Passions Update Monday 8/30/04

Passions Update Monday 8/30/04

By Shirley
Pictures by Juanita

Tabitha is dancing around her living room with Endora in her arms. She sits on the sofa, crowing over what a great day it is because of all the pain in Harmony, then tells Endora to project video of what's happened. A TV screen appears, showing all the things that have gone wrong for everyone. It shows Whitney, Fox, and Chad, while Tabby tells about all that's going on with them, including the fact Whitney is now pregnant by her own brother. Then it switches to Theresa and the fact she's expecting twins. After that, it shows all the things that have gone on with Eve since her past was revealed. She continued telling all the bad things that have happened to everyone. It was a very effective way to catch us up on where we had left off before the break. (commercial)

We see more replays of what had happened on the last show. Then, after it's over, we see Theresa and Pilar talking in the hospital room. Pilar tells her daughter she can't keep both babies because she has no justification to do so. Theresa asks what justification Gwen had for taking her son, and Pilar reminds her it was Rebecca, not Gwen, who took Little Ethan. Theresa says it's the same difference, but Pilar disagrees, telling her that she doesn't like what her daughter is doing, trying to keep Gwen's baby. Theresa says they may both be hers, and Pilar replies they may both be Gwen's, too. Theresa says they are hers because she's carrying them. She won't give them up after carrying them, and she's going to get Little Ethan back, too. She then sees Gwen standing in the room, and hears her say that they heard, and they know everything.

Eve asks TC why he called her to come over to try to get back together. He says he did, but now it's different because she told him there were no more secrets. She says she did tell him all, but he won't buy it because Liz told him differently. Eve tries to tell TC that Liz is the one who caused the problems, but Liz replies that it's all Eve's fault because of the things she did and the lies she told. TC says the new lies are worse than any of the others, and Eve asks what he means. He told her she was driving the car, but she denies it. He tells her he had been blaming Julian all these years when she was the one who caused all his problems.

Julian is still digesting the fact that Chad is his son. Alistair confirms it again. Julian worries about telling Eve, then realizes what it means for Whitney. Alistair makes jokes about the fact she is trying to marry her own brother, then tells Julian to leave. As he walks out of the office, he finds Fox standing there, and they discuss the ramifications of the new information they just received.

Whitney is still upset over the fact she's pregnant, wondering how it could be when they'd always been so careful. Chad knocks on the door, asking if she's ok, and she replies under her breath that she isn't all right at all.

In Mexico, Alistair's henchman has Paloma, who just watched the temple explode and bury him under tons of rock. He tells her Luis is dead and nothing will bring him back. Sheridan runs toward the temple, with Katherine and Martin in pursuit. She is calling Luis, wanting to get him out, but Katherine grabs her and holds her back. Martin is watching from behind, and says "No, no my son" under his breath. Sheridan breaks away and runs toward the temple. They see the rubble, and more falling, and pull back, shocked by the sight. (commercial)

Gwen says she doesn't believe it, and Ethan says he doesn't either, going into the fact that they had let her live in their mansion until the baby was born and then they'd give Little Ethan back when they got their baby she is carrying. Theresa is certain they heard her say she won't give the babies to them, and asks what they are going to do. Gwen says "Don't you know?"

TC tells Eve he is shocked that the one person he loved more than anything is the one that took away everything he had worked so hard for. Eve continues to swear she hadn't been driving while Liz continues to say she had. Eve tells TC she knows she wasn't driving because Julian told her so. At this news, TC says he knew it all the time, and that now he's going to kill Julian for it, and no one will stop him

Fox tries to run out to find Whitney. Julian stops him, but the younger Crane says he has to let Whitney know before she marries her own brother. Julian tells him that they don't even know if it's true, there may be any number of reasons Alistair would want to make it up. Fox said it could be Julian who doesn't want to believe it's true. Julian reminds him that blood tests were taken and they didn't match either his or Eve's blood. Alistair walks out, calls him an idiot, and tells him that he had changed those tests to show no match. He wishes he could be a fly on the wall when Julian tells Eve that her daughter is about to marry her son.

Chad repeats his question to Whitney as to whether she is ok or not. She says she is while throwing away the test. She tells herself that she has to stay calm, then goes out to talk to Chad. She tells him she's fine, and he wants to talk about their wedding. She agrees, and he starts talking about waiting for children because nothing messes up a good relationship like unwanted kids. Whitney is worried about the statement.

Sheridan wants to dig Luis out, but Martin and Katherine are holding her back, telling her she needs to stay back. She begs to be let go so she can find him, and finally pulls herself free, running to the rubble and pulling at it to free Luis. More starts tumbling down as she covers her head and moves out of the way. (commercial)

Julian follows Alistair back into his office asking why he should believe the old man had changed the results of the DNA tests. He explains that the timing had been wrong for the information that the Cranes had a mixed race heir. Fox asks why he is telling them now, and Alistair says there's already been so much bad publicity that more won't make a difference, then starts talking about all the things Sheridan and Julian have done that brought bad publicity to them. He decides there's nothing to lose at this point by the information coming out. He doesn't care about it because he doesn't care about Julian, he'll never take over Crane Industries, and as far as he's concerned, Julian is dead to him. Julian says he doesn't care about any of that, and Alistair makes fun of his new-found spine. He tells him he'll need it when Eve's daughter marries their son, and then jokes about how they will seat the guests when they're all from the same family.

Chad and Whitney are talking about having children. He says he wants to have children some day, and tells her he hopes the first will be a son so he can give him the life Chad himself had never had - a loving, stable home with two parents who love him. Whitney says he might have not missed anything, since her family had seemed to be loving, but her mother turned out to be a whore.

TC tells Eve he always knew Julian had been the hit-and-run driver that night. Eve tries to explain Julian never meant to hurt him, it was just an accident, but TC said the Cranes don't have accidents. They had deliberately caused him to lose out on the life he had planned. Liz butted in saying that Eve was driving that night, that Eve is lying again, and she saw the proof. Eve tells her to show it to her, and Liz tells her it was on one of the cd-roms Luis had stolen but had to give back. Eve swears she wasn't driving, but Liz is determined to make TC believe it. She tells her she saw the proof, then realizes Eve really doesn't remember it. She tells her she must have been drinking or drugging at the time, but it did happen. Eve was driving the car that night. Eve looks stunned and confused.

At the temple, Martin runs in and grabs Sheridan out of the way as more rubble falls. He convinces her she can't dig Luis out and leads her back to Katherine. Sheridan says Luis can't be dead, and it's just not fair. Katherine holds her as she cries. (commercial)

Gwen tells Theresa thank you several times and then says she is so thrilled. Ethan says it like two for the price of one, and Theresa finally figures out what they were talking about as the doctor walks in. He sees Theresa knows he told them, and he apologizes, telling her he just couldn't keep it a secret from them since Gwen was so worried about her.

Alistair tells Julian that he's been hounding him for years for the name of his son, and now he has it. "You should have left well enough alone, Julian. But then, you never have." Julian starts remembering the talks he's had with Chad over the years and figures he should have known he was his son.

Chad and Whitney are still talking about Whitney's family and the brother she never knew. She tells him she doesn't want to know him, but Chad says he'll be their children's uncle and they'll have to know him. He then tells her not to focus on her brother, that they will use the first few years of their marriage to set themselves up, then start having babies. She asks what about accidents, what about if, despite all their plans, something unexpected happens. He tells her they will deal with it.

Liz is still trying to convince Eve that she was driving the car the night TC was injured. TC is confused as to who is telling the truth. Eve swears that although she was in the car, she wasn't driving, and had she been driving, she would have told him. Liz starts telling her that sure, she would have told him like she told him about her baby with Julian, and TC told her to shut up and let Eve talk. Eve tells him that a while back she remembered being in the car and went to ask Julian if she had been driving. He swore she hadn't, that he had, and her flashes of memory were just tricks her mind was playing on her. TC asked about the memories, and she starts to remember one, realizing as she does that she was driving, after all. TC and Liz see it on her face as she realizes the truth. "No, it can't be true", she says. (commercial)

Gwen and Ethan are still celebrating the news of their twins. Meanwhile, Theresa is angry that Gwen is celebrating the idea of taking another of her children from her. They finally leave to go shopping after thanking Theresa again. She leaves on cloud nine, and Pilar asks Theresa how she can think of keeping Gwen's babies from her. Theresa repeats all the things Gwen and her mother have done to the family, and tells her she will keep her babies and get Little Ethan back, too.

Fox tells Julian he doesn't mind Chad being his brother, but he hates what the news will do to Whitney. Julian agrees, and worries that Eve will be devastated. Fox wonders why they seem destined to bring pain to the women they love, and Julian says it must be a curse on the Crane family. He says they have no problem with power, fame, and money, but they just can't seem stop causing pain to the women they love. Fox says he will never be able to live with himself if their family destroys her.

Chad brings Whitney a drink and makes a toast, but she can't drink it. He wonders why, and she says there's something very important she needs to tell him.

TC says he has to know which woman is lying. Liz continues telling her she was driving, making her remember, and she finally does realize the memories are real. Liz gloats to TC.

The gunman is tying Paloma up again in the shack. She tells him she will kill him, and he laughs about that. He calls Alistair to tell him Luis is dead. The old man is Happy about it, but says Sheridan, Martin, and Katherine are next. He tells the man to save Paloma for last.

Martin tells Katherine and Sheridan they still need to find Paloma. Sheridan wants to stay and follow later. Martin tells her she can't stay, they have to find Paloma, no matter how hard it is to leave. He then starts crying and swears he won't let Alistair kill another of his children. Sheridan asks what he means by that.

Previews: Theresa to Pilar: "Gwen doesn't deserve any of my children, and she's

not going to get them."

TC to Eve: "Shut up. I don't blame Julian, I blame you."

Sheridan to Martin: "My God! Are you Luis' father? Are you Martin


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