Passions Update Wednesday 7/7/04

Passions Update Wednesday 7/7/04

By Suzanne
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Ivy and Gwen sit in the park and wait for Sam and Ethan to bring them back ice cream. Gwen worries about Theresa being in their lives. Gwen points out that, but not in a malicious way, that the way Ivy waited for Sam and then went after him could be like the way Theresa acts. She asks Ivy if she had anything to do with Grace's leaving. Ivy doesn't answer but Gwen takes it to mean yes. Ivy worries that Sam will find out about her involvement. She has a flashback to Eve telling her that if the truth came out, she would lose not only Sam but Ethan. Meanwhile, Sam and Ethan are getting the ice cream. Sam talks about his past with Ivy and hopes that Ethan's marriage is solid. Ethan assures him it is. He talks about his children. Sam wonders if he has regrets about Theresa. Sam tells Ethan that even though Grace has left, he is always thinking about her. He hopes Ethan can get over Theresa. They join the women with the ice cream. Ivy really enjoys her ice cream. They embarrass Ethan and Gwen a little with their joking and kissing. Sam checks his messages because his cell phone was off. He finds out that the Crane jet exploded with Antonio onboard. They gasp. Ethan says, "Theresa", which annoys Gwen.

Chad and Theresa chat at the dinner table up at Seacliffs Inn while Fox and Whitney dance. It is a slow dance; Fox really enjoys being close to her. She gets uncomfortable and backs up. Chad wonders about Fox's mystery woman. Fox can tell something is bothering Whitney, so he asks her what's wrong. She says it's nothing. He thinks maybe she just wants to spend time with Chad, so they go back to the table. Chad gets angry about Fox's mystery woman so Fox and Whitney both think that Theresa told Chad who it was. Theresa stops them before they can say anything and explains that Chad is just annoyed because he thought that Fox was over her and could concentrate on Theresa. Chad really wants to know who it is. He makes everyone uncomfortable. He says maybe she's really ugly. Fox says that she's not and lists all of the qualities about her that he loves. Theresa can tell that it is embarrassing Whitney, so she says she has to go to the bathroom and gets Whitney to go with her. Chad is really determined to find out who the woman is and says they won't leave there until Fox tells them. In the bathroom, Whitney wonders if Theresa heard wrong, but Theresa lets her know that she did hear right about Whitney being the one that Chad loves. She asks Whitney how she feels about him.

Liz happily tells Aunt Irma that Eve is in the other room with her other husband, about to tell him the truth about her past. She wonders if he will get so angry that he might kill Eve. In the kitchen, Eve tells T.C. that she has something serious to tell him. Julian lurks outside near the window. He phones T.C. using a fake voice, saying that someone is busting into the high school gym, in order to get him out of there. Liz and Eve argue about what will happen when T.C. gets back. Julian comes in; he and Eve hug. She is very upset about the fact that she has to tell T.C. all about her past. She thinks she will lose everything. In the other room, Liz asks Irma to tell her a story about Eve's old wanton ways. Liz has a flashback, but it turns into Eve's. She has a flashback to when Irma visited her once at the club, and another about when she was pregnant and all alone. Julian tells her how sorry he is he listened to Alistair's lies. There is lots of hugging. Eve says ruefully that you can't run from your past, no matter how much good you do later. Her only ray of hope is that Julian found out who their son is. She compares it to Pilar's candle that she lights every night, hoping that her husband will return. Julian tells her reluctantly what happened to the man. She gets very upset and cries on him. He is so sorry. She feels like she is on the Titanic and the last lifeboat just left. The phone rings but she is crying so she doesn't answer it. Liz answers it in the other room. It's T.C., on his way back. Liz tells him that there is a surprise waiting for him when he gets back.

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