Passions Update Monday 7/26/04

Passions Update Monday 7/26/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

At her hospital room, Miguel tells Kay that he has to leave to follow Charity.  Kay begs him to stay.  She keeps telling him how much she loves him and asks why he loves Charity instead of her.  She talks about how she's loved him since kindergarten and even became a tomboy so she could be near him.  He obviously feels bad for her.  He says he can't help who he loves.  She reminds him he has a daughter to take care of.  He assures her that, wherever he follows Charity to, he will find a job and send back money for Maria.  He mentions that Alistair has kept him from getting a decent job there anyway.  He says she can quit her job at the cannery and become a stay-at-home mother like she wanted to be.  She retorts that she didn't want to be a single mother.  At one point she gets angry and says he is just like his father, abandoning his family.  She reminds him about his sick mother, but he tells her that it's okay with his mother.  She wants him to go find Charity.  No  matter what Kay says, it doesn't sway Miguel.  He leaves.  She tries to follow, holding her side, but she can't run very fast.  Simone cautions her not to go because she might tear out her stitches again.  She collapses and Simone helps her.  Miguel is still walking away but vows that he will find Charity and send back money for Maria.  He won't abandon his responsibilities.  He takes out his wallet and looks at a picture of Charity before continuing on.

Whitney has told Chad that they should get married.  He is surprised.  She reminds him that he wanted to get married and it just wasn't the right time, but now she thinks it is.  He is happy to hear it and kisses her.  Fox is obviously in pain.  Whitney keeps looking over at Fox.  She kisses Chad.  Chad jumps for joy.  He asks Fox to be his best man.  Fox agrees.  Chad goes to hug him but spills coffee on himself, so he leaves to get cleaned up.  Fox asks Whitney what she's doing.  She tells him that she's marrying Chad to prove to Fox that she's not in love with him.  He tells her that's not a good reason to get married.  He points out that you should marry someone because you love them more than anyone else in the world.  She replies that she does love Chad.  They argue some more.  She yells at him again for lying to her about his feelings.  She accuses him of wanting to cop a feel or laughing at her.  She wants to know what he was feeling when they were dancing together or in bed together.  He tells her that he just enjoyed being with her.  He turns it around on her and wants to know what she was feeling.  She remembers having the fantasy that she was begging Fox to make love to her, and they started kissing.  She doesn't answer Fox, and Chad returns.  He asks Fox why he's not smiling at their great news.

Outside of the Russell house, Julian tells Eve that she should go away with him now that her life is in ruin.  She insists on staying and facing T.C., no matter what happens.  She still has her daughters to think about.  He thinks she's very brave.  She goes back inside.  Liz taunts her that she has gotten her revenge.  She wonders what T.C. will do to Eve.  Eve tells her not to be silly; T.C. would never harm any woman.  T.C. comes out and starts yelling at Eve some more for lying to him.  Liz takes Aunt Irma outside to leave them alone, at T.C.'s request.  T.C. keeps berating Eve as she keeps explaining that she didn't want to lie to him.  She was just ashamed of her past and loved him so much.  He says their whole past was a lie.  She maintains that she was always faithful to him.  She can tell he is still angry, so she goes to pack some things.  She returns with her suitcase.  T.C. tells her not to leave.  He says this is her home and he loves her.  She is shocked.  She doesn't know what she should do.  He tells her that he still loves her and, when Father Lonigan joined them in holy matrimony, it was for better or worse.  He plans to honor those vows.  They hug.  Outside, Liz is quite annoyed that T.C. has forgiven Eve's lies.  Julian is a bit disappointed, but he's glad that Eve will be happy and that T.C. is standing by her.  Liz intends to let T.C. know about the rest of Eve's lies.  She figures there's no way that he will forgive that she slept with Julian and that they had a child.  She pushes Aunt Irma back inside.  Meanwhile, T.C. asks Eve if there are any more secrets.  She thinks for a moment and thinks about what it would be like if she told him the truth.  T.C. gets very angry and calls her a slut.  He sees Julian outside so he jumps through the window, crashing through it, and starts pounding on Julian.  Eve decides not to tell T.C. about Julian or their son.  He is relieved that there are no more secrets.  Liz comes in and pretends to be happy that they patched up their differences.  She sees a newspaper headline with Julian's picture on it.  She takes it and puts it in Aunt Irma's lap, then tries to wake her.  She is setting it up so that Irma will spill the beans about Julian.  Julian watches through the window, horrified.

Katherine has a fantasy about telling Sheridan and Luis the truth that she and Martin are their parents.  They are very happy and there are hugs all around.  In reality, she and Martin are giving Sheridan and Luis a ride back to Puerta Arena.  They think they are The Wheelers.  Luis can't believe the coincidence that they live in the same place as Paloma and met at the airport.  On the drive back, Martin talks to Luis about his family, saying he heard from Paloma that his mother has been sick.  Luis confirms that she is and that's why they're there, to get Paloma and take her back to see Pilar.  He and Sheridan tell them that Pilar has a rare blood disease but her condition worsened when she heard about Antonio being killed.  The Wheelers claim they heard that, too.  Martin quizzes Luis about his family.  Luis tells him that his father abandoned their family long ago and no one knows why.  He says his mother does not have a man in her life.  Martin wonders if his father had a good reason to leave.  Luis says he doesn't know, but his former employed claimed he had embezzled money from the company and that's why he left.  Martin almost doesn't see another car swerve into their lane; they almost have an accident.  Sheridan grows tired and goes to sleep on Luis' shoulder.  Luis tells them that sometimes he hates his father for leaving.  He tells them about Alistair and how he's done terrible things, even to his own daughter.  Martin reaches over and squeezes Katherine's hand.  Katherine puts on the radio.  A lullaby plays and she sings along to it.  It is the same song that she used to sing to Sheridan.  Sheridan is sleeping but murmurs, "Mother' in her sleep.  Eventually she awakens and asks what that song is.  Katherine turns around so Sheridan looks at her and gasps, "Mother".

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