Passions Update Wednesday 7/14/04

Passions Update Wednesday 7/14/04

By Shirley
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Whitney and Fox are on the cliffs. She asks if his telling her she is his mystery woman is a joke. He swears it isn't. Then she wants to know why her? He tells her it's because she's perfect; she's his dream girl, and she's so beautiful and so smart. "You have my heart, Whitney. You always have." They look at each other as the waves crash below.

In TC's home, he is busily working with some pictures, and Liz remarks about how much Aunt Irma loves the soap operas that Eve Tivos. She asks TC what he's doing, and he said he is putting together a scrapbook of family pictures for Aunt Irma to look at since she hasn't seen them before. Liz whispers it's a marvelous idea as she dreams about Aunt Irma having another of her vulgar tirades as she looks at the pictures of Eve.

Eve is examining Pilar as she lays comatose in her hospital room. Miguel walks in and asks if he mother will be ok. Eve says she can't predict what will happen since Pilar's disease is so unpredictable. Miguel says he just lost his brother, he can't lose his mother, too. He asks what he can do, and Eve tells him to pray. Pilar needs his prayers and his strength right now. He agrees as Dr. Eve leaves the room. He sits beside Pilar and tells her the family is praying for her. Eve listens outside the door, and realizes that as Pilar is lying there fighting for her life, all Eve can think about is how her life is about to go down the drain.

Ivy is massaging Sam's shoulders' in his living room. She says he is all knotted up. He talks about the fact that just when you think things are getting better, something horrible happens, like Antonio's death in the plane crash. He feels badly for Pilar, whose family is facing so many hardships and now they've lost a son and brother. Ivy keeps massaging, and Sam is enjoying himself. He talks about how it would be to lose one of his or her kids, mentioning them by name, and adding Charity, who he feels is one of his own now. Ivy tells him it won't happen. He says he feels sorry for Liz, and Ivy clamps down on his muscle tightly, causing him to yelp. She asks what he means and he explains that she used to be in love with Antonio before, and that they were still close friends. She finishes the massage, and he remarks on what a great job she did, kissing her on the cheek. He then suggests they go to the Russell's house to pay their condolences to Liz. Ivy agrees, but isn't thrilled about it. She remembers Liz telling her that she wants Eve to lose everyone she ever cared about. Liz then said that if Eve wanted to take Ivy down with her, that was up to her. Back in the present, Ivy says "Only Alistair can drop a bigger nuclear bomb on my life than Liz. If she exposes Eve, I'm going to lose everything!"

Sheridan is sleeping in the hospital with Luis at her side. Alistair is outside her door, watching, and plotting her death. He walks away, and is grabbed by Julian, who says he is there to keep Alistair from harming his sister. Back in the room, Sheridan wakes up and sees Luis is still beside her. "I told you I wasn't going to leave you", he said, and asked if she had any more nightmares. She said no, she thinks she was dreaming of him. He tells her he loves her and will always be there to protect her. She tells him there is something he can never protect her from, something that will ruin her life, and he can't stop it. He looks puzzled. (commercial)

Back at the cliffs, Whitney is telling Fox it isn't right. He can have any woman he wants, and he says "Well, then, I choose you." He shows her the moon and says that the same God who created that moon created everything else, and even their love. It isn't chemistry, it's reality. She says no, it's not real, but he says it is the most real thing he's ever known - it's love, it's a fact, it's carved in stone. She has to believe in his love because it's never going to go away. Then he thanks God and Theresa. She asks why Theresa, and he says he couldn't believe Theresa told her, but it's really good that she knows because it was so hard for him to walk around all the time knowing he loved her but not able to share it with her. She said "So, all this time.....?" He talks about the cliches about love: how you fall into it, or it hits like a bolt of lightening, and he wants to tell her that they are all true. He remembers the first night he heard her sing, telling her about it and how it hit him at once, and he could never get her out of his soul.

Alistair tells Julian that laying his hands on his father is becoming a bad habit, and some of those are fatal. Julian tells him to leave Sheridan alone, or else. Alistair mocks him and says all his past bad deeds can be handed over to the police at a moment's notice and then he won't be able to protect anyone, not even his "black mistress." Julian responds that Alistair is willing to destroy Eve for nothing, all either of them want is the name of their son. Alistair tells him to stop wasting time thinking about worthless things, and instead think of increasing the Crane Empire. Julian says he just wants to know his son, but Alistair says he never will tell. "Do you think you are the only Crane to spread his seed in the pursuit of pleasure?" he asks. He says that over the generations Crane men have covered the globe with their illegitimate offspring, but " dusky bastard will ever be a part of the Crane Empire."

Luis is still talking to Sheridan about protecting her, and that nothing would ever hurt her. He asked what could possibly ruin her life. She said he did. (commercial)

Luis says he would never do anything to ruin her life, and she answers that it's not anything he will do, but how he thinks of her later that will destroy her. She goes on to explain that she realizes that one day Luis will find out that she's the one who tore their family apart. He says she's wrong, but she insists. She claims she's the reason for the rift between Luis and Antonio, and even tho he swears that nothing could be further from the truth, she continues to tell him it does, that in her heart she knows she's to blame for it all. She believes she is to blame for Antonio's death, while Luis says it's Alistair's doing. They continue arguing about it.

Julian tells Alistair he is talking about his own grandson, and that he wants to know where he is. Alistair jeers at him, telling him he's to old to keep whining for what he can't have. Julian tells him he shouldn't be lurking around the hospital since Luis will kill him if he sees him. Alistair doesn't give a hoot. Someone is always out to kill him, he says. Alistair says it is Julian who should be worried, since TC will kill him once he finds out the truth. Laughing, he walks away.

Sam and Ivy arrive and TC's house and are met at the door by Liz. They enter, and Sam offers her their condolences. Liz remembers how great Antonio used to be, and how she can't believe he's dead. TC walks up and says it's all the Crane's fault, that everything they touch turns to garbage. Sam reminds him that Ivy is there, and TC apologizes, in a way. Liz thanks Sam and tells him he's a great man. TC takes Sam to look at his scrapbook, while Liz and Ivy go in where Aunt Irma is watching TV. She is still calling Eve bad names. Ivy asks who it is and Liz tells her with a smirk that it's the person who is going to tell TC all about Eve. Ivy asks what she will say, and Liz tells her she will tell him everything Eve did when she was young. They are just waiting for Eve to get back to start destroying her. Ivy tells her she can't do that because if she does, Ivy will be exposed and she'll lose Sam. Liz doesn't care. She says there is nothing Ivy or Eve can do to stop it now.

Miguel is beside Pilar's bed, talking to her. She reaches for him, says she loves him, and while he's trying to make her stay quiet, she seizes again. He calls for help. Eve and a nurse run in, and Eve calls for a crash cart. Miguel wants to know if Pilar will be all right, but Eve sends him out of the room so they can work. He asks God to let his mother live. (commercial)

Whitney and Fox on the cliffs. She says it's insane, she can't be his mystery love. She asks about Theresa, and he says they have always known each was in love with someone else. She never knew his love was Whitney, but she knew there was someone. Whitney says if he knew from the night at the club, that's been a good year that he's kept quiet. He says yes, and remembers her singing again. She remarks that he's loved her all that time. He says he knew he loved her then, and he knows he loves her now, and that he's always going to love her. She hauls off and slugs him. "Damn you, Fox. Damn you to hell!"

Julian is following Alistair into one of the rooms at the hospital. "Old man!!" he yells. "You mean Father?" is the reply. Julian ignores the comment and tells Alistair to let Julian worry about TC. He wants Alistair to understand that he promised his mother he'd take care of Sheridan and that's what he's going to do, so the old man had better stay away from her. Alistair tells him never to mention his mother in Alistair's presence, and begins telling him how lax he's been in keeping that promise over the years. He tells Julian again to watch out because TC will be coming for him, and that he has more in store for Sheridan. He again tells Julian there is nothing he can do to stop him. Julian stares him down and warns "You watch me!" Alistair laughs as Julian walks out.

Luis is still trying to convince Sheridan that none of what has happened was her fault, not even her mother's death all those years ago. She argues, and even says she is to blame for Pilar's illness since she caused stress for her by what was going on between her, Luis, and Antonio. She believes he will blame her if Pilar dies, as he will for Antonio's death. Just then, Miguel comes running in to tell Luis about Pilar's attack. They all run out. (commercial)

Fox asks Whitney why she hit him. She said that all the time they were together, he was acting, playing like he was her friend, all the time looking at her, fantasizing. She said he should have been honest. He asks how, by playing operatic music while treating her to a fancy dinner and beautiful flowers? She imagines a scenario along those lines where he admits he loves her. She protests, but gives in to her desire for him. Back in reality, he asks if he had dressed up, gotten her alone, and told her he loved her, would it have made a difference, even tho she was still with Chad? She just looks at him.

Liz and Ivy walk into TC's living room where Aunt Irma is watching soaps, and TC is showing Sam his scrapbook, explaining it's a compilation of his life with Eve, to catch Aunt Irma up on what has gone on in their lives since she last saw Eve. Sam remarks on how surprised he is to learn Eve has an Aunt, since he understood she had no living relatives. TC agreed, but said there she was. Sam remarked that she looks nice, but TC says she's grouchy and keeps talking to herself. He doesn't know what she's saying, but he knows she doesn't like him. Sam tells him to turn on that charm, and TC says that's why he's making the scrapbook. He figures maybe with the book she can connect to Eve's life now. Sam says he's sure she'll love him just as much as she does Eve. Aunt Irma, still watching the shows, talks about revenge being a dish best served cold. Liz tells Ivy that looking at all of them, no one would know that disaster was just about to strike. Ivy tells Liz she's terrible.   Her friend and ex-lover just died, and all she can think about is her revenge on Eve. Liz is unimpressed, and says she can't wait for Eve to get hers. Ivy tells her to just get it over with, let the old woman tell TC all of it, but Liz wants Eve to be there so she can see her face when her world falls apart. She wants her to get everything she believes Eve has coming to her, and "...when she gets on that train to her own personal destruction, I want her to know I am the one who bought and paid for her ticket!"

Eve walks out of Pilar's room, and Julian walks up behind her. He sees she's upset and asks what's wrong, and Eve says "Oh, my poor, dear Pilar." Luis, Miguel, and Sheridan run up just then, wanting to know about Pilar. She hesitates and looks very worried, so Sheridan assumes Pilar has died. (commercial)

Fox says if he had told her before, she would have slugged him, so he decided to keep it to himself so he could remain close to her. She compares him to Cyrano DeBergerac. He says all that time of wanting her but not being able to tell her was torture. She looks like she's melting, but then she asks him to stop because she's with Chad and really loves him. He says he knows that and he wouldn't do anything to hurt him. He talks about how his grandfather would call him a fool for not going after what he wanted, but he just couldn't do that to a friend. He tells her she'll never know how hard it was for him to not say anything when all he wanted to do was touch her, hold her in his arms, and tell her he loved her more than the world. She says "No, stop". "You're in my heart, Whitney. You're in my soul, and I love you more than life itself." She just looks at him.

In the Russell kitchen, Liz is making more coffee. Ivy comes in and starts telling her there is no way she will allow Liz to bring her down with Eve. Liz decides Ivy needs decaf. Ivy says she's waited too long and worked to hard to give up on Sam now. She warns her that if she exposes Eve and then Ivy, she will make it her life's mission to destroy Liz.

Eve assures Sheridan and the others that Pilar is still alive. Miguel asks if she will be ok, and Eve again tells them it is hard to tell. The disease has progressed to a volatile state, but that she will be monitored closely. Sheridan asks Julian why he's there, and he says he came to see a friend. He offers any kind of help he can give, but Luis says they will take care of it, thanks anyway. He tells Julian he can warn Alistair to watch his back, because they know he's behind Antonio's death, and he will pay. Julian says he will do that. Luis and Miguel are going to check on Pilar, and Sheridan offers to go get them some coffee. Eve goes to get medicine Pilar needs. Julian follows her and she admits to him that Pilar is in a critical state. She's very worried about her. He says he's worried about Eve, and asks if she's heard anything from home. She says no, and she can't worry about that now while Pilar is so sick. She heads to her office and Julian follows. Sheridan and Luis embrace in the hallway. He reassures her again that she isn't to blame for Pilar's condition. She goes to get sandwiches while he goes in with his mother. Sheridan says all she's done is cause him pain. As she leaves, Alistair walks in and laughs about how easy it is to manipulate her, and how he will get rid or her and Luis forever. (commercial)

The Lopez-Fitzgerald boys are praying at their mother's bedside. Luis jokes that Pilar is always saying she wants them to pray more, and now she's missing seeing them do it. He tells her she has to get better. In the cafeteria, Alistair catches up to Sheridan and she calls him a monster. He says she's the monster of bad luck and misery, blaming her for all that's gone wrong.

Whitney asks Fox to stop. He says he can't because he thinks she's perfect. He believes she feels the same as he does or she wouldn't have stayed and listen for so long. He says she feels safe loving Chad, but he's seen how she reacts to him when he walks in a room. He tells her to take a chance, and she finally admits she does love him. They kiss.

Ivy tells Liz if she ruins her life, Ivy will take her so far down she will never get up again. Liz looks at her, steps closer, and.....blows a raspberry at her! She tells her that's what she thinks of her threat, that she's not a Crane anymore and doesn't have the power to stop her from jaywalking. Ivy says she can't expose Eve, but Liz shoots back that this is war, and there is nothing she can do to stop Eve losing TC and Ivy losing Sam. In the living room, TC takes the book from Sam and says he's going to show it to Aunt Irma right now. He thinks she will love him after she sees it. Sam reminds him he wanted to wait for Eve to come home, but TC says no, he wants to show her now. He can't wait to see the expression on her face. He walks toward her, looking at the pictures.

Eve and Julian walk into her office as she talks about the fact that her doom is bearing down on her like a train. She says she's tied to the tracks and hears the train coming around the bend, getting closer and closer, and there's no way to escape. Julian reminds her the hero always saves her just in time. "Not this time. This time, she gets cut to pieces.", she says.

Previews: Miguel says: "If Charity left Harmony, I don't think I would be able to go on."

Ivy tells Charity: " You and Miguel, you're never going to work out."

Julian tells Eve: " You can't just sit back and let Liz win."

Eve replies: " Liz has already won, and there's nothing I can do about it."

Sheridan says: "I'm taking my bags, getting in my car, and I'm leaving you forever."

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