Passions Update Tuesday 8/31/04

Passions Update Tuesday 8/31/04

By Shirley
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa is back home at the mansion, sitting in her room while Gwen fusses over her. She gives Theresa a glass of water, and Theresa thanks her and Ethan for letting her stay there to be close to Little Ethan. Gwen reminds her that it also allows her to be close to the babies Theresa is carrying for her. She thanks her again, mentioning what a miracle it is that she is carrying twins. Ethan agrees, and Gwen says they need to go see the new things they bought, but she wants to thank Theresa again. She says if anyone had told her they would be that close, she wouldn’t have believed them, then hugged Theresa, kissing her cheek and saying how great it is that they are now friends. After Gwen and Ethan leave the room, Theresa wipes Gwen’s kiss off her cheek and says she could never be friends with the woman who tried to keep her son away from her. She goes over to the computer to look up what it means to have two separate amniotic sacs.

Julian is still talking to Fox, wondering how he will tell Eve that Chad is her son. Fox agrees, and says he is also worried about how to tell Whitney she’s about to marry her own brother.

Chad and Whitney are on their sofa, and he asks her what’s wrong. She remembers finding out the results of her pregnancy test, then starts trying to figure out how to tell him about it. She reminds him of their talk about having a family, and he answers by telling her how he envisions their life together, and how they won’t have kids until they get their careers going, buy a house, etc. She tells him that plan won’t work.

Liz is still telling Eve she was driving the car that wrecked into TC. He remembers that his father died from a broken heart because of that accident. Liz says she saw the proof, and although Eve might have been high as a kite, somewhere inside she has to know she was the driver. Eve denies it again, and TC is just plain confused over who to believe. The two women keep arguing about it, each trying to get TC to believe them. Eve finally prays to God that it not be true.

In the jungle, Sheridan asks Martin if he is Luis’ father. (commercial)

Theresa finds out she might have conceived one child at one time and the other at another time, meaning one could be the implant while the other is hers and Ethans. She vows that no matter how it turns out, Ethan is still the daddy and she will keep both of the babies.

Fox asks Julian if he has any ideas on how to break the news to the two women. Julian says all he knows is he doesn’t want to cause any more pain for Eve after all she’s been through, and Fox concurs. They wish each other luck, and Fox leaves, while Julian stays to take care of something. As Fox closes the door behind him he wonders how he can tell Whitney that the man she is going to marry is the half-brother of them both.

Chad tells Whitney not to look so serious, since none of their plans are set in stone. She tells him he sounded so serious about not wanting children right away, and he reminds her that she had said the same thing after Theresa and then Kay had gotten pregnant so young. They talk about when he has a son, how happy he will be, and she asks if he’d like to have him sooner rather than later. He says he will be very happy to have a son, but it’s a mistake to have one too soon. It would just mess up everything.

Eve asks again for the proof. Eve talks about her memory flashes, how they are just fast , short flashes. Liz talks about denial, and Eve asks TC why she would lie about it? He asks how he can believe her now, after all the lies he just found out about, and she says because she loves him and would never lie about the worst night of his life. She tells him not to let Liz’ lies keep them from getting back together as they had planned. She begs him to believe her, not Liz.

Martin tells the women they have to go now if they want to have a chance to find Paloma. Sheridan wants an answer to her question first. He says that first Antonio was killed, then Luis, and “now my Paloma”. Sheridan is shocked and asks again if he is Martin Fitsgerald. (commercial)

Chad talks about the responsibility of having children and says he doesn’t want to start their life together with the burden of a child. It’s best to wait. He then asks what she wants to do for the day and suggests telling everyone of their engagement or looking for a wedding dress. She says she was thinking about checking in on Theresa, and he thinks that’s a great idea. He isn’t able to go with her due to business, but she should go and have fun. As she leaves, she wonders how she will be able to tell Chad she’s pregnant.

Liz asks TC if he is going to believe his disloyal, lying wife, or her, who has no alterior motives. Eve argues that she is lying right now, and TC walks out so he can think. Liz tells her she was driving the car, and Eve continues to deny it, saying Liz is just upset because TC wants to get back with her. Liz keeps telling her it’s true, and then walks out as Julian calls Eve on the phone. She tells him of Liz’ latest statements, and asks him if it is true that she was actually driving the car. He reassures her that she was not driving that night. She feels better about that, but feels that there is no way she and TC will reconcile after all because of all Liz’ lies. He says he needs to talk to her, to give her some news, and she begs that it not be more bad news because she just couldn’t handle it. He hangs up wondering how he is going to manage to tell her about Chad.

Sheridan is still trying to get Martin to tell her if he’s Luis’ father. He says he meant that he has always felt so close to Paloma, and Katherine agreed she feels like their own daughter. And hearing so much about the other kids, they had grown attached to them, too, and think of them as theirs, also. Then Martin says that as hard as it is to leave Luis buried in the temple, they have to so they will have a better chance of finding Paloma. Sheridan apologizes for her questions, saying she is under so much stress she isn’t thinking straight. They tell her they understand. Sheridan then tells them they have to try to get Luis out, but Martin says as strong as he is, no one could have survived that temple falling on them. Sheridan argues that he has come through worse in the past, and he could be under the rocks, waiting for help. Martin tells her there is no chance of that, but she argues as small as the chance may be, she still wants to find him. She runs to the rocks and starts calling to Luis. (commercial)

Sheridan is still calling to Luis. Katherine tells her they have to leave, but Sheridan won’t go. The guide offers to track Paloma while they stay there looking for Luis, and they agree. They start pulling on the rocks, trying to move them to find Luis.

Gwen thanks Ethan for convincing her not to worry about Theresa. She says she is no longer worried about it. She tells him not to tell anyone, especially Rebecca, that she is starting to like Theresa and will be able to forgive her all she’s done once Theresa places their babies in Gwen’s arms. Ethan asks if she means even Sarah.

Whitney arrives in Theresa’s room, and she tells her friend she really needs her help.

Chad is at his desk, working, when Fox comes in to talk to him. He asks if Whitney is there, and Chad tells him she is over at Theresa’s talking about the wedding. Chad says they’ve been through a lot trying to get to this point, and Fox agrees. Chad tells Fox his support is an important part of the reason they are still together and about to get married. Fox says he didn’t do anything, then says he needs to talk about Whitney’s brother. Chad asks if he knows who it is, and asks for his name. (commercial)

Katherine takes Sheridan away from pulling on the rocks so she can rest. Sheridan agrees to rest, but says she won’t give up. Martin tells Katherine to let her rest for a while, then goes back to try to move the rocks. Katherine goes over to talk to him, and he blames himself for it all. He says he brought down a curse on his whole family when he took her away from Alistair. He wants to be able to tell Luis and Sheridan who they are, and now if they don’t find him alive, he’ll never know how much Martin loves him.

Julian arrives at the garage, and Eve is glad to see him. They hear Liz telling TC not to go back in there, but Julian refuses to leave. Liz makes a smart remark about Julian being there to rescue her. Eve tries to tell TC she wasn’t driving again. He tells Julian he had hated him all these years because he believed Julian had been driving the car, but now he knows it was Eve. Julian tells him no one meant for the accident to happen. Eve joins in and says no one is to blame for it, it was an accident. TC tells her he no longer blames Julian, because he knows Eve was driving. He apologized to Julian, but Eve keeps telling him it’s not true, she wasn’t driving. He tells her he can’t forget nor forgive what she did and he never wants to see her face again. (commercial)

Martin tells Sheridan they can’t get into the temple. Sheridan doesn’t want to stop trying, but Martin tells her it will do no good and they have to find Paloma. She refuses to go. The guide comes back telling them he has found them by their tracks. Martin says they have to go now, but Sheridan refuses to go without Luis. He tells her she has no choice, but she runs to the rocks and starts calling Luis.

Fox tells Chad that his grandfather is having a cow about them finding out who the lost son is, but doesn’t tell Chad that it’s him. Chad wonders about how it was to grow up a

Crane with all that money, and Fox tells him he didn’t grow up at home. Chad says he missed not having a family. That’s why he wants to marry Whitney so much, so he will have a family. He says the wedding will make up for all the bad things that have happened, and he’s glad Fox will be standing up with him. Fox agrees, and Chad talks about what a great friend he is. Chad then tells him that he and Whitney want a big family and had been talking about having kids. Fox says nothing about them being siblings.

Theresa tells Whitney she is scaring her, and Whitney says the news she has is really big and she needs her help. Theresa asks if her news is bigger than finding out she’s pregnant with twins. She explains to her that the doctor told her she’s having twins, and that they are in two separate sacs. Whitney is stunned when she tells her they might be the original implant and one from her and Ethan’s night of passion. Whitney tells her they could both be Gwen’s, and asks what she’ll do if both babies are Gwen’s. Theresa says she doesn’t care if they are, she’s keeping them both, no matter what. Whit then asks about getting Little Ethan back if Theresa keeps the babies, and Theresa tells her she is keeping all of them. Gwen doesn’t deserve to have any of them after what she’s done to her.

Gwen is wondering if she will be able to forgive Theresa for Sarah’s death, and agrees she can’t do that. But, she can get along with her and be friends, which is progress. Ethan agrees. The maid comes in and tells them there is another delivery. The men bring the things in and Ethan is amazed that she got them there so fast. Gwen says it’s because her mother is married to a Crane.

Eve tells TC he can’t mean what he said. He repeats it and tells her to take Julian and leave. She still denies it, while Liz says she was driving. TC won’t believe anything Eve says again, and tells them to get out. Julian tells him there is something he really needs to know first. (commercial)

Whitney tells Theresa she is totally out to lunch with her plan to keep all the kids. Theresa tells her that Gwen should have thought about that before she took her child, and it doesn’t matter what she wants, she can go straight to hell in a handbasket.

Chad tells Fox he wants him to be their first child’s godfather, which shocks Fox. Chad tells him not to worry, it won’t be for quite a while, and meantime they can keep practicing. Fox tells him they can’t do that, and Chad assumes he means they should not have sex until the wedding. Fox tells him flat out that they need to stop having sex right now. Chad realizes Fox is serious, and asks him why not?

Liz tells TC not to listen to Julian, as nothing he has to say will change anything. Julian says that everything Liz has told him is a lie. She protests that Julian is the liar. Julian says he is the one driving that night. TC asks if he really thinks knowing that will make him feel better. Julian tells him to look in his eyes and see if he is telling the truth or not, and as TC does that, he jumps at him yelling “You bastard!”

Sheridan swears Luis is alive, but Martin and Katherine say he’s not. She tells them she would know if he were dead. They tell her they have to go now to find Paloma, there is no choice. She won’t leave, and continues crying, saying he’s alive. They pull her away screaming that Luis needs her, and the camera shows a tennis shoe lodged between the rocks.

Previews: Alistair, while handing an envelope to someone: “It’s almost time for the

three of them to join Antonio and Luis, in death.”

Whitney to Theresa: “Theresa, there’s something I have to tell you.”

Sam, getting up off the garage floor as TC holds a wrench above Julian’s

head as he holds him down: “TC! You don’t want to kill him!”

TC’s reply: “The hell I don’t!”



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