Passions Update Thursday 7/29/04

Passions Update Thursday 7/29/04

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Mr. Wheeler tells Maria that he has delayed his trip to Harmony. He tells Katherine that he has to stay in Puerto Arena to protect Sheridan and Luis.

Sheridan and Luis go for a walk and they marvel at how Pilar was so brave to give up her happy life there to go to Harmony. They kiss as the gunman looks on.

Ivy is drinking, because she is afraid that all of the past lies are going to come out. She hears someone coming, and hides the alcohol, and freshens her breath. It turns out the person is Sam. They kiss passionately. Ivy says she wants to spend as much time with Sam while they still can.

TC and Julian continue fighting. Eve asks Liz to help her break up the fight. Simone, Whiteny and Chad enter the living room, and Chad tries to break up the fight but it doesn’t work. TC just flings Chad onto the couch, and resumes beating on Julian.

Eve pleads with Julian to stop defending her honour, but to no avail. Fox sees what is happening from his car and realizes TC knows the truth about Julian and Eve. As the fight progresses, TC and Julian find themselves outside of the Russell house.

Sam tells Ivy that he is convinced that Alistair tried to kill Sheridan. He tells Ivy about the bomb in Sheridan’s car. Ivy says that Alistair is a monster. Sam finds out that Charity has left town, and that Miguel has left town to pursue her.

Katherine tells Martin that she thinks God may have brought Sheridan and Luis together, like He brought Katherine and Martin together.

Sheridan and Luis visit a church (where Pilar first took communion) so that Sheridan can light a candle for their baby. Alistair orders his gunman to keep an eye on his daughter and Luis. Alistair likes the idea of having Sheridan and Luis killed in a church.

Sam asks if Kay knows about Miguel and Charity. Jessica says that she does, and she hopes she’s devastated because each of them helped ruin Jessica’s life. Sam is mad that Miguel left, but Ivy points out that because Miguel can’t work in Harmony, and that Kay can’t either because of her health, maybe it’s better for Miguel to have left. Sam says that they all have to band together for Kay now, and even Jessica agrees.

Sheridan says a prayer in the church for her baby. The gunman from behind pulls a gun on Sheridan and Luis.

Simone and Whitney find out that Irma is Eve’s aunt. Eve says she’s going to call the police to stop the fight before one of them gets killed.

Ivy offers Sam a drink after his very hard day. He points out that it’s been nothing but bad news lately, including Pilar’s heart attack. Ivy says it’s romantic how Miguel is fighting for true love, just as she fought for hers with Sam. Ivy is just about to tell Sam the truth when the phone rings. Sam gets the phone call about the fight between TC and Julian.

Simone wants to know why the fight is even happening. Whitney says to asks Eve because she is the reason why the fight is occurring in the first place.

Katherine tells Martin that she tried to protect Julian the way she protected Sheridan, but she says she ultimately didn’t know how.

Sheridan and Luis pray while the gunman aims. He is foiled in his plan because the Reverend shows up. Luis and Sheridan ask about the nightlife and where they might find Paloma. The Reverend directs them to a spot where he says Paloma would never be, but someone there might know something.

Katherine flashes back to when Julian was playing tennis and Alistair berated him for being a pathetic wimp. Alistair mocks Julian for being spineless. Alistair tells his son that he will be club champion one day or he will regret it. Katherine asks her husband why Alistair tries to ruin Julian’s self-esteem.

As the men fight, Whitney challenges Eve to tell Simone what the fight is all about. Whitney says their mother is a lying hypocrite. Whitney tells Simone that Eve has been cheating on TC with Julian. Liz gloats that Eve’s daughters are now turning against her, as well as Julian’s. Sam breaks up the fight. Ivy pleads with Eve not to reveal the truth about Ivy’s blackmailing Eve in the past. Sam fires a shot in the air to stop the fight.

Eve asks TC if he’s hurt and he repeats that she should never touch him again. TC tells Sam that Eve used to be a drug addict and a whore. Sam says that people make mistakes. TC says that Julian and Eve had a baby together. This surprises Fox, who only knew about Eve and Julian. Simone begs her mother to say this is all a lie. Eve admits the truth. Liz comforts Simone.

Martin tells Katherine that she should not feel guilty about leaving Harmony. He says she had no choice, but she says that she left her children behind at Alistair’s mercy.

Luis and Sheridan see Paloma at the nightclub. It is a Latin hotspot. Luis says that he doesn’t think Paloma would be there. But then he hears someone call her name and then he realizes that she is the one who is dancing seductively in front of everyone.

Martin says his family may forgive him if they realize that he really had no choice. Katherine thinks it is possible, especially since the danger was so great that they both had to have plastic surgery.

Alistair uses his dart board where he has his enemies’ faces picturd; Luis’s, Sheridan’s, Martin’s, and Katherine’s.

TC says that his whole relationship with Eve has been nothing but a lie. Theresa says that the Cranes cause nothing but trouble, and Fox overhears her. Sam asks Eve if all of this stuff is really true. Eve says she many times wanted to tell the truth to TC but his look of love and trust always forestalled her. Sam asks how TC found out, and Eve tells him that Liz is the culprit. She states that Liz has known the truth all along. Eve confesses that Liz is her sister.

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