Passions Update Wednesday 9/1/04

Passions Update Wednesday 9/1/04

By Shirley
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Whitney and Theresa are in the Crane sunroom, talking about the fact Theresa is having twins. They discuss the possibilities of the parentage of the two babies, and how that will affect what Theresa decides to do. She says again that she is keeping both babies, no matter what. Whitney doesn’t see how or why Theresa would do that, but Theresa tells her she would if she’d ever been pregnant. Whitney is bothered by that, and Theresa notices. She asks her friend if she’s ok, and is told that Whitney has something she needs to tell her.

Chad asks Fox what he means, and why the unofficial playboy of the world suddenly thinks two consenting adults shouldn’t be having sex, especially when they are about to get married. Fox tells him it’s complicated, and when Chad asks what business it is of his, he Fox tells him there is something important he needs to tell him.

TC is still fighting with Julian in the garage, and Eve is trying to stop him. TC says Julian has taken everything away from him and deserves to die, throwing Julian to the floor and jumping on him. Sam comes running in, wanting to know what’s going on. Eve tells him to stop TC before he kills Julian. She explains that Liz told TC she was driving the car that hit him, even though Julian has told them that he was. Liz argues that it was Eve that was driving. Sam grabbed TC and pulled him off of Julian, but the man just keeps saying he wants to kill him. Liz tells him he’s angry at the wrong person, Julian is just trying to protect Eve. TC throws Sam off him, sending him to the floor, then jumps back on Julian and grabs a wrench from his toolbox, wielding it over his head, getting ready to strike Julian with it.

The guide is leading Martin, Katherine, and Sheridan through the jungle to find Paloma. Sheridan still wants to go back and get Luis, but Martin and Katherine convince her to keep going with them, they have to find Paloma. The guide tells Martin to stay where they are for a few minutes so he can go make sure they are going the right way. They all sit down a rest while he’s gone. The guide runs through the jungle, running into Alistair. He tells the old man the others are right where he wants them, and Alistair hands him an envelope full of money, telling him that now those three will join Luis in death. (commercial)

Sheridan still wants to go back to the temple, believing he is still alive. They try to talk her into accepting that no one could have survived that explosion, but she says he’s been through worse and survived. Martin and Katherine talk about Alistair’s being responsible for all that’s happened. They swear they won’t let him hurt Paloma or anyone else. Meanwhile, Alistair tells the guide to take the three deeper in the jungle, so far they’ll never find their way back and no one will ever find their “gnawed-upon bones”. The guide is not sure he can do that, but Alistair tells him that if he doesn’t, they will die anyway and Alistair will make it look like the guide did it.

Chad is still wondering why Fox is telling him not to sleep with Whitney. Fox remembers hearing Alistair tell Julian that Chad is his and Eve’s son. He tells Chad that he and Whitney can make their own decisions, but he was just thinking about what a traditional woman Whitney is. Chad agrees, saying she’s up-to-date in some ways, but traditional in others. Fox agrees, saying that’s why she might not want to have sex before the wedding so it will be more special when it happens. He acts like even he thinks it’s strange. Chad reminds him it may be a while before they are married. He decides it might be a good idea to wait, if that’s what she wants. Fox asks if it will really be a while before they marry, and Chad tells him he can’t afford it right now, and it might be a while before he can. He has a chance at a contract with a big record company, and if that comes through, they could get married sooner. Just then the phone rings, and it is the company offering him a contract. He accepts, telling Fox that now he and Whitney might be able to get married in a week or two.

Theresa asks Whitney why she is looking so serious. She remembers her pregnancy test being positive, and starts to tell Theresa about it when Gwen and Ethan walk in. They are still thrilled about the twins. They notice Whitney looks tired and ask about it, but she tells them she’s fine, then tells them about her engagement. Gwen talks about how, if Chad and Whitney marry soon, they might have a child and their kids could play in the park together. Theresa, watching and listening, swears to herself that it won’t be Gwen strolling with the babies, it will be her.

TC is ready to hit Julian with the wrench, but Sam tells him to stop, he doesn’t want to kill him, but TC is sure he does. Even the threat of jail doesn’t seem to phase him. Liz tells him again that Julian wasn’t the one driving, Eve was. He asks Julian which it is, and Julian again says he was driving. TC swings the wrench at Julian’s head as Eve and the others react in shock and disbelief. (commercial)

The three in the jungle are still waiting for the guide. Martin and Katherine are still talking about what Alistair has done and is trying to do. Martin swears he will go back to Harmony and make Alistair pay for what he’s done. The guide comes back, saying he knows where to find Paloma, and they all set off, with Alistair watching. He tells Sheridan good-bye under his breath, saying she always reminded him of his no-good wife and he’s glad she will soon be dead.

Gwen tells Whitney and Theresa that she’s as excited as if she were carrying her own babies herself. She says that Whitney will be able to carry her own children, but Theresa tells her that it will be a couple of years at least before they have any kids, since she and Chad are so organized about everything. “Who knows, right?” Whitney says. Gwen then talks about the things she bought for the babies and goes to get a bag full of things to show them. Theresa asks if she’s jumping the gun, and Gwen worries that she might be feeling sick again. Theresa explains she just gets nervous because of what they say about waiting before buying too much stuff, but Gwen tells her she’s not superstitious, and doesn’t believe in that stuff, and that while she was nervous at first, hearing that Theresa was having twins she knew everything was going to be fine. Whitney looks at Theresa, who just smiles at her.

Chad can’t wait to tell Whitney they can start planning their wedding right away. Fox mumbles that she’s going to be surprised when she hears his news, too. Chad asks what he said, but Fox plays it off as nothing. He tells Chad that he thinks it’s going to take a while to get the wedding planned. Chad says it doesn’t matter, and that as long as Fox is there to be his best man, nothing else matters. He tells him he feels closer to Fox than he would to his real family. Fox agrees. Chad decides to go find Whitney and tell her about his good news so they can get their wedding plans going. As he walks away, Fox wonders about what will happen once they find out what he has to tell them.

Eve, Liz, and Sam are horrified at what TC has done to Julian. TC tells the limp body of Julian that he deserves to die, then drops the wrench he was holding on the floor. (commercial)

Whitney takes Theresa aside and tells her she hopes she feels guilty about what she’s planning to do to Gwen. Theresa tells her not enough to change her mind. She talks about what Rebecca and Gwen have done to her family, and says they deserve what they get. “What goes around, comes around, and I’m just evening the score.” Chad and Fox walk in the door at that moment and Chad walks over to Whitney for a kiss, then goes over to look at all the baby things. Fox stands at the door for a moment, as Whitney looks at him. Theresa notices, and asks if she’s still in love with Fox. Whitney denies it, saying she hates him more than anyone. Gwen tells the men about Theresa having twins, and that now they are all happy, since once Theresa has the babies, she will give them to her and then Theresa and Little Ethan can get on with their life together. Fox walks over to Theresa and asks if that’s the way it will be, and she says of course. He doesn’t believe her. He then tells Whitney he needs to talk to her about something, but she wants nothing to do with him. He tells himself that somehow he has to find a way to tell her that Chad is her half-brother.

Eve helps Julian off the floor as the others watch. TC says he should have killed him a long time ago. Julian says if that’s how he feels he should have used the wrench on him. TC says he is still confused and doesn’t know who was driving the car that night. Liz tells him it was Eve, and Eve denies it, again. Julian tells him he was driving the car again, and he would rather TC kill him than to keep torturing Eve any longer. TC asks what about the things she has done to him, then goes after Julian again. Sam stops him, holding him back. TC keeps saying he doesn’t know what to believe. Liz keeps saying she was driving, Eve keeps saying she wasn’t. TC finally thanks Julian. “For what?” he asks. TC tells him he is too much of a coward to tell a lie that would get him killed. Eve sees hope, and asks if he now believes she wasn’t driving. He says yes, and tells her there is hope for them to get past all that’s happened. He said if she was behind the wheel, he would never be able to forgive her, but she wasn’t. Liz is horrified that they might reconcile. (commercial)

Fox tries to talk to Whitney again, but she refuses, telling him there is nothing left to be said. Theresa tells him she loves him so much she has to act like she doesn’t. She wants to know what is so important that he has to tell Whitney right here and now. He tells her it’s not something he can talk to her about until after he’s told Whitney. Chad announces again that he and Whit are engaged, and then tells them about his big contract, and says that he and Whiney can get married right away in a small ceremony, then have the big wedding later. She is shocked, looking at Fox, and Chad asks if she’s changed her mind.

Liz tells TC he can’t believe Julian. He’s only saying he was driving to protect Eve. Eve says he’s telling the truth and TC knows that, too. Liz tries again, but TC tells her to be quiet, he made up his mind and doesn’t want to hear any more. Sam asks if he’s ok now, and TC says he is, and for the first time in years he’s not being eaten up inside over the accident. Eve wants to go inside and talk to TC about it all, but he would rather be alone for now, to think. Sam leaves, too, telling Eve to just give him some time, things might work out yet. Liz tells her it isn’t over yet, and chases TC into the house. Eve thanks Julian, who tells her he would have said anything for her because he loves her so much. She wonders if he was really lying and asks him about it.

The guide leads Martin, Katherine, and Sheridan into the deep jungle. Martin asks if he’s sure they’re going the right way, and the guide says yes. Martin turns to help the women, and when they got to the clearing, the guide was gone. They find a note taped to a tree telling them the guide was sorry, but he had been paid to bring them into the jungle and leave them. The guide goes and meets Alistair, telling him they are where they will never find their way out of the jungle again, which pleases Alistair very much. (commercial)

Chad asks what Whitney thinks about getting married right away, and Fox says although he isn’t experienced in these things, he thought they should wait, since Whitney wanted a big wedding. He says it takes time to set up, and Theresa agrees. Chad says that’s true, but they could have a small wedding now, then the big fancy one later. He asks what Whitney thinks, and she tells him she loves him and he shouldn’t listen to Fox, since he doesn’t know what a woman wants, anyway. She says there’s nothing she wants more than to marry him right away. Fox looks bemused, then says to himself, “Oh, God, Whitney, if you only knew.” Ethan tells Fox he knows how he feels about Whitney, but she loves Chad and he can’t interfere with that. He then talks about how they all have something to celebrate and lists all the reasons. Chad then adds Fox to that, since he is making his way up the ladder of success in Crane Industries. Gwen suggests a pool party, since they have enough suits for everyone. Theresa declines the swimming because of the babies, but everyone else agrees. Fox silently asks that Whitney not “shoot the messenger” when he tells her the truth.

Liz and TC are in the kitchen of the Russell home, and she is telling him not to believe Julian or Eve, no matter how much he wants to. She tells him that Julian is only backing Eve’s story because he wants her to have another chance with TC, which he finds unbelievable. He says the Julian he knows would say she was driving so he could have her, not lie to keep them together. She replies that Julian loves Eve so much he wants her to be happy, even if it means being with TC. He tells her that’s not the Julian he knows, and that the information she may have seen on those cd’s could have been fabricated by Alistair, because that’s what he does. If he believed Eve was driving the car, he could never believe her in a million years.

Eve and Julian walk out of the garage, and she asks him again if he is telling the truth or if she was driving the car. She says she has to know or she won’t be able to live with herself one more day. (commercial)

Liz is still trying to convince TC that Eve is lying. She says the cd’s were Alistair’s private files and he had no reason to lie on them. TC doesn’t want to believe her, and starts to make some tea. Liz spies Eve and Julian by the garage, talking, and tells TC to look because they were probably scheming, coming up with more stories. Eve is still trying to get Julian to tell her if she was driving again, and he tries to convince her she wasn’t, she was in the passenger seat. She starts remembering what happened and sees herself trading places with Julian and seeing the wrecked car and TC passed out in the front seat. She realizes she was driving and says “Oh, my God, I was driving! I’m the monster that ruined TC’s life”, then turns and sees TC and Liz standing there listening.

The group in the Crane mansion head toward the pool, Theresa included. Gwen tells her it is best that she doesn’t swim because of the babies. Theresa assures her she’s taking care of them like they were her own, then smirks. Gwen is still excited about being a mother, and Ethan thanks Theresa again and says he knew they could work out their differences. Chad says he hadn’t known they were going to get twin, and Ethan laughingly agrees. He says life is a surprise sometimes. Chad agrees with that and cites the fact he and Whitney may soon be married as an example. He had thought it would be a couple of years, and then he got the contract and now it could only be a couple of days. Gwen tells them that once they are married, she thinks they might change their minds about waiting to have kids. Chad says they are pretty definite about that. Whitney doesn’t look so sure. The all head out to the pool area, but Whitney goes to get her purse and Fox catches her and tells her she might change her mind about marrying Chad once she hears what he has to say.

The three in the jungle can’t figure out which way they came into the clearing, and there is so much vegetation they can’t see. The women are worried, but Martin tries to calm them down. He tells them they can follow the sun West and end up outside the jungle. Katherine agrees that he has a great sense of direction. They decide to eat something, then discover that the guide had taken all the food and left containers full of dirt. Sheridan freaks out, saying they have been left there to die.


Chad to Whitney, as Fox looks on: “Fox said it would be good for you,

so we’re not going to make love again until after our


Kay to Simone: “We’re going to change Chad’s DNA results to make

everyone think that he’s Whitney’s half-brother.”

TC: “I always thought that he was the enemy. But he wasn’t the enemy, Eve,

I was sleeping with the enemy!”



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