Passions Update Friday 7/16/04

Passions Update Friday 7/16/04

By Shirley
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Theresa is on the floor in her room at the inn, crying out in pain and holding her stomach.  She cries "Ow, my baby!"   Whitney and Fox, who heard her cries, run into the room, followed by the Concierge.  Whitney kneels beside her as she asks God not to let her lose the baby. Miguel is with Pilar in the hospital when she goes into another seizure.  He runs to the door, yelling for help.  The nurse runs in, telling Miguel that the machine that is beeping just needs to be reset.  He asks if Pilar will be ok, and she says she will, but it doesn't mean she's out of the woods.  Miguel decides to call Paloma.

In Mexico, Paloma is in her room, dancing to very loud music.  Katherine and Martin head toward her room to tell her to turn it down before she disturbs the guests.  They talk about how Paloma has been acting lately, and Katherine says she isn't to be blamed after all the bad things that have been happening.  She says the blame is Alistairs, and Martin says he has to be stopped.

Alistair is standing outside Sheridan's cottage, looking in the window and listening to Luis talk her out of leaving.  He remembers his talk with her at the hospital, when he told her she has been bad luck to everyone since she is born, and that she needs to leave Harmony before any more bad things happen to Luis and his family.  He is very smug, knowing that no matter what, when Sheridan turns her car on, the bomb he had planted in it will blow, taking her or even both of them out of the picture.   Luis tells her she needs to stay, but she says she has to leave him for good.  (commercial)

Ethan pulls Gwen to her feet, and tells her they have to go somewhere.  He won't say where, but tells her it's something she will like.  She agrees, telling him she feels something terrible will happen to their baby.

Theresa is still on the floor, but says she's feeling better now.  Whitney and Fox help her to the bed, asking if she's sure she's all right.  She says yes, and Fox asks what happened.  She tells them about the news she heard on the radio of Antonio's death.  Fox thinks it's a mistake because there was no reason for him to have been on the plane.  Fox wants to call to find out what happened, but Theresa says no, it doesn't matter.  He's dead and it doesn't matter how it happened.  She talks about Pilar, and how happy she was to have him back after all those years, and how she will be devastated by the news.

Martin and Katherine are talking about their children, wishing they could have been there for them.  He especially misses not having been there for Miguel.  The phone rings, and Martin answers, to hear Miguel's voice on the other end of the line,  asking to speak with Paloma. 

Sheridan is still leaving, and Luis is begging her not to go.  He tells her she isn't to blame for all the bad things.  She continues to argue, saying Antonio's death is her fault, along with everything else bad that has happened. She talks about how she broke her vow to be true to him forever, and that killed him.  Luis says if she leaves, she'll break his heart.  "Better I should break you heart than kill you!"  She tells him her leaving would be giving him the gift of life, picks up her bags, and heads out the door.  Luis continues to argue.  Alistair, still outside, wants him to let her go, because one way or the other, they are finished as soon as she starts her car.  He walks away laughing to himself.  (commercial)

Paloma is still in her room, dancing.  She sees a picture of her family, picks it up, and looks at it wistfully.  "Mi Madre.  Mi familia....If they didn't want me, I don't want them, either!" she says.

Katherine asks Martin who's on the phone.  He tells Miguel he will get Paloma, then tells Katherine who it is.  He remembers when Miguel was born, and naming him.  Katherine wants him to tell Miguel who he is.

Alistair is now hiding behind a bush, watching Sheridan getting into her car.  Luis runs up and stops her, telling her again she can't leave.  She repeats that she's a jinx, will only cause him harm, etc.  Alistair is proud of his handiwork.  Luis continues arguing, telling her Antonio would not blame her for anything, either.  She brings light and love to people, he says, not tragedy.  She still thinks she is doing him and his family a favor.  He says if she loves him like she says, she'll stay, and explains what life would be like for them.  He says he'll die if she leaves.  She says no, he and his family will finally be able to have happy lives once she's gone.  she tells him she overheard him telling his mother how much the family would miss her if she dies, and Sheridan says it's her fault and sooner or later, Luis would blame her for Pilar's death.  He continues to tell her that none of it is her fault, that she has to believe he will never blame her for his mother's death.  She disagrees, and doesn't want to take the chance.  Luis finally realizes this is not Sheridan's ideas and asks her who she had talked to.  She protests, saying it is all her own thoughts, but he won't buy it.  Alistair, still listening, says "Well, he's not one taco short of a combination plate after all.  Well, who cares if he knows.  When Sheridan starts the car, he'll have bigger problems to think about."    (commercial)

Ethan and Gwen arrive at their destination, with Ethan holding his hands over her eyes so she won't know where they are.  When he let's go, she sees they are in the hospital, at the baby viewing window.  They have come to see the new babies.  Gwen is thrilled, and they talk about the babies.  They talk about the fact that any of those babies could be in preschool with their child, and Gwen finds a way to bring Theresa into the conversation.

Whitney and Fox leave Theresa's room as the Concierge returns with the doctor.  Whitney thinks Theresa won't let him examine her since she's feeling better, but the doctor goes in anyway and convinces Theresa that for the good of the baby he needs to make sure everything is ok.   Fox tries to calm Whitney's nerves, but she doesn't want to hear anything from him.  She says most of the tension Theresa has been under was caused by his family, and they are all bad news.  Fox says that may be, but right now Theresa and her family need good news.

Paloma comes to answer the phone, finds out it's Miguel calling about their mother, and hangs up.  She says she's too busy to talk to him and runs into her room, Katherine following but finding the door closed.  Miguel calls back, but Paloma still won't talk to him.  She says she wants nothing to do with any of them since they didn't want her.  Martin explains that now is not a good time for Paloma to talk, so Miguel asks him to tell her that their mother is dying and she needs to go to Harmony right away if she ever wants to see her alive again.  Martin is shook up by the news.

Luis and Sheridan are still arguing.  He still wants to know who she had talked to, and she said it doesn't matter, since she believes everything she just said.  He correctly guesses it was Alistair, the man who killed Antonio and almost killed her at the same time.  He says he wants to kill him, then hears the click of Alistair's lighter trying to re-light his cigar.  Luis calls to him, but there is no answer.  (commercial)
Martin asks what had happened to Pilar, since the last they had heard, she was improving.  Miguel explains it to him.  Maria walks up then, and he tells her the bad news.  She is devastated, and tries to get Paloma to come out and talk.  She won't do it.

Luis goes looking for Alistair behind the bushes, finding his cigar on the ground.  He hollers at the old man, telling him he won't let Alistair take Sheridan away from him again.  Alistair says, under his breath, "You can't do anything about it, Luis.  My darling daughter is about to die, and if you choose to join her in the passenger's seat, so be it.  Good riddance."  (commercial)

Ethan and Gwen are talking to the father of one of the babies they are looking at.  He explains what a miracle it is to have a child.  He goes on to tell Ethan that it's hard to believe that one night of romance with "the missus" can end up nine months later with a new baby that she has been carrying inside her for 9 months.  Gwen starts pouting and walks away.   The man leaves, and Ethan checks on Gwen.  She says she would love to be able to give him that same gift.  He tells her it's all right, but she says she fears her inability to have their own child will cost her their marriage.  He tells her that's a crazy thought, but she argues and again brings up Theresa, and the fact she can carry children for him.

The doctor asks Theresa about her pregnancy and the fact she is a surrogate.  He tells her she needs to take it easy with the baby.  She says she will be careful.  He leaves, and tells Whitney and Fox that the pregnancy is very fragile and if she's not real careful, it could end badly. 

Miguel calls Fox's cell phone to tell them that Pilar is in grave condition.  Fox tells him about what the doctor said, that Theresa can't have any more bad news, and then says he will talk it over with Whitney to decide whether they should tell her about Pilar or not.  As he is doing so, Theresa overhears the news. 

Luis and Sheridan are still arguing about her leaving.  She admits she talked to him, but she's leaving because she wants to.  He disagrees, telling her that Alistair is manipulating her every thought.  He wonders how that man can have such a hold over her still, and she says he's her father.  "Yeah, and he prays on your vulnerability, on your deepest fear that you had something to do with your mother's death."  "I don't know that I didn't", she answers.  He talks about it starting the night she found the body under the bloody sheet, and offers to go to counseling with her so she can put it all behind her.  He says her father is behind it, chipping away at her self worth.  She says it won't help, and wants him to let her go.  She gets in the car as he tells her he won't let her go.  (commercial)

Ethan tells Gwen she is everything a woman could and should be, and a wonderful wife.  She still wants to know if, in his private moments, he ever thinks about or wants a woman who can carry his child and deliver it for him?  He reminds her that they have already done that, with Sarah.  He assures her he doesn't care how the next child gets here, as long as it's healthy and she's it's mother.  She still talks about Theresa carrying their child, and the fact she doesn't trust her, that she is just waiting for something to happen to them, waiting to come between them. 
Theresa asks again about her mother and starts to get up.  She doubles over, screaming in pain.  Whitney tries to help her.

At the hospital, Miguel goes back into Pilar's room and asks the nurse who is checking her how she is.  The nurse says she's encouraged because Pilar is getting stronger, and the doctors are optimistic, too.  Miguel talks about Paloma, and the fact she's coming home.

In Mexico, Maria is still trying to get Paloma to open the door.  She tells her that they have to make arrangements for her to go home to Harmony, but Paloma stomps her foot and says she doesn't want to go there.  She picks up the picture, looks at it, and throws it against the door, shattering the glass, and yells "Not now, not ever!!"  Katherine asks what Martin is thinking, and he says he's going back,.  She doesn't want him to, because if he does, Alistair will kill him.

Alistair's maid/assistant pours him a drink and talks about the long day he's had.  He says it's not over yet, and there is still something left to do, something about Sheridan, and maybe Luis.  He makes a toast to Sheridan, then turns on his monitor so he can see her and Luis still at her car.

Luis tells her she can't leave, but she is determined.  He tells her nothing else matters, it's their chance to marry, have children, and have the life they've always wanted to have.  He begs her to stay with him, tells her he loves her, and she replies she loves him, too, and that's why she has to go.  Alstair is egging her on in his office, telling her to start the car and take both of them out.  Sheridan tells Luis she is going because she loves him, turns the key, and hears a strange clicking noise.   Luis hears it, too, and realizes what it is.  Then the car explodes.

Previews: Alistair: Adios, Luis. Nighty night, Sheridan!

Ethan and Gwen, talking to Eve: Is the baby all right?

Julian, talking to Whitney: I think you're in love with my son, just as he's in love with you.

Sam, walking up to the cottage: Oh, my God, It's Sheridan's car! - As it blows up

again - Nooooooooo!!

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