Passions Update Thursday 9/2/04

Passions Update Thursday 9/2/04

By Shirley
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Kay and Simone are sitting on Kay’s hospital bed, waiting for her discharge papers to be ready so she can go home. She tells Simone that her stay in the hospital is going to be more than she can afford, and even with her father’s insurance, she is going to be paying for her and Maria’s hospital bills until she dies. She looks at Simone and tells her she looks more depressed than Kay. Simone says she has a right to be depressed, and Kay reminds her that Miguel left town, leaving her to care for and raise Maria all by herself. She’s a single mother with a rotten job, she can’t have any more children and no man will ever want to marry her, so she’ll die a poor, lonely old woman. She decided that if Maria didn’t need her, she would dig a hole and die right there. Simone talks about how her mother isn’t who she thought she was, her family is falling apart, and her sister stole her man from her. They discuss the fact that Chad and Whitney are having sex, even doing it shortly after finding out about their mother. Kay says she can help her get Chad, but Simone doesn’t see how. She lost him, he’s marrying Whitney, and they can’t do anything. Kay says there is something they can do, they just have to find out what it is. Jessica walks in then and starts talking about the mess Kay has made of her life. She then tries to talk Simone into accepting that she won’t have Chad in her life, and that Kay needs to leave her alone.

At the pool at the Crane mansion, everyone is having a good time. Fox remembers talking to Julian about Chad being Whitney’s brother, and she is planning to marry him. He tries to talk to Whitney and let her know, but she wants nothing to do with him. She says he just wants to have her for himself, but he says it’s about her and Chad, not Fox. Gwen comes in, asking Theresa if she’s comfortable, and again talks about being thrilled that they will have two babies before long, thanks to Theresa. Theresa says she can’t believe it’s happening herself. Gwen goes to get champagne, and Ethan thanks Theresa again, telling her he’s glad they are getting along. She thinks about the fact that she’s not going to give them the babies, and Ethan sees by her face that something is wrong.

Eve has finally remembered (again) that she was driving the car. She says she is the monster that ruined TC’s life, and at that moment, he walks up behind her and questions her about it. She says yes, it was her, and then apologizes, telling him she was behind the wheel when the car broadsided his. (commercial)

Kay tells Jessica that if she came by to annoy her, then her job is done so she can go away. Jess tells her that she actually came by to let her know that no one has heard from Miguel and Charity and they don’t know where the two are, or if they are together. Kay thanks her for the “good” news sarcastically, and Jess retorts that she thought Kay would want to know. Jess starts to leave, but turns to tell Simone to pay no attention to Kay’s schemes; she won’t have any better luck than Kay did with getting Miguel to marry her. She leaves to go deliver her Mark products, but tosses Kay a tube of “butt fixing cream”. Kay says maybe she should start selling those products to her friends, to which Simone replies “You don’t have any friends except me.” “Thanks for pointing that out”, Kay replies. Kay starts reading the paper, and then they talk about Whitney’s wedding. Simone says Eve probably won’t be invited, but TC will. As she’s whining, Kay finds the article about Julian looking for his long lost son, and gets an idea.

Whitney tells Fox that she won’t discuss Chad with him and she doesn’t want him to undermine their relationship. He says he only wants to tell her something, but Chad walks up and stops the discussion. He suggests they talk about their wedding plans, but she wants to go talk with Theresa. She goes to sit with her friend, and Chad wonders why she doesn’t want to talk about their wedding now. She has been anxious to get married and have kids. Fox thinks to himself “Oh, Chad, if you only knew the truth.” Whitney watches them talking and remembers her positive pregnancy test.

Ethan asks Theresa what’s bothering her. She says she’s tired, and Ethan opines it must be tiring carrying twins. Gwen comes back announcing the champagne and club soda will be right there. She wants to celebrate their twins and Chad and Whitney’s engagement. Whitney decides she’d rather have lemon aide instead of champagne. Gwen and Ethan decide to throw them an engagement party, but Fox realizes he has to tell Whitney the truth before any more time passes.

Eve again apologizes to TC, telling him she really didn’t know, and Liz tells him she had been right, that she had seen it on Alistair’s CD, and that Eve had been lying, forcing Julian to lie too, to save herself. Julian says he lied to Eve to protect her, and she repeats that she had no idea until right now that she had really been driving. She describes what she remembered, and says she didn’t realize it was true. Liz claims she had to know, and TC is confused again. He doesn’t know how she could drive a car, hit someone, and then leave him to die? (commercial)

Simone tells Kay she doesn’t want any part of Kay’s schemes. She tells her she is like an evil Lucy Ricardo, and any scheme she has must be lame. Simone just wants to forget it all and put it behind her. She feels like she needs to put a bag over her head so no one will recognize her. Then she tells about a radio announcer who calls Eve Dr. Slut and TC Coach Clueless. Kay tells her to stop saying those things and listen to her explain her plan. Simone agrees, and Kay tells her that Eve’s son and Chad were born in the same year, and although Simone says there are millions of kids born that year, Kay tells her all those kids didn’t come to Harmony to find their parents. Chad did. Simone then tells her that if they do make it look like Chad is Eve’s son, then Whitney would be marrying her brother. “Exactly”, Kay crows.

TC wonders why Eve can’t remember the accident, since he’s been talking about it and blaming Julian for it all these years. She swears she didn’t remember, and Liz tells them Eve was probably drunk or high on drugs and passed out at the wheel. Eve says she didn’t pass out, she just wasn’t paying attention. TC asks what she was doing, and she remembers laughing and asking for more champagne as she drove. She tells TC this, and he explodes. Julian said it was his fault, he shouldn’t have allowed her to drive, but TC won’t let him take the blame. He rants about losing everything and his father dying of a broken heart, and tells her he will always see his father’s face when he looks at her. He said he blamed Julian all those years for ruining his life, thinking he was the enemy, but he wasn’t. “I was sleeping with the enemy, Eve, sleeping with someone pretending to be my wife, pretending to be a loving mother to my kids, but you were nothing but the enemy all along.” Eve begins to weep as Liz looks on smugly. (commercial)

Kay tells Simone that if Whitney thinks Chad is her half-brother, the ick-factor would keep her from ever marrying him. “And you wonder why your schemes never landed you Miguel”, Simone says. Kay tells her the plans were ok, Charity just kept messing them up. Simone tells Kay that Eve ran a DNA test on Chad a long time ago and it didn’t match anyone, but Kay says the results could be wrong. They need to sneak into the lab and change the results. Simone reminds her that if Chad thinks he’s their half brother, he won’t want to be with her, either. Kay tells her it’s ok, they’ll just wait until Whitney is involved with someone else, then let the news out that the tests were wrong. Simone is still unsure, but Kay drags her along, anyway.

Gwen asks Whitney if she wouldn’t prefer champagne, but she says no, she’d rather drink her lemon aide. Theresa questions this, since Whitney loves champagne, but Whit says she doesn’t have to drink it all the time, and right now she prefers lemon aide. Gwen sits by the pool and proposes a toast to the babies and to Chad and Whitney’s children. Fox thinks about the fact that if they had children, Chad and Whitney wouldn’t just be their parents, they’d also be their aunt and uncle. Chad says they will wait before any children come, and Ethan says they can still practice. Chad agrees, and says that’s what they had been doing, but now Fox had suggested they stop having sex until their wedding night. “Fox suggested that?” Whitney asks. Fox says he did, and Chad asks if that’s not what she wants, to make the wedding night more special. She says yes, of course, a little unsure, and Chad tells them that Fox had thought it would be good for her, so they won’t make love again until they are married.

TC is still going on about Eve not telling him she was driving, and she repeats that she only just then remembered it. She said Julian tried to protect her by telling her it was all her imagination. Liz says she’s lying, and Julian tells her to stay out of it. Liz then tells everyone that Alistair had paid for Eve’s education as a means of keeping her quiet. Eve and TC are both stunned, and Liz rubs it in by saying Eve had kept it quiet all those years, even though her husband had been the man she had hit. (commercial)

Whitney pulls Fox aside and chides him for telling Chad not to have sex with her. She asks if he thinks that if Chad isn’t making love to her that she will go to him for it. He denies it, but she tells him that he may want her but she doesn’t want him. He tries to tell her he has something important to tell her, but she doesn’t want to hear it. She berates him for letting Chad think he was his friend, all the while scheming to get her away from him. She tells him he’s a snake.

Liz is still telling them that Eve took Alistair’s hush money and said nothing about the wreck. Eve denies it again, but Liz tells TC that Alistair protected Julian from being exposed by paying Eve’s medical school bills and keeping her mouth shut. Eve reminds them that she didn’t even remember the accident so he would have no reason to pay her hush money. She thought the money was from Julian because Alistair had made him leave her and their unborn child alone. She asks him if that is true, but he doesn’t answer and she realizes the money did come from Alistair. She then tries to convince TC she’s telling the truth and that Liz is lying. (commercial)

Kay and Simone sneak into the empty computer room. Simone is afraid they will get caught, but Kay tells her they won’t be there long enough to get caught. Simone asks if she knows how to use the computer, and Kay assures her she does. As she is hurrying to get it done, she hits the wrong button. As she is trying to fix her error, a nurse comes to the door and is going to come in. The girls get flustered, afraid they’ll be found out.

Ethan asks Chad if he’s found out anything about his parents. He says no, and he’s beginning to think he’ll never find out. After he leaves, Ethan tells Fox that he wants to find out who his parents are as a wedding present and have them come to the wedding as a surprise. Fox tells him he wouldn’t do that, and Ethan tells him to stop trying to get between Chad and Whitney. They are going to get married, whether Fox likes it or not. Fox tells him not to press his tux just yet, a lot can happen. Ethan tells him that his lame idea to get her to run to him because she and Chad aren’t making love any more won’t work. He asks what not finding Chad’s parents has to do with Whitney, but Fox tells him he is doing it for their own good. Ethan is not convinced.

Eve is still trying to convince TC that she never accepted the money from Alistair, and wouldn’t have because he took her son and wouldn’t give him to her. She says Liz has him confused by her lies, but he tells her she’s the one who’s been lying. He tells her she’s not his wife, not the mother of his children, and he just doesn’t know who she is anymore. She tries to say something and he yells at her to just shut up. He says she’s taken everything from him, he has nothing left, and then tells her to leave and take Julian with her. She finally does, with Liz smirking about it. TC watches her walk away, and Liz watches TC. (commercial)

Kay and Simone try to figure out what to do if the nurse comes in. Kay suggests they jump behind her if she comes in. Simone isn’t buying that, and Kay finally turns the computer off without fixing the error she had made. The nurse is stopped by a male nurse before she walks in the door, and they walk down the hall to make out. Kay and Simone, seeing their chance, sneak out, wondering what had been done to Chad’s record.

TC walks around his shed, and sees the box on a shelf that has his trophy in it. He picks it up and remembers how happy his father had been when he had won it. TC said he could have had it all if it weren’t for Eve, and now he’s lost it all because of her. Liz walks over and hugs him.

Eve tells Julian that TC blames her for ruining his life, and she did. Julian tries to tell her that’s not true, but she believes it is, and that he will never get over it. She says her marriage is over.

Gwen brings Theresa a bowl of fruit for a snack, and Theresa tells her she doesn’t have to do that. Gwen wants to do all she can for her since she’s having two babies for Gwen and Ethan. She talks of how happy they will all be once the babies are born and Theresa gives them to her and gets Little Ethan back. As she walks away, Theresa says she’s sorry, but she isn’t giving those babies to her. She’s keeping them, and when she’s done, Gwen will be lucky to keep Ethan.

Chad tells Whitney that as long as he can hold her and kiss her, he doesn’t mind not making love to her. She tells him they can make love, they don’t have to keep from making love because someone else tells them to. Fox is watching them kiss, and Ethan walks up to apologize for giving him a hard time earlier. He says he knows how hard it must be to see the woman he loves in the arms of a man he considers like a brother. Fox agrees that he does consider Chad to be his brother. Ethan tells him to be careful so it won’t blow up in his face. After Ethan leaves, Fox thinks about what will happen once Whitney finds out who Chad really is. Eve and Julian watch Chad and Whitney kiss in the pool, and while Eve is happy for them, Julian knows the truth – that they are brother and sister. Fox and Julian look at each other.


Previews: Eve: “It is possible for a woman to have two babies from two different


Gwen to Theresa, as she chokes her: “Who did you sleep with? Who

knocked you up, huh?”

TC : “Liz, you need to leave my house and you just…need to leave


Sheridan, walking through the jungle: “I’m going to make sure he

dies inste….Aaaaahhhhhh!” (as she falls in a trap)


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