Passions Update Thursday 8/12/04

Passions Update Thursday 8/12/04

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Sam asks TC why he felt it was okay for him to cheat on his marriage vows.

Eve tells Julian that she needs to see her son, to hold him, etc.

Whitney and Chad make love.

Fox looks at a picture of Whitney and says he knows that he loves her.

In Puerto Arena, Martin tells Luis that he has hired a local guide to help them locate Paloma in the jungle. Luis says that Paloma hasn’t done anything to Alistair so there must be another reason why he is targeting her.

Alistair receives a phone call from the gunman. Alistair says that soon his enemies will all be dead.

Sam says they were all shocked by Eve’s past but that TC made vows before God that he would not cheat on her. Sam brings Father Lonigan. Liz asks if it’s an intervention. She can’t believe what Sam is doing. Father Lonigan says that everything Eve did is in the past. He says that he knows Liz blames Eve for leaving her with her father, only to be abused. Liz says she will never forgive her and that TC shouldn’t either.

Eve says she has to go to the hospital, and Julian asks her if she is ready.

Chad wants to talk to Whitney about Eve, but Whitney doesn’t want to. Chad says that he wishes he knew who his mother was, and that Whitney should be grateful for hers. They talk about money, and Chad says he will work hard. Whitney says she doesn’t want to have babies for a while. They plan to later see Theresa at the hospital.

Martin says he wishes Luis could be told who he is, so that he would understand why Martin so desperately wants to find Paloma. The tour guide checks the equipment. Sheridan says she is accompanying them. The gunman tells Paloma that he plans on killing her family.

Katherine asks Sheridan to stay back with her, and Martin seconds the suggestion. Luis asks Katherine to take care of Sheridan and not to let her follow. Katherine says she will look after her like she’s her own daughter.

Fox plans to show Alistair that he’s the rightful heir, he tells Julian. He asks Julian if he minds, and Julian says he doesn’t. He has his blessing. Julian says Fox has grown up since his return to Harmony. Fox asks his father if he has had any luck finding his other son.

Whitney runs into Eve at the hospital when she goes to check on Theresa. Eve wants to talk but Whitney slaps her very hard.

Sheridan receives a call from her father and he warns her that the jungle is a very dangerous place and that Luis might not come back alive. She asks what he is planning on doing. He merely laughs.

Liz tells Father Lonigan that he has no idea the pain that she has endured. Liz says that the Saviour can’t understand what happened to her, because otherwise He would never have let the awful stuff happen to her. Sam warns TC that he is making rash decisions based on hurt. TC tells Sam and Father Lonigan that he found Julian and Eve in bed, so not everything that Eve did was in the past. TC tells them also that he slept with Liz. Father Lonigan asks TC if Eve had told him the truth, would he have married her.

Eve tells Whitney that she doesn’t want to lose her. Eve asks about her and Chad’s engagement. Whitney tells Chad that Eve just doesn’t like him.

Paloma tries to scream a warning which amuses the gunman. The gunman implies that when he gets back he and Paloma are going to have sex.

Alistair tells Sheridan that he is aware of everything and that no one crosses him and gets away with it. Sheridan realizes that everything is a trap, that Alistair is luring Luis into the jungle so that he can kill him. The gunman is seen following Luis and Martin.

Fox asks Julian what he’s going to do when he finds his son. Fox tells him that he has no intention of sharing the Crane birthright with his half brother.

Whitney asks her mother why she should listen to her given her past. Eve wants her to slow down on her marriage to Chad because they are both so young. Eve says she hopes Whitney will take the time to get to know her son.

Alistair calls Katherine. She asks what he has done with Paloma. She tells Alistair that he is not fit to be a father. She says that Alistair would have killed her if she had stayed in Harmony. She adds that he is capable of nothing but hate. She says their marriage bed was a nightmare. Alistair says that he is going to kill Sheridan, and that Katherine has no one to blame but herself. Sheridan leaves a note for Katherine, saying that she is off to the jungle to save Luis.

Luis shouts into the jungle that Alistair will not win.

Father Lonigan asks TC to reconsider his actions, given that Eve has been a good wife. Liz apologizes to TC for being short with Father Lonigan. TC says they were right, that Eve’s sins were in the past.

Eve tells Chad the story of how her baby was kidnapped and that she had never meant to abandon him.

Fox tells Whitney that he has something to tell her. Chad tells Eve that he hopes she will find her son, and she thanks him. Julian calls Eve, and she asks if he’s spoken to Alistair. He says he will not leave until Alistair says who their son is. Eve pleads that he find out the identity of their son.

TC tells Liz that he needs her to leave the house, and to leave Harmony, and to never return.

Paloma breaks free of her gag and says she must warn Luis. As she tries to leave, a snake uncoils in her face.

Luis says it’s a good thing that Sheridan didn’t follow them, but then we see Sheridan alone in the jungle. Sheridan says she has no choice; she has to save Luis. Katherine finds the note, and she realizes that Sheridan is falling right into Alistair’s trap. Alistair shoots around in his office as a symbol of what he wants to do to his enemies.

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