Passions Update Monday 8/2/04

Passions Update Monday 8/2/04

By Shirley
Pictures by Juanita

In Pilar's hospital room, Gwen tells Theresa she heard her say she would keep the baby, and reminds her this is her only chance to have her and Ethan's biological child. Pilar tries to stick up for Theresa, but Gwen cuts her off. She reminds Ethan that she had told him before that Theresa couldn't be trusted, and says that Theresa already took Sarah from her, and now she wants to keep this one, too, but she won't let that happen. Ethan starts to say something, and Gwen tells him not to try to defend her. He says he just doesn't want to jump to conclusions. He then tells Theresa to tell him that she didn't just say she'd never give the baby to them. "That's exactly what I said. I'm never going to give up this baby."

Julian is comforting Eve in the Russell's living room. TC remarks on her standing there, in her lover's arms, and how she's ruined the family. Fox is watching Whitney in Chad's arms, and wishes he could be the one to comfort her, that he knows he's in her heart, but she won't admit it to herself. Ivy tells Liz she's despicable, and Liz agrees, telling her it will be her turn soon enough. She says she doesn't know what secrets Ivy's hiding, but she's sure they will shock Sam when they come out. Eve tells TC that she never meant to hurt him, to which he replies that she has killed him. Julian tries to tell him he's mistaken, Eve has always had the families best interests at heart, but TC tells him to shut up. Sam calms TC down. TC tells Eve they had a warm, wonderful, loving family, and she destroyed all that.

In Mexico, Luis is still upset about Paloma running from him. He doesn't understand why she mistrusts him, when all he wants is to take her home to see their mother, who might be dying and wants to see her one last time. Sheridan tries to calm him down and get him to understand how Paloma feels. He acts like they know each other, and they don't really. He had rushed in, embarrassed her in front of friends, and he needs to understand how she feels after that. He says he does, but he still needs to find her and explain. Sheridan tells him to give her some time, and assures him she is probably fine.

Meanwhile, Alistair's gunman is still holding Paloma, his hand firmly over her mouth. He tells her they need to have a little talk. (commercial)

"What sick little plan do you have now to keep me from having a baby, huh? Are you actually going to carry this baby to term, or are you going to get rid of it?", asks Gwen. Theresa asks if she seriously thinks she'd kill the baby. Gwen says it shouldn't be hard the second time, since she already killed Sarah. Theresa tells her that one of these days she will have to admit that Sarah's death was her own fault, and Theresa never did anything to hurt the baby. Pilar starts to have another episode, and Theresa calms her down. Ethan reminds Gwen that stress makes Pilar worse, and then Theresa asks if she and Rebecca haven't done enough to their family, now she comes to Pilar's sick bed and makes accusations. She tells them to leave before they kill Pilar. Ethan and Gwen agree to leave the room, but Ethan tells Theresa they will be in the corridor. Pilar talks to Theresa about the way she got pregnant, and when the truth comes out she'll lose both children. Theresa assures her that won't happen.

TC is still raging in the Russell house, saying he's a fool and his whole life has been a lie. Sam tells him to calm down, and TC tells him he was married to Julian Crane's whore. Sam drags him out of the room for a talk. Meanwhile, Liz sidles up to Eve and asks if she's going to bring out the chips and dips, since it is some party. Julian snarls at her to leave Eve alone. She then fakes sympathy for the fact that Eve has lost everything. Eve calls her a bitch, to which Liz replies that she had started by leaving her at the mercy of her father, and the only thing that got her through those nights was the thought that Eve would be back to protect her, but she never came. She told her that payback is a bitch, then walked away. Eve tells Julian that she never meant for the news to come out this way, and Julian said it is Liz's fault. TC comes back in and announces he's leaving, but Eve wants to talk. He says she has torn the family apart and made them a joke in the community, and there's nothing left to talk about. Simone joins in and whines about finding out about Whitney and Chad, and now finding out all Eve's secrets. Eve asks about Whitney and Chad, as does TC. Simone tells them about Whitney's marriage plans, and after TC confronts her, she admits she and Chad are getting married because he's the only man in the world for her. Fox just looks at her.

Luis and Sheridan still talking about finding Paloma. He wants to make sure she's ok, and Sheridan agrees to help find her, but that she needs some time to digest all she's heard. He agrees to that, and then they decide to walk around and look for her, and hopefully they'll find her if she wants to be found. The gunman takes his hand off Paloma's mouth, and she jumps on him for grabbing her. He tells her he's a friend of someone who worries about her and wants him to watch out for her. He then says the friend wanted him to tell her about Luis and all the lies he's telling. (commercial)

Ethan and Gwen are in the corridor when Theresa rolls up in her wheel chair and tells Gwen she is one mean-spirited bitch. She tells her that she came barging into Pilar's room, getting her upset, and getting Theresa upset, too. She tells Gwen that although she claims to care about the baby, she just keeps getting Theresa upset, which isn't good for it. She is in the hospital because of finding out about Antonio dying, and Gwen should just leave her alone if she cares about the baby. Gwen apologizes about Antonio, but the only reason they came to the hospital was to reassure her they were going to give Little Ethan back to her as soon as she delivered their child, but then they walked in and heard her saying she was keeping the baby. Theresa can't quite believe what she just heard, and asks if it was true. Ethan tells her it is, and that he was going to tell her she could live at the mansion with them and Little Ethan until the baby was born, so they could get the best possible care. He says he's very disappointed in her, that she's really changed, and asks how she could use that innocent little child in a plot against them. Theresa tries to explain that what she really was saying was that she won't give the baby to them unless they give her son back to her. Gwen is not convinced, and asks if she really thinks they are that stupid. Ethan asks why Theresa would want to keep a baby with their DNA, and Theresa agrees, although Gwen is still not convinced.

Whitney asks if anyone is happy about her good news, and Sam says they are all just a little shocked. Whitney thanks Eve for ruining her engagement and starts bad-mouthing her again. Chad tells her not to make things worse, and Simone says she should shut up because she's no better, since she stole Chad from her, and she should go to hell. Eve tells her not to use that language. Simone jumps on her, then, talking about all the years Eve had told the girls not to lie, not to cheat, mind their manners, and yet Eve was doing all those things and more. Whitney tells her to give it a rest, and that she never stole Chad from her anyway. Julian tells Fox he knows he loves the girl, but he shouldn't do anything to make things worse. Fox asks how it could get worse. He told his father that he's the one who started it all anyway, and Julian agreed. Fox said that for once he took Julian's advice, and it got him nowhere. They talk about women being strange, and Fox describes Whitney's reaction to the news that he loves her. He says she's making a mistake marrying Chad since she's in love with Fox, and one day she'll regret it. Whitney continues to berate Eve, remarking on the fact that all these years she's been married to one man, had kids, had a good life, but the whole time she was in love with another man, and that is sick.

Luis and Sheridan are walking the streets of Puerta Arena, calling Paloma's name. They wonder where she could be. Sheridan says they will find her, but Luis needs to take it slow and let her get used to them. She describes her own childhood, being sent to boarding school from a young age, coming home for holidays but not really connecting with anyone, feeling more comfortable at school than at home. They never really felt loved by their family. She tells him that's what Paloma must feel about going home to her family, whom she doesn't even know. Luis tells her his family is different, that for their family, love was never a question, it was just always there. Sheridan says it isn't much different, and he can't expect her to just run to him with open arms after all this time. He finally agrees, and they decide to give her time to warm up to the idea so she'll want to go home. Luis says it will have to be fast, tho. Paloma asks the man what lies Luis is telling, and says if the man does anything to her, she will call her brother, the cop. He tells her he isn't a cop any longer. She wants to call to him anyway, but the man says if she does, he will leave and she'll never know the lies Luis is going to tell her. (commercial)

Gwen calls Theresa a compulsive liar and says she doesn't trust her. Ethan pulls her aside and tells her to act like she does, because Theresa is already having problems with the pregnancy, and having her in the mansion and stress free is what is best for the baby. Gwen wants him to remember all the terrible things Theresa has done to ruin their lives, but he tells her to think about the baby and what's best for it. She says she doesn't think she can stand having Theresa so close all the time, but he tells her she has to make herself stand it, for the baby's sake. It is the best way to keep an eye on her. As long as they give her Little Ethan, she will give the baby to them when it's born. Gwen wants to believe him, so they make the deal with Theresa, and they all shake hands, albeit with reservations.

Whitney is still ragging on Eve for ruining her engagement day, and Simone is still ragging on Whitney for stealing her man. Whitney and Chad tell her he was never hers to begin with. Liz walks to Ivy and remarks on the "happy evening at home". Ivy asks if she's happy with what she's done, and Liz tells her it will be her turn, soon, too. She tells Ivy to call her when it starts, since she doesn't want to miss it. Ivy almost goes after her, but catches herself, and then Sam walks up. She goes into his arms and remarks how awful it is, and he says that secrets and lies always cause problems. Julian tells Fox he has to let Whitney find her own happiness, and if she wants to marry Chad, he can't stand in her way. Fox replies that Whitney loves him and he won't let her do anything to hurt herself. Julian tells him to look around, love tears families apart, but Fox says he's what tore them apart. "Touche", replies Julian. Eve tells Whitney to calm down so they can discuss the engagement. Whitney says Eve isn't going to tell her what to do. Eve tells her getting married now is a mistake, and Whitney spits out that Aunt Irma told them how loose she had been, and at least she'd have a ring on her finger. Chad says they have been in love for a long time so it's not a rush to marriage, and Whitney tells Eve to mind her own business. Eve tells her the girls are her business, and Whitney calls her a liar. She says they are getting married and no one can stop them. Eve tells her she forbids them to marry, and Whitney tells her she is an adult, and she won't listen to a dirty whore like her. Liz looks on with a smile on her face.

Paloma hears Luis and Sheridan calling her, but she wants to hear what the man has to say. He asks if she wants to know the truth, and she says she does, and asks what lies he's been telling her. (commercial)

Liz walks up to Ivy and asks if she's enjoying herself. Ivy asks how she can tear the family apart and hurt the girls the way she is doing. Liz says she's sorry they are being hurt, but it could be a valuable lesson to them on the fact that careful planning always pays off. Ivy tells her she's evil, and Liz says she hasn't seen anything yet, there is more dirt to come out, then she remembers finding out Eve had been driving the car that wrecked in TC and ended his tennis career. Eve tells Whitney she can't speak to her that way, and Whitney reminds her that she had always taught them to tell the truth. She says the truth is, Eve is a whore and a drug addict. Eve asks TC if he is going to allow his daughter to speak to her that way, and she asks if Eve is sure he is her father. Shocked, Eve tells TC that he can't allow his daughter to rush into marriage and make the biggest mistake of her life. He mockingly asks if she wants him to tell Whitney she's too young, they need to wait until they are financially secure, and marriage is a lifelong commitment. "That would be a very good start, TC." He asks how the heck he is supposed to tell them not to marry the wrong man when he married the wrong woman.

The gunman tells Paloma he was by Luis and Sheridan on the plane, and he also heard them talking to her when they got there. She asks if he is a stalker and says maybe she should call the police. He tells her to back off. She wants to know what they had said. He tells her they talked about why they were coming down after her, and it isn't because they love her. No one in the family loves her, and that's why they sent her away in the first place. (commercial)

Ethan is going to talk to the doctors to see if Theresa could be released tonight, and tells Gwen it will allow her to be with Theresa when she visits the doctor and at Lamaze classes, etc. Theresa goes to get ready, and Gwen tells Ethan again she doesn't trust her, and if Ethan is wrong, it will lead to another big heartache. Theresa tells Pilar she's moving back to the mansion and will be with her son. Pilar is upset, wondering how she can do this. Theresa runs down the list of what Rebecca and Gwen have done to them, and says she can do it with a smile on her face. She will get her son back and keep the baby, and no one will stop her.

Eve tells TC not to be so cruel. He tells her she's the cruel one, she lied to him the first day she met him and lived that lie all the years they were married. He won't tell Whitney she can't marry the man she loves and spoil her dreams. Simone asks what about her dreams, she also had wanted to marry Chad but Whitney had stolen him from her. TC says he doesn't know what to say, but he knows the woman he loved was a whore. Eve asks if she hadn't been a good wife, and hadn't he been happy all those years. He says yeah, TC Russell had been the happy, stupid fool of Harmony. He had been proud a fine, upstanding doctor like her had married someone like him, but now he realized she wasn't what he had thought. It had all been lies. She tells him she has always loved him, and he says he believes that with Julian standing there with his hands on her. He asks what her next lie will be, and Liz smirks about the next one coming out soon, like a huge wreck on the highway.

Paloma asks the man if he had heard Luis and Sheridan say no one loves her, and he says he did. He says they only want her back there because Pilar is sick and they think seeing her might help her get better. Once she does, though, Paloma will be on the first plane back to Mexico. He says they don't want her in Harmony. She asks him why he's telling her all this, and he says he wants to help her. Luis calls again, and the man starts to leave, warning her not to believe what they say. Luis tells her he's glad he found her, and that he loves her. She looks toward the man, who wags her finger at her to say "no, it's a lie." (commercial)

Ethan comes back to Gwen, telling her it's all set, and she says they are taking the fox into the hen house. He tells her to remember "do unto others", and if they give her Little Ethan, she will give them their children. Theresa and Pilar continue talking about her living in the mansion, and how she will be able to keep both children. She swears she will keep them both, and no one will stop her.

TC asks Eve again about any other secrets, the icing on the cake. He asks if there are any more bastard children out there ready to ring his doorbell. Ivy prays that Liz will keep her mouth shut, but she can see there is something more she wants to bring out. Whitney says the whole thing makes her sick. Simone talks about the beautiful family picture, her slut of a sister who stole her man, and her whore of a mother snuggling up to her lover in their own living room, and looks at Fox as she says "your father!" Fox replies that you never know who loves whom or how it will turn out in the end as he looks at Whitney. TC asks again for Eve to tell more secrets. Liz steps up and asks everyone to listen to what she has to say. Eve wonders what she's up to, and Ivy tells her whatever it is, it will be another dagger in her (Eve's) heart.

Luis tells Paloma how much they all love her and miss her, and that they all want her to go back to Harmony. She tells him she knows why he's there. He asks if that means she'll go back to Harmony, and she says she will never go back there.

Previews: Theresa to Pilar: "I can't wait to see the pain on Gwen's face when I get

Little Ethan back and keep this baby I'm carrying."

Eve to Simone: "I pray that one day all of you will be able to forgive me."

Whitney, walking up behind Eve: "I will never forgive you!"

Paloma, looking at a picture of her family on her laptop: "One family deleted" as she hits the button and the picture disappears.

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