Passions Update Thursday 7/8/04

Passions Update Thursday 7/8/04

By Shirley
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The show starts with Sam and Ethan at the park. Sam is reading his text messages and explaining to Ethan that yes, he is sure Antonio was on the Crane jet when it exploded in midair, and there were no survivors. Ethan talks about how upset Theresa will be when she finds out. "She has never gotten over the disappearance of her father, and now she loses her God!" Gwen and Ivy are sitting on a bench several feet away from the two men, but they hear their conversation. "See, this is exactly what I meant", Gwen says. She tells Ivy that Ethan may talk like he's over Theresa, but the second something happens, she's the first thing on his mind. Ivy tells her she's being ridiculous, there has been a horrible accident and Theresa's brother was killed. Gwen wonders why he only talks about her, not Pilar, Luis, or Miguel. She insists that when anything happens, Theresa is the first thought in his mind.

We move to the restaurant where Chad, Whitney, Fox, and Theresa are dining. Whitney and Theresa are in the restroom talking about the fact that the woman Fox has been in love with all this time is Whitney. Theresa wants to know how Whitney feels now that she knows about Fox. Whitney doesn't want to talk about it, but Theresa insists. "Are you in love with him, too?" "Oh, God, don't be ridiculous!" Whitney responds. "I'm with Chad, Theresa." Theresa isn't satisfied with that. She says she knows Whitney's with Chad, but she still hasn't answered the question. Whitney says Chad is a wonderful man, and Theresa agrees, but she still hasn't heard an answer to her question. "So is Fox, plus he's a Crane", she says. "Well, that's hardly a recommendation in my book", protests Whitney. Theresa reminds her that Fox isn't like the other Crane men, as he has a heart and a conscience and listens to them, most of the time. He always tries to do the right thing, and he has a great smile, the Crane fortune, that great body, and she asks "What more could a woman want?" Whitney acts as if she's offended, and asks just how shallow Theresa thinks she is, and Theresa then reminds her of what a nice guy he is, ending by saying he could give a woman an incredible life. Whitney turns the tables on her and asks her if Fox is such a wonderful guy, why hadn't she fallen for him? Theresa answers honestly, saying it's because she was still hung up on Ethan, then asks if Whitney is that hung up on Chad, or does she feel the same about Fox as he feels about her?

Chad and Fox are at the table, and Chad says neither of them will leave the table until he tells the name of his mystery woman. Fox says he can't do that, and Chad reminds him he is his best friend, so what's the big secret? Then he asks if it's someone he (Chad) knows. Fox doesn't answer, just looks at Chad as the scene ends.

Now we are in Eve's kitchen. She is there with Julian, dreading the fact that TC will be home any minute and Aunt Irma will tell him all about her secret past. She will lose everything. Julian is comforting her as best he can. He apologizes again for not finding their son, and Eve says the fault isn't his, it's Alistair's. She talks about the way Alistair had run down the investigator that had found out who their son is before he could tell Julian. Julian said the man wasn't an angel, but he didn't deserve to die like that. Eve says Alistair has no regard for anyone's life. "He orders murders and kidnapping just as easily as he orders his lunch", she says. Julian agrees, and adds he is very good at covering his trail. Eve talks again about how Alistair took their son, to punish them, and keeps his identity hidden from them even now, and he will do so for the rest of his life. Julian tries to reassure her that he will find their son somehow.

We see Liz in the living room of the Russell house, talking to TC on the phone as he is driving there. She tells him she has a surprise for him, and he will never have another like the one waiting for him. He asks for a hint, but she says that would spoil the surprise. But she adds "I'll tell you this, it's big. And in a million years you'll never figure out how we could have done it without you catching on." She has her evil grin on her face, as usual, and Aunt Irma is still sitting there in her wheelchair, wanting nothing more than to go to the local casino to gamble. TC can't wait for his surprise, and neither can Liz.

Kay is in her hospital bed, looking forlorn. She is going over all the bad things that have happened to her. Miguel doesn't love her, she's a single mother, her parents are separated because her mother ran off with another man...."What else can go wrong with my life?", she asks herself. And at that moment, in walks Charity. "Why did I even ask", she says, knocking her tray off the table in front of her onto the floor. "Get the hell out of here!" she yells at Charity. Charity just looks at her.

Miguel comes running in to where Luis and Sheridan are standing, outside Pilar's room. He has heard Pilar was readmitted and asks what happened. Luis tells him she had a relapse, and then had a seizure. Miguel asks if she will be ok and asks if he can go in to see her. They explain he can't go in and see her since she's resting. The doctors have it all under control. Miguel wonders what could have caused all this, so Luis and Sheridan tell him about the explosion on the Crane jet, and that Antonio was aboard. They explain that no one survived. He breaks down in Luis' arms, crying. (commercial)

Luis talks to Miguel once he controls himself, telling him they have to stay strong, especially for their mother. Miguel talks about how losing Antonio after they had just got him back in their lives wasn't fair, and Sheridan agreed. He then asked if the news was what brought on Pilar's relapse. Luis said no, but it was probably what brought on the seizures. Miguel asked why Antonio was on the plane, and Sheridan explained that Alistair had made the jet available to him so he could take her away against her will, but when she convinced him she would never be happy without Luis, he let her get off. She said he was a good man, and in the end he made the right decision. She tells Miguel that she will always remember him as that good man, and they should all remember him that way. Miguel says he feels like his life is falling apart. "Antonio's dead, Mama's sick, and now Charity's leaving town." He explained that Charity had told him she was leaving Harmony forever.

Charity starts to pick up the mess on the floor. Kay tells her to just leave it alone and get out. She wants to be left alone. Charity ignores her, as usual, and puts the tray and contents on a table. "What part of leave didn't you understand?" Kay asks her. Charity says she never meant to bother her, and Kay tells her that is exactly what she does. "You have single handedly destroyed my whole life!" Charity tells her she never meant to do that, and Kay tells her all the things she has done to her that have ruined her life. She took her room, her family, her boyfriend, and made it so Kay will never have any more children. She said if Charity hadn't come around, Kay and Miguel would have been married and been real parents to little Maria. She then says the only thing left for Charity to do is kill her, so go ahead and do it. She picks up a knife, holds it to her heart, and tells her to go ahead and kill her.

Eve and Julian are still in her kitchen talking. She lists all the things that are going wrong with her life, that TC will be there any moment and then Aunt Irma will tell all and her life will be ruined. She had thought Julian would be able to tell her where her son is and how to find him, but that hadn't worked out, either. She will lose her husband, her daughters, her home, and maybe even her medical practice. Julian promises that he will still be there, and she cuts loose on him. She asks if he really thinks that having him beside her will make up for all she will lose, or that it will be enough to make up for all she's worked so hard for all these years. "Do you honestly think that having you by my side is going to fill that void?" Julian is crestfallen by the vicious attack. (commercial)

Back at the park, Ethan is still talking about Antonio's death, and how it must be devastating the Lopez-Fitzgerald family. Gwen is watching, and tells Ivy that he must still be talking about how bad it is for Theresa. Ivy tells her to keep her voice down and asks if she wants Ethan to hear her? Gwen says maybe she does so he will know how hurt she is every time he talks about Theresa. Ivy says not to be so selfish, that the Lopez-Fitzgerald family has just suffered a horrible tragedy and he's probably worried about all of them. She says Ethan loves her and only her, and Theresa is not a threat to their happiness. Gwen doesn't look convinced.

Back in the restaurant lady's room, Theresa is still trying to find out if Whitney loves Fox, too. Whitney says she loves Chad, and Theresa says "I know you do, but do you love Fox, too?" Whitney tries to convince both of them that Theresa didn't really hear Fox say Whitney's name, that the wind was blowing too hard and that's what she heard. Theresa says she did hear him, as clearly as she is hearing Whitney at that moment. Whitney gets upset and runs back to the table, leaving Theresa still wondering if she is right about how Whitney feels. "Something tells me there's going to be trouble in Chad and Whitney's Paradise.", she says.

Chad is still waiting for Fox to say whether the mystery woman is someone he knows when Whitney arrives and tells him they should go up to their room and go to bed. Fox agrees, but Chad is determined to find out who the woman is. Fox tells him to go with Whitney, but he won't. Whitney tries to get him to leave with her again. Chad remarks that the woman must be very special, and very hot if she keeps him from going for Theresa. Whitney says "No, honey, she's not. Now come on and go to bed." Chad catches on and says she must know who the woman is. (commercial)

Back in Eve's kitchen, she's still slicing and dicing Julian's heart. She says TC will never want to speak to her again, Whitney will only hate her more, and Simone will join in with Whitney. The hospital will fire her because they don't want the bad publicity. She asks him if he really thinks having him at her side will make up for all of that. Julian looks heartbroken, and says he doesn't believe that, he knows he could never take TC's place in her heart or make up for the loss of her daughters. "All I am saying is that I won't let you go through this alone. I love you with all of my heart, no strings. I won't abandon you, not again. I learned my lesson the first time."

Kay still holds the knife to her heart and is telling Charity to go ahead, push it. She won't have to worry about fingerprints, since Kay's hands are holding it. She says "You've already taken everything that matters to me, why not just take my life too?" Charity says she didn't come there to fight. Kay asks why she did come there and wonders if it was to make fun of the fact that Charity can have all the children she wants while Kay can never have another, or to gloat about the fact she can take Miguel from Kay and Maria. Charity says no, she's come to tell her she's leaving, that Kay is right, and even tho she doesn't know how and certainly never meant to do it, she has only caused trouble since she arrived. She blames herself for all the awful things that have happened to the Bennett family and the whole town, so she's leaving and will never be back. Nothing Miguel can say will change her mind.

Luis asks Miguel why Charity is leaving, and he explains how Charity feels all the bad things that have been happening are her fault, so she has to leave so nothing bad happens again. Luis tells him he has to go stop Charity, and Sheridan tells him he has to make her remember how much they love each other. They send him on his way to stop her. (commercial) Gwen tells Ivy she's not paranoid, she's realistic. She doesn't blame Ethan, she blames Theresa because she's always hanging around them like a dark cloud. She feels Theresa is constantly finding ways to torture her. Ivy says she's overreacting, but Gwen is having none of it. She talks about the way Theresa got herself implanted with their child, and Ivy reminds her that Gwen is Ethan's husband, not Theresa, and there's no way she can get Ethan away from her.

Chad wants Whitney to tell him who the woman is, and Theresa steps in, telling him no one knows. He wouldn't even tell her, so it has to remain a secret. He wonders why Whitney's upset, and Theresa tells him it's because this is supposed to be their romantic evening and they keep hanging around Fox and Theresa. Chad and Whitney finally leave and go to their room. Once they are gone, Theresa let's Fox know that she heard him saying he loves Whitney. (commercial)

Fox tries to convince Theresa she heard wrong. She says it's ok, they are best friends. She just can't believe she hadn't picked up on it before. She talked about all the looks, the times he stopped talking or he would walk away when Whitney entered the room. He apologized and said he hadn't meant for her to find out, and she said it was ok because she would have felt like a real fool trying to rekindle their relationship when he was in love with her best friend. They agreed they were two of a kind, with her still in love with Ethan and him in love with Whitney, both people they can't have. Theresa then told Fox that she had told Whitney about it, so it was out in the open now. Fox isn't happy about it, but Theresa said she has a right to know.

Chad and Whitney arrive at their room, still talking about Fox and his mystery woman. He says Fox is head-over-heels in love with the woman, and Whitney says he can't be. Chad is curious, and Whitney explains that he loves Theresa, but Chad says no, he won't give up on the woman for anyone else.

Eve apologizes to Julian, saying she wasn't trying to insult him. He agrees she was upset about what was about to happen. She says she loves him for standing by her. He admits part of him has always wanted her for himself, but he's sorry for her pain. They embrace. Liz brings Aunt Irma in to the kitchen at that point, and points out that Eve is in the arms of a man who isn't her husband. Aunt Irma cuts loose with a string of bad names directed at Eve, while Liz smirks.

Sheridan leans on Luis and says she's tired. He says he'd like to take her home, but doesn't want to leave Pilar. He asks a nurse if there is somewhere Sheridan can lie down, and the nurse directs them to the doctor-on-call room. They head that way.

Miguel arrives at Kay's room to hear Kay say she'll believe Charity is leavi ng when she sees it. Kay says she knew Charity wasn't really leaving, she was just waiting for Miguel to show up to talk her out of it which he does. Charity says she is leaving, no matter what, and he says he won't let her go. Kay simmers in her bed. (commercial)

Charity is whining that she has to leave so Miguel shouldn't try to stop her. He says he won't let her go, and she says she is the cause of all the problems around there so she has to. Kay begs Miguel to let Charity go, since she and Maria are the ones who need him now. "I can't", he says. Charity says she has to go and tells him there is nothing left to talk about. She starts to walk out and Miguel starts to chase her. Kay says if she wants to leave, he should let her go, but again he says he can't, he needs her. "And I need you. Maria and I both, we need you." "Sorry, Kay", he says as he walks out the door. Kay is distraught.

Sheridan is now lying in the doctor's bed, with Luis sitting in a chair at her side. She tells him to go back to Pilar, but he says he's staying right there until she falls asleep. She says he must be exhausted, too, and tries to get him to lie beside her, but he says he can't sleep. He's going to stay right there, holding her, looking at her, making sure she's safe. She says she does feel safe with him, and he says he will never let anything happen to her again because he's never letting her out of his sight. They talk about loving each other, and growing old together. Luis says one day they will tell their grandchildren about their great love for each other, as she drifts off to sleep.

Theresa tells Fox she and Whitney have been friends since they were tiny children, they have shared everything their whole lives and she couldn't keep any secrets from her. He says Chad is his best friend and he has messed everything up. He wonders why he can't just forget her? Theresa reminds him she feels the same about her love for Ethan. He wonders if Whitney will tell Chad, and Theresa says if she does, all hell could break loose.

Whitney tells Chad that maybe Fox will forget this woman he loves as they are getting ready for bed. She thinks Fox and Theresa have a real spark, and while Chad agrees, he says it's a different thing. He says Fox will never let the woman go. He can tell by the look in his eyes when he talks of her. Whitney finally accepts that Fox loves her, and wonders what she will do.

Sam has to take Ivy home since he needs to go to the airport and investigate the crash. Gwen offers to take Ivy, but Ethan says he wants to go to the hospital. He needs to see Pilar and lists all the things that she has gone through. Gwen is upset, but Ivy says it's not for Theresa, it's for the family, so Gwen offers to go with him. Sam and Ivy leave to go home.

Aunt Irma is still making rude comments to Eve. She asks if Julian is her pimp, her hustler, or "just some old John". Eve tells her to stop it. Liz is thrilled, thinking about what is going to happen when TC gets home. Julian takes Eve into the living room to finish their talk, and Liz gloats. Julian tells Eve to calm down, but she asks how she can when her whole life is about to be turned upside down. Eve hears a car and runs to the window to see if it's TC. It is, and she asks Julian what she is going to do; when he walks through the door, her life will be over.

Previews: Liz: "TC, my visitor has so much to tell you about Eve" TC, walking into the living room: "We need to talk, Eve." Sheridan is sleeping and dreaming. We see a little girl's bloody hands over something covered with a bloody sheet, and the girl is screaming. Miguel is with Charity. She says, weakly, "Don't!", but he kisses her anyway, and she doesn't appear to resist.

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