still shaking Theresa, trying to get her to tell her who she slept with. Ethan pulls her away, as Theresa catches her breath. He tells Gwen to calm down, but she’s convinced Theresa is trying to mess her life up again.

TC is sitting on his sofa, drinking, when he realizes that’s not the thing to do. He talks over his situation with a picture of him and Eve, saying she not only ended his career, she wormed her way into his life, making him love her, then ruined it with her lies. He says Liz is right, Eve is a Godless whore. Upstairs, Liz is packing, asking herself what kind of hold Eve has on TC that keeps him wanting her even though he knows what she has done. “He finally knows the truth and he still can’t let you go.” She says she was so close to getting everything she wanted, yet Eve isn’t even in the house and she still managed to get him away from her. She swears it’s not over, she’ll get her revenge, when TC walks in. She tells him she’s packing as fast as she can, but he says he made a mistake and asks her to forgive him. He tells her she’s right about Eve, she’s a lying whore, and he doesn’t want to keep his life on hold anymore. He tells her he wants her in his life, in his home, in his bed, then starts kissing her. (commercial)

Gwen tells Ethan she really tried this time, but she pulled another fast one and reminds him of the things she blames Theresa for. Eve walks up to her and tells her they’ll get it all sorted out, but she doesn’t agree. She says she bets when they get it all sorted out, Theresa will have two babies and all Gwen will have is a roomful of baby things she’ll never get to use. Fox tells Theresa that he’s on Gwen’s side and that somehow she pulled a fast one. Theresa denies it, but he says she has guilt written all over her face. He keeps yelling at her to tell him what she did until Chad tells him to give her a break and takes him away. Whitney then tells her she’s really done it this time. Either option as to how she ended up with twins is not a good thing. Theresa says not to remind her. Whitney tells her she will have to tell the truth eventually, she might as well do it now, but Theresa tells her she has to figure out the best way to deal with it. She walks away, and Eve walks up to Whitney, who turns to leave. She asks if she can speak to her. Whitney says there is nothing for them to talk about and walks away, but Eve grabs her arm, turning her around to face her and says yes, they do. She tells her the timing stinks, but there’s something else she needs to tell her about her past. Whitney smarts off and asks if she had an affair with Father Lonigan, too. Eve tells her to stop, then tells her about the fact she was driving the car that ruined her father’s tennis career. Whitney is shocked and doesn’t want to believe it. Eve explains that she hadn’t even remembered it until now, when the memories just came flooding back in. Whitney says that’s very convenient, but Julian steps up and tells her he was the one that told Eve he had been driving to protect her so it’s his fault she didn’t remember. Whitney says it’s always his fault, but he would say anything to protect her mother. She asks if there are any more secrets, and Eve says no. Whitney tells her she wished any other woman was her mother.

Martin and Katherine are still trying to get Sheridan to wake up. Martin goes to find a strong vine, but leaves his stick with Katherine. She keeps calling to her as the snakes move closer to her limp body. Finally, Sheridan comes to, and as she’s trying to get up, a snake strikes at her. She jumps out of the way, screaming. (commercial)

Nick is still on the phone with Alistair as Paloma manages to free herself from the ropes. She tries to run out as he hangs up the phone, but he catches her. He throws her on the ground as she struggles, and he lies on top of her, saying he likes it rough, too.

Sheridan is still screaming as the snakes get closer. Katherine jumps into the pit and uses the stick to keep the snakes away. Sheridan tells her to get out of the way, but Katherine stands in front of her, shaking the stick at the snakes.

TC and Liz are still kissing. She tells him she’s glad he changed his mind. He says Eve is out of his life, and Liz is the only woman he wants as he pushes her onto the bed, still locked in a passionate kiss.

Chad wants to follow Whitney, but Julian tells him to give her a minute. Eve tells Chad she’s glad he’s with Whitney and she was wrong before when she didn’t want him with her daughter. Chad says it’s ok, he understands, and thanks her for her kind words. He wishes he could do something to get her and Whitney back on speaking terms, and that he’d give anything to know his mother and be with her. Julian offers Chad any help he might need, but the younger man thanks him for letting him live in the studio loft and so much more. Julian tells him he hopes they can all be friends. Chad agrees.

Ethan tells Theresa that he knows her and knows what she’s capable of, so he wants to know what she is up to. She tells him she doesn’t know why they always blame her for stuff; she only wants to carry the babies to term so she can get Little Ethan back. As she talks, he begins to remember the night she dressed as Gwen and seduced him. He tells her he remembers Gwen wasn’t there, it was her.

Fox catches up to Whitney, telling her he needs to talk to her. He says Chad can’t help her, but he can. She says no, there’s nothing he can help her with, and she and Chad will be married soon and there’s nothing he can do to stop it. He tells her she can’t marry Chad because he is her brother.


Previews: Sheridan: “Mr. Wheeler, she’s barely breathing!”

Martin: “There’s nothing else we can do.”

Ethan to Theresa: “You and I both know we had sex, I know it.”

Whitney slaps Fox, saying: “You’re lying, Fox! Chad isn’t my brother

to me!”



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