Passions Update Monday 7/26/04

Passions Update Monday 7/26/04

By Shirley
Pictures by Juanita

In Kay's hospital room, she is pleading with Miguel not to leave her and Maria to go chasing after Charity. Miguel apologizes, but says he has to go. Kay continues begging him to stay, but he tells her he has to go find Charity, and when he finds her, if she won't come back, then he is going to stay where she is. "Miguel, wait! You can't leave me. I love you. I love you more than life itself, and I'd never walk away from you the way Charity did. I'm begging you, please don't leave me!" Miguel looks conflicted.

In the hospital corridor, Whitney is explaining her sudden offer to marry Chad. She reminds him that he wanted to marry her before, but the timing wasn't right, and now it is. Fox is listening, not believing what he hears. Chad agrees that he still wants to marry her, and tells her that he was just asking Fox if he knew of another man in her life. He asks if she really means it, and she tells him that he is the only man in her life, the only man she loves. She kisses him passionately, and Fox just shakes his head in amazement.

Julian and Eve are outside her home as TC is tearing up the kitchen in response to the revelations of Eve's past. Julian offers to take her away, since her marriage is now in shambles. She resists, telling him she can't run from TC. Julian wants to be with her when she does, but she reminds him that TC will kill him if he sees him. He remarks on her bravery, but she denies it, saying she is very afraid, but she has to see TC face to face.

In Mexico, Luis and Sheridan are preparing to ride with Martin and Katherine back to Luis' Aunt Maria's, to get Paloma. Sheridan still insists she recognizes the older couple from somewhere, and asks them again if they've ever met. Katherine says they haven't, but when Sheridan continues, saying there is something familiar about Katherine's eyes, she turns to Martin and says she can't keep lying, not with her daughter right in front of her. Sheridan overhears, and wonders about being called her daughter. Katherine admits to her that she is her mother.

Eve walks into her house to be met by the ever-smirking Liz, telling her that she was sure Eve had run away. Eve assures her that she wouldn't run from TC, and that he deserves to have her face him. Liz wonders if that's smart, warning her that TC will tear her apart. Eve tells her TC would never hit her or any woman, no matter what, and that she is ready to take the consequences for what she's done. At that moment, TC comes raging out of the kitchen, yelling that Eve lied to him, their marriage is a farce, and asks how she could do that to him. (commercial)

Miguel tries to tell Kay that she may think she loves him, but Kay tells him she doesn't think it, she does love him. Simone is still watching and listening to them talk. Kay tells Miguel she has loved him since Kindergarten and knew he was the only boy she would ever love. She got into sports, doing everything he did, just to be with him. Simone tells him it's true, that Kay has always fantasized about him and her being together. Kay protests that it shouldn't have been just a fantasy, it should have been real. She talks about how Charity showed up, with her blond hair and angelic face, but she had never been true to him. She reminds him of how she acted several times with different men, including his best friend, Reese. He said that was only because he spent so much time with Kay. She tells him Charity doesn't love him. "Not the way I love you. I've always been here for you."

Katherine is telling a stunned Sheridan that she is, indeed, her mother. Sheridan tells her that she was supposed to be dead. Katherine said she had to leave because of Alistair, something Sheridan understands well. The older woman tells her she never would have survived without Martin, and Luis realizes that the older man is his missing father. They embrace as Sheridan and her mother look on, smiling.

Julian, outside Eve's window again, wishes he could be inside to help her because he loves her so much. He would take away all her pain if he could. Inside, TC asks Liz to take Aunt Irma outside so he can speak to Eve alone. She grudgingly agrees, and on their way out, Liz again twists the dagger in Eve's back by telling her TC is going to divorce her, and that Liz has finally gotten her revenge. Irma hears Eve's name and starts telling her that she will be punished for being so wicked. After they walk out, she tells TC she knows how he feels. He says she couldn't possibly know how he feels finding out she had lied about everything, and instead of being the good girl he thought, she had been a nightclub singer, a drug addict, and a prostitute. She tells him it had been awful, that she was sorry for not telling him, but she was too ashamed and she loved him too much. He yells about their whole relationship being built on lies, and that he had believed they had the best relationship in the world, with no secrets between them. He says he was gullible and stupid, but he won't take it any more. (commercial)

Chad asks Fox to be his best man, since he has been with them through everything that happened in L.A. and since, and there is no one else he wants to be there as best man. Fox, not really thrilled at the prospect, agrees to do it. Chad tries to hug Fox and spills coffee all over himself. He is thrilled to be engaged, he says to Whitney, and excuses himself to go clean up. When Chad is gone, Fox turns to Whitney and asks why she just got herself engaged to Chad. "Why? To show you there's no chance for you and me." She wants to marry Chad to show Fox she's not in love with him.

Luis and Martin step away from each other, and Luis remarks he's glad the older man is alive, but he looks so different than he used to. Martin tells him that he and Katherine both had to change the way they looked so Alistair wouldn't find them. Katherine explains to Sheridan that Alistair is a horrible man, and if she hadn't escaped, he would have killed her, and Martin, too. Luis tells them he hasn't changed at all, and they let him know that they are aware of that. Martin says that they still feel guilty about leaving them, but Alistair would have destroyed them all if they had stayed there. They both apologize, and all is forgiven. Katherine "wakes up" in the car, getting ready to head to Aunt Maria's house, and the whole scene at the airport had been a dream. Luis and Sheridan don't really know who the two older people are. Katherine tells Martin she thinks Sheridan knows inside who she really is but doesn't realize it yet. They are afraid that if the kids find out, they will hate them, and neither wants that to happen. As Luis and Sheridan get in the car, they remark on the good luck that they met in the airport and they are all heading to the same place. Luis sees Sheridan staring at Katherine and tells her to stop, but Sheridan says she feels connected to her somehow.

Outside Eve's house, Liz asks Julian if he's enjoying the show, and he asks if she's happy that she just ruined her sister's life, as Aunt Irma sleeps in her wheelchair. "An eye for an eye", says Liz. Eve had left her at the mercy of her abusive father, ruining her life, so it's only fair she has repaid her in kind. He sarcastically congratulates her for finding Irma, saving her from having to tell TC about Eve herself. Liz remarks that she's handed him Eve on a silver platter, and he replies that he would love nothing better, but not at the expense of her happiness. Inside, TC asks Eve how she could have looked him in the eye and lied to him all this time, even after he bragged about her to everyone in town, making him into a fool. She replied she never thought, and before she could finish, he jumped in. "What, you never thought I would find out?" He tells her she betrayed him and made a mockery of their marriage vows. She swears she was never unfaithful to him. He tells her she is not the woman he married. "I know. I know you hate me and you never want to have anything to do with me again." She tells him that in order to not cause him or the girls any more pain, she is going to pack some things and leave as soon as possible. She walks out of the room, as Liz, watching from outside the window with Julian, gloats about having won. Julian feels sorry for Eve.

In Kay's room, Simone is telling Kay to let Miguel go. Nothing she has done has worked to make him love her. Kay tells her she can't, and then tells Miguel that he needs to know how much she loves him. He says he knows, but that she knows he loves Charity. She asks why he can't love her, and he apologizes, telling her she's been a great friend, but he can't help who he loves, and Charity has his heart, and always will. He tells her he's really sorry, as Kay cries.

TC is looking at a family picture, asking how this could have happened. He says there is so much love, so many happy times in their house, and this is like a nightmare. Eve walks in with her bag packed and tells him she'll send for the rest of her things. He asks her how this could have happened, and she tells him it's all her fault. She says she's sorry, starting to cry, and turns to leave. TC tells her not to leave, taking the bag from her. He says this is her home, and asks her not to go. She tells him she is respecting his wishes by leaving. He tells her he never said he wants her to go. Outside, Liz asks Julian what TC is saying, and he tells her he is asking Eve not to leave. Back inside, Eve wonders why he wants her to stay, since he is so angry. He tells her he was angry because she hadn't trusted him enough to tell him the truth long ago, but he loves her and won't abandon her because of what happened in the past. He says he's not happy about it, but he understands why she did it, and when Father Lonigan had him promise to love her for better or worse at their marriage, and he will honor those vows. He won't leave her, and he doesn't want her to leave, either. He pulls her into an embrace as she cries with joy. Liz, watching from outside, is in disbelief. "No, he can't mean it.", she says, as Julian says "I've lost her again, but at least she's happy." Eve and TC profess their love for each other.

In the Wheeler car, Martin tells Luis about the call from Miguel telling them Pilar was ill, and asks how she's doing. Luis tells him she's not doing very well, and that's why he's come for Paloma. He's hoping seeing her youngest daughter will give her the boost she needs to get better. They explain about the experimental program Pilar is in, but that when she heard about Antonio's death, it sent her into a relapse. Luis says that it's even worse for her because there is no man in her life, since his father abandoned them with no note or explanation and no contact during the years since. Martin tries to suggest that his father may have had good reason to leave, and Luis explains that Alistair had claimed his father had embezzled money from him and left to escape conviction. Martin asks if Luis believes that, and Luis says no, but something horrible must have happened because otherwise he wouldn't have abandoned his wife and children. He says that sometimes he hates him for what he did to his family, and Martin is so upset that he almost wrecks the car. (commercial)

Fox is trying to figure out Whitney's thinking. He says she's crazy, since she is going to marry Chad just to show Fox she has no feelings for him, and that you don't marry someone for any reason other than you love them more than anyone else. She says she's perfectly sane and does love Chad, then questions how Fox can lecture her about marriage. "Look at your father and my mother!" He tells her Julian loves her mother, but would do nothing to ruin her marriage, and Whitney disagrees, wondering why they are always together making out, etc. Fox tells her not to marry Chad to get back at him, because he can't help how he feels. She says he can, and he should have been honest with her. He told her he loved Theresa, but it was a lie. She asked what he was feeling when they were dancing together. He said he was enjoying his time with her, and he got the feeling she was enjoying herself, too. He asks her what she was thinking, and she remembers dreaming about asking him to make love to her. He asks for an answer, but she just looks at him.

Martin gets control of the car and makes sure everyone is ok. Sheridan is very tired, and lays her head on Luis' shoulder to sleep. Martin asks Luis about whether Pilar still thinks her husband is alive, and Luis tells him she does, and lights a candle in the window for him every night. Martin again suggests that maybe he left with good reason. Luis says maybe, and talks about the fact that he had worked for the Cranes. The older couple says they've read about them, but Luis tells them they probably haven't read how ruthless and evil they are. He explains that Sheridan is Alistair's daughter and tells them they would be surprised at the evil things he's done to his own flesh and blood. They grasp hands, and Luis says he thinks Alistair is behind his father's disappearance. "You have no idea, Luis.", Martin says under his breath.

Liz is watching TC and Eve hugging in the house. She can't believe it's happening, and says they have to do something. Julian reminds her that Eve had said TC would never turn on her, and she was right. Liz asks if Julian wants Eve, and he says yes, but he could never hurt her, and he'd rather she be happy with her family. Liz says she won't stand by, she has to do something, and takes Aunt Irma back into the house. As Julian watches, he wishes he could protect Eve from her, but he says she has TC to protect her now. Liz pushes Irma into the room where Eve and TC are embracing. She asks if they are ok now, and when TC says they are, she claims to be happy they could work out their problems. She goes to get Irma's things, and TC asks Eve if there are any other secrets he needs to know about. He says he deserves to know if there are any other secrets she has kept from him. Liz is listening, and whispers under her breath for Eve to tell TC about Julian, and the son she had with him. Eve hesitates, and TC asks if that means there is something else. He says for her to tell him everything so they can work through it. Eve stares at Julian, still outside the window. (commercial)

Eve tells TC that there is something else she needs to confess. She tells him Julian and she were lovers, just as the man in the blues club had told him before. She tells him they had a baby before she ever met TC. "You're a slut!", he yells at her, and she reminds him he had said they could work through anything together. "That's before you said you slept with Julian Crane!", he shouts. Liz walks into the room and points out that Julian is standing right outside the window. With his usual "I'm gonna kill him!", TC runs and jumps through the window, taking Julian down and beating him. Eve and Liz are watching from the broken window, and Liz tells her she lost TC, and now he's going to kill Julian. Eve stops dreaming, and tells TC there are no more secrets. He breathes a sigh of relief. He says he was afraid there was more, but now that he knows that's all, they can concentrate on being happy again. Julian, hearing her deny there is anything more to tell, realizes she is protecting him. Eve is happy TC still loves her, and he tells her there is nothing she could ever do that would change that. Liz is wondering how she can bring out Eve's biggest secret, and then sees the newspaper on a table, with Julian's picture on the front. She realizes when Aunt Irma sees it, that will bring out the secret about Julian and the baby.

Miguel is still apologizing to Kay, trying to leave. "But what about Maria? She's your daughter, how can you walk away from her?" He tells her he feels awful about leaving the baby, but he can't work in Harmony, and wherever he finds Charity, he will be able to get a job. He'll send them money so Kay won't have to work in the fish cannery any more. She can stay at home and be a full time mother, like she always wanted. "I'll be a single mother, Miguel, and I never wanted that.", she replies. He tells her Tabitha will help, but Kay reminds him she needs a Dad. She then asks how he can leave his mother when she's so sick, and he tells her he spoke with Pilar and she told him to follow his heart. She tells him he's just like his father, abandoning his family, and the people who love him.

As the two couples drive toward Puerto Arena, Luis asks if the older couple has any children. Katherine answers they have no children together. He tells them he and Sheridan had a child, but he had died. They are getting married, tho, and will start a new family. He vows to spend the rest of his life making her happy. Katherine whispers to Martin that she hopes they will be happy and safe from Alistair. Martin whispers back that he will protect them. She says she's happy that at least they can see their kids, even tho they can't tell them who they are. Katherine turns on the radio and the lullaby she used to sing to Sheridan is playing. She sings along, causing Sheridan to remember her singing to her as a child, and she starts mumbling "Mother" in her sleep. (commercial)

Miguel is trying to convince Kay that he is doing what's best for Maria, not abandoning her, and he loves Charity and won't let her slip away. Kay asks him not to go, and apologizes about comparing him to his Dad. She gets out of bed and starts following him down the hallway, yelling his name. She gets to the end of the hall and collapses. Simone tries to comfort her, as Miguel hears her calling him but refuses to stay and lose Charity. He vows to find her, and never let her go.

Fox asks Whitney what she was thinking again, and Chad walks up, good as new. Whitney walks into his arms, telling him she loves him and that's why she knows marrying him is the right thing to do. Fox looks crestfallen, and Chad asks whether he's happy for them.

"Nothing will ever tear us apart, Eve", TC tells her. Liz is sure he couldn't be more wrong, and holds the paper up for Julian to see. He realizes what she's about to do, and whispers under his breath for her to not do it. She is determined to show it to Irma, and swears that once she sees the paper, Eve's last secret will come out, splitting her and TC up for good.

Katherine is still singing the lullaby, and Sheridan continues to react in her sleep. Luis is curious as to why Sheridan keeps calling her mother She wakes up, sees Katherine singing, and says "Mother?"

Previews: Sheridan to Luis: "I heard her voice, I saw her face. She's not dead, she's

here with us. That woman is my mother!"

Irma to TC: "Are you deaf and dumb? Go ahead, ask her. Ask her about

the baby she had."

Julian to Eve: "Did you have a baby with another man?"


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