Passions Update Friday 7/23/04

Passions Update Friday 7/23/04

By Shirley
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In the hospital, Kay first confirms Charity has left town with Tabitha, then celebrates her departure, as Simone walks in. Simone wonders why Kay is so happy and asks if it’s because she has been told she can go home. Kay informs her that her joy stems from the fact Charity is gone.

In the waiting room, Fox is pacing around, talking out loud to himself and wondering if Whitney does love him or Chad, and whether he might actually have a chance at a future with her. Miguel walks in, and Fox gives him his condolences regarding Antonio, also telling him that Pilar will pull through her illness and Miguel should remain positive. Miguel wonders how he can do that without Charity, then explains to Fox what has happened. He asks Fox how she could have just walked away from him.

Whitney is on her way to Theresa’s room and finds her walking in the hallway. Whitney worries that something may be wrong, but Theresa assures her the doctor has allowed her to walk around. Seeing that Whitney is upset, Theresa asks her about it, and is told that Whitney is upset with Fox because he keeps asking if she’s in love with him. “Yeah, I’ve been kinda wondering the same thing.” Whitney tells her she’s wrong, that she is in love with Chad, and wouldn’t fall for Fox under any circumstances. “I hate Fox!” she declares.

In Mexico, Martin and Katherine are at the airport, looking at Luis and Sheridan, who just arrived, and marveling at how beautiful she is and handsome Luis is. The younger couple notice them staring, and comment on it. Sheridan thinks Katherine looks familiar, like she’s seen her before. Behind them, Alistair’s henchman answers a call from his boss, who asks what’s going on with Luis and Sheridan. The man tells him that Sheridan keeps eyeing the older couple, and Alistair wonders if she recognizes them. The man says they look much different after their plastic surgery, so probably not. Alistair reminds him he is to take care of them if they seem to recognize each other. The man looks at his gun, and says he knows exactly what to do.

Julian is looking in Eve’s window as Aunt Irma is telling TC about Eve’s past. As he is remarking on how hard it must have been for Eve to admit Aunt Irma was telling the truth, Alistair walks up behind him and remarks on Julian’s new found voyeurism talents. Julian asks if he has come to gloat, and Alistair admits he has. He also came to warn Julian to leave town, since TC will kill him when he learns about Julian’s past with Eve. He assures him TC will learn the truth and kill him and says “When he does, I was thinking of Pansies for your coffin.”

In the house, Eve repeats that Irma wasn’t lying. Liz is thrilled, while TC doesn’t want to believe it. Aunt Irma reiterates her accusations, and TC asks Eve if she actually had done all those things. He says she is the sweetest woman on earth, and he knows it can’t be true, but Eve says it is all true, and apologizes, then starts crying. Liz gloats, and TC looks befuddled.


In Kay’s hospital room, Simone asks if Charity really left town, and when Kay assures her it’s true, Simone asks what Kay had done this time. Kay told her that Charity has simply realized she had brought pain to everyone around her, especially Miguel, so she left. Simone refuses to believe that. Kay is still thrilled, thinking she, Maria, and Miguel can now be a real family.

Miguel is still talking to Fox, telling him he is going to find her, no matter what he has to do, and bring her back. Fox encourages him to do so, but Miguel wonders how he can chase her when his mother is so ill, Theresa is injured so badly, Antonio has just died, and Luis is still in danger. He decides to talk to Pilar, figuring she will be able to figure it all out. Fox wishes him luck. He leaves, and Fox starts talking out loud again. He says at least Miguel knows Charity loves him, while Fox risks spending the rest of his life watching Whitney, the woman he loves, in Chad’s arms. He turns his head and sees Chad standing right behind him, looking quizzical.

Whitney and Theresa are still talking, and Whitney denies she is secretly in love with Fox. Theresa accepts that, then asks why she hates fox. Whitney says it’s because he lied to her about how he felt, deceiving her. She never would have gotten into the situations she did with Fox had she known how he felt, but Theresa said maybe she put herself in those situations because subconsciously she knew how he felt about her, and she liked it.

Sheridan continues to remark about there being something familiar about the older couple, but Luis says he seen nothing familiar about them. Katherine wonders if she recognizes them, but Martin says because of the plastic surgery, she couldn’t. Then Sheridan remembers where she’d seen the woman before and went over to her, dragging Luis along. The henchman watches and believes Sheridan has recognized them, and starts playing with his gun, saying he’ll take them all out at the same time. Sheridan walks up to them and says “I know you!”

Julian says that Eve’s problems are fun and games for Alistair, and he agrees, saying if she hadn’t done the things she did, Liz wouldn’t have had the ammunition to do what she did. Julian says Eve was innocent, it was he who corrupted her, and Alistair agrees with that, too, telling him that he is the one responsible for destroying Eve’s life. Julian is crestfallen.

TC tells Eve he doesn’t believe any of it. “What do you need to, photos?” whispers Liz. Eve admits to TC again that all Aunt Irma said is true, but he doesn’t want to believe her. He says he believes Eve is trying to humor the senile old woman to keep from upsetting her and wants to try to reason with her. He tells Aunt Irma that she must be confusing Eve with one of her soap operas, but Irma says that’s not so, Eve is exactly as she said. “The only thing I’m confused about is how a smart teacher like you could be dumb enough to fall for her lies.” She tells him his wife is a slut and a whore, and now he has to deal with it. (Commercial)

Fox asks Chad how long he had been standing there, and Chad said long enough to hear him talking to himself. He wonders if Fox is bugging out on him. Fox says he may be, and Chad tells him he understands, with the worry about Theresa’s health. He asks Fox if everything is ok with her, and Fox assures him all is well. Chad says he’s worried about Whitney because ever since the inn she’s been distracted and he asks Fox if he knows if there is another man in Whitney’s life.

Whitney tells Theresa to stop analyzing her. She’s angry at Fox because they are supposed to be friends, but he lied to her. Theresa says then she doesn’t hate Fox, she’s just upset because he lied. Whitney assures her she’s in love with Chad, and unlike her mother, she is a one man woman. “Ok, and you’re sure that man is Chad, Whitney?” Theresa asks. Whitney is upset and tells Theresa she’s going to go to Chad right now and tell him how much she loves him. As she leaves, Theresa says “Oh, Whitney. It’s really obvious who you really love. I just hope you figure it out before it’s too late.”

Outside Eve’s house, Julian tells Alistair he can do his worst, but he can’t make Julian feel any worse than he does, because he knows what’s happening to Eve is his fault. He describes all the things he did to her back then, and Alistair said he had been a real Crane then. “I was an arrogant fool, and I’ll regret to my dying day the pain I caused to the only woman I ever loved. And one day, Liz will regret what she’s done, as well.”

TC is still trying to convince Aunt Irma she is wrong, and tells her all of Eve’s virtues, ending by telling Irma Eve is the finest role model their daughters could ever have. “If they want to grow up to be whores ”, she spat. He continues, telling her about how wonderful their marriage is, built on truth, not lies. Aunt Irma tells him his whole marriage is a lie. TC still tries to convince her she’s wrong, but Irma continues telling him what a whore, a drug addict, and liar Eve is. Liz sidles up to Eve and whispers “It’s payback time, sister dear. You will lose everything!”

Sheridan tells Katherine she knows her. Katherine tells her she’s mistaken, but Sheridan goes on to say they are the couple from the “Come to Mexico” commercials, the couple on the beach. Martin tells her they aren’t actors, and Luis apologizes and tries to pull Sheridan away. She is positive she recognizes them from somewhere. Behind them, the gunman plays with his gun some more, planning to shoot them and escape during the confusion afterward. (Commercial)

Kay’s best friend Simone, sitting on the edge of her hospital bed, tells her that just because Charity has left town, that doesn’t mean she and Miguel will automatically be together. Kay asks her to be happy for them, and that had Charity not come to town, she and Miguel probably would already have been married. Charity had come along and gotten in between them, but now she’s gone. Simone tells her she’s wrong, the Miguel’s love for Charity is what came between them, and it will never change. “Miguel will always belong to Charity.”

Pilar is comforting Miguel in her room. She tells him she understands, and he says he wants to go find her but he can’t leave Pilar and Theresa, and that he has no idea where she is, anyway. Pilar talks about how much she wanted to go find Martin when he left, even tho she didn’t know where he had gone, either, but she couldn’t go with all her kids. Miguel asks what he should do, and she tells him to go find her or he will regret it the rest of his life.

The gunman is ready to pull the trigger, but in walk some policeman and he has to wait. Meanwhile, Sheridan is still puzzling over how she knows these two people. Luis explains it using information he learned at the police academy, and that seems to placate her. Katherine asks if they are in Mexico on police business, and Luis tells her they are there to get his little sister and take her home with them. Luis remembers they haven’t introduced themselves and they exchange names, with Martin and Katherine giving their names as Bob and Ellen Wheeler. Luis then asks about car rentals, and Martin directs them to a place right around the corner. As they walk toward the exit, Sheridan remarks that she feels a great connection to the older couple, and Luis says he does, too. He figures it’s the connection he described from police training, but Sheridan notes that there is something about the woman’s eyes. They leave the terminal.

Julian says how badly he feels for what Eve is going through, and Alistair says empathy is for weaklings. His phone rings, and it’s his henchman from Mexico telling him about the fact Luis and Sheridan had been talking to Martin and Katherine. Alistair asks if they recognized each other, and Julian overhears Sheridan’s name. Alistair tells him to enjoy the rest of the floor show, but he is leaving. He assures Julian he will make sure TC is punished to the full extent of the law after he kills him. Julian asks who’s on the phone and what Alistair is planning, but the old man just walks away. Julian worries about Eve again.

Liz tells Eve that the more TC is forced to defend her, the more he’ll hate her once he accepts the truth. Eve tells TC to stop. Aunt Irma continues telling him Eve is a manipulative liar. TC says she’s too kind, and Irma quotes Genesis, saying the serpent was finer than any other beast. They trade words back and forth until Eve can stand no more and screams “ENOUGH!!” She tells TC that everything Irma is saying is true and he has to stop defending her. He has to believe it’s true. Liz is thrilled, while TC looks confused. (Commercial)

Alistair wonders again if the foursome recognized each other, and the gunman explains how he was ready to shoot them all when the police came by. He also tells Alistair that Martin is on his way to Harmony. Alistair swears it will be the last flight he’ll ever take, and that he will die sooner than Alistair had planned if he shows up in Harmony.

Katherine and Martin talk again about how good looking their children are, what fine people they have grown into. Luis and Sheridan come walking back up to them. They say there are no cars left to rent and ask for any more suggestions. Martin tells them there is a driver in Puerto Arena who can come get them, and starts to give them the man’s card. His flight to Harmony is called, and Luis and Sheridan remark on the coincidence that he’s going where they just came from. They ask if he has friends there. He tells them no, hands them the driver’s card, and they leave. He tells Katherine he’ll call her when he gets to Harmony. She begs him to stay, telling him they can spend more time with their kids. He is afraid they will recognize them if they spend more time with them. She then reminds him that Alistair might send someone after the kids and he should stay to help protect them.

TC wants Eve to drop the act, Aunt Irma doesn’t need protecting. She tells him it’s not about Irma, it’s about him. “It’s time that you knew the truth, TC. I can’t live with these secrets and lies anymore.” She doesn’t want to spend any more time worrying about all her horrible secrets coming out. She has ulcers, her blood pressure is through the roof, she has headaches, and her back is one giant knot. It has to end. TC is befuddled. Eve turns and sees Julian at the window, motioning to ask if he should come in, but she shakes her head no and continues. TC thinks its all a mistake, that Aunt Irma is either senile or crazy, but Eve assures him she’s neither. She tells him it’s all true, but he yells for her to stop. She says she is sorry, and there were so many times she wanted to confess to him, but it had gone on for so long there was no way she could. Liz is looking as though she feels sorry for her. Eve tells TC she’s sorry, but he has to know the truth, and he has to accept it. He finally begins to believe her. He asks who she is, what she is, and throws a chair across the room. “You lied to me all these years, Eve! You lied to me!” (Commercial)

Kay is telling Simone that she will make Miguel forget about Charity in time when he knocks and enters her room. She is very happy to see him , and tells him how happy she is that Pilar is conscious now. She realizes something is wrong, and asks him about it. He says there’s something he has to tell her.

Whitney finds Chad and Fox talking about her, and Chad is wondering what’s going on with her. She walks up to them saying nothing is wrong. She kisses Chad and tells him he’s the only man in her life. Fox looks on uncomfortably. She continues to tell him she loves only him, and she’s distracted because of Theresa. Chad buys that and goes to get some coffee for them. She offers to go, but he tells her to stay with Fox. She kisses Chad again, a long, passionate kiss. As Chad leaves, Fox wonders why she kissed him like that, and why she keeps telling him she loves Chad, since he believed her the first two times.

Martin decides to stay in Mexico, and Katherine is thrilled. They decide to give Luis and Sheridan a ride back with them. Martin tells them the business deal fell through. Katherine mentions they live in Luis’ aunt’s inn, and he is amazed by the coincidence. They also tell him they are Paloma’s god parents. Luis starts asking lots of questions, and Martin tells him they will have plenty of time to answer them on the ride home. The gunman watches them leave the terminal and says to enjoy their family reunion while they can, because they will die soon, just as Alistair wants them to.

TC is asking how Eve could lie to him all those years. Irma puts her two cents in, and TC asks if their whole marriage has been a sham. Eve assures him it hasn’t been, but he’s not sure what to believe. He asks if everything Irma said true. She tells him it was before they ever met, and wants to talk about it. He doesn’t want to talk, but says he needs to be alone. He tells her to get the hell away from him and storms out of the room. Liz walks over to Eve and gloats about finally having her revenge. Eve tells her to go to hell, and they hear TC in the kitchen, breaking things and shouting “Damn you, Eve!” at the top of his lungs. Liz tells her that’s not plates she hears shattering, but her life. Eve runs out shouting”No”, while Aunt Irma chimes in calling her filthy names again. “You tell her, Aunt Irma”, she says. Eve runs out to Julian’s arms, saying she’s lost TC forever. TC is still in the kitchen, acting like a wild man, throwing things around and hollering about her lying to him, and damning her. (Commercial)

Kay wonders what’s up with Miguel, since he looks so serious, and she asks him what he wants to tell her. He says she’s not going to like it, and Simone offers to leave. Kay tells her to stay and asks what she’s not going to like. He tells her Charity left Harmony and he’s going to go find her, even if it takes the rest of his life, because he loves her. Kay says he cannot abandon her and their baby.

Fox wants to talk to Whitney about how they will handle what’s going on between them, and Whitney says she’s already figured it out. Fox asks how, and before she can answer, Chad comes back in. He asks why they are so serious, and she says she was just telling Fox she and Chad are getting married. This surprises Chad and stuns Fox.

Luis is thrilled to finally be close to meeting his baby sister. He goes to get their bags so they can leave, and Sheridan and Katherine reach to get Sheridan’s carry on. Their hands touch, and Sheridan see’s her mother, and looking at Katherine says “Oh, my God. Your eyes” Martin thinks to himself “She knows”.

Irma tells Liz she’s tired, she never stays up this late at the home. Liz tells her to go to sleep now, her work is done. She says that TC is so mad about the lies he just might kill Eve, and once he knows about Julian’s baby, he just might kill them both. Eve is still telling Julian that she has lost TC for good. Julian says he’s in shock, he still might forgive her. She disagrees. They hear TC yelling, calling Eve a liar, from the kitchen. He is sitting on the floor, with the kitchen in a shambles, screaming her name and crying.

Previews: Miguel: I’m going to find you, Charity, and when I do, I’m never going to let you go again.

Sheridan: Daughter? Katherine: Yes, Sheridan, I’m your mother.

Liz, walking into the Russell’s living room as Eve and TC are talking and Julian is

standing outside the window, looking in.: Well, Isn’t that Julian just outside the

window?” TC looks, and starts running out toward him. “That bastard, I’m

Going to kill him!” “TC, no”, from Eve.

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