Passions Update Wednesday 7/28/04

Passions Update Wednesday 7/28/04

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Theresa tells Fox that Whitney is just marrying Chad to show that she does not love Fox. Theresa offers her opinion that Whitney’s heart hasn’t been in it since Whitney and Chad reconciled. Fox wishes he could believe it, but he’s not sure whether he should or not, based on how firmly Whitney has rejected him.

Simone yells at Chad and Whitney that Chad led her on and expresses her amazement that they are even going to get married. She says that TC and Eve are going to hate the idea.

Eve admits that she slept with Julian Crane, the man TC hates.

In Puerto Arena, Luis asks Mr. Wheeler why Mrs. Wheeler is calling Sheridan her baby little girl. Katherine apologizes and says that she was overwhelmed for the moment by Sheridan’s story. Sheridan says from the moment she met Mrs. Wheeler, she felt she’d always known her.

Martin tells Katherine that he doesn’t think they should spend any more time with Luis and Sheridan. Martin says they can’t reveal the truth because who knows what Alistair would do if he found out that they all knew about each other.

Alistair’s hired gunman says he knows exactly what to do about the situation.

Katherine says that to be so close to Sheridan makes it impossible not to tell her the truth. Katherine thinks that she could make Sheridan’s life better if she were to tell her the truth, because Sheridan is so lonely and miserable, and so affected by her mother’s death. Martin says he feels the same way about Luis, but it is too dangerous to make any revelations.

Sheridan can’t stop looking at Mrs. Wheeler because of her voice, which is just like her mother’s.

Whitney asks Simone to hear she and Chad out, but Simone wants them to live with their guilty consciences. Simone says that TC and Eve will never let the marriage happen.

Eve apologizes to TC but he forbids her to speak to him. Eve says she’s still the same woman but TC argues that she is not the woman he loves. TC says she lied to him over and over again whenever he saw Eve and Julian together. TC suspects their affair has continued throughout the years. He feels betrayed because he always felt they could count on each other. He says the idea of Eve and Julian together disgusts him. Eve swears that it’s been over between her and Julian for years. TC can’t forgive the lies.

Liz gloats about what has happened, and Eve expresses amazement that someone could take pleasure in such a nightmare. Liz says this is closure for her past. Julian tries to enter the household, but Eve implores him that he will leave before TC kills him.

Whitney says their mother will have no right to criticize Whitney for marrying Chad, and almost spills that she knows about her mother’s past, but she stops herself just in time. Simone asks what she is talking about.

Luis’s Aunt Maria and Luis reunite. Luis thanks the Wheelers for taking such good care of his sister, Paloma. Paloma is the reason why Luis and Sheridan are in Mexico in the first place. Maria asks after Pilar, and Luis admits that she is not doing very well. Maria expresses her condolences about Antonio. Maria says that Pilar is very strong, and will make it through her illness. Luis says he wants to see Paloma, but Maria says she went out with a friend.

Pilar’s reason for not visiting Mexico was that she was afraid to fly. But she could never get a day off, Luis said, from the Cranes. He says that Sheridan is nothing like the rest of her family. Pilar sent Paloma to Mexico because she could not afford to support her. Mrs. Wheeler says that Paloma felt abandoned by her family because of this.

Fox feels guilty for making Whitney’s life more difficult than it already has been. Fox confides to Theresa that he thinks Julian’s feelings for Eve run a lot deeper than just a fling. Theresa finds that hard to believe, based on her marital experience with Julian (even if it wasn’t a real marriage).

Simone wants to know why Whitney has been at their mother’s throat for months now. Whitney fudges, and says their mother hasn’t been that supportive lately.

Liz and Irma see Julian, and Irma starts screaming that he is the white man who fathered Eve’s baby. Julian leaves before TC reenters the living room. Eve wants to talk to TC alone but TC refuses. He doesn’t ever want to hear Eve say the word ‘love’ again. TC says he’s been a fool for a long time. He wants to know how Eve could not tell him about Julian after all this time. Eve says she wanted to, but TC says she played him for the biggest sucker on earth. He says he thought she despised him, too. TC wonders why he never saw the clues, even though Julian saved Eve’s life on more than 3 occasions. Eve says she wanted to marry TC because of his decency and goodness. She was afraid to tell TC about her past, because she was afraid that he would leave her. TC says now they will never know, that she should have given him a chance. It occurs to TC to ask where Julian and Eve’s child is. Eve says she doesn’t know, but TC doesn’t believe this. He thinks that Whitney and Simone might be Julian’s children.

Theresa tells Fox that she thinks Chad and Whitney are great together, but that she has feelings for Fox. Fox says they need to be there for Whitney because of Julian’s warning that something is going to happen in the next couple of days that will tear Whitney’s life apart.

Maria expresses sympathy for Pilar’s loss of Antonio. Maria doesn’t understand Antonio’s death, asking if it was an accident. Sheridan says that it was her father’s fault, that the death that was supposed to happen was Sheridan’s. Sheridan says that Alistair will do whatever it takes to break her and Luis apart, and Luis agrees. Luis tells the Wheelers that Theresa is a surrogate mother, and Martin interrupts by complaining about the Cranes and saying they had better not try to take Theresa’s baby from her. Luis says that if he didn’t know better, that Mr. Wheeler hates the Cranes just as much as he does. Martin apologizes and says the thought of a father treating his children that way makes his blood boil. Luis says that he is not a policeman anymore because he was suspended. He says that Alistair has given orders that the Lopez-Fitzgeralds cannot work in Harmony. Luis shows the Wheelers a picture of Martin, his son. Luis says he doesn’t know why he bothered naming his child after his father, since his father deserted him so many years ago.

Theresa continues to encourage Fox about Whitney, saying that Whitney’s father might not let the marriage go ahead because of his past problems with Chad. Fox thanks Theresa for being such a great friend, and Theresa says that it is a shame that they are not a destiny couple, that it would make things a lot easier, and Fox agrees.

Whitney insists that her parents will support her decision to marry Chad, but Simone basically tells her she’s crazy.

Eve assures TC that Whitney and Simone are TC’s children. TC doesn’t believe her, for sure. TC wants to know where Eve and Julian’s bastard child is. Eve begs him not to call him that. TC calls his wife a cheating whore. Eve insists that she has never cheated on her husband. Irma tells TC he’s a fool if he believes that.

Luis suggests that he and Sheridan take a walk around Puerto Arena.

Whitney and Chad go to tell her parents about their upcoming marriage.

TC says he’s going to kill Julian for making Eve a street whore. Eve tries to touch TC, but he slaps her away. Julian enters their home, saying that everything is his fault, not Eve’s, and a fight between Julian and TC ensues.

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