Passions Update Wednesday 8/4/04

Passions Update Wednesday 8/4/04

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TJ tells Eve that now that the truth is out, she can shack up with her love, Julian. Eve begs her family not to throw away everything they have shared. Eve tries to hold Whitney but Whitney rejects her. Whitney tells her mother to go to hell.

Luis repeats that he will kill Martin if he ever finds out that he is still alive. Sheridan says that Luis should forgive Martin, that maybe there’s something they don’t know. Sheridan adds that she can’t imagine why Martin would ever leave such a fantastic woman as Pilar. Martin looks guilty as he hears that Pilar has lit a candle for him every night since he abandoned her.

Martin tells Katherine that Luis hates him, but Katherine says that if Luis ever knew the truth, he would think of Martin as a hero for saving Katherine’s life. Martin says he would not blame Luis for never forgiving him.

Luis tells Sheridan that he had no idea how angry Paloma would be. Luis feels guilty for not contributing more to the Lopez-Fitzgerald household, but Sheridan tells him not to. Luis blames himself for Paloma’s hurt. He says it all goes back to his father, that if Martin had not deserted them, Paloma would have been a normal part of the family. Sheridan says that she suspects that Paloma will eventually want to return to Harmony.

Whitney tells TC that she is sorry that he’s had to endure what he has endured. He tells his children that nothing that has happened is their fault. TC says he will never be played for a fool again. He says after Eve leaves, she will never be able to return to the Russell household. Eve packs, but does not know how she is ever going to leave all of the memories.

Simone says it’s as though her mother has died.

Luis has a flashback to fishing with his father when he was a little boy. Luis tries to reel in a very large fish, but falls into the water.

Katherine tells Martin that someday when they return to Harmony, that they will explain why they had to leave in the first place. Katherine persists in the belief that Sheridan will love her when she finds out the truth. Martin tries to tell her not to be naive.

Julian wonders why he is not happier now that the truth has been revealed, and he can be with Eve finally. Eve knew the truth would have come out eventually, but she is still very shocked. She has no one to blame but herself, she thinks. Whitney tries to comfort Simone, but Simone doesn’t want anything to do with Whitney. She asks Whitney how long she has known the truth. She does not want to hear anything from her sister. Fox says he’s sorry about what has happened, but Whitney says that if it wasn’t for Fox’s father, none of this would be occurring. Fox says Eve is still a wonderful woman.

Martin rescues Luis from drowning.

Martin tells Katherine that he is postponing his trip to Harmony. Katherine decides to stay outside for a bit because it is quiet and pretty. Sheridan overhears Katherine saying that she loves her daughter with all her heart and soul. Katherine asks Sheridan how long she’d been standing there. Sheridan asks Katherine about the daughter she’d lost. Katherine confides that her daughter is not dead. Sheridan asks why they haven’t seen each other. Katherine says that if she shows up in her life right now out of the blue, it would just confuse her. Sheridan says she is not judging, but if she ever is lucky enough to have a child, nothing will separate her from that child. Katherine says that her first husband abused her in every way. Sheridan is touched, and says she’s sorry. Sheridan asks why Katherine didn’t take her daughter with her. Katherine replies that she knew that if she had done that, her first husband would have punished both of them. Sheridan says it gets harder and harder to be without her own mother.

Martin carries Luis to safety.

Simone refuses to talk to Chad. Chad asks what is wrong with Whitney. Whitney rails at Fox that all Crane men are the same and Chad asks her why she is taking everything out on Fox. Eve tells TC that she will let him know where she is, but he tells her not to bother. Eve asks him to tell their daughters that she loves them, but he says they won’t be interested in hearing from her. Liz shows Eve out. Eve says she will never forgive Liz, but Liz says she doesn’t give a damn. Liz asks for the key mentioned by TC. Eve gives it to her. Liz slams the door on Eve as she continues to call out after TC.

Eve tells Julian he should have left earlier. She realizes that she left her car keys inside. Julian offers to drive her to his place. Eve says they can’t do that because of Rebecca. Eve says she will stay in the on-call room in the hospital. Liz apologizes to TC and says she should have left Harmony the moment she realized that Eve was pretending to be something she wasn’t. Liz says it’s all her fault, that Eve was right to say so, but TC thanks her for helping him see the truth.

Whitney tells Fox to leave her alone. He says nothing is his fault. He repeats that he loves her. She says that a Crane man in love with a Russell woman means nothing but trouble. She tells him not to come back, but Chad apologizes to Fox for Whitney’s outburst.

Martin tells Luis in the flashback that he should learn to reel in the fish slowly. They promise to say nothing of the accident. Luis says he can find his own way home, that Martin shouldn’t be late for work. After his father leaves, Luis says that he is scared.

Sheridan says that she hopes Katherine visits Harmony so that Sheridan can introduce her to everyone, including Pilar. Katherine says that knowing Martin, Pilar must be wonderful. Sheridan is excited; does this mean that Katherine knows Martin?

Before Eve leaves, she sees through the window TC and Liz embracing. Fox sees through the window Chad and Whitney hugging.

Little Luis looks after his father and asks him to come back, but Martin does not hear him.

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