Passions Update Monday 8/9/04

Passions Update Monday 8/9/04

By Shirley
Pictures by Juanita

In her hospital bed, Kay is looking at Miguel's picture, thinking she should throw it away, since he probably wouldn't come back. It is in the lid of a makeup compact Jessica sold her, and Kay tries on the lip gloss. Tabitha comes in, carrying champagne and two glasses. She is already unsteady on her feet, and after she assures Kay the babies are OK, she tells her they should celebrate. Kay asks why she should celebrate, and Tabitha tells her because Charity has left town. Kay tells her witches should know everything that goes on, and then explains that not only is Charity gone, but Miguel is gone, too. She has lost him, and doesn't want to celebrate.

Julian and Eve enter the Crane mansion, and run into Ethan and Gwen in the foyer. Julian tells them Eve is going to stay there for the night, and they tell Ethan and Gwen about the blowup with her family. She tells them she's a liar and a whore, which causes them both to be shocked.

Martin and Katherine continue to complain about having had to leave Harmony, and it's all Alistair's fault. Alistair is watching, and remarks that he's tired of hearing them whine. His gunman calls at that minute, and says he's ready to take care of Paloma. He is right outside her bedroom window. Alistair tells him to go ahead, but don't get caught. The gunman agrees and hangs up, then tells himself he will enjoy "this" very much. As he starts to enter the room through the window, Luis and Sheridan come in the door to check on his little sister. (commercial)

Tabitha asks where Miguel went, and Kay tells her he chased after Charity. Tabitha is confused, since she heard Charity tell him not to follow her, but Kay says he told her he was going to find her, and would stay wherever she was if she wouldn't come back to Harmony. Tabitha asks about his pledge to be a good father, and Kay replied his idea of a good father is someone who sends a check once a month. Tabitha tells her she will cast a spell that will keep Miguel from finding Charity, and bring him back to Harmony to be with Kay and Maria. Kay questions Tabby's ability to do that, but she says Endora will help her. Right then Simone comes in, crying to Kay about the blowup with her family, and Tabitha, overhearing, is overjoyed, and pours another glass of champaign to celebrate.

Eve tells Ethan and Gwen about her and Julian years ago, and the things she had done. Ethan realizes that Eve's is the voice on the tape he always listens to. Julian tells them that what Eve did was all his fault, but Eve says it is both their doing. She then explains that Liz is her sister, and that she had gotten the revenge she had been seeking. Now TC hates her, her daughters despise her, and her life is ruined.

Luis and Sheridan walk into Paloma's darkened room and Luis finds a picture of the family on a table. He wonders about it, since she hates them, but Sheridan tells him she doesn't really hate them at all. Luis vows to be a good big brother, and to protect her. Alistair, watching it all, says that Luis can't protect her any more than he can protect himself. He says their whole family will be destroyed, starting when Luis, Paloma, and Sheridan dying. (commercial)

Eve decides to go up to her room, and Gwen goes with her. Julian and Ethan talk about the night the older couple had, and Julian said he just hates seeing Eve in so much pain.

Martin and Katherine are sitting in the patio when a woman comes in carrying a guitar case. She said she had a good night at work, lots of tips, and pulled out the guitar and started singing a song in Spanish, about lost love. Martin and Katherine talk about Alistair and all he's done, swearing they won't let him hurt them any more. Alistair says that Martin won't be able to do anything to stop him. He then tells the gunman to kill the three in Paloma's room. As he is getting ready to shoot them, Luis and Sheridan leave the room. (commercial)

Tabitha is still drinking, listening to Simone tell Kay all about the things her mother had done, and that Liz is Eve's little sister. Tabitha acts as if she's shocked at the news. However, Simone then tells Kay that Chad and Whitney are getting married, and that does shock Tabitha. Simone now understands how Kay felt about Miguel. Tabitha is happier than ever after hearing about the engagement, saying it will bring much pain to many people in Harmony.

Julian and Ethan are still talking. Ethan says it's none of his business, but Julian tells him about his love for Eve, and how he had hurt her, and left her when she was pregnant. He told him Alistair forced him to do it. He can't believe how much pain a man can cause the woman he loves. Ethan says he has hurt both Gwen and Theresa, and that he has come to accept that Gwen is the only woman in his life. Julian asks if he will ever leave her, and Ethan says no. They are going to have a family, thanks to Theresa, their surrogate. Julian wonders how happy Gwen can be with that arrangement, and Ethan tells him they are leaving Harmony as soon as the baby is born, and no one will come between them again. Upstairs, Gwen brings Eve towel, soap, and shampoo, telling her to let her know if she needs anything else. Eve thanks her for not asking questions, then gives Gwen some advice. She says that she will soon have a baby, and she has a wonderful husband, and to never let anyone come between them, because nothing will ever replace them one they are gone.

Luis and Sheridan talk about the great life Paloma had growing up in Mexico. Meanwhile, Alistair yells at his gunman for missing the chance to take them all out. The man says that's OK, he'll be able to get them later, but now he'll just put the plan for Paloma into motion, and Alistair tells him to do it right. The man says he knows exactly what to do. (commercial)

Tabitha, getting drunker by the minute, tells Simone to go wash up as she has mascara all over her face. She then asks why Kay is pretending to commiserate with the other girl, since she is going to make sure Miguel will be back. Again, Kay expresses doubt at Tabitha's ability to cast spells, even with Endora's help, and Tabby tells her not to underestimate the two of them. She tells Kay to show some spirit, but Kay tells her that Miguel just left her and her baby, she can't have any more children, and she's a single Mom with no prospects for happiness in her life. Tabby tells her to stop feeling sorry for herself, and tells her to act like Theresa. Kay talks about all the things wrong in Theresa's life, but Tabby says she's not sad, she has a backbone, and a plan. Tabby won't tell her what the plan is, but says when she's through with Gwen, she won't know what hit her. She then leaves to go get started on the spell to bring Miguel back.

Gwen tells Eve that Theresa might try to come between them. She talks about Theresa not giving her the baby once she has it, and Eve tells her she can't believe Theresa would do that. Gwen isn't sure, but says she has to be optimistic, since Ethan is. Eve hopes she gets everything she wants, because she wouldn't wish the kind of pain she's feeling on anyone. Downstairs, Ethan tells Julian everything will be all right. He hopes they both find happiness again, and Julian agrees. He says he hurt Eve so much he doesn't know if she can ever be happy again.

In Mexico, the woman is still singing. Martin remembers that Pilar loved the song the woman is singing. He says he knows Luis hates him now, and Katherine says she knows Sheridan will hate her, too. Martin says hopefully they will understand once they find out what happened and why they left. In their room, Luis and Sheridan talk about how Paloma feels about being abandoned. Luis says it isn't so, she wasn't abandoned. Sheridan hears the woman singing, and Luis explains the song to her, saying they will always be together from now on. Alistair is watching, and scoffs at that, saying they won't be together for long. He also says Luis isn't doing a good job of protecting Paloma, because at that very moment, his gunman is "taking care" of her. (commercial)

Gwen enters her and Ethan's room, and he asks about Eve. She tells him she's in too much pain, and Ethan says the same holds for Julian, too. Gwen tells him it's important that they not allow anyone to come between them. She tells him they need to leave Harmony forever once they have their baby. Ethan looks stunned.

Julian walks by Eve's door, and knocks. She invites him in, and he asks if she needs anything. She says she's lost everything and nothing will bring that back. They talk about all the years the were apart, and about how he hates himself for causing her pain. She tells him again that they both are at fault. He tells her he is there for her, she's not alone, and he will take whatever part of her life she's willing to share with him.

Luis and Sheridan, listening to the beautiful singing, talk about their love, and he tells her even when she was convinced she really loved Antonio, he always knew they were meant to be together and he never gave up on her. Sheridan thought she would never be lucky enough to have a man love her like he does. She had felt love from her mother, but since then, no one really loved her. All the men she had known only wanted her for her money or name. Luis says it's lucky for him they were all so stupid, and they kiss. Meanwhile, Alistair is watching them all, talking about how they should all enjoy themselves while they can, because in a few minutes they would be visited by unspeakable tragedy. (commercial)

Tabitha arrives home to find the babysitter in fear, as Endora has all her toys and baby things flying around the room. Tabitha tells her she sees nothing, and had warned her about drinking on the job. She hands her some money, but the girl simply wants to run out. Laughing, Tabby gets Endora out of her playpen, while scolding her about upsetting the babysitter. They look into the water bowl and see what's happening to everyone in Harmony. She is thrilled that things are going from bad to worse.

Kay asks Simone what they are going to do. Simone suggests becoming nun, but Kay says that was only a joke. She had been in love with Miguel since Kindergarten, she says, and Simone tells her she remembers. Now that she knows what it feels like to lose Chad for good, she understands what Kay has been feeling about Miguel. She felt like her heart was being ripped right out of her chest. Simone says the good thing is, things couldn't get any worse, but Kay tells her they always do.

Gwen tells Ethan they have to move far away and put Theresa far behind them. Ethan protests that he is over Theresa, but Gwen insists they leave, and he agrees to leave when the baby is born. Gwen is now very happy, but Ethan isn't sure about it.

Eve tells Julian he is a good man, but he reminds her he was cold and bitter after he lost her. Now, having her back in his life, he is a different man. He tells her he can't lose her again, and asks her to please keep him in her life. She says he will always be a part of her life. They kiss.

Alistair, still watching those in Mexico, turns on some tragic opera music. Meanwhile, Luis and Sheridan are making love, and the gunman puts an ether-soaked cloth over Paloma's face.


Previews: Eve, to Julian: "I will fight for my marriage before it's too late!"

Liz: "I want you, TC Russell, and I always get what I want."

Switch to Liz and TC making love in his bed.

Gunman, holding an unconscious Paloma in his arms: "Come on,


Luis, looking at something: "Oh my God, look at this."

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