Passions Update Thursday 7/15/04

Passions Update Thursday 7/15/04

By Ariana
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In Pilar's Hospital Room

Luis is holding Pilar's hand. Miguel is sitting in a chair in front of her bed. Pilar is unconcoisous. Miguel asks Luis if she's going to pull through. Luis says that Pilar is a fighter and that a lot of people depend on her. Miguel is not so sure of that. Luis asks if he and Charity are OK. He asks if Charity decided not to leave Harmony. Miguel says yes but "it took a lot of convincing." Luis asks if Charity is outside but Miguel says that Kay and Tabitha said that she was at home sleeping. Luis is happy for him and says that maybe that's proof that mom will be OK. Miguel tells him that he doesn't know what he'd do if Charity left. He says that she thinks that she caused all the pain because she came here but he tells her that she didn't. But she would cause him pain if she left. Miguel wonders how mom went on without dad because he couldn't go on without Charity.

Ivy's House

Jessica is sitting on the sofa with two Mark bags near her. A planner is in front of her on the table. Jessica tells Marcie that since she drinks a lot of espresso, she will love her new lipstick that's espresso flavored. She says that it comes in a donut shape. They both fantasize about eating a donut even though they're both on a low-calorie diet. Jessica says that she'll bring it over tomorrow along with some other stuff she has.

Ivy's House

Charity has already packed her stuff. She pulls the valise down the stairs and into the living room. Charity talks to the picture of Miguel. She tells him that she loves him and that she's sorry that she's leaving without saying good-bye but she thinks that Kay and Tabitha were right and that she caused all the trouble that happened in Harmony and that she should leave.

Eve's Office in the Hospital

Julian and Eve are talking to each other close together. Julian asks Eve if it's OK if he explains everything to T.C. He could say that they had a past together and that it's in the past and that they had a child together. Eve tells him that T.C. wouldn't listen to him and that it would make things worse because then T.C. would just want to kill him.

In the Kitchen in Eve's House

Ivy is very angry at her while Liz is very calm and collected. She controls her emotions. Liz gloats that Eve's life will be ruined and that she doesn't care if Ivy's life is ruined, too, as she makes the coffee. Ivy begs Liz to not go through with it saying that can't lose Sam, not after all the time they spent trying to get back together. Liz wonders what horrible things Ivy did. Liz tells Ivy to kiss Sam goodbye because when Eve walks in there, Irma is going to tell about her past. Ivy says that she's bluffing and that if aunt Irma really knew all the things that Liz said that she did, then she would have already said it by now. Liz says that she wants to see Eve's face when T.C. finds out that she's a drug-addicted whore.

In the Living Room in Eve's House

T.C. picks up the photo album and starts to look through it. Sam asks T.C. to wait so that they could see it together. T.C. says that he wants to undo the bad past he had with aunt Irma. Sam says that old people get cranky and don't know what they want. T.C. says that he can't wait to hear Irma talk about Eve. T.C. says that this was the only family member he ever met.

On the Cliff Near the Hotel

In a flashback, Fox and Whitney kiss passionately. They hold and touch each other. He sees that she loves him. She says that she is happy that he loves her and didn't say that she loved him because she was worried that he didn't love her. She thanks him for being honest.

In Pilar's Hospital Room

Luis is saying that Sheridan is saying the same things as Charity. He says that she blames herself for Antonio being on the plane because if it wasn't for her, Antonio would have been safe. He says that she thinks that the stress of all the fighting over her caused Pilar to be in such a weakened state. Miguel says that he loves her the same way he loves Charity. He says that they will learn that they love them forever and unconditionally.

An Empty Room in the Hospital

Alistair talks to Sheridan calmly while she's full of sadness and anger. Alistar says that Sheridan caused all the suffering. He says that she loved Luis but marred Antonio. Sheridan starts to say that there are reasons. Alistar cuts her off saying, "Excuses, excuses." He tells her that she liked pitting them against each other like Cain and Abel and like Cain and Abel, one is dead and one is destroyed. She says that he did it. Alistar says that she killed his spirit just as she's doing with Luis. Alistair tells Sheridan that she was bad luck ever since she was born and that she took her mother away from him. Sheridan asks him to stop. He says that if she doesn't want him to be hurt, then she should go.

On the Cliff near the Hotel

Whitney asks Fox why he would bother telling her that she's the one he loves, Fox's mystery woman. She's upset and walks away. Fox follows her, asking her to wait. She raises her voice when she says that she loves Chad and that she's with Chad. She turns her back to Fox. He says that Chad is his best friend and that he that he didn't want her to feel uncomfortable so that's why he didn't tell her. Facing him, she asks him why he told Theresa. He says that he didn't tell her and that she overheard him while he was talking to God. He says, "I thought I was alone." She asks him who else he told and he says Julian Crane. Fox says that Julian picked up on it and that he had a heart to heart with him. Whitney doesn't agree. Fox says that he acted like the father he always wanted.

In Eve's Office in the Hospital

Julian says that if it wasn't for Alistair, they would know who their son was. Julian wants to make it easier for Eve. He reminds her of "the rat" that was going to tell them who their son was when Alistair ran the informer over so that he couldn't tell them anything. Eve says that Alistair is "evil personified." Eve hates how much pain he has caused them. Julian wishes that he hadn't let him tear them apart. Eve says that they were both young and that he was intimidating even then. She says that they made mistakes in their lives and that now her mistakes are going to catch up with her and ruin her life. She looks about to cry.

The kitchen in Eve's house

Ivy says that Liz is juts upset about Antonio and that she should do all this some other time. Liz tells her that she's been waiting a long time and that after tonight, their lives will be ddstroyed. Ivy knows that when Sam hears what she's done, he will leave her. Liz is pouring the coffee. Ivy's agitated and Liz is happy.

The Living Room in Eve's House

Liz says to herself that she wanted Eve to be here. T.C. shows aunt Irma the photo album saying that she won't believe the things that her niece has done. Liz says that he doesn't know the half of it. T.C. shows the sleeping Irma the day that Eve graduated form medical school. Liz hands T.C. and Sam coffee. T.C. closes the yearbook. Liz tells him that she's just exhausted. T.C. just wanted to share the photos and hear what she had to say about Eve. Liz says that when they share the memories they won't ever forget it.

The living room in Ivy's House

Jessica yells at Charity reminding her that she stole Miguel away from Kay and then Reese away from her. She sees Charity over a pile of clothes and asks her if she's taking their clothes too. She tells Jessica that she's leaving Harmony. Jessica says that she'll help her pack. Jessica says that she'll be happy when she can go away and destroy other people's lives. Charity looks as if she going to cry.

An empty room in the hospital

Alistair's standing over Sheridan, who's sitting down. Alistair tells her that she killed her mother. He's very calm. Sheridan tells him that her mother was ill. She's very agitated. He says that she was sick when she gave birth to Sheridan. She yells at him to stop playing games with her mind. She tells him that he puts things in people's heads and blames people for things that they didn't do. She stands up and points her first finger at him. She says that she remembers the body behind the bloody sheet. She wonders if it were real. She comes to the conclusion that the memory was implanted in her brain to hurt her. Alistair claims that he loves her and would never hurt her. Alistair insists that she killed her mom and that she brings bad luck to anyone who cares about her. He says to go away from Luis unless she wants to see him dead.

The living room in Eve's house

Ivy tells Liz that she has to go home to do housework. Sam opens the door for her and says that he appreciates what she's doing for the children. He kisses her. She reminds him that she does everything and did everything out of love for him. They kiss again and she leaves. Irma snores. T.C. , Liz and Sam all laugh at that. Liz smiles. T.C.says that Liz should take Irma back to the home since he doesn't know when Eve is going to come back. She shouts "No, I'm staying here." Liz becomes upset. T.C. asks if she cares that Irma needs her rest.

Eve's office in the hospital

Julian wants to find their son to make up for his mistakes and so that's why he has to warn Luis. Whitney can't believe that after killing Antonio, trying to kill Sheridan, brainwashing her, and blowing up the boat she was in, that Alistair would try to hurt them again. She asks him when it's going to end. Julian says that it's never going to end. He tells her that he wanted to warn Luis earlier but he was worried about his mother. Whitney says that she is stabilized. Julian feels sorry for all the pain that Pilar's going through. He tells her to be strong. Julian is confident, while Eve is worried.

Theresa's Hotel Room

Theresa misses little Ethan as she looks at picture she has of him. She's in pain. She massages her temples and tries to calm down. She thinks that she pushed herself to much. She says that she can't lose this baby too after losing Ethan and Gwen's baby. She turns on the radio. The radio says that tragedy hit a family in Harmony. Theresa wonders what happened.

On the Cliff near the Hotel

Fox understands that Whitney's hurt. She says that she knows what's going on. He tells her how his father feels about not being with her mother and that it's the same with them. He says that her mother is special and that that is the same reason that he loves her. Fox says that he and his dad are just using her and her mother. She slaps him. She yells at him to damn him to hell. She runs away from him

An empty room in the hospital

Sheridan tells Alistair that he killed Antonio and that she didn't do anything. He asks her who told her that and she tells him. He says that Luis blames him for everything. He said that he wanted her and Antonio to get together and that he didn't do it. She tells him to stop confusing her. She stands close to the door and is very agitated. He says that the jet explosion was just an accident. Alistair tells her that it was her fault that he was on the plane He says that it was her and her bad luck that killed him . Alistair says that she was born under a cursed star and that she should get away from Luis before she destroys him too.

In Pilar's hospital room

Luis sits in front of Pilar. Luis tells when that when he was kid, she used to hold his hand when he was sick. He tells her that he and everyone else love her. Sheridan is about to come in when she see them talking so she takes the tray of food out and stands outside listening to what he's saying. He asks why this happened. Luis tells Pilar that he will never forgive himself if she dies. He tells her that he needs her because she's the rock. He thinks that they're cursed. Sheridan thinks that she's the curse and is bringing them all the pain. She says that she has to go away from there forever. Julian comes into the room with a knock. He says that he has to speak with him. Miguel is right by Julian. He's look curious as to why he's come here. Julian says that he' sorry to barge in. He tells Miguel to stay while he talks to Julian as he pats his back. Julian takes him outside and into the hallway. He tells him that his father, Alistair, has something planned for him and Sheridan and that he wants her dead. He asks if Alistair is still in the hospital. He says yes. Very upset, he asks the nurse where Sheridan Crane went. The nurse said that she saw Sheridan going to the parking lot on the nurse's way down. Luis can't believe that she would leave without saying goodbye. Julian tells him to take her and go away from Harmony. Luis tells Miguel to stay with Pilar and call Paloma to tell her to come over here while he looks for Sheridan. Julian wishes him good luck.

The Living Room in Ivy's house

Charity asks Jessica if cousins means anything to her any more and she says no. Jessica say that horrible things have happened ever since she came to Harmony and that she should leave and never come back. When Jessica leaves Charity whispers that she'll never come back. Charity is sad and hurt while Jessica is angry.

Eve's office in the Hospital

Eve is sitting by the desk when Ivy calls her and Eve picks up the phone. She tells her that Liz is going to tell T.C. all of her secrets. Ivy tells Eve that she can't lose Sam. Eve says that she should have though about that before she blackmailed her into saying that the test results said that John was Grayson Davidison's son. Ivy asks eve to cover for her. Eve tells her that she's done lying. Ivy hangs up and tells her to go to hell.

The front office of the hotel

Whitney says that the Cranes don't know what love is and that he can't have everything he wants. She hits him again. She tells him that just because his father is using his mother that doesn't mean that he can use her too. She tells him that she hates him and wants him to never be a part of her life again.

The living room in Ivy's House

Ivy asks Charity why she has a suitcase. Ivy's confused. Charity tells her that she' s leaving and that she doesn't believe that love ever works out. ivy sits next to her. She says love doesn't no matter how many years you've waited for it and that she's lucky that she learned the lesson so young because it has taken a long time for Ivy to see that Sam will ever be hers. Charity's crying.

The living room of Eve's House

T.C. asks why she should stay here. He's confused. Liz says that she signed her out for the night and they won't be excpecting her. T.C. says that she doesn't mind and says that she can see Eve in the morning. Liz is agitated and says that Irma wanted to see Eve and made Liz promise that she would be able to see Liz tonight. Liz asks T.C. to not make her break her promise because then she might think that she slept through it and blame herself. Liz is calmer. Sam says that Liz is doing a nice thing for them both and that Eve deserves a surprise because she's always giving the people she loves so much. They go upstairs. Liz says o the audience and herself to wait until he finds out how much she's giving Julian because then they will both be dead with T.C.'s hand around Julian's neck. She smiles and gloats.

The front desk of the hotel room

Whitney says that her mother is the Russell family whore and not her. She says it's lust and not love. Fox says that it's love and that he could never disrespect her or hurt her. She asks him why he tells her that he wants to be with her the same way as Julian wants to be with her mom. She says she grew up here and knows what the Cranes are like. She tells him that it's genetic. Whitney says that his dad uses her mother and now Fox wants to use her. Whitney tells him that she will never be his whore. They are both raising their voices.

Theresa's room in the hotel

The radio says that Antonio Lopez was killed when a jet plane exploded one minute after take off. Sheridan's house She closes the door and stand in front of it saying that she's sorry and can never see her again.

Luis's car

Julian says that Sheridan arrived on the crane ground a few minutes ago in a taxi. He says to hurry and keep her away from Alistair. Luis wonders why she would leave without telling him goodbye. He think that something isn't right. He says it has to do with Alistair.

Sheridan's car

Alistair's henchmen says that he will plant the package and that Sheridan will have an explosive time next time she starts the car. Alistair says that he's hoping for it. The henchmen presses a button on the device and it flashes red.

The living room of Eve's house

Liz tells Irma very quietly to get some rest because when Eve gets home, it's show time and she wants her good and strong because it will be the performance of her life. Finally, she says, her sister will lose everything.

Eve's Office in the Hospital

Eve asks him if he thinks that Alistair got to Sheridan already. He says yes and that he caused so much pain to so many people. Eve is worried. Julian looks deep in thought. She has no hope but he does. Julian says that he will protect Eve. She says, "She's beyond hope. Her past has caught up with her and she'll lose everything.

Living Room of Ivy's House

Ivy gets up to get a drink. She raises her voice to Charity. Ivy tells her that love is not enough and that she and Miguel will not work out, no matter how much in love they are, not even when they will be 30 or 40. "Give it up before you waste your life." Charity said that Ivy was the one who said, "Keep the faith." Ivy says, "Forget faith and Miguel. Get out of Harmony and start a new life alone because love only works out in fairy tales."

Pilar's Room in the Hospital

Miguel holds Pilar's hand. Pilar moves her lips and her eyebrows. Miguel asks her to stay focused and not think about Antonio. He tells her that Lewis will find Sheridan and that they will be together and so will he and Charity. He tells her Paloma and Theresa will come. Pilar has another seizure. He calls for a nurse.

Theresa's Room in the Hotel

The radio repeats that Antonio Lopez and an unnamed pilot were killed when a jet exploded, taking off from Harmony. Theresa says, "Oh, God" and cries out in pain clutching her belly. Theresa become hysterical, crying.

The Front Desk of the Hotel

Fox tells Whitney to calm down. Whitney says she doesn't want to be his dirty little secret. He says he doesn't want that either. She says that she doesn't want to see, hear, or talk to him again. They hear Theresa screaming, "No!" and they run up the stairs to her.

The Living Room of Sheridan's house

Lewis says, "Thank God. It's good that you are packing. We should get out of Harmony." He thinks she talked to Julian. She says she didn't and that she is leaving him forever.

Sheridan's Car

Alistair's henchman attaches a device to her car. A red light flashes and he says, "She's as good as dead."

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