Passions Update Friday 7/30/04

Passions Update Friday 7/30/04

By Shirley
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Gwen is eating dinner alone in the kitchen of the Crane mansion, remembering Theresa telling her that once she got her son back, Gwen and Ethan would get their baby that she's carrying. She says that what should have been the happiest time of hers and Ethan's lives together were turned into a nightmare, thanks to Theresa. Ethan walks in and starts telling her about the evening he has planned for her - a warm bubble bath while they look for baby names, and then a long, long massage. Gwen swipes her plate of food off the table and yells at him that Theresa is the one who's pregnant, so he should give her the massage. "It's what you really want to do, isn't it?" He is stunned by her outburst.

Theresa, in a wheelchair, is at her mother's bedside, and asks how she's doing. Pilar tells her that her heart is breaking, and then says Antonio's name. She starts coughing and choking, which startles Theresa. Calling for a nurse, she tries to calm Pilar down. The nurse comes in and gives Pilar some water, telling her she must remain calm, stress isn't good for her. Then she tells Theresa not to stay in her mother's room too long. When she leaves, Pilar asks Theresa what's bothering her, and she tells her about Fox and his feelings for Whitney. She says that Whitney has decided to jump into a marriage with Chad. Pilar wonders what's wrong with that, since she loves Chad. "Mom, I'm not sure Whitney knows who she loves more, Chad or Fox."

As a thunderstorm rages outside the Russell house, inside the family and friends are trying to understand Eve's revelation that Liz is her sister. Whitney asks if it's true, and as TC says he had no idea they were sisters, Fox tells Whitney that he is there for her. She tells him to leave her alone, and walks away. He wonders to himself why he scares her so much, and whether it's because she knows she loves him as much as he loves her. Sam asks Eve again if Liz is her sister, and she says yes, she is. TC turns to Liz and asks what's going on and whether it's true. Eve answers, saying yes, she is her sister, and Aunt Irma decides Liz must be from the mother's second husband as Ivy enjoys the fact that now Liz has been exposed. TC questions Liz again as to why she hadn't said anything, and Eve told him it's because she hates Eve. She wanted to bring out Eve's secrets and ruin her life, destroy her family, for revenge. Eve admits to making mistakes, but she never set out to hurt anyone, unlike Liz. She came to Harmony with just one goal: to ruin Eve's life.

In Mexico, Luis and Sheridan are still stunned watching Paloma dancing in such a vulgar way. Alistair's gunman is there, too, and gets a call from the boss. The old man tells him to watch Paloma, since he believes she is the key to destroying Luis, Sheridan, Martin, and Katherine. After the call is over, the gunman talks about his plans to do them all in, and watches the young girl dance. (commercial)

Ethan asks Gwen if she is still accusing him of wanting to be with Theresa, but she says no, she's just frustrated and apologizes for the outburst. He tells her they have so much to be thankful for, and that this may be their only chance to have their own biological child. Gwen hangs on to the hope that the doctors who said she is barren are wrong, and one day they will find a doctor who can help them conceive, and Ethan says that could happen, but until then, they need to concentrate on the child they will soon have. The maid walks in and asks if they want her to clean the mess Gwen made up, but Ethan says no. She then asks if he still wants her to get the sardines and ice cream he had asked for. He tells her to just bring the ice cream. Ethan explains to Gwen that he thought it would be romantic to do the things they did when she was pregnant with Sarah, and reminded her that sardines and ice cream had been her favorite. She starts crying and tells him she's not the one who's pregnant now, Theresa is, and they are crazy if they believe she will actually give them the baby once she has it. He takes her in his arms as she cries.

Pilar asks Theresa if Whitney really has feelings for Fox, and Theresa tells her she believes it is true, and that's why she's rushing into the marriage with Fox. Pilar says marriage is not something to be taken lightly. Theresa agrees, then asks her mother why love has to cause so much pain. "Real love shouldn't", she replies. "Well, it's caused me nothing but heartache and trouble", Theresa tells her, and she says she's going to focus on the baby she's carrying and that she'll keep it, not give it to Ethan and Gwen.

Eve tells everyone she should have told them the truth, but she was afraid to. She certainly didn't want it all to come out like it did, and Liz is to thank for it. TC defends Liz, but Eve asks him to think about why it took so long for her to put the information out there for them. She explains it's because Liz hates her, and she came back to Harmony only to destroy Eve's life. It is all part of her plan, she says, and she got Aunt Irma to tell them about it so she herself wouldn't have to be the one who did it. She repeats it's part of Liz plan, and TC asks what plan that is. "The plan to replace me in my children's hearts, and in my husband's bed!" TC is disbelieving, but Eve tells him to think about how Liz wormed her way into their family, into their lives, especially his. TC asks Liz if it is true, that she came there as part of some well-thought-out plan. Everyone watches her, waiting for her answer.

Luis has watched his baby sister for as long as he can stand it, and he walks over to her, picks her up, and carries her off the dance floor. She yells for him to put her down, not knowing who he is. The young man she was dancing with follows, and as soon as Luis sets Paloma down, he slugs him. Luis repays in kind, and the young man is knocked across the floor. As Paloma is tending to him, they wonder who this man is, and she looks at him for the first time, realizing he is her brother. Luis takes Paloma's arm and tries to take her outside to talk, but she shakes free and asks "Who the (heck) are you to come in here and order me around?", leaving Luis and Sheridan shocked at her attitude and her language. (commercial)

Paloma's friend asks why her brother is there when she has told everyone her family doesn't care about her, which takes both Luis and Sheridan aback. Paloma tells him she doesn't know and doesn't care. Luis tries again to get Paloma to go outside to talk, but she refuses. The young man tells Luis to leave her alone, since she doesn't want to talk to him. Luis tells the kid to stay out of it, since it's a family matter. Paloma tells him it will be ok, and he leaves. Sheridan introduces herself to the girl, who asks if Antonio is there, too. Luis says no, he isn't, and they need to talk, but she doesn't want to. She says Antonio isn't there for the same reason Pilar, Miguel, and Theresa aren't, because they don't care about her. Luis tells her to watch her language, and she tells him he can't tell her what to do, then asks why they are there. She wonders if they feel sorry for their "little orphan sister", but Luis assures her the whole family loves her, she has it all wrong. He then tells her Antonio is dead, which shocks her and she looks like she is starting to cry.

Fox again approaches Whitney to offer support, but she rebuffs him again and walks away. TC demands an answer from Liz, and the girls ask her for answers, also. She walks over to Eve and asks when the lies are going to end. TC asks if she's lying about Liz like she lied about everything else, and Eve is stunned that her family believes Liz over her. (commercial)

Eve swears she's not the one who's lying, and asks Liz if she's going to deny being her sister. Liz admits it, as Ivy wonders what she's up to. Eve tells her to admit the rest, too. Julian tells them that Liz has been blackmailing Eve since she got to Harmony, at which TC tries to attack him again, but Sam holds him back. Liz says she never tried to hurt Eve, and would never try to take her family from her. Eve responds, telling her she is a liar. Liz admits she was angry when she first arrived and wanted revenge, but once she saw what a wonderful life Eve had, she forgot all that and just wanted to be a part of it. Eve asks how many time had she begged Liz to forgive her so they could be family again, and TC asks what she wanted forgiveness for. Liz reminds him of when she first came to Harmony, when she told them about her sister who had abandoned her and left her at the mercy of her abusive father, and they realize it was Eve. Liz says she had wanted revenge at first, but that she could never ruin her own sister's life, even though Eve had ruined hers.

Ethan asks Gwen to forget about Theresa and get into the spirit of the baby they are expecting. He tells her that all the books about surrogacy say that the mother should be treated exactly as if she were pregnant. He offers a massage again, but she doesn't want it. He reminds her how much she loved massages when she was pregnant with Sarah. She tells him Sarah is dead, and right now, she is just scared to death that Theresa will tear her heart out again. Ethan pulls her to him again as she worries.

Pilar asks Theresa how she will get Little Ethan back if she doesn't give Gwen the baby she's carrying, and Theresa tells her she has no plan yet, but she's working on it. This sends Pilar into another coughing spell as she warns her it will only get her in more trouble. Theresa talks her out of it, and tells her she has to get well because the family needs her. Paloma thinks of Antonio, and cries again. Theresa reminds her of all the good things going on in their lives, and that Paloma will be back soon. Pilar hopes it's true.

Paloma is still trying to accept that Antonio's dead. She says she doesn't remember him, and now she'll never know him. Luis apologizes and tells her he was a good guy, but Paloma says now she'll never know. Luis tells her they came to take her home, and she is excited by that. She asks how long she will be staying, and he tells her forever, if she wants, then tells her everything that has been going on with the family because of the Cranes. Paloma thinks that means they will use the excuse again that they don't have money to support her and she'll be shipped off again. Luis tries to tell her that's not what will happen, but she doesn't believe it and tells him she won't go back with him. She runs out of the club, with the gunman right behind her. (commercial)

Gwen is telling Ethan she wants to be positive, but she can't help feeling Theresa will do something. He says as long as they give Little Ethan back to her, she will give them their baby. He tells Gwen he doesn't believe Theresa is the monster she thinks she is, but Gwen tells him to stop defending her. Ethan then tells her that the baby Theresa is carrying is his a Gwen's biological child, and once Theresa gets Little Ethan back, she will have no reason to keep the baby, since it's not her own child.

Theresa is telling Pilar that she will find a way to get Little Ethan back and keep the baby, too. She says she missed her son, and Pilar agrees, a mother should never be separated from her child. Theresa says it must be hard not having Paloma with her , and Pilar says she knew when she sent her to live with Aunt Maria it was the best thing for her, but she never expected her to be gone so long. She tells Theresa Gwen is going to be furious if she keeps the baby that Gwen thinks is hers. Theresa agrees, but said Gwen and Rebecca started the war by doing all the terrible things they did to the family, but she is the one with the ammunition now, and they are going to be sorry they ever messed with her.

Again, TC asks why Liz didn't tell them who she was. She said that everyone had heard her story and she didn't want them to know the evil sister was Eve, didn't want her family to turn against her and learn about her past life. Eve explodes, asking why she's lying, that it's the reason she brought Aunt Irma there, but Liz says she never wanted to hurt Eve, only have the girls meet their Great Aunt. Eve again yells at Liz, telling her she's lying, she never thought about the girls at all, only about exposing Eve's past in the worst way possible. TC and the girls defend Liz and say hurtful things about Eve, causing her to realize they actually beleive Liz. She tells them it's all a plan to destroy her in her family's eyes by bringing Irma there. Liz asks if she'd rather she had called a family meeting and told them everything, and then she talked about the child she'd had with Julian, shocking Whitney and Simone, who hadn't heard about that yet. Liz said it was all Eve's lies that had caused the problem, and she couldn't blame Liz for that. She calls her a slut and a tramp, at which point Julian tells her to shut up. TC tells him to shut up. Then Whitney chimes in, calling her mother a hypocrite, too.

Luis wants to follow Paloma, but Sheridan stops him. Sheridan tells him he came on too strong, and the girl is angry because she feels she was abandoned down there. Luis doesn't understand it, saying she was much better off there, and she would never have had all the things she had with Aunt Maria if she had stayed in Harmony. Sheridan tells him that while she understands why they sent her here, Paloma obviously doesn't. She says he came on with the big brother bit a little too fast, but he says he just wants to protect her. Sheridan tells him to give her time to get used to having a big brother. Luis promises he will still keep watching out for her, and they leave to find her. Paloma has run to a bridge, where she stops and talks to herself about how Luis thinks he can come there after all this time and try to tell her what to do. She hears a footstep and turns, startled.(commercial)

Luis and Sheridan are the ones who walked up to Paloma. She yelled at him for scaring her, and he tells her she shouldn't be out alone at night, especially dressed like she is. She tells him she can take care of herself and doesn't need him to do it for her. Luis tries to explain why she was sent away, but she won't hear it. She tells him there is nothing to be afraid of there. The gunman is watching them and talking to Alistair on the phone. Alistair tells him to get Paloma as soon as he can, and the gunman says he will, just as soon as she's alone again.

Ethan and Gwen are still arguing about whether or not Theresa will give them their baby. Ethan suggests they go to the hospital right then and tell Theresa they definitely are going to give Little Ethan back to her, and that way she will give them their baby. Besides, if they assure her of the fact she will definitely get Little Ethan, it will calm her and that could only be good for their baby. Gwen agrees to go.

Whitney asks Eve if it isn't true that she's a hypocrite, as well as a slut and a tramp. Eve apologizes to her, but Whitney won't hear it. She talks about how all their life TC had done nothing but tell them what a great woman she was, so honest and moral, and how Eve always told them they had to be so proper, act like ladies, etc. She said that Eve forbade her and Simone to sing, yet she had been a singer, and not just singing, but doing drugs and having a baby out of wedlock. Eve tried to tell her she was only trying to protect them, and Whitney wondered if she was afraid they would be like her. She tells her mother she could never be like her in a million years, could never lie to the people she loved, or hurt her Dad like Eve had, and that she will never forgive her for that. Then she slapped her. (commercial)

Eve whispers Whitney's name, and starts to cry, holding the cheek Whitney had slapped. Chad got Whitney and took her to sit, while Aunt Irma complained she was bored and hungry. She decided to go to the kitchen for some food, but told them to call her if it got exciting again. Eve, still crying, apologizes again, and even Ivy feels bad for her. Julian steps up to Eve and she turns to him, saying they all hate her, and he embraces her for comfort as she cries. TC bellows about never having thought he would ever see his wife in Julian's arms. He tells her to look at her kids, how much they despise her. He tells her that her marriage and their family have been destroyed by her lies.

Gwen and Ethan arrive at the hospital, but she is still not sure it will do any good to talk to Theresa. Ethan says they have to try. In the hospital room, Pilar tells Theresa that she doesn't want Theresa to give the baby to Gwen, either, but she has to thinkof the consequences. Theresa responds that she doesn't care what Gwen does, she will never give her the baby she's carrying. At that moment, Gwen and Ethan walk in the room and hear every word. "I knew it. She's never going to give us our baby", Gwen says.

The gunman is telling Alistair that Luis is trying to convince Paloma to go back to Harmony with them. Alistair says if he gets Paloma, it will lead to destroying Luis, Sheridan, Martin, and Katherine. The gunman says he will get her, one way or the other. Paloma tells Luis to leave her alone, she will do what she wants, and she will never go back to Harmony then runs away again. Luis wants to follow her, but Sheridan stops him again. He wonders what's wrong with his little sister, why she won't go see their mother. He thinks if she doesn't go, Pilar will die. Paloma runs to a quiet spot, then stops and asks God why this is happening now. She is grabbed from behind by the gunman, who covers her mouth with his hand.

Previews: Theresa to Pilar: "I'm gonna get my son back, and I'm going to keep

this baby,and no one is going to stop me."

Whitney to Eve: "Listen, Chad and I are getting married, and there's not

a thing you can do about it!"

Eve's response: "I forbid the two of you to get married!"

Paloma to gunman: "Why is my brother all of a sudden here to get me?

What lies is he telling?"

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