Passions Update Tuesday 8/10/04

Passions Update Tuesday 8/10/04

By Jaclyn
Pictures by Juanita

Liz is surprised to hear from TC that he might be considering taking Eve back.

Julian tells Eve that he hopes there can be a future for him, her and their child.

Paloma fights with the hired gunman and manages to make noise by forcing a lamp off its table. The gunman chloroforms her. Luis and Sheridan hear the noise and Luis goes to investigate.

TC reassures Liz that he has no intention of taking Eve back, that he just needs time to adjust to realizing that his marriage is over. TC wants the son that Liz had to fulfill all the dreams TC failed at. He realizes that Whitney wants to sing rather than play tennis. Liz encourages TC to think about his son, but he says that Eve is out of his life. Liz points out that Eve is not the only woman out there, so TC can have the son he’s always wanted, but with another woman.

Eve says she can’t concentrate on any kind of future with Julian so soon after her family has been split apart. Julian says at least they can now search for their child openly, which might help them find him. Eve says that’s the only dream she has left. Eve thinks that the existence of Whitney and Simone’s brother may make them realize that they want him in their lives, and maybe Eve’s family can be rebuilt.

Ethan thinks Fox is crazy for having feelings for Whitney, but Fox says he can’t help it. Ethan asks if Chad knows, and Fox says no. Ethan points out that Fox needs to be careful about Chad, but Fox says he’s not going to pursue Whitney anymore anyway, so it’s a moot point.

Alistair’s gunman takes her from her room before Luis and Sheridan can find her.

Eve says TC and she had a rule that they would never go to bed mad but now that’s all lost. Liz asks TC what about her...

Luis says that Paloma must have knocked over a lamp while she was sleeping. They see her sleeping in the bed. The gunman makes a noise from the closet and Luis turns in anticipation.

Ethan says to Fox that he hopes Fox’s feelings for Whitney don’t blow up in his face. Fox says he will drown himself in work. Fox says he will use Crane Enterprises to get to the top, but Ethan warns him against pursuing such an endeavour. Fox says it’s his birthright, but Ethan reminds Fox that Julian has another son.

Eve confides in Julian that her leaving her house is the one thing that Liz wanted her to do. Eve says she has to get back to her place, so that she can fight for her marriage before it’s too late. Liz says TC already knows her, so he should hook up with her, but TC thanks her, but does not immediately support the idea. He tells her that he needs to get to bed.

Luis finds a Crane logo piece of jewelery on her room floor. Luis insists that she is in danger after finding this. Martin says that absolutely Luis is right and Luis looks surprised, and asks why Mr. Wheeler feels so strongly about the matter when he doesn’t even know Alistair.

Fox says it may be a surprise to Ethan about Julian’s secret past, but not to him. Fox doesn’t think anyone will find out about the new son because it would embarrass Alistair and the Crane reputation, but Ethan points out that all that needs to happen is for Julian’s now adult son to claim his part of the Crane fortune.

Martin says that he is just going by everything that they have told him about Alistair. Luis says that it was a dream that Paloma would be safe, that obviously she isn’t since Alistair mailed her that necklace. Luis recounts a lot of Alistair’s crimes and vows that after Antonio’s recent death, Luis will not allow Alistair to hurt another one of his siblings.

Liz kisses TC and he responds, thinking she is Eve. When he realizes it is Liz, he stops. He then kisses her but stops again. He says it’s not right. Liz says there’s nothing more important than love, but TC points out that he is still married. Liz says that as soon as he dumped Eve, she went right back to Julian but TC says she would never do that. TC says that two wrongs don’t make a right, and that Liz should not be in his bed. Liz says she called Eve and that the phone showed that she was in the Crane mansion. This makes TC think. Liz keeps stroking TC’s cheek, and they kiss again. They begin to make love.

Julian asks Eve not to return back to the Russell house, because of TC’s temper but Eve thinks he will have calmed down, and that Liz will be gone, so she won’t be able to egg him on. Julian offers to drive Eve back but she says she needs to go alone. She takes one of Julian’s cars from the garage.

Maria tells Luis that Paloma’s bedroom windows are locked. Luis says he will stand guard by Paloma’s door and Martin says he will join Luis. They do not know that the hired gunman is in Paloma’s closet. The gunman lays on Paloma’s bed and tells her that he is all hers.

Fox says because Alistair’s a racist he has nothing to worry about with regard to being the Crane heir. Ethan says Alistair’s favourite colour is green and that money is his god. But Ethan attempts to comfort Fox by saying that the young man probably wouldn’t be interested in running the Crane empire anyway. Fox says he will be damned if he lets this Crane bastard interfere with his birthright.

TC stops again from making love to Liz, but she convinces him again to renew their lovemaking. Eve walks in on them as she sees them making love.

Sheridan tells Mrs. Wheeler that one by one, her father is destroying the Lopez-Fitzgerald family. Katherine tells Sheridan that Alistair is a monster from hell. Sheridan says that she thinks it’s her fault that the Lopez-Fitzgeralds have been marked as victims by Alistair. Sheridan thinks that Alistair is punishing that family for something she doesn’t even know about, but that Luis and she are determined to figure out why Alistair hates the Lopez-Fitzgeralds so much.

Martin tells Luis that Alistair will hunt his enemies down and then adds that he just knows that because of what people have told him about Alistair. Martin promises to help Luis but Luis says he doesn’t want Martin to get involved out of fear for Martin’s safety. But Martin says to himself that he is the only one who can stop Alistair.

The gunman locks Paloma’s bedroom door and proceeds to take Paloma away. He says that no one will see her again, ever.


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