Passions Update Thursday 7/8/04

Passions Update Thursday 7/8/04

By Suzanne
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In the park, Ethan questions Sam about whether Antonio really is dead. Sam says that according to the text message he got, he is. Gwen frets about how Ethan is always so worried about Theresa and her husband. Ivy points out that if she tells Ethan that, he will just think she's selfish. She says that the Lopez-Fitzgeralds have suffered a great tragedy so it's only natural for him to be concerned. Sam tells them he has to go to the airport to meet with the FAA investigators. Ethan wants to go visit Pilar in the hospital. Gwen protests that it's very late, but he insists on going. Ivy reminds her that she is the one married to Ethan and in his bed, not Theresa. She suggests that she go with Ethan to stand by him. Gwen agrees and tells Ethan he'll go with him.

Still at the Seacliffs Inn restaurant, Chad keeps trying to find out who Fox's mystery woman is, but Fox won't tell. In the ladies' room, Whitney won't tell Theresa how she feels about Fox. She only says that she loves Chad. They go back to the guys. Chad wonders if Whitney knows who the mystery woman is. Whitney gets upset because she doesn't want to lie to Chad. Theresa interrupts and says of course Whitney doesn't know; no one knows except Fox. He won't even tell her, Theresa, who it is. Chad apologizes for pushing it so far. Whitney says she's really tired, so she and Chad retire for the evening. Theresa tells Fox that she overheard what he was saying on the cliffs and she knows that Whitney is his mystery woman. He tries to deny it, but she assures him that she knows the truth. He apologizes. She understand because she's still in love with Ethan. She tells Fox that she told Whitney, too. He is angry about that. She tells him that she had to. She couldn't keep this a secret from her long-time best friend. He wonders if she will tell Chad. She says that probably depends on how she feels about Fox. She says if Whitney does tell Chad, all Hell will break loose. Meanwhile, Chad and Whitney get ready for bed. She tries to say that Fox probably is not that hung up on his mystery woman and will get together with Theresa after all. Chad doesn't think so. He can tell by the way Fox looked when he talked about her. As Chad goes to brush his teeth, it finally starts to sink in to Whitney that Fox is really in love with her. She wonders what she will do.

At the Russell house, Julian tries to console Eve about her world falling apart and about their not finding out who their son is. They can't believe what a murdering monster Alistair is. He tells her that he'll be there for her. She asks incredulously if he thinks that will be much help to her when she loses her husband and children. She is very upset but then later apologizes to him for saying that. He assures her that he loves her and will be there for her no matter what. He confesses that he has wanted her marriage to break up. They hug and tell each other "I love you". T.C. tries to guess what Liz's surprise is when he is chatting with her on the phone. She assures him it will change his life. She wheels Aunt Irma into the kitchen and they seem Julian and Eve hugging. Aunt Irma starts making nasty comments about Eve and Julian. Eve tells her to shut up. She and Julian go into the living room. Liz can't wait for the fireworks. Eve hears a car and looks out. She sees that T.C. has arrived. She gets upset again and worries about what will happen.

Kay is feeling sorry for herself at the hospital. She wonders aloud what awful thing can happen to her now. Charity comes in so Kay throws her food tray at her. She yells at Charity to get out as Charity starts to pick it up. Kay berates Charity, listing all of the terrible things Charity has done to her since she came to town. Charity apologizes and says that she is leaving town tonight. Kay doesn't believe her.

Luis and Sheridan wait outside of Pilar's hospital room, tired, sad, and worries about Pilar. Miguel comes up and wants to visit Pilar, but Luis tells him she is resting. He fills Miguel in on her condition, how she has had a relapse and some seizures. He braces Miguel and then tells him about the plane crash and Antonio's death. Miguel can't believe it at first. He gets very upset and sobs in Luis' arms. He goes on for a while about how horrible it all is. He mentions that Charity is leaving town, too. Luis and Sheridan urge him to convince her to stay. They tell Miguel that there is always hope and point out how they are back together again. Miguel is surprised but very happy for them. He agrees to take their advice. Sheridan is tired. Luis asks a nurse for a place where Sheridan can lie down, so she tells them there is a bed in the on-call room. Sheridan lies down there. Luis sits next to her and holds her hand. He says he is never letting her out of his sight. They talk about how much they love each other and will grow old together. He says they will tell their children and grandchildren about their love and their past lives.

Miguel finds Charity in Kay's room and pleads with her not to go. Kay keeps whining about how she needs him and to let Charity leave. He tells Charity that he loves her and needs her; she can't go. She insists that she must. Charity leaves the room. Kay yells at him not to follow Charity because she and the baby need him. He says he can't, he needs Charity more. He follows Charity.

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