Passions Update Tuesday 7/27/04

Passions Update Tuesday 7/27/04

By Jaclyn
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Kay said she can't lose Miguel. Simone encourages her to give up because he's gone after Charity, and that he will always love her, so Kay needs to move on.

Whitney tells Chad in front of Fox that she knows marrying him is the right thing to do.

Chad thanks Fox for all the help he's been during the relationship. Chad tells him that he knows Fox is the happiest about Chad and Whitney's engagement. Fox just looks at Chad without saying anything.

TC tells Eve that the main reason he's mad is not Eve's actions themselves, but instead the fact that she didn't trust him enough to tell him. TC wants forgiveness for losing his temper but Eve says she has nothing to forgive. TC says there are no more secrets from their past and that he's glad.

Liz wants Irma to wake up so that she will see Julian's picture in the newspaper. Liz hopes that this will cause Irma to identify Julian as the man with whom Eve carried on so long ago.

Julian is still outside keeping an eye on things.

In Puerto Arena, Mexico, in the car, Sheridan wakes up to hear Mrs. Wheeler singing the song that Sheridan's mother used as a lullaby to put little Sheridan to sleep. Sheridan wakes up and says ?Mother,? looking at Mrs. Wheeler. Luis is embarrassed but Sheridan insists that Mrs. Wheeler's voice sounds just like her mother's.

Chad presses Fox to say that he's happy about the engagement. Fox flashes back to Whitney telling him that she's marrying Chad to show Fox that there can never be anything between them. Chad asks Fox to be his best man and encourages Fox to kiss Whitney, in order to congratulate her.

TC suggests to Eve that at some point they are going to need to tell their daughters about Eve's past. TC says that they will be supportive, even if they are surprised. He says she's always been a great role model.

Liz encourages Irma to wake up, saying that TC needs to find out about Eve's love child with Julian. TC tells Liz that he and Eve are back on track. Liz pretends to be sorry that she's the one who brought Irma into town. TC tells her not to feel too badly about it, that she had good intentions.

TC says that he wants Irma gone before the girls get home. Liz says that she will wake her up.

Alastair says that he can't believe that Sheridan and Luis, and Martin and Katherine are all together in Mexico. He's glad that his wife and Martin had plastic surgery so that his daughter won't recognize them.

Sheridan says that Ellen Wheeler could be her mother. Luis insists that Sheridan must have been dreaming, but Sheridan persists. Sheridan remembers her mother's profile and then sees Mrs. Wheeler's. She is now convinced that they are one and the same.

Kay says she's not going to allow Miguel to just abandon her and Maria. Simone repeats that he loves Charity and that is the end of the story. But Kay argues that she can't lose him. Simone points out that none of Kay's outlandish schemes have worked, and also states that Kay's life has really taken a downturn because of Kay's obsession with Miguel, an example being that Kay can't even afford a place of her own. Now she has to live with Tabitha.

Chad encourages Fox to give Whitney a hug and a kiss. Fox does so, and Whitney thanks him. The hug is very quick. Chad leaves, and Fox tells Whitney he can't believe that she's marrying Chad just to make a point. Whitney tells Fox that she knows what she's doing and Fox says he hopes so.

Irma wakes up and Liz says they'll leave as soon as Irma gets her bearings. Irma doesn't know where she is at first, but then she remembers. TC berates Irma for badmouthing Eve. Irma responds by calling TC a fool. Irma mentions the white man Eve hooked up with, and the baby they had together.

Katherine wordlessly implores Martin to tell Sheridan the truth but he won't. Luis says Sheridan's mind is playing tricks on her. He says Sheridan's mother died when she was young and that she has never gotten over the fact that her father blamed her for her mother's death. Katherine says how awful that is.

Kay asks Simone what kind of friend she is, that she should have a little compassion. Kay says that she does love her little girl in spite of the fact that everything's a mess. Kay reminisced with Simone about all the children they were each going to have. Kay says that she is not the only one who has brought problems on herself. Kay says Simone will never have a boyfriend, and that Simone needs to face reality about men just as much as she does.

Chad and Whitney tell Theresa about their impending marriage. Theresa pretends to be glad. Chad tells Theresa that Whitney is the one who did the proposing. Theresa jokes that it takes Whitney forever to decide what to wear, but she will impulsively propose to a man.

TC says he doesn't know where Irma is getting these crazy notions. He says she is watching too much of the soap that airs after Days of our Lives. But then TC sees Eve's face and asks her if Irma is telling the truth after all. Eve downs a big drink and then admits to it. TC says he can't believe that she swore to him that there were no more big secrets. Irma says that she's been saying that Eve's a liar all along. TC asks if she's murdered anyone, and Eve says no. He then asks if Eve's been cheating on him. He wants to know who the father of the baby is.

Alastair gets a report on Sheridan's whereabouts. He tells his hired gunman to give him a full report on every place they go. Katherine says how sorry she is that Sheridan had to deal with everything she's had to deal with. Luis says Alastair is evil. They all arrive at Casa Entada. Alastair bemoans his wife and daughter's emotional attachment. He is afraid that Katherine will admit to being Sheridan's mother. Sheridan and Luis look around the beautiful inn where they will be staying. Martin apologizes to Katherine for not letting her tell Sheridan the truth, and Katherine says she understands but says it's very difficult. She wants to wipe away the pain experienced by Sheridan. Martin says it's too risky. Katherine says it seems almost as cruel not to tell her as what Alastair has done to her.

Kay tells Simone that she is no better than Kay. She says there's no chance for Simone and Chad, and that she should get over him. Kay points out that Chad is in love with Whitney. Kay lives in the hope that when Chad finds out how selfish Whitney is, that he will realize how much in love with Kay he is. Simone thinks that Kay is just jealous of her.

Chad tells Theresa that Fox is going to be the best man. Theresa is asked to be the maid of honour. Theresa wants to talk to Whitney alone, but Whitney resists. Fox stays back with Theresa instead. Theresa asks Fox what Chad is going to do when he finds out that Fox is in love with Theresa.

Irma says she will tell TC who the baby's father is, and shows TC the picture of Julian in the paper. TC demands the truth of Eve, and Liz looks on, smiling in anticipation.

Fox tells Theresa that Whitney is marrying Chad because Theresa told Whitney that Fox loves her. Theresa regrets the fact that the one time she tells the truth, it all blows up in her face. Theresa tells Fox that Whitney said she hates Fox because he never told her how he felt. Theresa thinks that Whitney is marrying Chad to run away from her feelings for Fox. Fox says that Julian said something similar. Theresa believes that Whitney is in love with Fox.

Chad wants to tell everyone about the engagement, but Whitney wants to take it slow. She says that they have to tell her family slowly, and in the right way. Whitney and Chad overhear them talking and she wants to know what news there is to tell her. Chad says it's good news, and tells Simone about the engagement.

TC doesn't believe Irma. He says Eve would never have anything to do with Julian Crane. TC says Eve would never have gotten together with a man who had destroyed TC's father's tennis career. Irma tells TC to wake up, that she met Julian in Boston. TC demands of Eve to confirm his belief that Irma is lying, but Eve doesn't. Eve won't, and TC then believes that Eve and Julian were lovers.

Alastair exhorts his gunman to keep an eye on his Martin and Katherine, and Luis and Sheridan. Sheridan apologizes to Katherine about what happened in the car. Katherine and Sheridan hug, and Katherine murmurs about her little baby girl.

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