Passions Update Friday 8/13/04

Passions Update Friday 8/13/04

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Passions Update 8/13/04

In the hospital, the doctor is checking Theresa out, while Ethan, Gwen, and Pilar watch him anxiously. Gwen is worried that her baby will be lost. Pilar tries to calm Theresa down as the doctor listens to her stomach. When he is through, he asks when she had her last ultrasound, and Gwen tells him it’s been a while. The doctor orders the machine to perform another, then leaves the room. Theresa worries about losing the baby after all she’s been through, and Pilar tells her not to worry, to wait and see what the ultrasound tells them. Ethan wants to wait outside, but Gwen wants to stay to make sure Theresa has been telling the truth, and that the baby’s ok. He finally puts her arm around her and takes her out of the room. Theresa tells Pilar she can’t lose the baby after losing Gwen’s implant. Pilar tells her to be quiet so Gwen won’t hear what she has done. Theresa tells her again that she won’t lose this baby and she won’t give it to Gwen.

Whitney and Fox are talking in the hospital corridor while waiting on word about Theresa. She asks what regrets he is talking about, since there is “no us”. He says there is, that he loves her, but she says he doesn’t. She tells him he’s just like Julian, thinking that all women are lusting after him because he is a Crane. She says her mother may settle for being a Crane mistress, but she won’t. He tells her that Eve and Julian have nothing to do with it, that he loves her and always has. She asks why he’s telling her all this now, and he replies that now he knows she has feelings for him, too. In an effort to prove it to her, he pulls her to him and kisses her.

Liz is still trying to understand how TC can tell her to leave after they made love. He tells her Father Lonigan made him see how wrong that was, and that he has to try to work it out with Eve. Liz wonders how he can do that, how he can forgive Eve for all her lies and the things she did in the past. He tells her that is all in the past, and she reminds him about finding Eve and Julian making love last night. He agrees, but says he made love to Liz last night, too, so he can’t judge her for that. Liz is stunned, but tells him she loves him and will never lie to him or sleep with another man, trying to get him to not take Eve back, not even talk to her, because she will just lie to him again.

Eve is telling Chad that she can’t believe her marriage is over, that TC has found out about her past. Chad tells her that TC loves her, maybe they can work things out, and she says she would love to believe that, but it won’t happen, and she doesn’t know how she’ll live without her husband and daughter. Chad assures her that Whitney will get over it. Eve worries about her, since she was so angry when she ran out. Then she says she hopes Julian is ok, since he went to force Alistair to tell him the name of their son. She tells Chad she feels so badly because Alistair stole her baby, and he could be standing right in front of her but she wouldn’t know it. Meanwhile, Julian arrives at Alistair’s door, swearing he won’t leave until he has their son’s name.

Katherine runs into the jungle to save Sheridan from Alistair’s plot. In the shed where Paloma was tied up, she is still trying to figure out how to get out with the snake hanging in the door. Sheridan is deep in the jungle now, unable to find Luis, and she remembers Alistair’s words on the telephone – that Luis was going to die in the jungle. She vows to find him and warn him so she won’t lose him again. Paloma also wants to warn Luis, but still can’t get out. Meanwhile, Luis is still searching, calling her name, as the gunman aims his gun at him while talking to an obviously drunken Alistair on the phone. He vows to kill Luis, saying he’s as good as dead. (commercial)

Back at the hospital, Theresa is telling Pilar that if she loses the baby, she’ll never get Little Ethan back. Pilar tells her she promised to give the baby to Gwen and can’t back out now. She reminds her that Gwen has suffered a lot, and will be even more vengeful toward Theresa if she doesn’t give her the baby. Theresa tells her she feels sorry for the pain Gwen has gone through, but she and her mother have put the whole Lopez-Fitzgerald family through pain, and taken Little Ethan from her, and she won’t let her pity for Gwen stop her from getting her son back. She wonders why she started having pains, since everything was going well, and Pilar says maybe God is giving her a message. Theresa doesn’t believe that, since God knows how much she’s suffered and that losing the baby would mean she’d never get her own child back. The doctor walked in then, ready to do the ultrasound.

Julian walks into Alistair’s office and sees the broken tv screens and the mess in the office. He asks what’s happened, saying he’s never seen his father in that state before, but Alistair tells him to mind his own business. He asks why Julian is there, and Julian tells him he’s there to get the name of his son. Alistair laughs and says it may be better not to know, and that knowing who their son is may not bring Eve happiness at all.

Eve is telling Chad that he is a good man, and if he’s the one Whitney loves, then she’s happy they are getting married. Chad tells her he plans to have a long, happy marriage, and Eve hopes it’s so. Chad assures her that the two have an incredible future together and that he’s never felt as close to anyone as he does to Whitney. Meanwhile, Whitney pulls away from Fox’s kiss, telling him “No”, she doesn’t want to be used by Fox like Eve was used by Julian. Fox says his father has always loved her mother, but she says he couldn’t since he turned her into a drunk and drug addict, got her pregnant, then walked out on her. Fox tried to tell her that’s not how it was, but she wouldn’t listen. She won’t be another of the notches on his belt. He says if she really believes that, why did she hook him up with her best friend, and she says it’s because she didn’t realize what a sleaze he was. She then was hit with a bout of nausea and made a mad dash to the restroom. Fox asked if he could help, but she told him to leave. She wonders why she’s been feeling sick every morning for a couple of weeks, then realizes the answer and says “No, I can’t be!”

The gunman wasn’t able to shoot Luis, but decides to go to Plan B, assuring himself that this time, Luis will certainly die. Luis, Martin, and the guide are still trying to find where Paloma was taken. She is still in the shed, and as she tries to think of a way out, the snake strikes at her, and she screams. (commercial)

Eve tells Chad that the doctor called and said Theresa is just fine. She tells Chad she hopes one day Whitney will talk to her again, and Chad says he believes she will, and TC will, also. Eve says there isn’t enough time in the world for TC to forgive her. Liz is still trying to get TC to give up on Eve, and says there might be more secrets. TC says he has to try, and Liz berates him for thinking about forgiving her, telling him he’s making a big mistake. TC tells her that she did try to do a good thing by trying to reunite Aunt Irma with Eve, but if she can’t forgive Eve’s past, she will have to leave. He calls Eve, who is shocked, but happy. He tells her he wants to talk about getting back together and picking up the pieces of their marriage. She is thrilled.

In the jungle, Luis and Martin hear Paloma scream, although the guide swears he heard nothing. Luis is sure it is her, and takes off in the direction it came from. Paloma finally escapes the snake and makes it out of the shed, calling Luis and running to find him. A few seconds later, the gunman comes back and finds the shed empty, then runs to look for the girl. He finds Sheridan, instead, and decides to kill her. As Sheridan is walking along, looking for Luis, a hand comes out of the leaves and covers her mouth, preventing her from screaming. (commercial)

The doctor is starting the ultrasound, and asks Gwen and Ethan to leave. Gwen argues, but Ethan says the doctor will show them the results, and they leave. He begins to look at what the ultrasound shows, as Theresa asks if the baby is all right.

TC tells Liz to go start packing, because he’s serious about her leaving. Liz doesn’t believe he is doing that. He tells her that it’s the only chance he and Eve have of getting their marriage back on track, and since there are no more secrets, it should work out. Liz tells him to go to the shed with her, because she has something she needs to tell him that will change his mind about Eve forever, since there is another secret.

Whitney gets back to Chad, and he tells her TC called her mother and they are going to talk out their problems. He offers to get a doctor for her, but she tells him to go on home and she will stop by the pharmacy to get what she needs. He agrees, and leaves, while she hopes what she is thinking isn’t true.

Julian tells Alistair he wants his son’s name right now, or he will go to the police and tell them what’s under the gazebo. Alistair warns he will be putting himself in jail, too, but Julian says that doesn’t matter, only Eve’s happiness matters, and he will give up everything to bring a little joy to her life. Alistair says that’s a noble idea, but it may not be a happy thing for Eve to know her son’s name. He agrees to tell him the name, however. Fox is outside the door, listening. Alistair warns Julian he will understand why the name was kept secret.

The person who grabbed Sheridan was Katherine, who was trying to keep her from walking into a poisonous snake. Sheridan thanks her, and tells her she has to warn Luis, since Alistair threatened his life. Katherine says Sheridan is also in danger, and she should come back to the Inn with her. Sheridan refuses, going to find Luis. Katherine follows, as the gunman is foiled again. He decides to go and get the temple ready for Luis, to make sure he finally dies. Martin and Luis arrive at the shed and find Paloma’s bracelet, which Martin recognizes. They realize she was there, and just left. She is in the jungle, calling Luis’ name, and he finally here’s her. She is by the temple, and the men start that way. The gunman says she is leading Luis right to his death. (commercial)

Liz and TC arrive at the shed, and TC asks why they are there. Liz says he has to know about the accident. She tells him she saw the cd-roms Luis had stolen from Alistair and found out it wasn’t Julian driving the car the night of the accident that ended TC’s tennis career. He asks who was, as Eve arrives at the door, thanking God for another chance to get her husband and family back.

Whitney arrives at the studio, and Chad asks how she is. She says fine, and while he gets her some tea, she goes to the restroom to do the pregnancy test she brought home with her. She says the tea Chad is making would have to be magic tea in order to make her feel better, and wonders what she’ll do if the test turns out to be positive.

Alistair tells Julian that he isn’t always cold and cruel; sometimes he wants to save people heartache. Julian tells him to shut up and tell him the name, and Fox is also anxious to hear. Finally, Alistair spits it out – their son’s name is Chad Harris! (commercial)

Pilar asks the doctor if something is wrong, and tells them Theresa is having twins. The women are shocked.

Martin and the guide find Sheridan and Katherine. They all start out to find Luis, who had gone ahead after hearing Paloma scream. The girl arrives at the temple, and is promptly grabbed by the gunman and told that now she has led Luis to his death.

TC tells Liz to tell him who was driving the car. Liz says before she does, she needs him to believe that she is telling the truth, and has seen proof of it. He agrees, and she tells him it was Eve. She tells him Julian was in the car, but Eve was driving. Just then Eve walks in for the talk TC had wanted, and he just stares at her. She wonders what’s wrong and walks toward him, then sees Liz. She asks what’s wrong, while Liz smirks and TC just stares at her. (commercial)

Ethan and Gwen, in the hospital corridor, are wondering what’s going on with the ultrasound. Ethan tries to calm her, and takes her to get something to drink. She is worried about what Theresa might be up to. In the room, Theresa asks the doctor if he’s sure it’s twins, and he says yes, and they are fine. Her pain was probably just a little gas, or the fact that there are two separate amniotic sacks, which can cause discomfort. Knowing there are two separate babies, Theresa wonders if she really lost Gwen’s baby, or if two eggs were implanted and only one was lost, or if Ethan fertilized two of Theresa’s eggs. Pilar says it doesn’t matter. She again warns of trouble, and Theresa doesn’t know how that could be, since she now has two babies. Pilar says Gwen will want both the babies, but Theresa says she won’t get either of her babies.

“Hello, Eve”, Liz taunts, and Eve is trying to figure out what is happening. She looks at her and asks what she’s done now. TC says it’s not what Liz did, it’s what she herself did. “Damn you!! Damn you to hell!!”

Julian is tying to digest the fact that Chad is his and Eve’s son. Alistair laughs about it not being much of a gift for Eve, finding out her son is about to marry her daughter. “Pretty good material for the Larry Winger show, isn’t it?” he chuckles. Fox is floored, and then realizes what it means.

In the studio, Whitney is waiting for the results of her test. She prays it is negative, but it doesn’t help. She is pregnant with Chad’s child. She wonders what she will do.

Martin, Katherine, Sheridan, and the guide are looking for Luis. The gunman tells a squirming Paloma she has a front seat for her brother’s death. Luis walks into the temple and trips the electronic wire at the entrance, setting off an explosion that collapses the temple just as Sheridan and the others spot him.

Previews for August 30th:

Liz to TC: “As God is my witness, I saw the proof! Eve was driving the car

That night!”

Whitney to Chad: “There’s something I have to tell you. It’s very important.”

Sheridan to Katherine: “Luis can’t be dead. It’s not fair. It’s just not fair.”


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