Passions Update Wednesday 8/11/04

Passions Update Wednesday 8/11/04

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Fox tells Ethan that Ethan is in a triangle with Theresa and Gwen, but Ethan says he loves only Gwen. Ethan goes into his and Gwen’s bedroom and they have a romantic interlude. Theresa, down the hall, says that she plans on never giving up her baby.

Chad tells Whitney that she should focus on their future, rather than her mother’s past.

Eve walks in on TC and Liz in bed. She backs out of the room without saying anything but Liz sees her.

Alistair watches his enemies on videotape. The gunman takes Paloma out by the window, and Luis breaks down the door when he hears the noise. Sheridan finds Alistair’s calling card on Paloma’s pillow and they all know that Alistair is behind Paloma’s disappearance.

Luis realizes that Paloma’s abductor was already in the room when they thought she was asleep. Sheridan wants to accompany Luis and Martin on their search after Paloma, but she agrees to stay after Mrs. Wheeler seconds Luis’s concerns.

Chad tries to make love to Whitney, but she hesitates. She flashes back to Fox telling her he loves her. She uses the excuse that she is still tense about all that’s happened earlier. They do eventually make love, however.

Eve leaves the Russell house to find Julian waiting at the door. She tells him that TC and Liz are in bed together. He comforts her. But upstairs, TC stops making love to Liz. Liz tries to seduce him by saying that she can give him the son he’s always dreamed of. TC starts kissing Liz again.

Gwen tells Ethan that they still need to pick out a name for the baby.

Pilar feels that something is not right. She senses that something is wrong with Paloma. She calls Casa Entrada, and gets Sheridan. Sheridan does not divulge what happened. She says that the last time she saw Paloma, she was asleep in her bed.

Luis and Martin look for Paloma in the jungle. They hear a muffled scream. Pilar calls Theresa to see if anything is wrong with the baby. She tells her daughter that she had a horrible nightmare and she is checking around to make sure everyone she loves is safe. Pilar cautions Theresa against keeping both of her children, and tricking Gwen and Ethan. Theresa says that things could work out if Gwen does not want Ethan after he finds out that he slept with Theresa. Pilar cannot believe what she is hearing. Theresa has a bad contraction.

Simone walks in on Chad and Whitney making love. Whitney says she wants to talk to Simone, but Simone doesn’t want to hear any of it.

TC says it was wrong of him to sleep with Liz. He says he is not going to turn his back on Eve. They’ve been married for too long. TC leaves to go talk to Eve. He tells Liz that if he finds Eve in bed with Julian, then it is definitely over.

Eve says she should have known that everything would turn out badly since all she’s done her whole adult life is lie about her past. Julian gives Eve some liquor to make her feel better. He helps her into bed and turns the lights out. He starts to leave but Eve asks him not to go. She says she doesn’t want to be alone tonight, and he replies that she won’t be. They kiss passionately.

Luis and Martin realize that the gunman who has Paloma is headed further into the jungle. Martin says before they chase after her, they need the proper supplies like flashlights, etc.

Simone calls Whitney a whore and Chad says that she hasn’t even thought about sleeping with any other guys. Whitney looks as though she is thinking of Fox. Chad says they are sisters, and that especially now they need to stick together. Fox comes in at this moment. He’s brought over some comfort food. He leaves it with them. Chad invites Fox to stay to eat with them.

Julian tells Eve that he will always love her, and she says the same about him. He says he understands that she still loves TC. Julian tells her that he will always be there for her. TC walks in on Julian and Eve in bed. TC calls Eve a whore but she says he’s a hypocrite because she just caught him in bed with Liz. Julian says not to blame Eve but him, and TC says he does blame Julian.

Gwen suggests the name for Sam if their baby is a boy. They hear Theresa screaming. Gwen feels Theresa’s forehead and says she’s burning up. Gwen goes to get Eve since she is now in the mansion, but before she can do so, Rebecca walks in and demands to know why Theresa is there.

Luis and Martin tell Katherine and Sheridan what has happened and say they are back to get supplies.

Rebecca is told by Gwen that Theresa is going to stay at the mansion until she delivers the baby. Gwen tells Rebecca that if she wants to yell at someone, to yell at Julian and so Rebecca goes off in search of him to figure out what is going on.

TC tells Eve that she is not worth fighting over. TC is just about to leave Eve and Julian when Rebecca walks in. Rebecca blurts out that TC must know all about Eve.

Gwen says if Ethan puts Theresa in the car, she will tell Dr. Russell to follow them to the hospital.

Rebecca says she wants Theresa and Eve out of the mansion but Julian says there’s nothing she can do about it. Julian tells Rebecca that he has a son with Eve, and tells Rebecca to get out of his sight.

TC asks Eve how she could have a child with his worst enemy. He asks her if he knows who the son is, but she tells him no.

Chad tells Fox that he thinks of him as a brother.

Martin suggests that they rest before they head out to find Paloma. Martin says that he will die before he lets anything happen to Paloma. The gunman tells Alistair that he has Paloma with him. Alistair says that with Paloma as bait, it won’t be hard to lure Sheridan, Luis, Katherine and Martin in to his trap where he can exact his revenge for each of their betrayals.


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