Passions Update Monday 7/19/04

Passions Update Monday 7/19/04

By Shirley
Pictures by Juanita

Eve and Julian walk into Eve's office talking about Pilar. Eve says she is finally stabilized, but that any stress might de-stabilize her. Julian remarks that she is such a good doctor, but Eve tries to say she's just doing her job. He tells her that with everything that is going on in her life, she still manages to put her patients first, and that is more than just doing her job. "I think you may be a little prejudiced, Julian." He disagrees, saying not many people in the world would do it, especially a busy doctor. She asks him not to put her on a pedestal, too. "Every time TC points out how perfect he thinks I am, it just sends chills up and down my spine." They talk about what's waiting for her at home, when Liz and Aunt Irma tell TC the truth about her. Julian says she should hope for the best. Eve says TC will kick her out as soon as he learns of her lies, and there's nothing she can do. The life she built after all her mistakes was about to be taken away. She gets a call to report to the ER, and she leaves, hoping it's no one she knows. Julian follows.

Gwen and Ethan walk hand-in-hand down the hospital corridor after visiting the nursery. They talk again about how life will be once they have the baby Theresa is carrying for them, and how happy they each will be. Gwen brings up her fear that Theresa will come up with something that will spoil it all. Fox goes running by after a couple of nurses. They ask him what's wrong, and he tells them Theresa collapsed and they haven't been able to revive her. They run after him to the ER.

Whitney and Chad are following close behind Theresa's gurney as she is wheeled into the ER. Whitney asks the paramedics why she hasn't come to yet. Chad tells her to calm down, they just have to wait until someone knows something. The nurse says they will do everything they can for her as they take her into the exam room, and Chad stops Whitney from running in behind them. He tells her she needs to let them do their job. As Chad is trying to calm her, she sees Fox walk up behind him and remembers him telling her he is in love with her. She steps into Chad's arms and asks him to hold her as Fox looks on sadly.

Luis is at the car door, trying to stop Sheridan from leaving. She refuses, and turns on the motor, hearing a clicking noise. She wonders what it is, as Luis, hearing it too, realizes it's a bomb. The car blows up and becomes a ball of flame. Alistair is watching it on his tv monitor, talking to the woman who is massaging his feet as he laughs about getting rid of his daughter and Luis. "Adios, Luis. Nighty night, Sheridan", he laughs, as he watches the car burn. (commercial)

Still in Chad's arms, Whitney watches Fox pacing. Gwen and Ethan come around the corner asking about Theresa and the baby. Fox explained she had been upset when she heard about Antonio's death, and Whitney added Theresa had overheard her and Fox talking about Pilar's relapse. Not having heard about that, either, Ethan wanted to know about it. Whitney explained, and Ethan realized Theresa must have been very upset at losing her brother, then hearing about her mother being near death. Gwen hopes Theresa will be okay, since she's carrying their child. At that moment, Eve passed them and goes into the exam room. She orders monitoring and tests to be done. Outside, Julian is walking up to the room when he sees Whitney and decides he should stay away so as not to upset her more than she already is. Whitney walks into the room and approaches her mother, asking if Theresa will be all right. "Honey, I'm going to do everything I can. That's all I can do." Whitney smiles weakly and walks back out, with Eve watching her sadly. Chad tells her he's going to get some coffee, since it will be a long night. When he leaves, Fox walks up to Whitney and asks if she's all right. "After everything that's gone on tonight, Fox....not even close."

Alistair is still watching the car burn as his aide is massaging his feet. He told her he had warned Sheridan to stay away from Luis, but she wouldn't listen, so she had to pay. Bambi mentions the fact that Sheridan is his own daughter, and he tells her to do what he says or he will fire her. He talks about how a real man must do whatever it takes to protect his empire, and hard choices must be made. He then asks her to remind him to watch High Noon tomorrow. She remarks that he's seen that movie many times, and he demands she make a note. She does so, then asks if he wants another brandy. He tells her later, and orders her to take her dress off get to what he's in the mood for right then.

The car is still burning, and Sam runs up. He thinks maybe Luis and Sheridan are in the cottage, but then he sees her purse and Luis' shoe smoking on the ground in front of him. He screams "Noooooo!" ( commercial)

Fox and Whitney are still outside Theresa's room talking. He offers to help in any way. She declines his offer. He tries to explain what he feels, telling her they can't sweep it under the rug, but she walks away, asking him to leave her alone.

Gwen is worrying about losing another baby, but Ethan tells her they have to think positively, they won't lose another baby. In Theresa's room, the results of the fetal monitor show the baby is in distress. "We don't have much time", Eve tells the nurse.

Sam is watching the car burn, believing Luis and Sheridan were both caught in the explosion and died. Then he sees something on the other side of the car and runs to check it out. He finds Luis and Sheridan on the ground. Luis is awake, Sheridan is still unconscious. "Thank God you're alright!", Sam says, as he kneels to help them. Luis told him about the explosion that happened right as she was about to leave. Sam asks how they got out, but Luis is busy trying to get a response from Sheridan. He's afraid she is dead. (commercial)

Fox is still pacing outside Theresa's room when Chad walks up with the coffee. He asks where Whitney is, and Fox tells him she left a few minutes ago, wanting to be left alone. Chad understands, since she and Theresa are like sisters. Chad talks about Whitney being upset already before Theresa's collapse, and Fox asked what he meant. Chad told him he had awakened and Whitney wasn't there, so something else was bothering her, although he doesn't know what it is. Fox tries to look puzzled, then asks Chad why he's looking at him. Chad says Fox spent more time with Whitney than he did, and wonders if she said anything to Fox about what was bothering her. Fox says he doesn't know of anything, and Chad then declares he knows what it is. "A certain Crane man is in love with the wrong Russell woman." Fox looks stunned.

Whitney walks out the door to the roof, needing some fresh air. She sees someone else there, realizes it's Julian, then tries to go back inside. The door is locked, however, so she can't leave. She pounds on the door and yells, but no one is there. Julian walks over and says to let him help. She moves away and he tries to open it, with no luck. She says it has to be a cruel joke, and he replies they are just destined to be trapped together in strange places. She let's him know she doesn't like him, and he says that while he realizes that, he is still fond of her. She tells him her mother may fall for his BS, but not her. She tells him Crane men don't care who they hurt, and he figures out she means Fox. He says if Fox has done something to her, he will take care of him, but she tells him Fox is in love with her.

Gwen is beside herself with fear that she will lose another baby. Ethan tries to calm her fears. He tells her they need to have faith, and pray. She can't stand the thought of praying for Theresa, but realizes she has to in order to save the baby. She feels Theresa is once again holding all the cards, and it irritates her to be at her mercy. Eve walks up, and Gwen asks her to be blunt and tell them if the baby is all right.

Luis is still trying to wake Sheridan up. Sam can't feel a pulse, but when Luis rolls her over, he does, and she coughs. She comes to and asks Sam and Luis what happened. Luis describes what they were doing, and that she turned the key in the ignition, and she remembered he had pulled her out just as the car exploded. She is fully awake now, and once on her feet, she asks what happened, and what the clicking sound was. Sam says it was a bomb. Luis says that someone planted the bomb to kill both of them, and probably thinks they succeeded. Sam agrees, and adds that they won't be happy when they find out the two are still alive. (commercial)

Gwen and Ethan want reassurance that their baby is ok. Eve says it's fine, the heartbeat is good and the baby will be ok. They are overjoyed to hear that. Eve continues talking about Theresa's condition, and that although they have stabilized her, she is still not out of the woods. She talks about how emotional Theresa is because of all that's happened, and tells them that although Pilar is hanging on, she can't guarantee she will live. Ethan asks what they can do. Eve tells them there is nothing they can do, except make sure Theresa isn't upset anymore, as that could harm the baby and possibly end the pregnancy.

Chad is explaining himself to Fox. He says the way Whitney feels about how the Cranes are, how they will go for anyone even if they are unavailable, is the problem. Fox, thinking Chad knows about him, wants to explain, but Chad says he's not responsible. He is talking about Julian and Eve. Fox is relieved, and agrees it's wrong. Chad says she can't get over her belief that Julian and Eve are having a hot and heavy affair, and Fox agrees, saying she won't believe it's not true. They talk about how hard it is on her, and Chad says he kind of likes Julian, which shocks Fox. Chad describes all the help Julian has given him and the support of his and Whitney's relationship, but Fox doubts his father could be that caring. Chad tells him that in a talk he had with Julian, the older man had explained there is no physical relationship between he and Eve, that he is just trying to help protect her from having some secrets come out that would ruin her. Chad tells Fox that secrets always come out in the end.

When 'Whitney tells Julian that Theresa told her about Fox's feelings for her, she confronted Fox and he admitted it, Julian whispered under his breath that he had warned Fox not to do that. Whitney heard him, but couldn't tell what he said. She said that she knows he has known about it for a while. He then told her he had warned him not to confess his feelings to her, and to keep his hands off her. "Why do you think so little of him? He never touched me", Whitney said. He asked her about Chad and what he thought of it all, and she told him Chad doesn't know. Julian thought Fox would have run to Chad to cause problems between them. She tells him he hasn't done that, so he wonders why she's angry with him.

Back at the burning car, Sam asks Luis what's going on. First Antonio, now Luis and Sheridan. Luis tells him it's Alistair. Sam says he knows the old man hates their family, but doing all this is ludicrous. Luis tells him it's not the first time, and if he had only been able to keep those cd's, he could have brought Alistair down for all the things he's done over the years. They continue talking about what Alistair has done to them, and Sheridan says that she was the target of both bombs that night. She is a jinx, and has to leave. Luis tells her that the problem is not her, it is her father, and he will bring the old man down if it's the last thing he ever does. (commercial)

Eve assures Ethan and Gwen that there seems to be nothing wrong with the baby, but that Theresa needs to be free from stress for the next few weeks or it could adversely affect both her and the baby. They say they understand as Eve is paged again and has to leave. She promises to check back in on Theresa again before she leaves the hospital. Gwen and Ethan try to decide what to do. They want to go see Theresa, but they don't want to cause any problems. Gwen feels strange about worrying about Theresa. At that moment they hear Theresa yelling about "her baby" and run to her room.

Alistair is getting a massage from Bambi, and he is very happy. He asks how Bambi feels, and she assures him she feels great, and he was very good. He says he's always at his best after a major coup. She asks if he's talking about killing his daughter, and Alistair says yes, her and Luis. He goes on to say that once word of their deaths reaches south of the border he will have his ultimate revenge. She asks if that has something to do with the man he sent to Mexico, and Alistair says "Enough said, my gorgeous concubine." He says there are two people in the world who deserve to suffer even more than Sheridan and Luis, and he's making sure they will.

Sheridan, Luis, and Sam are still talking about Alistair's reasons to plot against them. Sam says it's because they won't stop looking for answers to things Alistair has done, and Luis says having him set that bomb means he is getting closer to the truth. He knows Luis is getting close, and he's scared. Sam warns that Alistair will try to kill him again, but Luis is not intimidated. He will keep searching for the answers. He doesn't want his mother to die without knowing what Alistair did to her husband. Sheridan says she's afraid, but he assures her he will protect her. Sam says he is calling for Forensics to come and check the car out, and they should go to the hospital and be checked out. Luis says he's fine, but he will take Sheridan. She again tells him shes afraid because once Alistair finds out they survived, he will come after them again.


Gwen and Ethan run into Theresa's room, asking if the baby is ok. The nurse says Theresa and the baby are ok. They ask why she was screaming for the baby, and she told them she was talking about Little Ethan and that she can't stand not being with him. Gwen is relieved, and Theresa told them that she needs to see her son.

Chad asks Fox if Julian loves Eve as much as he says he does, how is that a bad thing. Fox says he agrees, but it's Whitney who has a problem with it. Chad says she's afraid it will affect the marriage, and she is very close to her father. Fox calls him a stand up guy, and Chad says that while they have had their issues, he respects Coach Russell, too. Fox wonders if Fox is on Julian's side more than TC's, but Chad says it's just hard to believe loving someone as much as Julian loves Eve is a bad thing. Fox says it isn't unless you are involved with someone already. Chad agrees, and says he's glad he and Whitney are ok now, after the mess they got into in L.A. Fox said he had thought they weren't going to make it, and Chad admitted he hadn't been sure, either, but now they are solid. He says he was stupid to be jealous of Fox because he knows Whitney is a one man woman, and he knows he's her one man.

On the roof, Whitney tells Julian her personal life is none of his business. He begs to differ. He says if Fox has professed his love for her, it is his business. She wonders why now, since from all she's heard, he never cared about what Fox did before. He says he's changed, and she doesn't want to hear it, especially if he's going to talk about him and her mother. He agrees to keep it on her and Fox. He asks why she's so angry with Fox if he hasn't done anything to her. She says it's just not right, not him and her mother, who is married. She says it's disgusting to be in love with someone but secretly harbor feelings for someone else, and wonders what kind of person does that. Julian says "Someone in love", but she says not if you're in a relationship. You should be loyal to the person you love and not get your head all turned around by someone you find attractive. Those feelings just need to be pushed away. Julian realizes why she gets angry at the mention of Fox's name, and although she doesn't want to hear it, he says "I think you're in love with my son, just as he's in love with you."

Eve is finishing bandaging Sheridan's arm as Sam talks about the explosion and how lucky they are to have gotten out alive. She tells Sheridan how to care for her burns. Ever then says she's appalled at what's happening to Luis' family, and talks about Antonio's death, Pilar's relapse, the explosion, and what's happened to Theresa. They hadn't heard about that, so she explains that the stress of everything caused problems for her, but that she will be fine as long as she can stay quiet and calm. Eve says it's like the family has been targeted, and Sheridan tells her they have been, by her father. Luis explains it, and says even tho they have no proof, they know it's him. Eve agrees, saying she knows what he's capable of doing to other people, and now even to his own daughter. She tells Sheridan to rest on her couch, but she wants to stay with Luis. He tells her he's going nowhere so she should just lie down and rest, which she does. Eve pulls him and Sam aside and tells him he has to do something because Alistair will only keep trying to kill them. Sam agrees, and worries about Luis sticking around to dig up the truth on Alistair. Luis says he knows he will, and he is taking Sheridan away before Alistair finds out they are still alive and tries again.

Previews: Julian to Whitney: "Tell me the truth, are you in love with my son?"

Martin to Katherine: "The only way to protect our children is for

me to go back to Harmony. Alistair must

be stopped."

Luis to Sheridan: "We'll fly down to Mexico and get Paloma, and I'm

bringing you with me."

Alistair to Sheridan: "You're going to Mexico........over my dead body!"


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