Passions Update Tuesday 8/3/04

Passions Update Tuesday 8/3/04

By Jaclyn
Pictures by Juanita

Gwen is worried that Theresa will change her mind and that she will not give Gwen and Ethan the baby she is carrying for them. Ethan tries to convince her that Theresa will honor her word. He says that since the baby has Gwen and Ethan’s DNA, there is no reason for Theresa to want to keep it.

Theresa tells Pilar that she has every intention of keeping the baby. Pilar asks her daughter why she pretended to be Gwen, and slept with Ethan. Theresa explains again that she miscarried Gwen and Ethan’s embryo, and she did not want to tell Gwen and Ethan that.

Martin and Katherine wonder where Paloma, Luis, and Sheridan are. Katherine tells Martin that they gave up so much by leaving Harmony. Martin admits that he missed telling Paloma he’s her father. They go off to find their children.

Luis tells Paloma that she has to return to Harmony with him and Sheridan. He tells her that Pilar is sick, and that she might die. Now that Antonio is gone, he tells her, it is imperative that she return home. Paloma flashes back to when the hired gunman told her that he overheard Luis and Sheridan say that they do not love her. He tells Paloma that the only reason they want Paloma to return to Harmony is to help Pilar get better. After that, he tells her, they will abandon her all over again.

Katherine and Martin happen upon Luis, Sheridan and Paloma. Katherine asks what is going on, and Paloma insists that she is not going to do anything her so-called family asks her to do.

The Russell family asks Liz what she has to tell them.

Pilar asks Theresa if she wants Ethan back; Theresa denies it. Theresa says she wants revenge on Gwen and Rebecca for their part in ensuring that none of the Lopez-Fitzgeralds can work in Harmony. Pilar tries to dissuade her daughter from her actions, but Theresa is insistent. Gwen and Ethan invite Theresa to move back into the Crane mansion, and she agrees.

Luis asks Paloma why she’s being so stubborn. Paloma counters with the fact that she does not consider herself family, because she was abanonded by her family. Luis explains that there was no money after their father disappeared. Martin looks guilty when he hears that. Katherine and Martin defend Pilar, but Paloma insists that she will never return to Harmony. The gunman is pleased with the rebellious Paloma, and thinks that she will be able to help him destroy the other four.

Liz explains that she wants to say that everyone should take a break to get some perspective. Eve says this is Liz’s fault because she brought Irma to Harmony. TC says the whole marriage has been based on a lie. Ivy asks why Liz didn’t divulge everything she knows about Eve. Liz says she is biding her time, and says that when all of the truth comes out, Ivy will lose Sam. Ivy tells her to go to hell, and Sam overhears her. Ivy wonders how long he has been standing there.

Sam didn’t hear anything controversial; he asks if Ivy is all right. He wonders what the two women were talking about. They tell him they were talking about karma. Liz says that any relationship built on lies will not last. Sam agrees.

Chad prepares food and drinks for Whitney in the kitchen, and encourages Fox to look after her while he is busy. Fox tells Whitney that she is marrying Chad for the wrong reasons, that she loves him. Whitney asks him to leave her alone. Julian asks Fox what is going on, and Fox explains that Whitney is still choosing Chad over him, but she really is in love with Fox.

Simone tells Eve not to touch her when Eve tries to comfort her. Simone wants to know why Eve would lie to them for so many years, and pretend to be perfect. Eve asks for forgiveness. Whitney overhears and says that she will never forgive Eve.

Luis says that Puerto Arena is a very nice place, and that Pilar sent Paloma away to live with an aunt, not a stranger. Martin says Paloma’s mother loves her very much. Katherine says that Pilar called and sent letters all the time which shows her dedication to Paloma. Sheridan confides in Paloma that Pilar suffers every day because of the decision she made, but that she thought it was better for Paloma to have the necessities of life. Luis says Pilar even has a picture of Paloma at the hospital and Paloma seems touched by this. Paloma seems to reconsider moving back to Harmony.

Simone calls Whitney a hypocrite because she, in Simone’s opinion, is no better than their mother. TC says his whole life is a lie, and says he’s leaving the Russell home. Whitney and Simone say they are leaving as well.

Paloma says that Harmony always looks beautiful in pictures. Luis says he knows that her presence in Harmony will help Pilar get better. Paloma remembers what the gunman said about manipulation, and she tells Luis that Pilar just wants a replacement for the dead Antonio. Paloma says there’s no way she is returning to Harmony, and Luis can’t make her.

Theresa goes back to the Crane mansion. Little Ethan runs down the stairs and runs into Theresa’s arms.

Luis tells Paloma that the only reason they didn’t call her home earlier was they didn’t want to pull her from her school and friends. Paloma points out that her family had tons of ties with the Cranes, and why couldn’t they use some of the Crane money to take her back?

Sam tells TC not to leave until he is thinking more clearly. TC agrees to stay. Sam says he’s surprised by both Eve and Grace’s pasts, and how they upset everything. TC changes his mind, and wants to leave again. Eve says she will leave that very night, since she is the one who caused all the problems.

Theresa encourages Little Ethan to sleep. Ethan says it was a surprise for Theresa to have Little Ethan to be up when she arrived back at the Crane mansion. Gwen says she’s getting a bad feeling again when she sees Little Ethan and Theresa together.

Luis says Paloma is getting on the plane back to Harmony if he has to carry her. Sheridan tries to convince him not to be so stubborn, but he doesn’t listen to her. Sheridan asks the Wheelers if they can intervene on Luis’s behalf with Paloma. Martin blames himself for all that’s happened.

Luis tells Sheridan that he thinks Paloma is a brat. Sheridan understands what Paloma is going through, because she remembers when Alistair sent her off to boarding school. Sheridan tells Luis that his anger is accomplishing nothing. Luis admits that Paloma should never have been sent to Puerto Arena to live with Maria. Luis blames Martin for all the misery that’s happened to the Lopez-Fitzgerald family. Martin overhears Luis make this claim.

Gwen thinks Theresa is up to something and the minute she has their baby, she wants Theresa out of the mansion. Ethan mollifies her, and Gwen begins to think that she and Ethan will finally be able to be parents. Theresa tells a sleeping Little Ethan that she is not going to give her baby to Gwen. Theresa adds that the three of them are going to go far away.

Sam compliments Ivy on how patient she’s been with him. He apologizes to Ivy for dwelling on his past with Grace. He revels in the fact that there are no more lies. He says he thinks he and Ivy have something special between them.

Liz asks Eve where she is going to spend the night since it is so late. TC predicts she will spend the night at the Crane mansion with Julian.

Katherine tries to comfort Martin by saying that Luis does not understand why Martin had to leave. Martin disagrees with her. Sheridan thinks Luis should blame Alistair, rather than Martin, but Luis isn’t buying it. Luis says if he runs into his father, he will kill him himself.

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