Passions Update Tuesday 7/13/04

Passions Update Tuesday 7/13/04

By Shirley
Pictures by Juanita

Miguel is waking Kay from her faint. She comes to and asks what happened. Miguel explained she had fainted after seeing she is bleeding, and she says she must have torn her stitches. Miguel reaches for the phone to call for help, but Kay grabs it from him. "I have to learn to do things for myself since you're going to run off with Charity and leave me and our baby to fend for ourselves." Miguel takes the phone and tells her not to upset herself, then he goes for help. Kay asks God not to let her bleed to death, and hopes Tabitha can convince Charity to leave Harmony alone.

Tabitha is with Charity, and the scenes of horrible things happening to people since Charity came from town are running in a circle around the girl as Tabby uses her and Endora's powers to try to run her out of town. Charity covers her eyes and asks that the pictures stop. "I don't want to see anymore!", she cries. She doesn't want to be reminded of the pain she has caused to those she cares about, and promises to leave it the pictures stop. Tabby warns her that she had better mean it this time, because she's brought so much pain to the town, especially to Kay by "...keeping Miguel all to yourself because of your own selfish needs. This time you'd better leave Harmony forever!" she warns her. Charity promises to do just that, and Tabby stops the pictures.

Eve is talking to Julian in the hospital corridor after checking on Pilar. She is wondering what is going on at her house, with Liz and Aunt Irma ready to tell TC everything about her past. Julian notes that Pilar is stable, but Eve says no, she could have another seizure and she can't leave. "Oh, God, I can't believe Liz found Aunt Irma at the nursing home and brought her to the house!", she tells Julian. They talk about the fact that Aunt Irma knows everything about Eve: her drinking, her drug use, her affair with Julian and the baby she had, and Eve worries what TC will do when he finds out what kind of person she used to be. Julian tries to reassure her, telling her maybe Irma hasn't said anything to TC yet and they are waiting until Eve gets home. She reminds him that Liz has been waiting so long to ruin her life that she can't imagine Liz waiting one single minute more. Julian says that if she had told TC, he probably would have come to talk to her by now. "Oh, God, Julian, I hope not. If he does he'll probably kill you as soon as he sees you." At that instant, TC, Liz, and Aunt Irma walk around the corner, with Irma pointing at Eve and saying "There she is, the slut, the whore!" TC is visibly angry, and Liz is grinning ear to ear with glee. TC yells "Eve, how could you do this to me!" as Liz smirks beside him.

Chad and Whitney are making love. Whitney says "Oh, Chad, I love you so much." when she hears Fox say "Chad? Whitney, I'm not Chad." She is surprised, yet happy to see him, and they begin kissing. At that moment, Whitney awakens in bed with Chad and realizes she had just been dreaming. She sits up in bed, saying "Oh, my God", and wakes Chad up. He asks if she's ok and she replies that she just had a dream. He asks what the dream was about, and she doesn't want to tell him.

Sheridan is sitting in the hospital bed, with Luis at her side. She asks if he blames her for Antonio's death. "No, I don't", he says. She reiterates that Antonio is dead because of her and apologizes, but Luis repeats he doesn't blame her. He thinks she is blaming herself and that's why she's having nightmares about seeing a dead man as a child, and reminds her she did the same thing when she was blaming herself for her mother's death. "Father always told me it was my fault she died." "Well, that's a lie", Luis assures her. He reminds her that her mother had been ill for a long time before she died, and that Alistair just wanted to make her feel guilty about it. Sheridan agreed, saying that's what Eve said when she hypnotized her. They continue talking, with Luis telling her that Alistair is to blame for everything bad that has happened over the years. Sheridan then sees herself as a child, holding a bloody knife and screaming. She says she just prays the dreams are just nightmares, not memories.

Katherine and Martin are still talking about the night Alistair stabbed Martin. They can't believe how much that night changed their lives. Martin says Alistair has been searching for them for years, and now he's taken it out on Martin's family by killing Antonio and doing evil things to the rest of the family for years. Katherine says Martin isn't to blame, Alistair is. Martin says "I only wish I'd killed him that night when I had the chance." We see Martin holding Alistair against the wall, with a gun pointed at him, the knife still in his back. He tells Alistair he will kill him. Katherine runs in and tells Martin not to do it because he is the only one who will suffer. "I'd gladly go to prison if I could rid the world of this scum!", he replies. Alistair tells him he can't do it because he's a loser. He says that in life, you have to be willing to do what you have to if you want to succeed. That's why he is where he is, and why Martin is a loser. "You don't have the guts to succeed", he taunts him. Martin is about to shoot when two security men run in and stop him. Katherine begs the men not to hurt Martin, but they throw him to the floor, and then she says "Oh, Alistair, you've killed him." Alistair laughs and says yes, he did. Back in Mexico, Martin asks himself why he didn't go ahead and kill Alistair. Katherine answers that it's because Alistair is right, Martin doesn't have it in him to kill anyone. "Maybe not then, but now, after what he's done to my family, my son, your daughter - I can, and I will. I swear it!" (commercial)

Back in Charity's room, the pictures finally stop. Tabitha secretly thanks Endora for giving her powers that boost before she went to see Charity. Charity asks what happened to the pictures, and Tabitha acts as if she doesn't know what she's talking about. She tells Tabby what she was seeing, but Tabby acts as if she's seen nothing. She says they were talking about Charity leaving town, but she didn't see any images anywhere. Charity says she must have seen them, but Tabby continues to deny it. She suggests it might by her guilty conscience that's making her see all the visions. She says it's Charity's guilt over all the horrible things she has caused that are making her think she sees the pictures. "You should leave Harmony and never come back." Tabitha tells her.

Kay is in her room, wondering where Miguel is and worrying about the bleeding. A nurse comes running in with Miguel right behind. The nurse examines her stitches as Kay tells Miguel to just leave, since that's what he wants to do anyway. He says he won't abandon her, but Kay says he will, he'll abandon her and their daughter, just so he can be with Charity. Miguel tries to argue, but the nurse tells him to stop because she has to get Kay to stop bleeding or she's in trouble. That causes Kay to start worrying more about her condition.

Eve tearfully tells TC she's sorry. He walks up to her, nose to nose, and asks if what Aunt Irma says is true. "Were you Julian's whore? Were you a drug addict? Have you been lying to me all these years?" "TC, I can explain everything!" "That's exactly what Liz said you'd say!", he spat at her. Liz is beside herself with glee, watching the confrontation. He says he's leaving her, never wants to see her again, and to stay away from his daughters while Eve cries. TC walks away, and Liz runs up, gloating and telling Eve she should never have abandoned her, leaving her to be molested by her father. TC comes back, saying he forgot something, and slugs Julian in the stomach, knocking him to the floor. Eve tries to help him up while Liz laughs. Then Irma calls her a whore and a slut, and Liz and TC join in. Eve comes back to reality. The whole thing had been a daydream. She moans about losing everything if TC finds out about her past, and Julian looks on.

Katherine and Martin are looking at pictures of Luis and Sheridan on the computer and marveling at the fact they had fallen in love with each other. Martin complains that Alistair has vowed to destroy them and if he had taken out "that old goat" back then, the kids would be safe now. Katherine repeats that he could never have harmed anyone since he has a conscience, while Alistair will never have one. Flashback to Martin lying on the floor and Alistair telling his men to cover him with a sheet. He orders his men to put the body in a coffin he has ordered and then get rid of it, he doesn't care where. They all leave, and little Sheridan walks in, calling her father. The room is dark, and she trips over Martin's body, falling into the bloody sheet. Looking at her bloody hands, she begins to scream. We are then in the hospital with Sheridan, who tells Luis it really happened. (commercial)

Chad feels Whitney shaking and asks again what she was dreaming about, saying it must have been bad. She answers that she doesn't remember, and says she's fine. She cuddles up to Chad and says "I always feel so safe in your arms, baby." He replies "And you always will be", then says he feels sorry for Fox. Whitney asks what made him thing about Fox, and he says that it's because they are together and very much in love, while Fox is in love with a mystery woman who doesn't love him. He wonders who the woman is that Fox is in love with.

Fox is walking on the cliff again, in his shorts. He remembers the conversation with Theresa where she says she told Whitney that he loves her. He says he loves Whitney, but that he will never be with her. He hopes that at least his father will end up being with her mother, after all the time they've been apart. He says it's because Julian was afraid to stand up to Alistair, but now, once Eve's secrets are revealed, TC will leave her and Julian will have the chance to be with the woman he loves. "At least one of us will be happy."

Julian is embracing Eve, comforting her on the sofa in the hospital. She sees some nurses walking by and jumps up. "Well, that was silly", she says. Julian asks what she was talking about, and she says "Worrying about people seeing us together." Once TC finds out about her past, everyone will know, she says, and she'll lose her medical license and her job. Julian promises not to let that happen, but she says it doesn't matter, since even if she stays she would lose the respect of everyone there. She worries about losing her family and doesn't know how she will be able to bear it. Julian suggests that TC might actually be understanding and forgiving since he loves her. "He loves what he thinks I am", she replies. He won't love what she was in the past, since she has done so many terrible things.

Luis is trying to help Sheridan get through her bad dreams. He says none of it ever happened, she couldn't have killed his father. She argues that the nightmares keep getting stronger, and then she remembers watching Alistair's men wrapping Martin's body in a sheet and placing it in a coffin, as she stands there with blood on her hands. She begs Luis to make the memories stop. (commercial)

Whitney and Chad are still in bed. He's asleep, she's thinking about Fox. She gets up, looks out the window, and sees Fox walking on the cliff. She remembers Theresa's words, that she is the one Fox loves. "I have to find out if it's true. I have to talk to Fox myself."

The nurse asks Kay what she has been doing to rip out her stitches. She says she doesn't know, and asks if she will be all right. The nurse says she should be, she's given her something to clot the blood. She then asks Miguel to leave so she can repair the stitches. Miguel says he's going to see how his mother is doing. Kay says to go, it's not like he wants to be there anyway. Miguel starts to argue, sees Kay is upset, and walks out of the room. Kay watches him go, silently asking hoping Tabitha is able to get rid of Charity, In Charity's room, she tearfully tells Tabitha that she's right, Charity has to leave town. She whines that she's brought nothing but pain to everyone she loves since she's been there, and Tabby agrees. "I don't know how I'm going to bear saying good-bye to Miguel, but I have to." She decides she'll just go to the hospital and tell him. Tabby says no, she can't do that, because she knows Miguel will just talk her into staying. Charity says she can't leave without saying goodbye, so Tabitha offers to tell him good-bye for her. Charity doesn't like that idea, so Tabby says she should write him a letter and she'll give it to him. Charity says no, she has to see him one last time, so she'll write the letter but take it and give it to him herself. Tabby says that's not a good idea, and Charity snaps back "Well, I don't care, that's what I want to do." Tabby says ok, she should write the letter and then Tabby will take her to the hospital. Tabitha realizes she can't let the girl see Miguel again, but doesn't know how to stop her. She figures she will think of something. She grabs Charity and tells her to write the letter in the car and drags her out to the car, saying "The sooner you get out of Harmony, the better it will be for everybody."

Eve is telling Julian she can't stand not knowing what's going on, and wonders what Liz is waiting for. Her phone rings, and it's TC, telling her he just had a long conversation with Liz about Aunt Irma, and says that they need to talk, in a very angry-sounding voice.

Sheridan is still upset, and Luis tells her what she keeps seeing aren't memories but just nightmares. She remembers standing by the coffin as a child, apologizing, saying she didn't mean to do it. Alistair says yes, she did, and no one must ever know about what she's done. She begs Luis to make the memories stop, to get them out of her head as she sits on the bed, holding her head in both hands. (commercial)

Kay is resting after her wounds were fixed, and Tabitha walks in with Charity. "What are you doing here, Charity", Kay asks in an angry tone. Tabby tells her Charity is leaving Harmony, and Kay says she'll believe that when she sees it. Tabby tells her Charity is serious, and has even written a goodbye letter to Miguel. Charity agrees, then asks where he is. "Oh, please, you think I don't know what you're doing?" she asks. "What?", Charity asks innocently. Kay explains that she is acting like she's wanting to give him her Dear John letter when in reality she just wants to see him so he will talk her out of leaving again. Charity denies this, saying she won't let him stop her again, but Kay isn't buying it. She says she just wants to take Miguel away from his responsibilities to his daughter and her, and asks just how selfish Charity can be. "When are you going to stop coming in between him and his innocent little girl?" she asks. Charity looks at Tabitha and has no answer. Tabitha is pleased with Kay's performance.

Eve is still on the phone with TC. "TC, I know what you're going to say." He thinks she's worried about what Liz said. She agrees and says she knows what she had to say was very upsetting. TC thinks Liz handled it very well, however. Eve is confused, and asks what he means. He tells her he was very worried about how she would react on learning of Antonio's death, but she handled it very well. He says she is a strong woman, and Eve agrees. He then asks if Eve had known all along that Liz's surprise was her Aunt Irma? Eve says yes, she did. "Can you believe Liz went to all the trouble to find her?" he asks, and Eve says it is something else. He mentions that Eve must have been thrilled, since she had believed all along that Irma was dead. "You have no idea", she answers. Then she asks what they had talked about. TC chuckles and says she's very strange, and quite rude. Eve agrees that she is quite a character. TC then takes the phone in to let Eve and Aunt Irma talk to each other. As he walks in to the room, Aunt Irma is looking at Eve's picture and muttering rude comments about her. TC goes back in to the kitchen, telling Eve that Aunt Irma is a strange bird, and chuckling about it. "She's sitting in her chair, talking to one of your pictures. I know she can't wait until you get home." Eve is speechless.

Luis is still trying to comfort Sheridan. He tells her to lie down and rest. He starts rubbing her back again, talking about how her mother used to do the same thing as she sang her to sleep. He says he isn't much of a singer, but maybe he can hum. This makes her laugh a little. She says she doesn't think she can go back to sleep. He tells her to just relax. She starts remembering her mother singing to her as she rubbed her back as a child. Katherine is remembering the same thing. "How that child could ever sleep again, I have no idea ", she tells Martin, then remembers walking in and finding little Sheridan by the casket. The little girl runs to her, swearing she didn't mean to do it, and Katherine asks Alistair what he did to her. He says it's not what he's done, but what Sheridan has done, "..the wicked girl!" She carries the girl back to her bed, and explains that she hadn't done anything wrong, she had just had a very bad dream. She sings her back to sleep, and the scene changes back to Mexico, with Martin and Katherine talking. "Damn Alistair for what he did to my daughter!", she says. (commercial)

Luis is sitting beside Sheridan as she sleeps, telling her it's not her fault her mother died. Then we are with Katherine and Martin as she again wishes she could have been with Sheridan after that horrible time. Martin repeats his mantra of how Alistair brought so much evil to their children, etc. Again, Katherine remembers that night years ago. After Sheridan went to sleep, she went back down and confronted Alistair about what had happened. He blames her for what has happened, and she said it's sick for him to blame her for what he's done to their daughter. He says if she crosses him again, he'll do worse. She calls him a monster for killing Martin, and he says "You didn't think I was a monster when I put that big rock on your finger. Or maybe you did, and didn't care." She looks away. She says he shouldn't have killed Martin for trying to keep him from killing her. Alistair calls her a whore for taking Martin as her lover. She denies it, saying she wouldn't do that to him, even tho he has always had his other women. He opens the casket so she can see Martin's body and says that's what will happen to any man who dares to dally with his wife. She sees Martin is still breathing and realizes Alistair was going to bury him alive. She calls him an evil, evil man. Back to today, and Martin is holding Katherine, telling her she saved him, and things could have been so much worse.

Charity is still in Kay's room. She walks over to her and says she's wrong, she doesn' t want Miguel to make her stay, she just wants to say one last goodbye to him. Kay says if that's the case, then she should just leave, not hang around to see him. Tabby agrees, saying she can leave the letter with Kay, who will give it to Miguel when he comes back. Kay says that's right, "...unless I'm right and you just really want him to talk you into staying." Charity says she's wrong, but she doesn't want Miguel to go through another emotional goodbye. She drops the letter on Kay's bed and says to just tell him good-bye, and she'll miss him very much. She walks out, leaving Tabby and Kay wondering if it's real, or if she'll walk back in. They wait a minute, then decide she's really gone and start to celebrate. In walks Miguel, wondering what's going on, and what the letter is that Kay's holding.

Fox is sitting on a rock, looking like a Michaelangelo statue, with his head down on his folded arms, which are across the top of his knees. Whitney walks up, and he raises his head to see who's there. He asks why she's there, and she says she has to know if it's true, if he's in love with her. (commercial)

Miguel asks again who the letter is from, and Kay says it's from her mother. Tabby says she thought it would cheer her up. Miguel gives Kay some flowers he got and he apologizes for upsetting her before. She answers that she's sorry she freaked out about Charity. "I know I can't stop you from being with her. But I like my flowers." He assures Kay that he will always be there for her and Maria, and she says she believes him. He says he doesn't want to fight with her any more and get her upset, and Kay agrees she doesn't want to fight, either. He suggests he'll bring Charity by tomorrow, since she is worried about Kay, and Kay says that will be fine. Tabby tells him Charity had said she was going to bed early and didn't want to be disturbed, since she's so tired. Miguel goes to get Kay more ice, and she and Tabby continue celebrating the fact that Charity is gone forever.

TC is still talking to Eve on the phone. He asks when she's coming home, and tells her Liz is very excited about having her talk to Aunt Irma. Liz has entered the room and realizes he's talking to Eve. He let's her have the phone, as she sends him to make more coffee for Aunt Irma. She asks when Eve is coming home, and Eve replies "Damn you, Liz!" "No, damn you, Eve, for what you did to me. But you're going to pay tonight. I can't wait to see the look on your face when it all unravels." She gloats that she's finally going to have her revenge.

Martin and Katherine are still embracing. They talk about how they discovered each other and how great it's been all these years. Katherine talks about the price being so high, for them and for their children. Luis promises the sleeping Sheridan he won't let her go through this again. He knows it's Alistair's fault. He's going to find a way to get hold of his secrets again and expose him for what he truly is. Whitney asks Fox again if she's the woman he's in love with. He remembers seeing her sing for the first time, the good times they had in L.A. and how they grew attracted to each other. He then admits that yes, he is madly, hopelessly in love with her. "Oh, my God!. Fox..." she says.

Previews: Fox to Whitney: This is the most real thing I've ever known, this love.

....Whitney slugs him.

Liz is talking to Ivy: We're waiting for Eve to get home so Aunt Irma can tell everything she knows. Miguel is with Pilar, who is seizing again: Help, somebody help!!

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