Passions Update Thursday 7/22/04

Passions Update Thursday 7/22/04

By Suzanne
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Luis and Sheridan are on a plane bound for Mexico. One of Alistair's henchman is in a seat behind them a few rows, chuckling to himself. Luis watches Sheridan sleeps. She dreams about being with her mom when she was a little girl. They are having a happy time looking at the stars at night. Then Alistair comes out and starts yelling at Katherine for having their daughter outside at night. He grabs Sheridan and drags her away, then he hits Katherine, who falls to the ground. He yells at Sheridan that Cranes don't cry. Sheridan screams, "Mommy!"

Katherine and Martin are in a car, headed toward the airport. She is sleeping and is awakened by a child's voice crying "Mommy!" He assures her that it was probably a dream and says they are only 20 miles from the airport. She's upset from what she heard. He says he is finally on his way to Harmony. She urges him to be careful because of Alistair. He agrees but has vowed to take him down at any cost. They both worry that their children and Pilar will not understand what they've done.

Alistair looks forward to the death of Sheridan, Katherine and Martin, saying they will join the stars and then hopefully die out. He sneers at them being idiots and dreamers. he says his feet are planted firmly on the ground. He drinks brandy as he says that they will be no threat to him once they're gone. He laughs maniacally. He says to himself that his great-grandfather stole the land from the Russells. He wishes he weren't such a public figure because he has to hire people to kill for him when he would so enjoy doing it himself. He crushes a rose in his garden as he talks about how great it would be to strangle Katherine himself. He laughs again.

Back in the car, Katherine starts choking and coughing. Martin gets her to relax. She doesn't know why she was choking but it has passed. They tell each other that they will miss one another. They have never spent a night apart before.

On the plane, Luis looks forward to seeing Paloma. Sheridan keeps dreaming. Alistair yells at Katherine that she has nannies to take care of the child. Her place is in his bed. When Sheridan calls him "Daddy", he yells at her not to use that horrid nickname but to call him, "Father". He shakes her as he walks away. He pushes Katherine down. Sheridan screams, "Mommy, no!". Sheridan awakens on the plane, saying "Mommy!" She is very upset. She tells Luis about the memory that was in her dream. He consoles her. She begs him never to leave her. They hug. The frantic flight attendant runs down the aisle with maracas in her hands, telling the passengers that they are landing now.

Fox and Whitney argue about Julian's comments that maybe she is in love with Fox. She is very angry. He wonders why she is so angry. She goes to leave, so he grabs her arm, asking her to wait. Whitney yells at Fox for grabbing her. He apologizes. She says she should have known a Crane man would try to take a woman by force. He denies that indignantly. He asks what she is accusing him of. He says he just loves her. He doesn't want her to be mad at him. He says he tried to keep it a secret. He begs her to tell him what he can do for her. She pictures the two of them kissing. She turns away, ashamed. Fox wonders why Whitney is so upset. She has more visions of them kissing. She tells herself aloud that it can't be. She is confused and thinks maybe she is mixing up her feelings for Chad with Fox. He doesn't understand why she's confused. She tells him to back off. He keeps questioning her, so she tells him to shut up. He thinks he's touched a nerve. She runs off. He wonders if maybe she does have feelings for him after all, and maybe they do have a chance.

Kay is still in her hospital bed. She phones Tabitha and tells her that she'd better stop Miguel. She feels a pain when she angrily hits the bed with her fists. Tabitha hangs up on her and goes to stall Miguel, trying to use the baby. Miguel wants to see Charity and says that Maria is sleeping anyway. He leaves, asking her to watch his backpack, which has his wallet in it. Tabitha talks to Endora and tells her to make another spell of confusion. Outside, Miguel is surrounded by a sudden fog. Tabitha talks to Endora some more. They do another spell. This time, bats fly at Miguel. He is bombarded by bats and ends up jumping into the bushes to try to get away from them. Meanwhile, Kay is bitching in her bed, feeling sorry for herself and worrying about her future. She phones Tabitha again and yells at her for hanging up on her. Tabitha praises Endora and then answers the phone. She explains to Kay what they did to delay Miguel. Miguel keeps trying to deal with the bats.

Ivy drinks heavily. She is sad to see Charity leaving. Charity says there is nothing left there for her. She is in the way of Kay, Miguel and Maria being happy. She wants to stop causing them unhappiness and figures maybe she can find her own happiness elsewhere. Ivy tells her good luck; they say they will miss each other. They hug. Ivy wishes she had Charity's courage. Charity wonders what she's afraid of. Ivy whispers, "The truth". Ivy has a flashback to Eve threatening to expose her, once her own secrets come out. She covers, saying she is drunk. She tells Charity that love is not what it's cracked up to be. Charity is sad that Ivy used to think differently. Ivy urges her to make her dreams come true with her fashion career. She tells Charity that she will be proud of her. She urges Charity to make her proud of herself and always tell herself that she is the only one who matters. Charity promises to try. They hug again. Charity thanks Ivy again for her help. She asks Ivy to say goodbye to Sam for her. She tells Ivy that she's not sure where she's going yet. She will decide at the bus station. She leaves, walking right by the bushes where Miguel is struggling with the unseen bats. Charity does not see the fog or the bats because they are all in Miguel's head. Tabitha tells Kay what's going on. She and the baby laugh; she bounces the baby. The bats then fly away, and Miguel gets up. He runs to the Bennett house. Tabitha tells Kay that Miguel is chasing after Charity, which worries Kay.

Ivy talks to herself, still drinking. Miguel pounds on the door and she opens it. He tells her about the fog and bats. She thinks he has been drinking, too. He points out the door but of course they are gone. He wants to talk to Charity, but she tells him that she's already left for the bus station. He runs out after her. Charity buys a ticket at the bus station. She gets a tourist pass that will take her anywhere in the U.S. She is told the bus to New York leaves in five minutes. Miguel yells after her to wait as she is handing the man at the gate her ticket. She ignores him and he keeps yelling. She is crying and turns around. Miguel pounds on the glass or plastic partition, begging her to stay. He tries to get past the guard but he won't let him through without a ticket. She turns away so he calls her cell phone. She picks it up. He begs her to come out. He keeps yelling, "I love you!" She cries but shakes her head. She dumps the cell phone in the trash. She turns to leave and he yells, "No!".

Aunt Irma calls Eve names in front of T.C. and Liz. She says that Eve is pretending. Julian listens outside, worried what will happen. Eve says nothing. T.C. wonders why Irma is saying these things. She calls her a skanky hooker, cocaine-sniffing, booze-swilling, disgrace, whore, etc. T.C. keeps wondering what she's going on about. Liz worries to T.C. that Aunt Irma might get too upset. Irma goes on about how Eve is a whore and how she started singing in nightclubs when she was 18. There is a flashback to Irma visiting Eve in the nightclub. She talks about how she has slept with so many men and had a rich white man that she was mistress to. T.C.'s reaction is "Wh-what??" There is a flashback to Irma visiting Eve in the apartment, too. She is just about to mention the baby when T.C. stops her. He has heard enough. Eve says she's sorry, but he says that she has nothing to apologize for. He demands that Irma apologize to Eve. He is very angry. Liz gets annoyed that he is not believing what Irma says. Julian is happy to hear it. T.C. yells at Irma some more, very angry. Irma refuses to apologize. Eve stops him and tells him that Irma is not lying. She speaks the truth.

Alistair is happy that his plans are going well. He swears that Luis and Sheridan will never see Katherine or Martin. However, Luis and Sheridan land at the airport about the same time that Martin and Katherine are leaving. Katherine and Martin are kissing goodbye. Sheridan notices them and points them out to Luis. She thinks it is so sweet and hopes that she and Luis will be that way when they are that couple's age. Katherine gasps and looks over at them, telling Martin that those are their children.

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