Passions Update Friday 8/6/04

Passions Update Friday 8/5/04

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Eve continues to sing at the Blue Note as Whitney and Chad watch, enthralled. At the same time, TC is watching her sing, also. He remarks on the fact that in 25 years he had never heard her sing and wondered who she was. Liz told him she is the real Eve, the one who lied to him for all those years. Whitney tells Chad that Eve had never even sung lullabies to her as a child. He tells her that it explains where Whitney got her talent from, and that Eve is amazing. Whitney says no, she's a hypocrite and a fraud. Eve continues singing her sad song, her pain showing with every word. Fox and Julian remark on how well she sings, and Julian says it reminds him of when she was singing in the original Blue Note. Fox realizes how much Julian loves Eve, and the older man confesses he loves her more than anything and regrets letting her get away way back when.

Katherine and Sheridan are still talking in Aunt Maria's Inn. The older woman tells Sheridan to promise her she won't leave Luis, but Sheridan replies that she doesn't want to put the Crane curse on him. Katherine slips and tells her that Alistair is to blame, not Sheridan, and Sheridan momentarily wonders how she knows that, then remembers the other woman's story of having see a documentary about him on TV. Katherine tells her she can't let Alistair be the cause of her losing her one true love. Sheridan asks why it means so much to her, and Katherine tells her she knows running away doesn't help. It only makes the pain worse. Sheridan asks what she's running from.

Alistair is telling his gunman on the phone about a secret that Martin knows that will cause him more trouble than he is already in. He says he and Martin are both aware of what's under the gazebo, and the fear of Alistair devulging the secret is what keeps him away from Harmony. He also says that he thinks having Luis there with him may make Martin spill the beans, and that would be his biggest mistake.

Luis asks Martin what he's afraid of, and Martin remembers Luis telling Mr. Wheeler about cutting Martin's arm with a saw when he was young, and how Martin hadn't been angry with him. He told him it was a reminder of Luis. Coming out of the daydream, Martin tells him that everyone has their demons. Luis says that he would like to help if he can. Martin remarks that everyone has to stop running at some point, and maybe this is his time. (commercial)

TC talks about how Eve betrayed him, and Liz reminds him he's not alone. Chad trys to get Whitney to understand her mother, but she says she doesn't need to understand her. Fox asks Julian if Eve really was a drunk and a druggie back then, like Liz had said. Julian tells him there was some of that, but Liz had made it sound much worse than it really had been. The important thing to remember is that Eve had been a decent person back then, until she got in with him, and he had corrupted her. It caused her to lose everything she cared about then, and it had done it again now, but he wasn't going to desert her as he had then. He will stand by her now, and won't let her suffer alone this time. He will find their son, and that will give her some happiness. He hopes it will be easier now that the secrets are out in the open.

Sheridan talks about why Katherine had run away, and asks if it's because of the way her husband had treated her daughter. Katherine remembers Alistair being rough with Sheridan as a little girl, and telling him not to hurt her. He had slapped Katherine, upsetting the girl. She begins to cry, then apologizes to Sheridan. The younger woman says she's the one who was wrong for pushing her to remember, but she just wants to help her, since she feels so connected to her. She takes Katherine's hands in her own, but the older woman pulls away, moaning.

Martin is explaining how complicated life can be sometimes. You start out doing a good deed for someone in need, then you get pulled in and before you know it you're involved and in as much trouble as the person you are helping. There is no way to get out of it without endangering the other person as well as those you love. You even have to sacrifice those you love most to protect them, and you can't tell them why. You just do what you have to and hope your loved ones will be safe. He says he has caused a great deal of pain, but he alternative would have been worse. Luis says if his loved ones understand why he did what he did, they will forgive him, and Martin says he's not sure he deserves that, then tells Luis he has to ask him about it. (commercial)

Eve is singing a new song, and Chad asks Whitney if she's ready to go. She says she has to stay and listen to Eve singing, since she had known her all her life but never knew her this way. Julian sees Whitney and wonders why she's there. Fox offers to help Julian with his business while he is busy trying to find their son. Julian says he does trust him to do that, but doesn't want him burying himself in business when he should be sorting out his feelings for Whitney. Fox says he hopes they can both figure out their feelings before she marries Chad and he loses all hope of being with her. Liz tells TC that Eve certainly hasn't lost any time getting back to her old life, and points Julian out to him. She say's he's probably waiting to hand her a drink and some pills. TC sees red.

Luis tells Martin that he believes everyone deserves to be forgiven, giving Martin an instant of hope, and then says "Everyone but my Father." He talks about how Martin left and Luis had finally decided he was dead. He explained how Pilar left a candle in the window for him, but he never came back. He said he would never forgive him, and he should keep on running. (commercial)

Eve's still singing. Whitney turns to Chad and sees her father. She remarks on the pain on his face, and seeing where his gaze was going, turned and saw Julian was there, too. They are ready to leave, when they run into Fox. Chad decides he needs to try to talk TC into leaving before he kills Julian, and asks Fox to take Whitney outside and stay with her. She protests, but Chad insists and out they go. Liz walks up to Julian as Eve finishes her song, and asks him if it's just like old times. She wonders if they will end up taking drugs and making love in the parking lot. He tells her she disgusts him. Liz gloats, telling him she set out to destroy Eve's life and she did, so she won. As Eve leaves the stage, a woman tells her she should keep on singing, and Eve tells her she had forgotten how much she loved it. TC confronts her then, telling her he'd been there for a while. He asks how she could shut the door on twenty years of marriage and go back to her old life so easily. "Yeah, I guess once a whore, always a whore, huh?" he says. She looks hurt by his words.

Alistair says he needs more than watching Martin, Katherine, Luis, and Sheridan on a monitor. He wants a bug planted so he can make sure the two younger people don't learn who the two older ones are. Luis gets a phone call from Pilar, asking about Paloma. She wants to know all about her "sweet, innocent young angel." Luis remembers his first sight of her, dancing in a vulgar manner. He doesn't want to tell her about that.

Katherine walked away from Sheridan, who followed her, apologizing for upsetting her. She tells her she feels a strong connection with the older woman, and Katherine asks her why that is. Sheridan says probably because she is close to Paloma and she's been so nice to them since they'd arrived, and she feels like family. Katherine tells her she is family. (commercial)

Fox and Whitney walk outside the Blue Note. She tells him to go back inside, but he says Chad wants him to stay with her. She tells him that's because Chad trusts him, but they both know that isn't true, since he is always putting moves on her. Chad has no clue, since he believes Fox is in love with a mystery woman. He doesn't know she is his mystery woman. She doesn't want to talk about it after all that's gone wrong tonight, and he reminds her that he has had some upsets too, like finding out they have a sibling out there somewhere. He tells her life is full of surprises, and she agrees, and says none of them are good. She talks about how her mother was a whole different woman than she had known growing up, having lied to them all those years, and having a son with her father's worst enemy, which is killing him. She reminds him that somewhere in Harmony they share a half brother, and every twenty-something guy she sees will cause her to wonder if that's him.

Chad goes back into the Blue Note, looking for TC. Meanwhile, Julian tells Liz again how much she disgusts him, and she shoots back that he's the one who turned Eve into a drug addict and a whore. He tells her he should wring her neck for what she did to Eve. He says she had made mistakes in her life, but she never deliberately set out to hurt anyone or destroy their lives the way Liz had. Liz whined about her life being ruined, and Julian told her that was her father's fault, not Eve's. She never knew what was going on. Liz said that's because she was out drugging and whoring around. Julian tells her that although Eve had done things she wasn't proud of, but compared to the evil, bitter, bitch Liz is, Eve was a saint, and one day, TC would find that out.

"Seems like old times, doesn't it, Eve?", TC asks her. He says she's back singing in nightclubs, her rich boyfriend hanging around, and all that's missing is the drugs. He then asked how she paid for her drugs back then, since she obviously didn't make money singing. He said he knows Julian was paying her for her services, and asks if she sold her body to her drug dealers, too. She slapped him across the face, finally, but then apologizes for doing it. TC said she did mean to, because this is who she is. He wished he had found out about her a long time ago, and can't believe he wasted his whole life on a tramp like her.

Sheridan asks Katherine what she meant by calling herself her family, and Katherine explains it away by saying she meant that because of Paloma they feel like family. Sheridan agrees and says that must be why she called her Mother earlier. She talks about growing up without her, and says sometimes she thinks she is really alive. She then says that isn't possible, because her mother loved her and would never have done anything so vicious and hateful.

Luis tells Pilar that Paloma is a good student and a good girl, and assures her the Paloma goes to church every morning. She asks about the Wheelers and Luis tells her they are very nice people, and that Mr. Wheeler is there with him. Pilar asks to speak to him, but when Luis turns to give him the phone, he is gone. (commercial)

Fox tells Whitney that Julian is committed to finding their lost son so before long they should know who he is. Whitney talks about what Eve's lies have done to the family and to TC, who is ready to kill because of them. She says she feels like her whole life is falling apart around her. Fox offers to help in any way. She says she can't accept help from him since he lied to her. He denys it, but she tells him all the reasons it is true. He doesn't know why it's a bad thing for him to tell her he loves her, and she says it's because she is hurting right now, and love is not supposed to hurt, but she is hurting right now, and torn. He picks up on the words and asks if that means she's in love with him.

Luis calls Mr. Wheeler, but tells Pilar he must have stepped away. She talks about getting out of the hospital and making a huge dinner for everyone when they get back. She thanks him for going to get Paloma, and says maybe it's a sign that Martin will come back, too. Martin comes in as Luis hangs up, and Luis tells him he couldn't tell her the truth about Paloma, and that she thinks her husband might come home, too. He says she never gave up on him, and never would go out with other men, because she held her wedding vows sacred. Luis says maybe she hadn't given up on Martin and would be glad to have him come home, but he never would. Sheridan and Katherine walk in, and the younger couple goes up to bed. Alistair's gunman, still on the phone with Alistair, is talking about what he is going to do to Katherine and Martin, how he will make them pay for running out on him. (commercial)

Fox tells Whitney how much he loves her, and says he has to know how she feels about him, and what her being torn means. He has senses something from her for a while, but doesn't know if they are real or wishful thinking. He asks if she's in love with him, but before she can answer, Chad comes out. He thanks Fox for staying with her, and they leave. In the Blue Note, Julian tells Liz that she will get hers before long. She is till gloating over Eve's suffering, but he tells her she's suffered enough. As he walks away, Liz says under her breath that there is more pain coming.

Luis and Sheridan talk about the Wheelers as they walk to their room. They both want to be able to help the other couple. Inside, Martin and Katherine are talking about Sheridan, too, and what she had said to katherine. She is afraid Sheridan will hate her, and Martin tells her Luis already hates him. He tells her they have to get ready for the truth to come out, and a lot of pain. Alistair, listening in, laughs and says they can't even imagine the pain he has planned for them.


Previews: Eve: "I'm staying here tonight because I've destroyed my family.", as Julian

looks on.

Tabitha: "Oh, could this night get any better?"

Gwen, to Ethan: "We just need to leave Harmony together and just never look


Luis to Sheridan: "I'm never going to let anyone or anything come between

us again." They kiss.

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