Passions Update Thursday 8/5/04

Passions Update Thursday 8/4/04

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Fox tells Whitney that he wonders where their half-brother is. She says that she can’t worry about that now with everything else going on.

Julian says although Eve’s family hates her now, tomorrow will be another day. Eve says Liz has taken away everything that matters to her. Julian helps her into his car.

Sheridan says she has to go tell Luis that Mrs. Wheeler says Martin is still alive, but Katherine tries to interrupt her, to no avail.

Luis comes upon Mr. Wheeler. Martin tells Luis that he is his father. He tells him that he had plastic surgery so that he wouldn’t be recognized. Martin tells Luis that somehow he is going to make it up to him.

Liz tells TC that she is probably the only person who understands how abandoned TC and the girls feel by Eve. He agrees, because of how Eve abandoned Liz to be abused by their father. Irma asks where everyone went. She says she wants to go back to her place. Irma tells TC that he should look on the bright side, that he at least got Eve for free all these years. TC agrees to take Irma back to her nursing home.

Julian tells Eve that he will not abandon her again, that he will do whatever she needs. She tells him, though, that there is nothing anyone can do for her.

Katherine tells Sheridan that she misunderstood, that she just meant that Martin sounds wonderful because he raised wonderful children like Luis and Paloma. Sheridan confides that she doesn’t think Luis could ever forgive Martin. Martin tells Luis that Alistair had it out for him, and so to save everyone, he had to leave Harmony. Martin has been fantasizing this conversation, but then Luis really does walk in, looking for Sheridan.

Luis says that he senses a deep sadness in Mrs. Wheeler. Like she has lost something dear to her. Luis adds that he will carry with him forever the fact that his father deserted him. The gunman keeps an eye on Luis and Martin, and reports to Alistair.

Whitney wonders where she is going to call home. Chad tells her things will get better, but Whitney doesn’t see how. Everything has been taken from her because of her mother’s past. Chad tells her she will always have him. Whitney tells him that the one thing their mother’s past can destroy is their future relationship.

Eve has a panic attack while driving home with Julian. He is firm with her and calms her down temporarily.

Sheridan confides in Katherine that she thinks Luis is more committed to the memory of Martin, rather than the actual man. She offers the analogy that while everyone thinks her father is wonderful, she knows the truth in spite of his giving to a lot of charity, etc. She says that for some reason her father hates the Lopez-Fitzgerald family. Katherine asks what Sheridan’s brother is like. Sheridan says he has a reputation for being a heartless bastard just like Alistair, and Katherine gasps, “Oh, no!’, which surprises Sheridan.

Julian takes Eve to the Blue Note. He says he thought they wouldn’t be bothered there. Julian rethinks taking her there, but she says no, that she wishes to stay. She needs to stay. She says that she always meant telling TC the truth, but it just never happened. She wants to stay at the Blue Note to figure out who she is.

Irma tells TC to hurry up and take her home as she has to use the bathroom. He agrees and pushes her wheelchair so hard she has a little accident. Liz asks Fox to close up the Blue Note for her. Fox tells her that he is on to her. But she just asks him if he will do her the favour or not.

Luis tells Mr. Wheeler that his father was like a hero to him. He shares the memory of when his father built a gazebo when they were all living on the Crane estate. Martin was teaching Luis how to use a saw. Luis had mishandled a saw and left a scar on Martin but Martin never complained.

Sheridan asks why Mrs. Wheeler is so upset by the news about Julian. Katherine replies that she is just sorry to hear about all of the bad things that have happened to Sheridan. Katherine apologizes, but Sheridan says it’s not her fault. Sheridan says that when her mother left, her feelings of being loved left with her. Katherine had been hoping that Julian would be there for Sheridan, but Sheridan informs her that that was not the case. But Sheridan also adds that lately she has seen Julian in a new light. He seems like he is trying to be a good man. Katherine says how good that is. Katherine asks if Julian has anyone special. Sheridan tells her about Rebecca and Katherine starts reminiscing about Ivy. Sheridan asks her how she knows so much.

Julian tells Eve that she is no longer Eve Johnson; she is now Dr. Eve Russell with a lot going for her. But Eve disagrees and says that she needs to accept the truth of who she is with grace. Eve gets up to go onstage to sing. She says she hasn’t sung in 25 years, and tonight’s the night for Eve Johnson to make a comeback. Fox runs into Julian and asks him what he is doing there. Julian tells Fox he wonders if he made the right decision in taking Eve to the Blue Note. Julian also says that he won’t abandon Eve again. Fox asks if it is true that Julian doesn’t know who his half-brother is. Julian tells Fox that Alistair concocted the story of the baby’s death, but that he and Eve haven’t any leads on where, or who, the baby is.

Chad invites Whitney back to the studio where she can get some sleep. Whitney says she wants to go to the Blue Note. She says she wants to go back to sing without feeling guilty like she always did because of her hypocritical mother.

Luis reminisces that the gazebo meant a lot to him and Sheridan. Martin flashes back to a meeting with Alistair, where Alistair tells him that Martin can never reveal what he knows.

Sheridan asks Mrs. Wheeler how she knows that Alistair wanted Julian to marry Ivy because she was the governor’s daughter. Katherine says she saw it all on a documentary about the Cranes. Sheridan says she sometimes thinks she should let Luis go before the Crane curse destroys his life as well as everyone else’s.

Liz repeats that she feels guilty for bringing Irma to Harmony. TC says she shouldn’t, that he at least now knows the truth. Liz gets a phone call. She says that Fox is going to close the Blue Note, but the person on the other end of the line reminds her about a bank deposit and she says she will be right there. TC says he will come with her.

When Whitney and Chad arrive at the Blue Note, Eve is just about to start singing. Whitney can’t believe what she is seeing. TC sees her also when he and Liz arrive at the Blue Note.

Sheridan tells her mother that Luis changed how unlovable she had always felt because of what her father had tried to tell her. Katherine makes Sheridan promise her that she won’t ever leave Luis.

Luis asks Martin if he is afraid of something. Luis grabs Martin by the arm, the arm that has the scar on it from when they were younger.

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