Passions Update Friday 7/9/04

Passions Update Friday 7/9/04

By Shirley
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Tabitha is in her kitchen, talking to Kay on the phone.  "Kay, Kay, Kay, stop your blathering.  I can't understand a word you're saying!  What happened?"  "What always happens?  Charity, that's what!" Kay says tearfully.  Tabby tells her to calm down, she shouldn't be getting upset like this.  She reminds her that the piece of metal Miguel threw at her almost disemboweled her, "...not to mention leaving you as barren as the Sahara."  Kay whines that she can never have anymore children, and Tabby apologizes for her thoughtless remark.  She again says Kay needs to stay calm or risk causing more complications.  Kay replies that she already has complications and that Charity is it.  Tabby asks Kay to tell her what's happened. Kay tells her her about Charity's visit and the fact she said she's leaving Harmony.  Tabitha is thrilled and wonders why Kay isn't, too.  "You should be celebrating!", she chortles. Kay tells her that yes, Charity did say she was leaving, but when Miguel found out he ran out to stop her.  "That means I'll never have Miguel.  How much more of this can I take?"
Charity is walking down the hospital hallway, and Miguel runs up behind her and stops her, telling her he won't let her leave.  She tells him she has to leave, and he says no, she doesn't.  "I love you, and I know you love me.  You can't just leave."  Charity looks at Miguel as the scene ends.
Someone is punching a body bag.  As the camera moves, we see Martin.  Katherine comes out and asks how he is doing.  "I'm angry, Katherine", he says.  "I lost my first born son, and Alistair killed him.  I know he caused that plane to explode."   He takes some more swings at the bag, wishing it were Alistair.  Katherine says she's sorry about Antonio, and Martin says he is sick of Alistair and his gangster tactics.  "Threatening to kill us, threatening Paloma, murdering Antonio...I mean, where the hell does it all end?" he yells, and then begins punching again. Katherine agrees Alistair is an evil man, always threatening people, causing trouble for everyone in Harmony, and even trying to kill his own daughter.  She says she doesn't understand how a man can be so evil that he could even threaten the life of his own daughter, and both of them look pensive.
Sheridan is asleep in the doctor's bed at the hospital, and Luis is sleeping in the chair next to her.  She is dreaming about when she was a child, sitting next to something under a white sheet with blood on it, and her hands are bloody, too.  She is screaming, and Sheridan starts moving, shaking her head no as she sleeps.  She yells and sits up in bed, breathing hard and shaking, and waking Luis up.  He reaches for her.
At Eve's house, she is looking out the window and says "Oh, my God, TC's coming back!"  She is very upset, knowing this is the beginning of the end for her.  Once he comes in, Aunt Irma will tell him everything about her past.  Julian wishes he could think of something to do to help her, but she says there is nothing.  She's just going to lose everything.
Aunt Irma is with Liz in the kitchen, and she asks Liz when she is going to meet this character.  Then she asks who he is.  "I told you, Aunt Irma, he's TC, Eve's husband."  "Oh", she says, "the slut's husband."  She wants to know why they are waiting to talk to him and why he would want to know about her "trashy" past.  Liz says she doesn't think he does want to know, but he should, because he's a very nice man.  "So what's he doing with that trollop?" Aunt Irma asks.  "That's just the thing.  He doesn't know she's a trollop" answers Liz.  She is making something cold to drink as she talks.  Aunt Irma says he will know soon enough, and Liz agrees, adding that once he does know, he'll throw her out into the street with the rest of the garbage. (commercial)
Kay is still talking with Tabitha on the phone from her hospital bed.  Tabby asks her if she is sure Charity said she was leaving town.  Kay tells her yes, Charity said she was leaving, but it was the same old stuff she always does.  She threatens to leave, Miguel chases after her, and grovels at her feet.  Tabby wonders why Charity has decided to leave now, since they have been trying for years to get her to leave.  "Why should she suddenly want to follow our advice now?"  Kay responds that she doesn't know.  All she knows is Miguel came in, found out she was leaving, and then ran out as if Kay weren't even there.  Tabby commiserates with her and then asks why, since this is not new, is Kay letting it bother her so much now.  Kay says it's driving her crazy, that she is the mother of Miguel's child but he doesn't even care about that.  Tabby says that's not entirely true because he is devoted to Maria.  Kay admits he loves her, but he doesn't care at all about Kay.  She says she's gone through hell and back trying to make him love her, and now she can't have any more children.  Tabby tries to let Kay know she understands how horrible it is, but then Kay says it's her fault, too.  She's the one that morphed her into the dog and sent her to kill Charity.  Tabitha protests that she had no idea Miguel would follow Charity to her old house and end up trying to save her from Kay.  Kay says that's true, but she could have stopped him from throwing the metal piece that hit her and messed her organs up so badly that she'll never have more children. When Tabby tries to tell her that sometimes these things can turn out to be a blessing, Kay questions how it could be.  She's barely 21 and she's barren, so if it ends up that she doesn't get Miguel, no other man is ever going to want her.  Tabby says at least she has one beautiful child, and that is quite enough, really.  She says as much as she loves her Endora, she is a real handful at times.  Kay says it's because she's old and it's hard for her to care for a baby at her age.  Tabitha looks shocked and tells her not to be insulting.  Kay says Miguel doesn't care what's happened to her, either.  All he cares about is running after Charity and keeping her in Harmony. Tabby wonders what it will take to get rid of that girl.  Tabby reminds Kay that if Charity and Miguel get together, she will come into her full powers and come after her and little Endora.  Kay says if she finds out what Kay has done she will come after her, too, so they have to do something to get her to leave Harmony forever. 
Miguel is still trying to talk Charity out of leaving.  He asks how she can walk away from what they have.  She says they don't have anything, and he says they have each other.  She tells him he's not free to be with her because he lives with Kay and their baby.  She says she doesn't want to hurt anymore, and she doesn't want to cause pain anymore.  Miguel says she isn't to blame for any of that.  She lists all the things that have happened in Harmony since she came there.  He tells her she is to blame for none of it, but she thinks she must be.  He says the last year has been hard on both of them because of his responsibility to Kay and the baby, and she tells him she doesn't want him to abandon them, but she doesn't want to watch his life from a distance any more.  She has to leave. Now. 
Back in Mexico, Martin is still punching the bag, and Katherine is still trying to comfort him.  She touches the scar on his back and says she remembers the night he got it.  "That night changed our lives forever", she says.  She said that night left a physical scar on him, but an emotional one on her daughter, Sheridan, one that might never heal.
Back in the doctor-on-call room at the hospital, Sheridan is sitting up in bed, and Luis is beside her.  He apologizes for dozing off and asks what she was dreaming about.  "That night when I was a little girl", she answers.  We see her as a child again, screaming, with blood covering her hands.  "Oh, God, it was horrible!" she continues.  He asks if she is talking about when she saw the body under the bloody sheet.  She answers yes, and wonders why the dream is back now. 
Eve tells Julian he can't be there when TC finds out about them.  He says he's not afraid of TC, but Eve says he'd be a fool not to be and orders him out.  She walks Julian to the door and realizes TC must have gone around back and came in through the kitchen.  Liz and Aunt Irma are in the kitchen, and Liz sees TC coming in.  She makes sure Aunt Irma is ready to tell him all about Eve's past when he does.  Irma starts calling Eve names again, then says she'll tell him, all right.  "No man deserves to be married to a lying slut!"  Liz agrees, telling her she'll be doing TC a big favor.  Then she walks away, gloating about getting her revenge by making sure Eve loses everything.  (commercial)
Katherine and Martin are still talking about the night he got the scar, and how hard it was on little Sheridan.  Then we are back in the doctor-on-call room with Sheridan crying, and Luis trying to comfort her.  She says the dream scares her.  Luis asks what she thinks made her start having the dream again.  She says she doesn't know, they had told her it never really happened. When she had started having the dream before, she had gone to Eve who told her it was all just a dream and had erased those thoughts from her mind, so why is she dreaming it again now?  Luis asks her to tell him what happened.  She sees the images again, then wonders when they will stop haunting her.
Liz asks Aunt Irma if she's ready.  Irma says she's been ready all night, but right now she has to go to the restroom.  Liz wants her to wait, but Irma says she really has to go now.  Liz urges her to wait because TC is coming in right then.
Out front, Julian wants to stay with Eve. She gets almost hysterical and tells him no, he has to leave, pushing him out the door.  He finally agrees, although he doesn't like leaving her alone to face it by herself.  He stands outside and vows he will be there for her forever. Eve goes back into the living room, and at that moment TC walks in from the kitchen.  "We need to talk, Eve", he says, and she looks at him in dread. (commercial)
Kay asks Tabitha what they are going to do about Charity.  Tabby remarks that she has tried to get rid of her time and time again, yet she always manages to survive.  She tells Kay that she has been spending a lot of time trying to convince Charity that she is the reason for all the bad things that have been happening in Harmony, and that may be the reason she has decided to leave.  "But she's still here, Tabitha, and Miguel is determined not to let her go."  "Well, perhaps he'll fail this time", Tabby replies.  Kay says he always manages to get her to stay.  She asks why he doesn't forget about Charity and devote himself to her since she's the mother of his child.  Tabby cuts deep by saying the reason is because he loves Charity, not Kay.  She reminds Kay that she tricked Miguel into getting her pregnant, but Kay says not to tell her what she already knows, tell her what she can do to get rid of Charity.  Tabby again talks about how she's been planting seeds of guilt in Charity's mind  and says she doesn't undestand how Charity can stay knowing that she is the reason Kay is barren.  Kay answers that it's because she doesn't care about anything but keeping Miguel.  Tabby says to wait and see, Miguel might not be able to make her stay.  Kay says she'll wait, but she knows that he aways manages to get Charity to stay and she'll be totally shocked if he can't do it this time, too. 
Miguel chases Charity again and asks what has happened to make her want to leave Harmony.  He says he knows things haven't been very good, but it will get better.   She wonders how, since he fathered a child with another woman, plus the fact she's the cause of all the problems happening in Harmony.  He argues, but she won't hear it.  She says she has to leave, just go anywhere.  She loves him, but she has to go. Then she walks away as he stands watching.
Luis is holding Sheridan.  He wants her to sleep, but she doesn't want to.  She says she's afraid to have the dream again.  She want's to go check on Pilar, but Luis says the nurse is going to let them know when she wakes up.   He tells her to lie down and he'll rub her back like her mother used to do.  She is touched that he remembers her telling him about it and says it's one of the few memories she has of her mother.  Then we see a blond Katherine singing a lullaby to little Sheridan as she rubs her back.  The dream dissolves and we see Katherine today, singing the same song.  Martin walks in and says it is beautiful.  She then says that Sheridan "...saw so much that night.  No child should have to go through what that child has been through."  Martin asks her if she's ok, and she says she'd give anything to have all those memories burned from her mind, what happened to them and to Sheridan is just horrible.
Eve thinks TC knows all. He says he can't believe it.  "One moment a person is on top of the world and everything is perfect, and the next it's all taken away from them."   Eve says she's sorry, and he asks her how it could have happened.  (commercial)
Sheridan is sleeping, and Luis is beside her, talking about the horrible time she's had.  He talks about what Antonio tried to do to her, listing them and ending with the fact that the jet blew up with him on it.  Luis just thanks God that he had decency enough to let her off first.  Then he says she had to see Pilar's reaction to finding out about Antonio.  "It's no wonder you're having these nightmares again, honey."  He says not to worry because everything will be ok so she can sleep through the rest of the night without any nightmares, and then kissed her head as she slept.
Katherine is on the sofa, looking at pictures of them before their surgery.  Martin comes in with cold drinks and she remarks how strange it is to see how different they looked before. He told her that Alistair was to blame for what they did that night.  They had no choice. She agreed, then remembered it.  Alistair is chasing her around the living room while she tells him no, to leave her alone.  He says she can't say no to him, she's his wife.  She tells him to go get one of his other women, and he says he doesn't want any other woman.  He wants her.  "I demand you act like a wife!", he bellows.  "Don't touch me!  You're a monster!", she replies.  He says he loves her, but she says he loves no one, he has no soul.  He tells her to shut up and forces her to kiss him.  She pulls away, wiping her mouth,  and slaps him.  He backhands her, causing her to fall down and hit a table.  He goes after her, telling her she will pay for that.  The scene turns back to today, and Martin and Katherine look at each other. 
Julian is looking in the window of Eve's house to see what's happening.  He sees nothing.  TC keeps saying he can't believe it.  Eve says she just can't think of anything to say, and he  says "You know? You've heard the bad news?"  She is taken aback and asks if he had just seen Liz in the kitchen. He said no, and it's just as well.  Then they hear someone in the bathroom and Eve realizes why TC hadn't seen her.  TC feels bad for Liz, and says this is going to kill her.  Eve wonders what he's talking about, and asks him.  He talks about Liz being close to Antonio, and Eve says she was in love with him for a while.  He asks if Liz has heard about Antonio, and Eve asks what she was supposed to have heard.  He told her about Antonio's death, and she is shocked.  He says the Crane jet blew up with Antonion on board, and blames Alistair for it.  He realizes Liz hasn't heard yet.  Then Liz walks in, grinning from ear to ear, and greets TC.  He hesitantly says he needs to talk to her, but she cuts him off and tells him he needs to meet someone.  She tells him that meeting this person will change his life.  (commercial)
Tabitha is warming up a bottle for the baby.  Kay has called her back on her cell phone, and even tho she knows it's against the rules, she has to go see what's happening with Miguel and Charity.  She gets out of bed, and even tho she's still very weak, she makes it to the door to spy on them.  Charity is crying about leaving the love of her life, wondering what she can do.  Miguel walks up and tells her she is going to stay with him.  "I do love you, and you love me", he says. She protests, but they end up in a clinch and kiss, which Kay walks up just in time to see.  You can see by her face that she's devastated.
Sheridan is still asleep, with Luis at her side.  He tells her to sleep well, he loves her.  She starts to moan and shake her head from side to side.  Luis realizes she is having the nightmares again.  In her dream, little Sheridan is sitting against a wall across from something under a bloody sheet, and her hands are bloody, too.  Alistair is telling her she is a wicked girl, and she is protesting that she isn't.  Sheridan continues to react to the dream.
Martin and Katherine are still talking about the night Alistair was after her.  She had thought he would kill her.  Martin comes to save her as Alistair is dragging her across the room by her feet.  Alistair tells him to leave, he's fired, and orders him off the estate immediately.  Martin says he won't go until he knows Mrs. Crane is safe.  Alistair says Martin should worry about himself instead, and breaks a bottle,  using the broken end in his hand to try to slice Martin.   (commercial)
Kay watches Miguel and Charity kiss.  "How can you think about leaving me, Charity?  Can't  you feel the love we have for each other?"  "I never said I didn't love you, Miguel.  I just said it wasn't enough."  Miguel said it is enough, and that he will never love anyone else.  They were meant to be together and they have to be.  Charity asks how they can be together and him still be a good father to Maria.  He tells her he'll figure out a way.  Miguel begs her to stay.  Tabby asks Kay what's going on, and she says Miguel is still talking Charity in to staying.  "Well, do something!", Tabitha barks at Kay.  She says she can't, she feels very weak.  "I wish I could believe love could just conquer all of our problems", Charity tells Miguel, and he says it can, that love is all they need.  He reminds her of the good times they've had.  There is a montage of them meeting, and different things they have done together, happy times they've had.  Charity says she remembers, and he tells her she can't walk away from what they had.  Charity caves and agrees that she can't leave, and they embrace each other as Kay looks on, telling Tabby that it's over, Charity is staying.
Sheridan is still dreaming.  Luis tries to wake her up, but she sees and hears Alistair calling her a bad girl again.  He tells her she's a wicked, wicked girl, and Sheridan wakes up, sitting up in bed and yelling "No!" 
Katherine tells Martin that Alistair wanted him dead that night, and he agrees.  They both remember. She's asking Alistair to leave Martin alone, and Alistair tells her to stay out of it, and he throws her down.  Martin knocks the bottle out of Alistair's hand and goes to help Katherine.  Alistair tries to get him away from her and Martin hits him, knocking him out.  He then helps Katherine up.  She says she's ok and wants him to leave before Alistair wakes up, but he wants to make sure she is safe.  As he is helping her, Alistair gets up.  He grabs a letter opener and plunges it into Martin's back.  Katherine is trying to help him.
Julian is still outside Eve's house.  "I would give my life to help you, Eve, but you're right.  My being there would only make thing worse."  He knows TC would be so enraged at the sight of him that he would never give her a chance to explain.  He says if she can just make it through this night, he swears he will love her and stand by her for the rest of his life.  Liz wants to go get "her special guest", but TC wants to talk to her.  She won't let him do that, however, insisting that first he meet her guest and hear what she has to say.  He asks again who her guest is, and she says it's a surprise, but she promises that "she has so much to tell you about Eve."  Aunt Irma is in the bathroom.  She sees a picture of Eve and begins to call her names again.  TC is still trying to tell Liz about Antonio, but she will not let him.  She insists he meet her guest first.  He agrees and tells her to bring her in.  She promises he will be blown away.
PREVIEWS:     Liz:  Eve, there's no escaping now.   Your lie of a life is over.
                        Sheridan to Luis: Why are the memories of that night haunting me?
                        Tabitha to Charity:  You need to get the hell out of Harmony tonight!

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